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Official Dinner - Nicosia turns Shipping Capital of Cyprus

The Chamber successfully hosted its Official Dinner on Friday, 5 February 2016, at the Hilton Park Hotel, in Nicosia. The
Chambers Official Dinner has been established as the annual tradition of social communication between high-level Political
and Governmental representatives and the Cyprus Shipping Industry turning Nicosia, into the Shipping Capital of Cyprus.
The President of the Republic of Cyprus, Political Party Leaders and Representatives, Ministers, Members of Parliament,
Diplomats, Senior Government Officials, representatives of Professional Organisations, as well as top management personnel
of the Cyprus Shipping Industry, attended the Official Dinner.
Addresses were given by the President of the Republic of Cyprus, Mr. Nicos Anastasiades and by the President of the Cyprus
Shipping Chamber, Mr. Themis Papadopoulos.

Monthly Members Meetings - January/February
Monthly Members Meetings were held on 19 January and 18 February 2016, at the Mediterranean Beach Hotel and Amathus
Beach Hotel respectively, in Limassol.
On 19 January, a Presentation/Panel Discussion was given by Mr. Mark ONeil, Partner, Reed Smith and Mr. Chris Adams,
Director, Steamship Insurance Management Services Ltd., entitled: Pilot on Board A Help or Hindrance? The Presentation
included a review of legal and loss prevention issues arising from casualties involving vessels under pilotage.
On 18 February, a Presentation was given by Mr. Libor Krkoska, Head of Cyprus, European Bank for Reconstruction and
Development, entitled: EBRD Financing for Cyprus Shipping Sector. Mr. Krkoska presented the overview of EBRD and its
activities in Cyprus. The Presentation focused on EBRD experience and expertise in financing the Shipping sector and
participants were informed about the available range of the financial instruments and the ways how they could use them in
Cyprus for financing of their activities.

27th Annual General Meeting

Members are kindly invited to note that the Chambers 27th Annual General Meeting will take place on Thursday, 21 April 2016, at the Four
Seasons Hotel.
More information with regard to the organisational arrangements of the afore-mentioned event will be provided by the Secretariat in due

Marine Insurance
Working Group
The Marine Insurance Working Group
met on 21 January 2016, in order to
review the Agenda of the MLC 2006
2nd Special Tripartite Committee,
which was held on 8-10 February
2016, in Geneva.
The Working Group also discussed a
number of other MLC implementation
issues and the adoption of the
Insurance Distribution Directive and
any possible effects that this may
have on shipping companies.

ICT Sub-Committee
The ICT Sub-Committee organised a meeting on 4 February 2016. Two
presentations were given during the meeting:
Mr. George Hoyt delivered a presentation on the I am a seafarer mosaic project
which aims to attract people to shipping and boost the image of shipping and the
seafaring careers.
Dr. Lycourgos Kyprianou delivered a presentation on the Commtor Software
Platform, a new product of eUmbrella Corporation Services Ltd. which aims to
provide content rich communication services through the adoption of the Average
Revenue per Account (ARPA) Model.
The Sub-Committee also discussed the organisation of a CSC combined ICT and eNavigation Conference in Cyprus.

Development and Promotion Committee

The Development and Promotion Committee organised two meetings on 14 January and 19 February 2016 respectively.
The Committee considered ways on how to approach new companies that could be identified as possible new Members at
the Chamber, but mainly focused on the proposal with regard to the organisation of a Cyprus Shipping Conference that will be
undertaken by the Chamber by acquiring the services of a professional events organiser.

Public Relations Committee

The Public Relations Committee held a meeting on 25 February 2016.
The purpose of the meeting was to review the organisation of the Official Dinner that was held on 5 February in Nicosia and
to discuss the organisational arrangements of the Chambers forthcoming Annual General Meeting. The Committee also
proposed a number of ideas on how the AGM could be transformed into a more attractive event without, however, losing its
business-type format.
In addition, the Committee discussed the IMO: Day of the Seafarer and 2016 Theme: Shipping: Indispensable to the World
and considered proposals on how these two events can be celebrated.

International Chamber of Shipping
Board of Directors
2 February 2016, London
The International Chamber of Shipping (ICS) held its Board of Directors meeting on 2 February 2016, in London. The VicePresident and Director General of the Chamber, Messrs Philippos Philis and Thomas Kazakos, respectively, represented the
Cyprus Shipping Chamber at this important meeting. The main items discussed were the reduction of CO2 emissions from
ships, the Global Data Collection and the ICS Strategy Review.
With regard to CO2 emissions, the ICS Board reviewed the outcome of UNFCCC (COP 21) in Paris at the end of 2015 and
considered the Shipping Industrys implementation of the decisions taken at COP 21 for the CO2 reductions by the
international shipping sector.
As far as the Global Data Collection is concerned, the ICS Board agreed that an ICS submission should be made to IMO MEPC
69 urging the IMO to finalise the global CO2 data collection system and approve amendments to MARPOL Annex VI for its
mandatory application, so that ships can provide the required data as soon as possible.
The ICS Board also continued its work on the ICS Strategy Review, the aim of which is to identify several areas where further
work and delivery commitments were required.


8-10 February 2016, Geneva
The second meeting of the Special Tripartite Committee (STC) established under the Maritime
Labour Convention, 2006 was held at the offices of the International Labour Organization in
Geneva on 8-10 February 2016.
On behalf of the Chamber, our Executive Officer, Mr. Sophoclis Constantinou attended this
meeting as part of the Shipowners Group through the International Chamber of Shipping. The
Committee considered a number of proposed amendments to the Code of the MLC 2006, which
included, the alignment of MLC certification dates with SOLAS requirements, the protection of
seafarers wages in cases of Piracy, as well as, ways to eliminating shipboard bullying and
For more information with regard to the outcome of this meeting, Members are kindly invited to contact the Secretariat.

Hamburg, 27 January 2016
Within the framework of the Governments efforts to promote and further develop the Cyprus flag and Cyprus Shipping in
general, the Minister of Transport, Communications and Works, with the support also of the Cyprus Shipping Chamber, hosted
an event in Hamburg, Germany, on 27 January 2016, aiming at attracting more ships in the Cyprus Register and new Shipping
companies in Cyprus.
Shipping operators, shipowners, bankers and lawyers were invited at the event and they were provided with the opportunity
to be informed about the advantages of the Cyprus flag as well as the benefits that Cyprus offers as a fully-fledged, modern
shipping centre with a competitive Shipping Taxation framework.
The event was quite successful and the Chamber looks forward to such promotional events in the future.

Cyprus Shipping Chamber - Maritime Ambassador

Within the framework of its efforts to promote as much as possible the opportunities that exist
for a career at sea or other maritime professions, the International Maritime Organisation (IMO)
has launched the IMO Maritime Ambassadors scheme. An IMO Maritime Ambassador is a
spokesperson or advocate for the maritime and seafaring professions, who, through various
activities and by sharing experiences, raises awareness, particularly of the young people starting
out on their further education, apprenticeships and career pathways.
Following therefore, a relevant nomination by the Cyprus Maritime Administration to the IMO, we
are very proud and pleased to announce that our Deputy Director General, Mr. Alexandros
Josephides, was appointed as IMO Maritime Ambassador for Cyprus.
We would like to take this opportunity to congratulate Mr. Josephides for this prestigious appointment, which reflects the
recognition of the continuous and most valuable contribution of the Chamber and him as a true maritime professional over
the years in promoting a Career at Sea and other maritime professions in Cyprus, towards the further enhancement of Cyprus

Cyprus Merchant Marine Officers Association

Chamber representatives attended the Open Session of the Annual General Meeting of the
Cyprus Merchant Marine Officers Association on Friday, 12 February 2016, in Limassol, during
which, the Cyprus Shipping Chamber was honoured by the Merchant Marine Officers Association
for its continuous contribution to promoting Cyprus Shipping worldwide.
The Vice-President of the Chamber, Mr. Dieter Rohdenburg received the award on behalf of the
Chamber and praised the Merchant Marine Officers Association for their active role as a lobbying
group and for the development and submission of important positions for the Shipping Industry.
The Cyprus Shipping Chamber, is committed to assist and support the Cyprus Merchant Marine Officers Association to attracting and
retaining high quality seafarers and highly educated on-shore personnel, ensuring as such the future sustainability of the industry.

Cyprus Shipowners Employers Association

Board of Directors and Annual General Meeting
The Cyprus Shipowners Employers Association (CYSEA) held its Board of Directors and Annual General Meeting on 16 February
During the Annual General Meeting, elections were held for the new Board of Directors for the next two years. Mr. Philippos
Philis of our Member-Company, Lemissoler Navigation Co. Ltd was elected as the new President of the Association in
replacement of Mr. Adonis Papadopoulos of Interorient Navigation Co. Ltd following four consecutive successful terms of
The newly elected Members of the Board are:
Philippos Philis
Eberhard Koch
Andreas Neophytou
Adonis Papadopoulos
Thomas Kazakos
Arthur McWhinnie
Dieter Rohdenburg
Petros Monogios
Chrysostomos Papavassiliou

Member/Immediate Past President
Secretary General

Following his decision to step down

as President of the Association after
four consecutive terms, the new
Board of Directors presented Mr.
Adonis Papadopoulos of our
We would like to wish all the new Members of the Board of Directors every success in Navigation Co. Ltd. with a
their new duties within the Association.
commemorative gift, as a token of
appreciation and recognition for his
outstanding dedication and strong
leadership during his tenure.


The Institute of Chartered Shipbrokers
Professional Qualifying Examinations (PQE)
The Professional Qualifying Examinations (PQE) are the entry level requirement for membership with the Institute
of Chartered Shipbrokers. The mission of the Institute is promoting professionalism in the shipping industry
worldwide. Once you pass the examinations you are eligible to apply for membership.
The examinations take place in Limassol each year in April and November as arranged by the Cyprus Branch of the
Institute. This year, the April exams will take place between 11th and 21st April 2016.
The Institute Academic Year commenced on 3 August 2015 and Registration for the April 2016 exams were eligible
from that date. The deadline for Registration is 4 March 2016. There have been some significant changes to the
Registration and Examination entry procedures announced by the Institute recently and these will appear on the
ICS website soon.
The Member Company employees who are considering sitting the examinations and who may require any advice are urged to make first
contact with the Training Officer, Mr. Ben Casey at the Chambers Secretariat (Tel 25 360717) or email
Further information on these matters may be obtained from the Education Officer of the Branch, Maria Kazamias, on 99 633936 or email
Mr. Casey is in close liaison with the Chairman and Committee of the Cyprus Branch at all times.

4/2016 - The Radiocommunications Laws of 2002 until 2012 The Radiocommunications (Fees) Regulations of 2004 until 2012
3/2016 - Lifting/Suspension of European Union restrictive measures (sanctions) against Iran (relating to Irans Nuclear Programme)
2/2016 - New List of Accounting Authorities Recognized by the Republic of Cyprus
1/2016 - (1) Private Ship Security Companies - The Protection of Cyprus Ships against Acts of Piracy and Other Unlawful Acts Law of 2012. (2)
Circular by virtue of sections 70 and 81 of Law 77(I)/2012.

Mr. Orestis Agathokleous
26, Cypriot. BSc Tourist Management. Some experience as a sales person.
Mr. Raphael Ioannou
23, Cypriot. BA in Business Administration. Some experience as an Assistant Mechanic in a local Shipping Company.
Mr. Christos Siapoutis
28, Cypriot. BSc (Hons) Finance and Accounting. LCCI Elementary and Intermediate. Some experience as an Accountant and Junior Auditor.
Ms. Vasia Christofi
21, Cypriot. Knowledge of shipping software NAUTILUS and MAREWATCH. Knowledge of accounting software SES and Navision Microsoft
Dynamics. Some experience as Payroll Officer.
Ms. Grigoria Kypri
23, Cypriot. Qualified Lawyer. LLB Law and LLM International Commercial Law. Some experience as a Labour Relations Officer.
Ms. Maria Panayi
53, Cypriot. Highly experienced Secretary.
Ms. Maria Theodosiou
53, Cypriot. LCCI Higher in Accounting. Highly experienced book-keeper and accountant.
Mr. Evangelos Lefkonikiatis
25, Cypriot. BSc Business Administration and MSc Computer Information Systems. Some experience as IT Security Analyst.
Mr. Clyde J.T. Zorgvol
38, Dutch. Bachelor at Law and LLM in International and European Law. Experienced legal advisor with experience in contract management
of large infrastructural projects.
Ms. Andrea Athanasiou
33, Cypriot. Experienced Payroll and Accounting Officer.
Ms. Maria Hadjigeorgiou
25, Greek. Shipping, Trade and Transport. Assistant Professor at the European University of Cyprus.
Ms. Marinella Papadopoulou
35, Cypriot. Diploma in Business Studies. Book-keeping 3rd Lever - Higher LLCI. Experienced Accounts Officer.
Mr. Andreas Charalambous
40, Cypriot. Bachelor Degree in Economics and Postgraduate Degree in Business Administration. Experienced Credit Officer.

Dear Reader,
The Cyprus Shipping Chamber continues to lobby for the promotion and introduction of a number of new mechanisms, which are necessary
to protect the Shipping sector, as well as to develop and reinforce it further.
The prospects for the further development are strengthened even more in view of the development of the Energy sector and especially the
Hydrocarbons Industry due to its direct relation with the transportation of natural gas and/or oil to be found in the Exclusive Economic Zone
of Cyprus. Indeed, the strong interconnection of the Shipping and Energy sectors has set a SEA-NERGY in Motion and it is clear that
intelligent planning and strategic alliances through these special and very important Industries, will play a lead role in the joint efforts
towards the creation of a new, more efficient and sustainable model of the Cyprus Economy.
Looking ahead, we are optimistic that the overall shipping landscape will improve. Investors will continue to find opportunities to profit as
the capital markets will continue to provide opportunities for shipowners within an unpredictable freight and asset price environment. New
realities have now begun to be understood and are correctly managed, and Cyprus is in the right direction to aligning its business models to
becoming a sustainable Shipping and Energy centre with a growth potential.
The Cyprus Shipping Industry remains united and faithful to Cyprus and the Cyprus flag, as it has done for many decades now. To that end,
the Chamber strongly believes that if the structural measures and policies that the Chamber has advocated for are implemented or resolved
the soonest, the prospects for a substantial growth of Cyprus Shipping is both tangible and achievable.

Sophoclis N. Constantinou