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Dissertation Guidelines

Trinity Institute of Management & Research, Pune


While taking the final print out of the dissertation report, the following
points can be considered:

Use executive bond papers for printing of Dissertation.

Copies: You are required to make the Dissertation report in TWO copies and 1
CD [one Report and CD for submission to the University and one for your own
CD Content: Dissertation CD Should Contain: 1. Complete Dissertation Report
in .Pdf Format, 2. Presentation of Dissertation in 6x6 Format.
Spiral Binding: Wherever there are figures and Charts those pages should be
printed in Color.
Page: Use Standard white A4 size paper for the printing.
Font Type: Use Times New Roman, the universal Formal font. Do not use
informal fonts. Also, use Justify command for the text.
Font Size: Font size to be kept 12 for normal script and 16 for Titles.
Margins: Left 1.5, and
Right , Top and Bottom margins 1 each.
Page Numbering: to start from Introduction till Bibliography.
Line Spacing: 1.5
Title page/ Front Cover: The front cover shall contain the following details
embossed in Golden Colour.
Top : The Title of the Dissertation, and name of the organization in the
block capitals of 6mm size letters properly centered.
Center: Submitted to Savitribai Phule Pune University , by _______(full
name of the candidate) with course specification and year of submission,
in Block Capitals of 3mm size letters, properly centered.
Bottom: Trinity Institute of Management & Research
Near Bopdev Ghat, Kondhwa- Saswad Road,
Pune- 411048


(All in Block capitals of 3mm size letters in separate lines with

spacing and properly centered.

TWO copies of the Dissertation report should be duly signed by the candidate and
1 CD, research guide and the Director with the seal of the institute. One copy of
the report may be retained by the researcher and one copy and CD to be submitted
to the institute. One copy of the report may be submitted to the company where
the research Dissertation was conducted, if required by them.

Dissertation Body:
Abstract of the Study
Chapter I. Introduction to the Topic:
1.1: Introduction.
1.2: Literature Review
1.3: Need and Significance of the Study
1.4: Objectives of the Study
1.5: Hypothesis (based upon objectives: optional)
1.6: Limitations of the Study

Chapter II. Research Methodology (Do not add theoretical part, only
mention what you are actually performing):
2.1: Research Design
A. Type of Research/ Study.
B. Sample size.
C. Instrument to collect Data (Primary and Secondary Data).
D. Tools used for Data Analysis.

Chapter III. Data Analysis & Interpretation:

{General Guidelines: Every Question should be given question number followed by Table
no. (for tabulated data), then fig no. and name for Graph/ Chart and Interpretation no.,
for example: Q. 3.1. will have Table 3.1then fig 3.1 for graph and chart with name
and Interpretation 3.1}

Chapter IV. Findings, Conclusion and Suggestions:

4.1: Findings: (Should be Point Wise)
4.2: Conclusion: [Should be in Paragraphs form (i.e 2 to 3 Paragraphs)]
4.3: Suggestions: (Should be Point Wise)

References/ Bibliography:
Annexure (Optional)

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