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Comprehensive Study of Shuttle Service Transportation

Program in Company Property Area
(Supplemental Report)
Case Feasibility

This report is a comprehensive study and assessment done by the Security Department intended to gain
significant outcome and viable results advantageous on the part of CDI, Araneta Properties and Araza
Resources as well. The study aims to address the present situation in transportation, access limitations,
pedestrian safety sustainable developments which is susceptible in security breach and most especially
to propose a particular plan in order to elevate the demand and increase its potential as well as to utilize
properties that may gain high income.The study intends to develop a unique transportation system that
will cater the entire populace inside the progressing area of Ciudad Real, Colinas Verdes, Quirino high
way and neighbouring sites. The planning effort also accounts the transportation demand of the entire
community which is projected to have a rapid increase due to simultaneous developments in the City of
San Jose del Monte, Bulacan.

Key objective of the study includes identifying and establishing a unique transportation plan that
provides a vision which promotes community growth and company development, accommodates
anticipated travel demand, and supports local leaders initiative in a manner that stakeholders will be
informed in decision making. Further, this guidance document provides a sustainable comprehensive
vision for future transport system and related infrastructure investments. This will also improve a highly
urbanized transportation for the betterment of the company and of its residents. In addition, the plan
also supports the mobility needs in a manner that promotes sustainable growth which is perceived
advantageous in attaining companys objective as well as to help hand in hand the residents to produce
an ease of transportation and trust towards the company.

The recommendations provided in this plan are several required steps in implementation. Decision
making during implementation will occur in several phases including further study and design, and traffic
impact review. Each step in this project development process may propose changes on what is proposed
herein; however, the integrity of this plan should be held. Any changes in this vision shall be reviewed
periodically to ensure the assumption of growth and development of the entire company property for it
is the top priority of this program plan.

CDI Security Department conducted vehicle monitoring analysis based on the actual vehicles authorized
to access the G. Araneta Ave. The significant findings were noticed by the Security team that there is a
moderate increase in vehicles accessing G. A. Avenue towards the Ciudad Real area, especially during
weekdays. Based on the detailed personnel, they probably concluded that the need of a transportation
service is really in demand which will be our winning point of interest.
Knowing this, the Security Department had come-up to the idea of having a land shuttle service bound
from Quirino hiway (GA Ave Maingate) then circulating in the roads inside Ciudad Real and along Colinas
Verdes. Ciudad Real will be our mocking point or try out haven of this plan, along our program we will
have an additional route towards Colinas by travelling inside pavements of the said Subdivision as time
reaches when there will be elevation of houses and residents. Those legitimate residents and visitors
inside the company property area may take the shuttle service for a more convenient way than taking a
tricycle ride. The expensive, hassle and mind blowing motorcycle will be replaced by our shuttle service.
It will not only increase our demand but it will also help diminish the cretoda as well as those illegitimate
settlers. Of course, Brgy leaders and City Government of SJDM should be informed in determining the
projected transport demand in the entire area of concern.


The urbanization development in Araneta Properties and neighbouring sites is expected to add
population growth in household in the entire area of study, by succeeding years 2017 and beyond.
Employment growth would be enhanced by commercial investments and will definitely add
transportation demand. Being in between the City of San Jose del Monte and Greater Manila Area, the
Company property is situated in strategic location which has a potential invite of business investments
and establishments; and therefore envisioned to be at par with the leading business districts in Metro
Manila area.
The household and employment forecasts were included on this study to provide valuable insight to the
transport demand which is necessary due to the expected growth in the City of San Jose Del Monte
Bulacan. In fact, the much awaited SM City San Jose Del Monte was rapidly constructed; the hospital in
Skyline was already open for the public and then ALTARAZA Town Center is also in progress. In due time,
business establishments in the entire area would escalate the number of employment opportunity which
is also a variation in transit demand.








Figure 1.1


The evaluation examined herein, is not necessarily to address the transport system deficiencies but
rather to envision potential improvements and growth in companys area of concern; with minimal cost
and maximized resources. The assessments made inside the study area was based primarily on the
physical observation and available data. Recommendations specified in this paper work rely heavily on
the existing environment inside the property area.