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March 24, 2016

Re: Election 2016

Mr. Donald J. Trump

Senator, Ted Cruz
First and foremost I want you to know that I am an average down to earth hard working
American. I believe steadfastly in the freedoms and protections granted us all by this great
country that we live in. I believe in the Constitution that guides our nation as laid forth by our
Founding Fathers. I believe in our democratic process by which we are led by a government, of,
by, and for the people.
I believe in our nations Flag and give honor to all those who serve and have served to protect
and keep our nation free. I believe that regardless of gender, orientation, ethnic background,
religious preference, culture, or status that we are one nation, under God. One nation where
freedom without risk of persecution should exist as we exercise freedom of speech. One nation
where every American should be afforded every opportunity for growth, development, financial
security, and all the rewards that come from the values on which our Country was founded and on
which we exist in some form today.
I believe that as a nation it is time to move forward to a new, higher, level of growth, prosperity,
strength, and stability. I believe now more that ever that it is time for this great Country of ours to
heal and to allow people of all walks to be able to stand in solidarity for which is ours and for
which can be.
I believe that the divisions between people and groups can be healed. I believe that the lost can
be regained. I believe that our nation can rise above the social, economic, political, and turmoil of
our recent past. I believe that this comes, at times, with robust and healthy debate, as that is a
part of the cornerstone on which the United States of America was founded.
I believe we are at a time when hard decisions must be made regarding the current status and
future of our Country. And decision and change so that our future generations can be guaranteed
and enjoy the greatness of our nation and the dreams upon which it exists; the dreams on which
it was founded.
Why do I love our land? Because this is America! From an early age I was educated on our
country, learned citizenship, patriotism, history and stories of our fore-fathers, great leaders, can
to understand the struggles and the hardships of the U.S. and its people as we developed into
the nation we are today.
Here more than anywhere else in the world do we have the opportunity to speak out, stand up,
rise for and against, pursue, and defend what makes us great, what can make us greater, and
what threatens us. At the same time, nowhere else on earth can one experience love, compassion,

acceptance, approval and humanitarian comfort as it exists today and as it can be in the future for
all generations to enjoy.
This is an important time in our Country. This is a time when change in imminent, a time when
much hangs in the balance. A time when leadership, especially from the office of the President
needs to be solid.
There may be a few; there may be many who disagree with any or every thing I have written here.
I accept that as in this great land we are offered freedom or speech, freedom to express our
beliefs. Again, that is part of what makes America great. This is an election year and by all means
we must debate and discuss what is the best course for our country and what we believe and
expect from a future President. The Candidates for the highest office in the land deserve all the
scrutiny, debate, and examination possible so that no matter the chosen leader there can be a
sense of acceptance and solidarity that exists between peoples, parties, and individuals as we
move into a new era, with new challenges and new rewards.
However, Gentlemen, I am not OK. And do not believe in the mud-slinging tactics and campaign
rhetoric that involve Candidates spouses, or family. I am not interested in who started what, nor
whom did what to whom, nor when in the past it happened. I am respectfully calling on both of
you to end the negative personal attacks that end in nothing more than emotional response in
the heat of the moment. That is NOT what our Country is about!
I do not believe it is OK for any spouse or any family or any citizen of this nation to be subjected
to hurtful and demeaning tactics in the pursuit of office, nor the perhaps unrealized and
unintended consequences of such actions.
While I am of the Republican Party, this letter is about neither Republican nor Democrat desires,
alliances, or beliefs. It is about, in my opinion, what is best for our Nation. To me that is focusing
on real issues, real facts, real solutions for the problems we face and the future ahead of us. The
issues we face are largely not of either party, they are of what needs overcome and of what is best
for the people who make the United States the great land that it is.
Political tactics such as you have both engaged in only make the oppressed feel more oppressed,
the weary more weary, the down-trodden more down-trodden, the voices that feel like that need
to be heard more feel like they are being heard less, the dissent deepen, the divisions widen. And
it teaches our younger generations that finger-pointing, insults, hurtful exchanges, demeaning
actions, and vulgar comments promote a means to achieve the wanted result.
There is no peace with that, and no future that is bright. There is nothing about any of this that
will truly make our country great. It will only further divide and destroy.
I am sure you are wondering why I have written this letter and posted in on social media? I have
no interest in anything other than what will advance our Country for ALL regardless of belief,
status, party affiliation, etc. as I have mentioned above. This IS a great nation that can be greater.
I wanted this letter in front of you for both of you to read. I am merely exercising free speech and
hoping that you take time to realize that regardless of who or how many may agree or disagree
with me that we are a country of people trying to choose our next leader. A leader who will afford
opportunity. I saw no other way to quickly get this on your desks so decided to offer this online.

Personally, I have not made a decision on whom I will support within the final three GOP
Candidates. But I know that in the end my choice will be made for whomever exercises a degree
of honesty, respect, humility, loyalty, and strength and who provides enough fact, problem
recognition, leadership skills, and real solutions for our Country and its people as they seek to
lead the free world and reside in the highest office in our land.
Dave Clark
a.k.a Bubba T