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dealt especially on the morphology, physiology and biochemistry of drug plants. She
has done underlying studies on the pharmacognosy of agar, rauwolfia, datura, mint and
Piper species.
His marine science publications comprise about 80 papers on coral reef fish, marine
reserves, long-term effects of protection on marine biodiversity such as corals and top
predatory fish. She also studied about the ecology and biogeography of reptiles and
His expertise is in agronomy, especially the production, seed creation and management
of tropical grasses and legumes, and the usage and grazing administration of
indigenous Imperata grassland.
Edgardo D. Gomez, Ph.D. Marine Biology
Dr. Gomez is acknowledged for his superior contributions to science in particular his
investigations into marine ecosystems which became the grounds for management of
and the conservation system of rules for the country's marine resources. Most
noteworthy among his researches have been on coral reef ecology and conservation,
reestablishment of giant clam stocks, and marine science capability improvement.

Dr. Soriano is accepted for his advanced studies on plant cytogenetics and mutations
and research which have been published in international journals. By using radiation
and chemical mutagens. Dr. Soriano advanced the interpretation of the mutation
Trono, Ph. D.
With success, he developed pond and open-water culture and practical applications and
management of stocks of economically all-important seaweed varieties of the
Philippines which benefited seaweed farmers in coastal regions. The two-volume books
entitled "Field Guide and Atlas of the Seaweed Resources of the Philippines" are the
most definitive books on seaweed of the Philippines.

Dr. Azanza has made significant contributions and accomplishments in the field of
biology and ecology of destructive micro-algae, specifically her innovating studies on
toxic dinoflagellate species responsible for Paralytic Shellfish Poisoning in the
Gregorio T. Velasquez, Ph.D. Phycology
Dr. Velasquez was an innovator in Philippine phycology. He conducted the first intense
survey of the local Myxophyceae or blue-green algae and dedicated more than thirty
years of successful work to the study of Philippine algae, receiving worldwide
Prescillano M. Zamora, Ph. D.
Dr. Zamora is acknowledged for his efforts in researching plant anatomy-morphology,
pteridophyte biology, and the preservation of environment and natural resources policy
research. His examinations on the categorization of Philippine ferns brought about the
discovery of more species of the group.
Dioscoro Umali
He was an active advocate of rain fed and upland agriculture, social forestry,
environmental conservation, and rural poverty alleviation programs