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Nick Hornby High Fidelity - Sebastian Pontus, gr 1C

High Fidelity, a novel written by Nick Hornby presents the reflections about the life of
a main character. Since the book is written in 1st person narrative, it is the main character
Rob Fleming who reflects upon his live. He presents a throughout description of himself and
his feelings towards particular situations. The novel is written in a form of confession
addressed to his latest life partner Laura. Through descriptions, reflections and histories he
tries to explain his attitude towards love and surrounding world.
In one part of the book he recalls his five most memorable breakups, that had an
impact of his view of love and which drove him to his fear of commitment. Through this top
five most memorable split-ups with five women he also presents how his different
relationships shaped his opinion about love.
First mentioned girl was Alison Ashworth. They short time relationship was the first in
his life. He mentions abut his first date, kiss, and his final meeting when she was with another
boyfriend. He reflects about his feelings toward particular situations and his disappointment
when their relationship was broken. Then the main character mentions Penny Hardwick who
was depicted as a nice person. Nevertheless he was upset with her sexual restraint what in
connection with his friends pressure led him to finalize this relationship. He describes his
emotions after the relationship and gives his reflection about attitudes toward sexual desires at
his and his friends age. Jackie Allen mentioned as number three on his list was a girlfriend
of his good friend, Phil. In reflections about their relationship the main character describes his
taking away a girlfriend of his friend, their secret dates, sexual relations and expectations
towards their relationship when it will come to light. Next, he describes how the situation
changed when they became a couple officially, his disappointment and problems from the side
of their friends or family. In one moment he compares his girlfriend to a T-shirt that looks
better in a shop than after buying it. The main character describes also his attempts to force
himself to love her, for instance by tattooing the first letter of her name on his upper arm, and
the situation where they broke up and everyone came back to their previous life, which was in
their opinion probably the same as before they met. Then, Rob describes two of his longer
relationships with Charlie Nicholson and Sarah Kendrew. He describes Charlie as the girl he
was really fell in love as much as he could not manage with her leaving him. He mentions
about his dreams that she will come back and they will be forever together. Finally after series

of reflection he came to a conclusion that they did not match, what could help him to forgot
about her. Sarah Kendrew, the last one from his list was described as the girl who matched
him. Nevertheless, he could not spread his wings of love with her. He refers this relationship
only to a projection of the real love. Finally, he wrote about her meeting with other partner
and separation.
The novel contains lots of detailed reflections about Rob himself, his viewing of the
surrounding world, culture and love. In his descriptions he circles around music, which was
an element of his live, names of the favourite music titles, compared with the favourite of his
girlfriends. He presents how his love was changing throughout new relationships not only in
terms of emotions but also sexual desires. The main characters writes his recalling in a form
of reflection and in some way confession to his ex-partner Laura in order to re-examine his
failed relationships and through this to give her an explanation towards his fear of