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May 2010 -- What’s The Biz -- Lake Orion 1

What’s the

Orion Style
May 2010 Vol. 3 #13
A monthly collaborative with the Orion Area Chamber of Commerce
2 What’s The Biz -- Lake Orion -- May 2010

Tax and organizing tips for 2010

Last week you (or your tax preparer) tage of these changes if you aren’t orga- Folder 1) real estate taxes and 1098-INT
may have been scrambling to get your per- nized and ready? for mortgage interest, folder 2) auto regis- Orion Area Chamber of Commerce
sonal taxes and/or partnership returns filed. Here are some things to start doing now tration tabs (boats, motorcycles, trailers
Many of you have already received to help you get a grip on your taxes for too) newer than 1986, folder 3) charitable 2010 Chamber Leadership
those nice refunds the stimulus and recov- 2010. First, start a 2010 Tax File now. contributions.
ery act helped you get, Do not use a For contributions you must have a de-
depending on your in- shoebox (yes, tailed list what you donated, estimated value President
“Put everything, and I mean ev-
come level. people still use with a receipt from the 501(c)(3) organi- Rosemary Rangi
erything, you spend money on, Crittenton Medical Equipment
Some of you these) or those zation. The Salvation Army has a very good
probably had to file an in your budget...This definitely ugly manila fold- list. Go to un-
extension because you helps you be proactive and get ers. Get yourself der Ways to Give the last item is Donation Vice President
are waiting on your some fancy color- Receipts – Valuation Guide. Print this list Bill Kokenos
ahead of the game.”
schedule K-1 from ful folders with out and keep it in this folder for reference. Orion Senior Center
your partnership, sub -Anita Gates Delventhal, pockets and a The key here is to organize your tax
s corporation or other A.G. Consulting Services Inc. notebook so you file with the income and expense items you Treasurer
investments that were can keep every- (not your neighbor, brother, sister, etc.) Alice Young, CPA
put on extension. thing organized need to track for your taxes.
The rest just procrastinated getting your throughout the year. If you have a folder for each type of Secretary
taxes completed. If you have a business, color co-ordi- item it will help you to stay organized, fo- Loretta Spatafore
Well, it’s time to stop thinking about nate your business (ie; solid colors) and per- cused and reduce your stress at tax time. uSellOnline
2009. Get yourself thinking and doing sonal files (ie; strips). The next step you should do is to pre-
something about 2010 now. Label your folders for the different pare a budget for the rest of 2010. This Directors
Most people do not even give their busi- income and expenses you need to keep track will help you see what is coming in and Martha Bergquist
ness and personal taxes another thought until of for tax purposes. For example, label the what is going out every month. Did you
…..January of the following year. first folder W-2s, the 2nd folder 1099-INT know most people do not have a house-
Coffee News
Tax law changes have been in constant for interest income, the 3rd folder 1099-DIV hold budget? Carl Cyrowski
movement these last couple of years and for dividend income, the 4th folder 1099-B Put your net pay (what is directly de- Michigan Global Solutions LLC
they will continue to be moving at a faster for investments that you sell throughout the posited into your account) in first then your
pace than ever. year. expenses. Theresa Fiorani
So how are you going to take advan- Set up your expenses the same way. Do not use your gross. If you use Canoe Circle Graphics
your gross you will definitely run into
trouble managing your budget. You can’t Elizabeth Meyer
spend the amount that has been withheld Genisys Credit Union
for taxes.
Answers with Guidance Put everything, and I mean everything Dawn Neely
you spend money on, in your budget. The Seniors Helping Seniors
while Committed to providing things you pay quarterly (ie: garbage ser-
vices, newspaper, water…) you should split James Porritt
winning Solutions this out monthly on your budget because
sooner or later you have to pay for it…. so
Attorney at Law

why not budget for it and be ready. This Neal Porter

definitely helps you be proactive and get Vette Products
1. Certified QuickBooks ProAdvisor / Accountant ahead of the game. Linda Sickles
2. Tax Preparation & Tax Planning / Tax Advisor Finally, make yourself use your bud-
get. I know at first it will be really difficult Orion Township Public Library
3. Benefits Counselor to do because it is like looking at yourself Monica Squarcia
in the mirror. National City Bank /PNC
Ready to make a change But as you use your budget monthly,
you will begin to be more comfortable with Karen Ulrich
and move forward? it and hopefully see how beneficial this tool Queensland Marketing
really is to help you manage your money.
Rome wasn’t built in a day, neither can your Craig Zmijewski
We will always return your call financial future. AAA Michigan
248-393-0403 Anita Gates Delventhal is President
& CEO of A.G. Consulting Services Inc.
Executive Director
She is an accountant, tax advisor and ben-
Your QuickBooks, efits counselor with 25+ years of experi- Alaina Campbell
Tax & Financial Resource Center ence in the small business arena helping
her clients handle employee benefits, ac- Orion Area Chamber of Commerce
counting and tax issues. She is also a P.O. Box 484
Certified QuickBooks ProAdvisor and Lake Orion, MI 48361
248-393-0403 Registered Representative. For more in- 248-693-6300
formation call 248-393-0403 or email her at
May 2010 -- What’s The Biz -- Lake Orion 3

Briefly Orion Area Chamber of Commerce

Win a car
OACC celebrates 60th anniversary
St. Joseph Church and
A message from Chamber President Rosemary Rangi
School is now selling tickets in This year the Orion Area Chamber of Many people do not realize that the owners through its networking events.
its 9th Annual Automobile Commerce will be celebrating the 60th An- Orion Area Chamber was initially respon- It keeps you abreast of issues affect-
Raffle. Win a 2010 GMC Sierra niversary since its sible for starting the Orion Christmas Pa- ing your business and also ways to im-
regular cab (outright ownership) formation. rade as well as the Veterans Memorial. prove the way you do business.
or a 2010 GMC Acadia/Buick The Chamber We will be acknowledging our anni- Participation in Chamber activities is
LaCrosse (36-month lease), or began in June of 1950 versary in October with a dinner/dance. a great way to promote your business.
a $15,000 cash grand prize. and has played a very We will be inviting back all past presi- Lastly, the Orion Area Chamber of Com-
Four other cash prizes will viable role in the Lake dents and board members to attend this merce is part of a united voice for the com-
also be awarded in the amounts Orion community. “reunion.” munity.
of $2,500, $1,000, $300 and $200. Past presidents Additional details of the event to fol- We can leverage our size and relation-
Tickets are $100; only 500 tick- and their board of Di- low in the coming months. You can con- ship with our local governments to affect
ets will be sold. Drawing held rectors have in- tact us either by phone at 248-693-6300, change that benefits our members, the
Rosemary Rangi,
cluded many well- or at business community and our community
April 18 after 12:30 p.m. Mass; President, OACC
recognized individu- In the interim, we are asking if any at large.
need not be present to win.
als that are still very active in the area to- Orion resident or business has any memo- We also try to promote our member-
Please mail check to St. Jo- day. rabilia involving the Orion Area Chamber ship to shop local any time they can to
seph School, 703. N. Lapeer Rd. Over the years, we have sponsored a to please forward it to us to share for this keep dollars in our own area.
Lake Orion, MI 48362 (ticket variety of different events for both busi- event. Join is as we celebrate our 60th anni-
will be mailed back within 7 ness and community participation. The Orion Area Chamber’s mission is versary.
days), or, purchase after Sunday Most notable is our Community Busi- multi-purpose. Rosemary Rangi is Director for
Masses. Raffle supported by ness Expo in May and the Chili Challenge First of all it provides its membership Crittenton Medical Equipment.
Golling Buick/GMC. For more in September during Barn Daze. with an avenue to meet other business
information, call 248-693-6215.

In the chips
New director takes reins at Chamber
It is with great enthusiasm that I have 2010 Community Business Expo Brochure. a.m. at Panera Bread on Baldwin Road.
started my first few weeks as the new Ex- With an expected attendance of over This group focuses on reaching out to new
Grab your shovels, wheelbar- ecutive Director of the Orion Area Cham- 1,500 community members this is an ex- businesses in our area.
rows and buckets; Oakland County ber of Commerce. cellent avenue for promoting your busi- Other notable
Parks is giving away free wood chips Along with getting familiar with the ness or organization. community events
Saturday, April 24 from 8 a.m.-4 p.m. office and my new duties, I’ve had the An exciting benefit for businesses include the Growing
at Orion Oaks County Park, 2301 privilege of who are ven- Green Earth Day
Clarkston Road in Orion Township. meeting many dors is that Expo sponsored by
Participants can enter at the local business Orion Area Chamber of Commerce hosts they may also Orion Township
Clarkston Road gate to load wood o w n e r s , sell merchan-
the 2010 Community Business Expo Parks and Recre-
chips. elected offi- dise at their ation on Thursday,
Chips are of assorted wood cials and com- May 11 booth. Take April 22 from 1-7
from power line maintenance prun- munity mem- advantage of
ing and storm damage. All wood bers.
4 to 8 p.m. this opportu-
p.m. at beautiful
Canterbury Village
chips must be loaded manually into I look for- Lake Orion High School nity to boost in the King’s Court
vehicles and small trailers; no com- ward to pro- spring sales Castle Restaurant & Alaina Campbell,
mercial haulers. Chips may also be moting our community and our Chamber and get your name out in the community. Banquet Facility. OACC Executive
picked up May 8, May 22, June 5 of Commerce. Other notable upcoming events in- Director
And don’t for-
and June 19. The Chamber has several exciting clude our Networking Group that meets get about the Dragon Dash 8K Run and
upcoming events, the biggest being the every other Wednesday at 7:30 a.m., and Walk on Sunday, May 16 at Civic Center
Tell the world Orionopoly Community Business Expo to is hosted by various local businesses.
be held at Lake Orion High School during The next one is scheduled for Wednes-
parent/teacher conferences on Tuesday, day, April 28 and hosted by AAA Michi-
Park! A great opportunity to get out and
enjoy the spring air. For more information
contact the Orion Township Parks and
What’s happening? How’s May 11 from 4-8 p.m. in the Field House. gan, 3009 S. Baldwin Rd. in Suite B. Recreation department at 248-393-7040.
business? Send your business This free event will feature local busi- The Oxford Chamber of Commerce For more information about Cham-
news and photos to us at the Lake nesses and organizations, a “Taste of will host a joint luncheon with our Cham- ber events or to find out about becoming
Orion Review and we’ll help spread Orion” with free food from local restau- ber on Thursday, May 20 at Boulder a member of the Chamber please contact
the word about how wonderful you rants and door prizes. Pointe at 11:30 a.m. This is a great time to me, Alaina Campbell at 248-693-6300.
aree - no charge! Email us at It’s not too late to become a vendor. network with other area businesses and More information can also be found on A registration form can be downloaded keep abreast of local issues. our website at
from our website at the bottom of the home Join us for our next Ambassadors
page at It’s titled Group meeting on Tuesday, April 27, 10
4 What’s The Biz -- Lake Orion -- May 2010

See it, click it, fix it

The New York Times recently published watch” mentality.
an article about a website that has slowly The main goal is to bring attention to
grown to be something of a phenomenon in problems in a community, whether it be a
municipal informa- pothole, a bad intersection or graffiti. It
tion technology are- helps encourage dialog between members
nas. of a community about these issues and hope-
The idea behind fully results in solutions to these problems. is By putting in the public eye it puts pres-
pretty straight for- sure on government to act or at least give a
ward: See a problem reason for not acting.
in your community Cities all around the world are using
(maybe a burned out this free service as another tool to monitor
light), post a descrip- the community and create communication.
tion, location and Michael Toth Newspapers are also using it as a way to
maybe a picture, the hear what is of concern in the area.
problem becomes public discussion, your The site is monitored so that inappro- A pizza and
community resolves the priate posts are deleted to help foster a civil grinder place
problem(hopefully). dialog. is what new
Anyone who looks at seeclickfix can This service is another tool communi- Bellacino’s
see a map of their area with any problems ties can utilize in ever increasing efforts to owner Sam
“pinned.” become more efficient, more transparent and Beydown
They can read the description, view any more directly linked withthe community. said he
photos and see what responses have come So if there is an issue you haven’t re- needed to
about as a result of the post. ported, this might be an easy way to do so. have. Photo
In Lake Orion’s case, I am the only If you have an iPhone, Seeclickfix has a free by Megan
“watcher,” someone who has subscribed to app that uses GPS to determine the location Collier
Seeclickfix and receives Emails regarding of the problem which makes reporting about
any issues. a 90 second process. Check out
Anyone can be a watcher for any area
and any area can have infinite watchers. Mike Toth is a member of the Lake Orion
This hopefully fosters a “neighborhood Village Council

Car Cruise
Less Than Two Weeks Away
Taste ‘real’ food at Bellacino’s
By Megan Collier grinder, which is topped with onions,
Starts May 4th Lake Orion Review Staff Writer green peppers, cheese, lettuce, toma-
5-8 pm Join Us A pizza and grinder place is what toes and mayo.
Of Lake Orion new Bellacino’s owner Sam Beydown All the ingredients are what
For said he needed to have. Beydown calls “real” food – that is, it’s

• 50/50 Drawings by the • All Cruisers Receive

M o t h e r ’s “I just stumbled upon it up for sale
– I just needed to get it,” he said, add-
unprocessed. That’s part of why he
loves the chicken grinder so much.
Lake Orion
Cheerleaders & Orion
Senior Center
15% Off All Meals
• Cruisers From 2009 -
Day ing that restaurants are in his blood.
Businessmen in his family own three
“The chicken is really, really good.
It’s actual chicken – it’s not the pro-
Keep Your Same
• Oldies D.J. Phil
• Trivia Questions & Membership # Sunday, May 9th Subway (franchises) in the family and
a Papa Romano’s.
cessed patty,” he said.
Customers can even watch restau-
Prizes Every 1/2 Hour! See Cashier
• Custard Cones or Dish for New All Moms Receive A Beydown, now one-month into rant staff form fresh bread dough on a
$1.00 Card
• Average 150 Cars Per
FREE 25% Discount ownership, says there won’t be many
changes to his restaurant, though he
wooden counter in the kitchen.
Bellacino’s offers a wide variety of
• All Cruisers Can Sign
Up Anytime To
One Scoop does plan to bulk up portion sizes a little pizza, grinders sandwiches, pasta and
Start Getting Sundae Outdoor Patio and do some small remodeling projects. salads. They even have a special kids
Your “As of now, it’s being run by the section.
Discount For Moms Now Open book, just as Bellacino’s wants it,” he Right now, customers can get a 16-
said. “I want to make it a nice looking inch, one-item pizza for $8.99 or, two,
Enter To Win A $100 Gift Package place for families to come and enjoy. A 12-inch, two-item pizzas for $14.95.
Enter anytime. Need not be present to win. lot of professional people stop here for Care for a sandwich? Cali ruebens and
$ 00 lunch – they run in here and grab a bite chicken barbeque grinders are on spe-
$ 00 $ 00
1 Off Regular
1 Off
Your Choice of 5 Dinners
1 Off to eat and head out.”
Customers order Beydown’s Ital-
cial for $5.90.
Stop by and say hello to Bellacino’s
Lemon Any Large
Beef Pot Roast ian grinder most often, also known as new owner, Sam Beydown and grab
Smoothie or
Chicken • Fish
Chopped Steak • Shrimp
Salad the House Specialty, he said. some lunch.
Based on purchase at regular menu price. Please
no substitutions. Not valid with any other offer.
Based on purchase at regular menu price. Please
no substitutions. Not valid with any other offer.
Based on purchase at regular menu price. Please
no substitutions. Not valid with any other offer.
It’s got ham, sausage, salami, They’re located at 1188 Lapeer
Limit one coupon per person per visit. Valid only
at Lake Orion Culvers. Expires 5-19-10
Limit one coupon per person per visit. Valid only
at Lake Orion Culvers. Expires 5-19-10
Limit one coupon per person per visit. Valid only
at Lake Orion Culvers. Expires 5-19-10
mushrooms, onions, green peppers, Road, just south of Clarkston Road on
cheese, lettuce, tomatoes and mayo. the west side. Give them a call at 248-
Located on Lapeer Road & Dutton (1/2 Mile N of the Palace) • 248-276-2222 Beydown’s favorite is the chicken 814-4030.
May 2010 -- What’s The Biz -- Lake Orion 5

Smoked out
Opinions mixed among local
business owners as Michigan’s
May 1 smoking ban approaches
By Laura Colvin of people say ‘We’re not coming, we’re not coming,” person who owns, operates, manages, or is in control
Review editor he said. “But I say, ‘Hey, where else are you going to of a public place shall make a reasonable effort to pro-
Butt out. That, essentially, is the message smokers go?” hibit individuals from smoking in a public place.”
will hear when a statewide smoking ban takes effect Besides, he noted, the ban could attract new cus- Those caught violating the smoking ban, it says,
May 1. tomers. will find the local health department on the doorstep
The ban, singed into law Dec. 18, 2009 by Gov. “For every smoker we might loose, we might gain within five days, and both restaurant and smoker could
Jennifer Granholm, makes it illegal to light up in res- another one who didn’t come in before because of the face fines up to $100 for a first offense and $500 for
taurants, bars, theaters or any other public place—with smoke,” Mitchell said. subsequent violations.
the exception of cigar bars, tobacco specialty stores But unlike Applebee’s, the majority Christi’s patrons At CJ’s, Joan Slomczenski said the new law is prob-
and casino gaming floors. are smokers, he added. ably a good thing.
Around the Orion area, reactions were mixed as “Personally, I don’t agree with the law, and I’m a “We have a smoke eater to purify the air,” she said.
smokers prepare for a last public puff. non smoker,” Mitchell said. “It’s taking peoples rights “But when a lot of people start smoking, we get com-
Cheryl Millenbach, general manager at Applebee’s away. If I go into a bar and somebody’s smoking, it’s plaints from the nonsmokers.”
of Lake Orion, said she didn’t anticipate much of a my choice to go sit next to that person or not.” Most who patronize the Sandbar are about 50 per-
problem. Keith Aldridge, who manages his family’s business cent smokers, 50 percent not,
Since most patrons are nonsmokers, she said, and at both Canterbury Castle, where the Clansman Pub is she noted, while most
the restaurant offers only a small area where smoking located, and Indianwood Golf and Country Club, who dine in the ad-
is currently allowed—three tables and the bar. said even as a nonsmoker—and one who doesn’t joining restaurant
“And we still get a lot of complaints, because the like his children around secondhand smoke—he’s not are not.
smoking area is not closed off,” Millenbach said. “If in favor of the law. “It’ll probably
we seat a family in one of the big booths around the “I really think it should be up to the local bar be good once
bar and people nearby light up, the family will say ‘Hey, owner,” he said. “(The law) is against the American people get used to
how do you call this nonsmoking?’ They get really an- way, and I don’t think its right for the state to say it,” she said.
gry with us.” ‘You’re not allowed to have smoking here.’ It’s my
With passage of the new law—the state Senate ap- establishment; if I want to have smoking, the non-
proved the bill 24-13, followed by a 75-30 House vote— smokers can go to another establishment and vice
Michigan joins 36 other states with laws against smok- versa.”
ing; some states have similar statewide bans while oth- At Indianwood, he said, members have
ers opted for partial anti-smoking laws. been vocal about their displea- sure.
But while public health benefits seem obvious, the “It’s a private country club,”
effect on local business remains to be seen. he said. “We have a lot of cigar
“In my travels to other places that already had a smokers and guys pay a lot of
ban enacted, they said yes, business from smokers money to be in that particular
drops off for a little while, but they get used to it, and atmosphere; it’s their club and
they come back,” Millenbach said. “It will be a posi- now they’re told they can’t
tive for our nonsmoking guests, because they feel in- smoke cigars. It’s a problem.”
truded upon.” Problem or not, Aldridge is
Greg Mitchell, manager at Christi’s Bar and Grill faced with the same task as oth-
on Clarkston Road had a similar opinion. ers in his shoes.
“I don’t think it’ll be a bad thing,” he said. “A lot The law, in part, states “the

Want to be a quitter?
•Medicaid: Michigan ENROLLS can •Michigan Tobacco Quitline: The
help you find out if you qualify for Michigan Tobacco Quitline offers free
Medicaid. Many Medicaid programs telephone coaching to help quit
cover the nicotine patch and nico- smoking. No insurance? You may
tine gum. Call 1-888-367-6557 or qualify for free nicotine patches. Call
visit 1-800-QUIT-NOW

•Medicare: The Michigan Medicare •Partnership for Prescription As-

Medicaid Assistance Program can sistance: This program can help find
help find Medicare and prescription drug company programs you qualify
savings programs. Call 1-800-803- for. Call 1-800-477-2669 or visit
7174 or visit
6 What’s The Biz -- Lake Orion -- May 2010

Salon’s new look is 100 years old

By Megan Collier
“So many buildings are already ‘there,’
so to me it’s silly if you don’t bring ev-
erything back to the original historical
state. Sheet rock, vinyl siding – they don’t
match. It just doesn’t give it a nice, fluid
Review Staff Writer
look. You want people to come down and
It will be a whole new storefront. It
say, ‘Oh, what a cute little town,’” she
will be a whole old storefront?
Either way, Patti’s Place For Hair his-
The DDA director says Patti’s Place
toric façade renovation will be “absolutely
has been high on the renovation grant list
beautiful,” said Suzanne Perreault,
for a while, and is pleased with plans for
Downtown Development Authority
the building.
(DDA) executive director.
“I think what Patti is doing to her build-
Using a matching grant from the
Patti Snider ing is going to be absolutely beautiful,”
DDA, worth $12,365, Patti’s Place owner
shows the said Perreault. “It’s a perfect example
Patti Snider is tearing off what she calls
building as it of what some buildings could have down-
a “hideous” awning and wood façade,
was and as it town. She really set a standard for build-
and restoring the front of her 21 S. Broad- will be when ing rehabs.”
way building to its original brick design. renovations According to Perreault, each year the
The entire project will cost between are complete. DDA budgets funds to go for improve-
$28,000 and $30,000. Photo by ments that historically preserve buildings.
The renovation, she says, is just in time. Megan Collier
“What we’re looking for from prop-
“When they took [the awning] off, the
erty owners is preserving historical char-
builder told me I had probably another
nal barber pole. “staircase to nowhere” as a retail dis- acter and architecture and matching the
year and it was going to rot off,” she said,
“The history of this place is so cool play. The staircase used to be the only money that we put up,” she said, noting
adding underneath the wood were lay-
and I’d love to find out more of it,” she access point to her neighbor’s upstairs the grant allows owners to “make an ini-
ers and layers of building materials
said. apartment. But renovations next door tial investment with the grant when they
chronicling the buildings’s 100-year-old
The owner notes she’s also uncover- walled in the stairs, leaving it quite liter- otherwise might not be able to.”
ing some “interesting” items, like old ally a path leading nowhere. Perreault says projects should pre-
But, she found out, through all that, it
newspapers, in the walls and ceiling while Snider says she’s doing the renova- serve original architectural features like
was always a home to a barber shop or
the salon’s interior is spruced up, too. tions to keep up the historic feel of down- going back to brick, taking off aluminum
hair salon. On the first layer, Snider says
Snider’s also given new life to an old town. siding and enlarging small windows.
she even found an imprint of the old origi-

James R. Porritt, Jr. Contentious charity

30 Years Real Estate Experience The maker of a living trust fa- the dispute.
Licensed Broker • Chairperson of County Bar R.E. Comm vored some friends and family They claimed that if the re-
Member American & State Bar R.E. Sections over others in the ultimate distri- siduary beneficiaries who all sur-
bution of her es- vived, were shown to have been
248-693-6245 tate.
She also pro-
guilty of undue influence, that
they would be barred, but the trust
SIMPLE WILLS e Fr vided that in the could still be valid and the char-
• Self directed disposition of assets Con e Init event the residu- ity would take all.
sul ia
• Your choice of administrator tati l ary beneficiaries The trust was relatively small
• Your choice of Guardian for minors on had all died, that and could not afford long term liti-
• Your choice of Trust for minors to be set up after your passing. her estate would gation. The trustee settled and
“Avoiding Probate” does not justify the cost or inconvenience of setting up a Living Trust and maintaining it for the pass to her favor- ended up paying the charity to get
rest of your life. Michigan’s unsupervised probate procedure is inexpensive, uses preprinted forms, avoids formal ite well-recog- Attorney James out of the litigation.
accountings, court appearances, or approval of asset disposition. nized charity. R. Porritt, Jr. In cases where a challenge
When some to a trust might be expected,
of the family members chal- makers of trusts should think
For Sale By Owner
TRANSACTION Short Sales lenged the validity of the trust,
the charity’s attorney joined in
twice about opening the door to
contentious charities.
• Advice, preparation of Purchase Agreement, Procedures & Negotiations
Mandatory Disclosures & related documents. If You Must Sell Your Home
• Coordination of financing, inspections, surveys, And Cannot Without A Try not to become a man of success
appraisals, title work & closing Reduction In Your Mortgage
Cash To New Mortgage Transaction 1/2of 1% Balance, Call For An but rather try to become a man of
Seller Financed Sales 1% Appointment.
(Land contracts, private mortgages, lease with option) value. ~Albert Einstein
436 S. Broadway (M-24) , Suite C • Lake Orion
May 2010 -- What’s The Biz -- Lake Orion 7

Helping businesses build business since 1987

Lake Orion-based Queensland Marketing Com- We believe it is crucial for a business to have a
munications has been in brand building and sales pro- consistent identity and message to convey to their
motion with promotional advertising specialties or logo customers, employees and future customers.
merchandise since 1987. We provide a strategy to optimize the effective
We help businesses, organizations, municipalities, use of your advertising and marketing budget, keep-
and associations effectively ing a consistent corpo-
organize marketing and ad-
vertising to find the right Business Profile rate identity and mes-
balance with all the media In short, staying
choices available today so Queensland Marketing Communications “on message” with all
they can reach their perfor- your marketing and ad-
mance and sales objectives. vertising.
We help build business Services include
by putting our client’s name, representation for
phone number, logo, and message into the hands of sales, service and account management, marketing
their customers, employees, and prospects through communications, sales promotion programs, incen-
clever, creative and effective logo apparel and logo tive programs, corporate identity and brand aware-
merchandise. ness, corporate gifts, safety campaigns, awards,
Q marcom offers a plethora of items to meet printing, and promotional advertising specialties.
each client’s needs and budget, including embroidered Providing the highest quality service is our stan-
and screen printed apparel, awards and custom dard.
plaques, executive and holiday gifts, coffee mugs and Contact us so we can begin working to build your
drinkware, pens, food gifts and much, much more. business. Call toll free 800-380-1477, or by email at
When “Outstanding Performance” is rewarded, or by fax at (248) 370-
with incentive merchandise, we offer name brand 9311.
merchandise such as Cutter and Buck Apparel, Nike You can also visit our website at
Apparel, Waterford Crystal, Bic Products and and browse through one of our Karen Ulrich owns and operates Queensland
Franklin Mint to name just a few. on-line catalogs. Marketing Communications of Lake Orion.

Refill & $AVE

100% Guarantee on
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8 What’s The Biz -- Lake Orion -- May 2010

Not just another free

checking account
MCCU pays big interest on Platinum Checking
Michigan Catholic Credit Union has • Have monthly Automatic Deposits
created a great way for you to save • Receive Electronic Statements
money and earn money at the same time. You can’t lose with this checking ac-
Their new Platinum Checking is not count.
just another “Free” checking account. During any given month that you do
This account pays you 3.00 percent not meet the qualifications listed above
APY* on balances up to $25,000. for the 3.00% APY interest rate, you will
Platinum Checking gives you all this
and more: • No minimum balance
• Interest paid up to $25,000
still receive .05% APY on your checking
Some restrictions do apply, but you
A ‘Big Deal’
• Free Electronic Bill Pay must ask yourself. What does your check-
• Free Electronic Account State- ing do for you? Angie Dempsey of Lake Orion, left, pic- Marriott Springhill Suites in Auburn Hills for
ments For more details about Platinum tured with Culver’s owner Joe Zimmer and one year, plus a once-a-month $50 certificate
• Free Unlimited CO-OP Network Checking or about membership with Marriott Springhill Suites General Manager Liz for dining at Culver’s for one year. The pack-
ATM Withdrawals Michigan Catholic Credit Union, call Kaplan, was the winner of this month’s Big age was valued at over $2,000. Look for the
• Rebates up to $15 per month on Diane Leier, Lake Orion Branch Man- deal giveaway. As the winner, Dempsey will giveaway entry form in the Big Deal—arriving
Out-of-Network ATM withdrawals ager, at 248-693-3400, ext. 1500. receive a once-a-month one-night stay at in your Ad-Vertiser—every month.
• Access to 28,000 non-surcharge APY=Annual Percentage Yield.
ATMs Rates are subject to change without

Survey says...
and has earned its credibility over the
It’s easy to receive the maxi- notice. Advertised APY accurate as course of 100-plus years," said Sherman
mum interest rate. All you need to do is: of 3/30/2010. Publications advertising manager Eric
• Use your MCCU Debit Card - at Membership eligibility required. Lewis. "The trust we have earned from
least 15 Signature/Credit transactions per Federally insured by NCUA
month Newspaper websites the community transfers right over to the
most-trusted source According to Review online track-
ing, as of March 3, over 4,300 people
for local online news visit every
day. Each visit, according to the report,
Newspaper Web sites are the single last over 12 minutes.
most-visited and most-trusted source of Not surprising, noted publisher, Jim
online local news, according to a survey Sherman, Jr. "Much of our print content
of 3,050 adult Internet users by goes online, but not everything.
comScore conducted on behalf of the Online, however, there are different
Newspaper Association of America. attractions. Viewers can get their up-to-
Overall, 57 percent of respondents date local weather, watch old movies,
said local newspaper Web sites were their look up local restaurant menus, discover
No. 1 destination for various kinds of lo- new recipes -- even upload pictures and
cal information — more than all other videos to our community galleries."
online local news media combined. The NAA noted that newspaper Web
The survey also revealed high sites beat various competitors — most
rankings for the trustworthiness of ad- notably the Web sites of local TV sta-
vertising on local newspaper Web sites. tions — across the board in terms of
Breaking local content and advertis- trustworthiness as well.
ing down into various categories, 29 per- Local newspapers were chosen as the
cent said newspaper Web sites were their most trustworthy source of local news
primary destination for local news, 27 per- by 34 percent of respondents, compared
cent ranked them first for local sports, to 23 percent for local TV news sites.
26 percent for local entertainment, and They also ranked ahead of local TV
39 percent for local classifieds. news sites in local sports (30%-24%),
Setting aside duplicates, this comes local entertainment (30%-20%), and lo-
to well over half of those surveyed. The cal classifieds (42%-13%). For advertis-
proportion of respondents ranking news- ing in general, 36 percent said they con-
paper Web sites as their primary destina- sidered local newspaper Web sites to be
tion for local content rose to 60 percent trustworthy advertising media, compared
among college-educated respondents and to 23 percent for local TV news sites and
63% among well-to-do households. just 12 percent for online portals in gen-
"The Lake Orion Review is trusted, eral.
May 2010 -- What’s The Biz -- Lake Orion 9

You can avoid bank fees Free Yourself From

at Lakes Community Credit Union Excessive Fees
The banking crisis hit – you saw “awards” you can cash in on.
it on the news, you may have experi- But, often these privileges come
enced problems with it as well - some with a price – a monthly checking fee, • No Gimmick VISA
of the largest banks in the country a low balance fee, a requirement to • FREE Checking *
were turned upside down and the gov- have direct deposit, etc.
ernment had to Take a closer look – are the • 100’s of Surcharge Free ATM’s *
come in and “bail awards offsetting the costs of keep-
them out”. ing that account? How much money • New & Used Car Loans
As a result of do you have to keep in your bank to
the crisis, additional get “free checking” - $1,000 in sav- Be sure to check out our
rules and regula- ings? article on page 11
tions have been put Or how many loans must you
into place on all fi- hold with them?
nancial institutions At Lakes, we offer a “free
to try to help avert Carolyn Chevrier checking” account to our members
a similar crisis from is president of that maintain a combined balance of
occurring in the fu- Lakes Community $100 in their savings and checking ac-
ture. Credit Union. counts.
A couple of ex- Certainly, in these times, much
amples include regulations that are more reasonable than $1000 or more. 350 N. Park Blvd. (Lapeer Rd.)
designed to scrutinize the types of And this has always been our rule, Lake Orion
mortgage products that can be of- we didn’t lower it due to the crisis.
fered; while others are designed to Many of our members do qualify 248-814-4000 *Restrictions apply, stop in or
protect the customer from making for a bonus when they have their pay- call for more details.
taking on a credit card that they hon- roll direct deposited to their checking
estly can’t afford. account – a ¼ percent higher rate on
There are new regulations both CD’s and ¼ percent lower rate on
in place and “in the making” regard- loans they qualify for.

Mark Your
ing fees. How do you avoid exces- This gives you more money in
sive fees? your pocket at no additional cost to
It can be done. The first step is you
to look at the paperwork you sign
when taking out that credit card, or
opening a checking account. It may
We do charge a fee if a transac-
tion takes your account negative –
but beware There is a new trend of
be in the fine print – take time to re- checking accounts being offered that
view it.
When are you assessed a fee on
claim you won’t be charged a fee for
certain types of transactions that take
3 Great Special Sections
your credit card? When the payment your account negative. Which trans- That Will Be Sure To Increase Your Business
is one day late? How big is the fee – actions?
and are you then penalized for the
next several months with a higher in-
terest rate?
Look closer at the paperwork –
you won’t receive a fee that day, but
you could be charged if your account
4 Oxford May 12
Lake Orion Revew, Oxford Leader, Ad-Vertiser,
At Lakes, we allow a “grace pe- stays negative – a fee every day you Penny Stretcher, Clarkston News, The Citizen
riod” after the due date before you are negative What if you are a week
are assessed any fees. away from pay day?
And, if you find still yourself un-
able to get your payment in before
the grace period ends, we will not
Come check out Lakes – we
have no secrets No surprises No gim-
4 Flower May 19
Ad-Vertiser, Clarkston News, Penny Stretcher
change your interest rate on you. We’re interested in helping you
Graduation Issues
“Things happen”. reach your financial goals, are fed-
Many institutions offer checking erally insured, and are rated as “well June 9 - The Oxford Leader
accounts that have a lot of bells and capitalized” by the state examiners.
June 9 - The Lake Orion Review
whistles – “special privilege ac- Anyone living, working or worship-
counts” that offer interest and ing in Oakland County can join.
Call Your Ad Representative Today
For More Details 248-628-4801
10 What’s The Biz -- Lake Orion -- May 2010

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