Pesach Sheni

Your "Second Pesach" Connection
It’s been about 30 days since Pesach. If you've connected to Pesach, perhaps you left riding that "spiritual wave" for a few days only to go back into the routine of life. Perhaps you missed the Pesach Connection for whatever reason. Don't despair! Pesach is only one piece in a larger puzzle of transformation. All of the holidays are opportunities to get out of the physical world and into the spiritual. We need these special connections to give us the power to carve out a joyful, immortal destiny. But as you are undoubtedly experiencing, the hardest work comes after the peaks we reach on the holiday celebrations. So, now that you’ve come back down to Earth and slipped back into the day-to-day grind that is ‘real’ life, we are wondering, have you been able to hold onto the clarity and commitments you made? Ok, ok, it’s a trick question. We know the answer, and we know it because the kabbalists from centuries past have left us the clues as to what really happens on Pesach. And we know that the answer is probably no. Pesach (and the entire month of Aries) is merely parole from the prison that keeps us from true spiritual growth – our ego. However, that parole was conditional to the seven weeks that follow it. These seven weeks are called by the code name The Omer. And if you’ve been living and breathing during the last month, you know it’s been difficult. The Omer is not an easy pill to swallow. The energy is heavy; the time it takes to get from here to there has been stretched; every process is an arduous one. But believe it or not, during the process of Creation, when we struck our “deal” with the Creator, we asked for the obstacle known as The Omer. We knew that without earning the gift of Pesach, we could never truly make that energy ours. So we get to work for that energy each day of these seven weeks. And if we can stick to our guns and carry on with our commitments, we will be able to seal in our changes with the Light that is revealed on Shavuot. So, to help you get back on track, we use the Connection of the Second Pesach. There is little to do physical for this Connection, but a lot of internal work.

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(Preferably Shmura Matzah - meaning handmade) Unlike the first Pesach where the Connection asked you to not eat chametz (leavened bread) for eight days, the kabbalists teach that on Pesach Sheni we should eat Matzah and Chametz in the same meal. This is because Pesach is about the diminishment of ego and the recognition of our unity so we refrain from Bread which contains the energy of Ego. Now, Pesach Sheni is about the individual work we must to maintain the freedom of Pesach and some sense of chametz/ego/self is required to identify our individual traits needing attention.


Search within and find the ways you can further commitments made on Pesach. How can you take your spiritual growth to the "next level."

Fear: What is my deepest fear? How does having this fear benefit me? What could I achieve if I were free from this fear? Pain: Am I willing to acknowledge my pain and see it for what it really is - a message from the Light? Do I remember that sharing my pain is the key to freeing myself of it? Shame: What has my shame taught me? Am I brave enough to be weak (vulnerable)? Taking Risks: What area of my life did I commit to pushing myself in? How am I achieving this and can I measure my progress? ‘I’ll see it when I believe it…’ Do I believe it? Am I injecting certainty into this change? Missed Opportunities: Am I taking advantage of all the opportunities life gives me? And the most important part of the process – commitment. Are you going to stick with it? Are you reaching out to your Kabbalah Instructor or buddy, are you getting the help you need to take your action steps? Let’s not forget - we can’t do it alone!

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