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1. 60 % respondents had Agree that they are satisfied with the JBL Real Estate Financing.
2. 93% respondents had agreed that, with the interest rate of JBL Real Estate Financing.
3. Around 83% respondents have agreed about Installment system perfect for them.
4. Around 42% respondents strongly disagree and 33% disagree with the quick service of
JBL as a Real Estate Financing.
5. Around 46% respondents have strongly agree and 27% agree that JBL loan processing
time is high.
6. Majority of respondents are accepting to pay late fee charge.
7. Around 55% respondents strongly agree and 20% agree that loan service charge is
8. Around 50% respondents have strongly disagreed and 34% respondents have disagree
with the JBL credit sanction procedure.
9. Around 62%respondents have identified that JBL employees are co-operative.
10. Around 67% respondents have identified that JBL loan settlement system is satisfied.

JBL should need to provide more quick service in Real Estate Financing for example they
need a call center department that will be very popular now a day.
They need work more quick in loan processing time.
They also need to provide more concuss about credit sanction procedure.
Form my point of view they can open division wise loan sanction committee, as a result
head office loan sanction committees some presser will reduce.

As an organization the Jamuna Bank Limited has earned the reputation of top banking operation
in Bangladesh. The organization is much more structured compared to any other banks operating
local or foreign in Bangladesh. It is unyielding in pursuit of business innovation and
improvement. It has a reputation as a partner of consumer growth.
With coverage of qualified and experienced human resource, Jamuna Bank Limited can exploit
any opportunity in the banking sector. It is pioneer in introducing many new products and
services in the banking sector of the country. Moreover, in the overall-banking sector, it is
unmatched with any other banks because of its wide spread branch networking thought the
This report tries to figure out most of the indicators of Problems and Strengths of Jamuna Bank
Limited as a valid pretender in the competitive banking sector of Bangladesh under the Loan
Management especially in Real Estate Financing . A severe cut throat competition is going on
currently in this sector and thats why Jamuna Bank Limited has to work out with different
dimensions like product diversification, market forecasting, proactive activities undertaken by
Jamuna Bank Limited and some suggestion to get rid of the predicaments that exist.
I am hopeful that time may emerge in near future when this poor nation will come into the light
of development if the conventional banks working in our country advance along with Jamuna
Bank to take part into various welfare programs.



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