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Written Statement of

Dunbar Park Owners

This document sets out, in a simple and transparent way, the terms and service delivery
standards of the arrangement between J Reavley Factoring Limited and yourself, the
homeowner or proprietor at Dunbar Park, Dundee.
This document is set out in accordance with the Property Factors (Scotland) Act 2011.
Information on the Act and its attendant Code of Conduct can be found online here:
J Reavley Factoring Ltd. is a registered property factor (PF000420). Details may be found here:

1. Authority to Act
1.1 J Reavley Factoring Ltd. have authority to act as the factor on behalf of all owners, after
being appointed by the majority of proprietors at a quorate meeting of the Dunbar Park
Owners Association (DPOA), and in accordance with the development Deed of Conditions
(Clause SECOND, sub-clauses 29 & 31).

1.2 After agreement with the DPOA committee, J Reavley Factoring Ltd. has set thresholds for
unauthorised spending at the following. These are may be reviewed and changed by the DPOA
(but not by the factor):
Emergency repair
Urgent repair
Routine repair

1,000 (not above)

600(not above)
300 (not above)

J Reavley Factoring Limited - Written Statement of Services 2015 - Registered in Scotland SC386737

2. Services Provided
There are two governing objectives to J Reavley Factoring Ltds services:

To create and maintain a happy living environment.

To protect and (where possible) enhance property investment values.

The core services derived from these objectives are to manage the repair and maintenance of
those parts of the property which are common to residents. The relevant Title Deeds specify
both the responsibilities reserved for individual properties, and those areas and responsibilities
which are common. Administration of this work, and of the developments accounts, is another
key aspect of our service. All of these services are set out below.

2.1 Dunbar Park is to be inspected for general upkeep standards by a member of our staff (at
least) on a monthly basis, at which time any required repairs may come to light. In many cases,
however, we rely on residents to report required repairs. This communication is both
encouraged and welcome.
Target response time for repairs is as follows:
Emergency repair
Urgent repair
Routine repair

Attend within 3 hours/ make safe within 12

3 days
30 days

2.2 Internal and external maintenance to be organised by J Reavley Factoring Ltd. includes the

Grounds the external common area including litter, grass, plantings and trees.
Bin areas the cleaning and maintenance of the bin areas.
Common repairs varied and as above
Cyclical Fund Any maintenance decided upon by the owners, including but not limited
to roofs, water furniture, stairwells and hallways

J Reavley Factoring Limited - Written Statement of Services 2015 - Registered in Scotland SC386737

2.3 All administration relating to the developments common areas to be undertaken by J

Reavley Factoring Ltd. is as follows:

The invoicing and receipt of service charge payments

Administration of association held bank account(s)
Arranging communal insurance where required
Monitoring and paying for common utility usage
Arrears recovery
Liaising with the relevant public authorities regarding financial support available
Tendering larger contracts and evaluating bids
Producing annual budgets for approval by the DPOA
Actively managing the Cyclical Fund with view to maximising impact of work, in
accordance with agreed scope set by the DPOA and its committee
Organising and attending Annual General Meetings or other proprietor meetings

All accounts will be made available for proprietor or third party review upon request.

2.4 It is the preference of J Reavley Factoring Ltd. to work with an active residents association,
as is the case with the DPOA.
Our service includes regular liaison with the elected representative(s) the group, and aims to
establish and maintain an efficient working relationship in which all aspects of the above
services may be tailored to the needs of any building or estate.

3. Financial and Charging Arrangements

3.1 J Reavley Factoring Ltds management fee is charged at a flat rate of 192.00 per annum.

3.2 Written details of our debt recovery procedure are available on request.

J Reavley Factoring Limited - Written Statement of Services 2015 - Registered in Scotland SC386737

3.3 Any payments relating to either unexpected or planned costs which exceed the relevant
working fund will be administered by J Reavley Factoring Ltd. No such work will be scheduled
without prior liaison and requisite approval.

3.4 Assets of the development/building/estate are to remain so when ownership of property

changes, meaning no refunds will be made to sellers and duties to the working fund will be
inherited by the buyer, who automatically becomes a member of said association.

3.5 Proprietors will be invoiced for their service charges annually in advance. Payments may be
made by BACS, standing order or cash.

4. Communication Arrangements
4.1 Contact details are as follows:
Telephone (office hours): 01382 202008 (ext. 3)
Telephone (out of office hours, in emergencies): 07732 928476
Postal: J Reavley Factoring Ltd. 7 South Tay Street, Dundee, DD1 1NU

4.2 Maximum response times to enquiries are targeted as follows:

Telephone Message

24 Hours
48 Hours
7 Days

4.3 As stipulated by the Property Factors (Scotland) Act 2011, complaints may be made by
email or in writing to the addresses provided. These will be responded to, conscientiously,
within the timeframes given immediately above. Alternatively, any owner has recourse to the
Homeowner Housing Panel, a dispute arbitrator set up as a result of the above legislation.

J Reavley Factoring Limited - Written Statement of Services 2015 - Registered in Scotland SC386737

5. Declaration of Interest
5.1 J Reavley Factoring Ltd. has a sister company, Easylets Ltd, which operates as a letting
agency in the Tayside area. These companies are registered and operate separately, but may in
some instances have clients in the same development.

Easylets Ltd. manages three properties in Dunbar Park.

6. How to End the Arrangement

6.1 J Reavley Factoring Ltd. are appointed on an annual basis, subject to review at each and
every Annual General Meeting. Should there be a majority vote to remove the factor out with
this schedule, under some extraordinary circumstance, a notice of two months will be required.

J Reavley Factoring Limited - Written Statement of Services 2015 - Registered in Scotland SC386737