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BOARD OF EDUCATION’S SUPERINTENDENT PERFORMANCE APPRAISAL Dated: February 9, 2016 ‘The Superintendent's relative strength or weakness with respect to each appraisal standard in the performance categories set forth below shall be indicated by use of the following measures: ‘The comments section shall be used to provide any feedback or explanation the Board believes is Ineffective, Partially Effective, Effective, Highly Effective appropriate under each performance category. A.__Board of Director Support 1 ‘The Superintendent keeps the Board informed through weekly updates and other methods. Monitoring reports and requests for Board action provide ‘enough information and analysis to help Directors make sound decisions. ‘Agenda items are appropriate and brought to Directors ina timely manner to allow suficient time for beration. ‘The manner in which the Superintendent carries out her duties provides leadership for and contributes to the overall effectiveness ofthe Board of Education ‘The Superintendent provides sufficient explanation and ‘background to her decisions so that the Board has a clear understanding of the decisions. ‘The Superintendent provides useful support to Directors in connection with their efforts to advance the District's interests in various forums. Comments: {In general, the Board finds Dr. Smyser highly effective at her job. She is transparent, collaborative, visionary, openminded, and forthcoming. Inetectve Inotective Inettectve Inefectve Partially Efiective Partially Effective Partially Eftecive Partially Come) cam ac ec aa) Highly Efectve Page 1ofS ‘© Areas of improvement include the following: (© Sometimes things fall through the cracks or don’t make it into the Friday updates. The Board wants more information prior to getting talking points on a particular situation. Board members would like Dr. Smyser to explain or give background or rationale as to what the talking points are about or for. © More information is provided to the Board when requested. Concentrate on what the Board needs to know (e.g, construction bids and the process). Sometimes more background information is needed and appreciated. © Monitoring reports are still a work in progress. (©The Board would like to receive periodic updates with approximate timeframes and approximate target dates for items of interest to the Board. © The Board needs more timely information around the legislative agenda and advocacy during the legislative session. B.__Organizational Management 1. The Superintendent is effective in maintaining smooth, trafecive —Partaty efficient operations in each department consistent with cosa Board policy. 2 The Superintendent develops personne! so they are Inefectve Partially increasingly effective in performing their duties. etecwe 3. The Superintendent exhibits strong leadership for the Inefecive —Partaly ‘organization with regard to vision, mission and values, —— ‘and guides the management team to work toward ‘common objectives. 4. The Superintendent provides support systems for engaging _‘Inefectve—Pariaty administrator, faculty and staff in collaborative work ecm that supports a culture of high expectations forall students, 5. The Superintendent creates a clear, viable and effective Inetfecive —Paraty strategy for leading the District toward her short and long — term goals. Q 6. The Superintendent is facilitating effective District progress ietecive_Paraly toward achievement of the goals specified in the Board's — District Ends policies. 7. The Superintendent ensures that the conduct of District Ineffective Partially operations is within the boundaries established by the — Board's Executive Limitations policies. Comments: ‘+ Dr. Smyser is on top of organizational issues. She gets to the root of problems. There is collaboration and a lack of silos. There is also more equity between the JSSC, ITC, and the schools now. ‘¢ The Board would like to see Dr. Smyser’s vision around the appropriate balance between central District administration and site-based decisionmaking. There are some issues that may be worthy of more guidance from the central office, such as mental health issues. Page 2 0f5 * Dr. Smyser has a great sense of managing Cabinet and understanding her people. ‘© Dr. Smyseris a model of work-life balance. Financial Management ‘The Superintendent oversees District financial planning Ineffective and budgeting in accordance with Board policy. ‘The Superintendent effectively oversees and supervises the Ineffective financial condition of the District so as to ensure appropriate stewardship of financial resources. The Superintendent provides Directors with suficient Inactive information on te financial status ofthe Distt. Comments: Parialy Effective fective Parity efecto Ere Partaty —efeve Srecne ‘* The Board would like to provide input on budget values and priorities. D.__Community Relations 1 ‘The Superintendent is responsive and skilful in her Ineftecive interactions with citizens, business community and medi ‘The Superintendent has an appropriate level of Inetetive involvement in non-Distrct community organizations and activities, and works effectively with government age ‘The Superintendent represents and communicates Inefietive Board positions and policies effectively. ‘The Superintendent demonstrates an understanding Inetectve of community diversity and devotes an effective and reasonable amount of leadership, guidance, resources and effort to support diversity and provide for diverse needs. Comments: Parity efecto ced pwnay the a any ae) ou ana = mee) ah * For some media and some groups, it would be good to have better communcation. Sometimes we come off as more defensive instead of working to do what's right for kids. ‘© Increase community partnerships and leverage their strengths to assist the District. ‘+ Keep the Board informed regarding efforts in community diversity and engagement. Page 3 0f5 Ex__Personal Characteristics 1. The Superintendent is honest and ethical, Inelecive Partaty Etecive 2. The Superintendent i Inefiectve Partly g00d listener and is sensi to the concerns of others. Efietive 3. The Superintendent's communications are thoughtful, Inetiecive Parialy clear and to the point. Etiecive 4. The Superintendent demonstrates interes, enthusiasm, Wrtecive Fartaly © This is Dr. Smyser's strongest trait. She shines in this area. Her personal characteristics enable her to be effective in other areas, especially when communicating with parents, staff, the Board, and community members. © Dr. Smyseris a dynamic leader. E.__Goals and Priorities 1. The Superintendent has developed measurements and Inettecive Etlecive Highly targets regarding implementation of the Board's General Econ 2 Tasik inet vee emty (ete) gy ‘and relevance of monitoring reports. Efiectve Efiectve 3. The Superintendent has worked proactively with the Board effective Effective Highly ‘to identify issues for negotiation with the District's cee ‘employee groups. Inetective 4. The Superintendent has ensured that agreed-upon norms Pasialy ‘and procedures are being followed in negotiations with the Coats Distie’s employee groups. 5. The Superintendent has presented a viable vision and plan nefectve fective Highiy to close persistent achievement gaps in the District, and has Goce ‘made effective progress toward that end ; 6. The Superintendents implementing an effective District tneffctve-——Parialy facilites planning process that includes consideration of | Freee stakeholders’ input. Comments: + _F3: The Board wishes to have Dr. Smyser keep members informed and obtain th input/feedback before and during negotiations, to the full extent possible under Proposition 104, ‘* Fland F5: Partially Effective ratings were given pending receipt of more information on these matters. Page 4 0f5 By signing below, the President of the Board of Education certifies that the foregoing evaluation accurately reflects the Board's appraisal of the Superintendent's performance on February 9, 2016, and the Superintendent certifies that she received a copy of this Superintendent Performance Appraisal SS -F-20/6 President, Board of Education | Date Superintendent Date Page 5 of 5