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Allah! Guide all Muslim scholars to speak out the Truth
and to call people towards it.
Allah! Help the people who are helping the Din; and leave
in lurch the ones who do that to Muslims, O Lord of all
Allah! Help our brothers engaged in Jihad for Your sake in
every place, Your army is never defeated, and Your
promise never fails.
Allah, the Revealer of the Book, the Mover of clouds, the
vanquisher of ally armies, vanquish the enemies of Islam
and Muslims in every place.
Allah, bring upon them dark calamities. Allah! Tighten Your
pressure upon them, deprive them of safety.
Allah, tear apart their buildings, paralyze their organs, and
freeze blood in their veins.
Show us a day that is worse for them than the days for
Fir'aun, Haman and Ubai bin Khalaf, O Lord of Majesty and
Honour, O Powerful and Almighty.
Allah! Be with our brothers who are oppressed on account
of their Din in all places.
Allah! Grant them relief and comfort soon, O Lord of
Majesty and Honor.
Allah! Liberate the suffering people from their hardships.
End the oppression of the oppressed. Free the imprisoned
from the prisons, in every place, O Lord of the Worlds.
Allah! Reform the Muslim youth. Allah! Reform the
Muslim youth.
Allah! Guide them towards what is better for their regions
and their Ummah, O Lord of the Worlds.
Allah! Guide them towards a temperament that makes
them lower their gazes, and keep their private parts
chaste, O Lord of the Worlds.
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‫اللهم وفق جميع علماء المسلمين لبيان‬
.‫الحق والدعوة إليه‬
‫ واخذل من‬،‫اللهم انصر من نصر الدين‬
.‫ يا رب العالمين‬،‫خذل المسلمين‬
‫اللهم انصر إخواننا المجاهدين في‬
‫ يا من ال يهزم‬،‫سبيلك في كل مكان‬
.‫ وال يخلف وعدك‬،‫جندك‬
‫اللهم منزل الكتاب ومجري السحاب‬
‫ اهزم أعداء اإلسالم‬،‫وهازم األحزاب‬
.‫والمسلمين في كل مكان‬
‫ اللهم‬.‫اللهم أدر عليهم دوائر السَّوء‬
‫ وارفع عنهم‬،‫اشدُد عليهم وطأتك‬
ُ ‫اللهم صدّع بنيانهم و‬
‫ وج ِّ ّم ِّد‬،‫ش ّل أركانهم‬
.‫الدِّّماء في عروقهم‬
‫وأرنا بهم يوما أسود كيوم فرعون‬
‫ يا ذا الجالل‬،‫وهامان وأبي بن خلف‬
.‫ يا قوي يا عزيز‬،‫واإلكرام‬
‫اللهم كن إلخواننا المضطهدين في دينهم‬
.‫في سائر األوطان‬
‫ يا ذا‬،‫اللهم ع ِّ ّجل لهم بالفرج والعافية‬
.‫الجالل واإلكرام‬
،‫اللهم ارفع الضُّر عن المتضررين‬
َّ‫ وفُك‬،‫واالضطهاد عن المضطهدين‬
‫ في كل مكان يا رب‬،‫أسر المأسورين‬
‫ اللهم‬.‫اللهم أصلح شباب المسلمين‬
.‫أصلح شباب المسلمين‬
‫اللهم وفقهم إلى ما فيه الخير ألوطانهم‬
.‫ يا رب العالمين‬،‫وأمتهم‬
،‫اللهم وفقهم إلى ما فيه غض أبصارهم‬
.‫وتحصين فروجهم يا رب العالمين‬

Allah! Gather their hearts on the path of guidance and
truth, O Lord of the Worlds.
Allah! Reform the Muslim women. Allah! Save them from
the evils of skin-display, veillessness and mingling with the
Allah! Grant them love of veil, chastity and decency.
Prevent them from tempting others or getting tempted by
others, O Listener of prayers.
Allah! Make them sources of comfort for their husbands
and children, O Lord of the worlds.
Allah! Help our brothers in Bosnia and Herzegovina against
the tyrannical Serbs. Allah! Help them against the
tyrannical Serbs.
Allah! Help them without delay, O Lord of Power and
Allah! The Serbs have transgressed and crossed all bounds
in transgression. They have killed the men, widowed the
women, violated their modesties, and orphaned their
Allah bring down Your punishment and retribution, O True
Allah send Your torment upon them which cannot be
turned away from the sinful people.
Allah! Comfort us by raising high the fluttering flag of Islam
in every place, O Ever-Living Sustainer!
Allah! Help our brothers in Palestine against the occupying
Allah! Comfort us by returning the Aqsa Masjid to the
Muslim nation.
Allah! Comfort us by returning the Aqsa Masjid to the
Muslim nation.
Allah! Cleanse it from the usurpers. Expel them from
there humiliated and disgraced. Allah! Grant us the
opportunity to perform Salah there before death.
Allah! Just as you have gathered us in this sacred place, in
your holy house, and in the Masjid of your Prophet –
Blessings of Allah and peace be upon him –, gather us in
the Aqsa Mosque, O Lord of the worlds.
Gather us also in the house of Your honor and the dwelling
of Your mercy, O Ever-Living Sustainer.
Allah! Accept our supplication, our Salah, our fasts and
standing in Salah, O Ever-Living Sustainer.

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،‫اللهم اجمع قلوبهم على الهدى والحق‬
.‫يا رب العالمين‬
‫ اللهم قهن‬.‫اللهم أصلح نساء المسلمين‬
.‫شر التبرج والسفور واالختالط‬
‫اللهم ارزقهن الحجاب والعفاف‬
‫ وصنهن أن يفت ِّّن أو‬،‫والحشمة والحياء‬
.‫ يا سميع الدعاء‬،‫يفت ّن‬
‫اللهم اجعلهن قرة أعين ألزواجهن‬
.‫ يا رب العالمين‬،‫وأوالدهن‬
‫اللهم انصر إخواننا في البُصنة‬
.‫ على الصرب الظالمين‬،‫والحرصك‬
.‫اللهم انصرهم على الصرب الظالمين‬
.‫اللهم عجل بنصرهم يا قوي يا عزيز‬
‫اللهم إن الصرب قد طغوا وأسرفوا في‬
،‫ وأيموا النساء‬،‫ قتلوا الرجال‬،‫الطغيان‬
.‫ ويتموا األطفال‬،‫وهتكوا األعراض‬
‫ إله‬،‫اللهم أنزل عليهم رجزك وعذابك‬
‫اللهم أنزل عليهم بأسك الذي ال يرد عن‬
.‫القوم المجرمين‬
‫اللهم أقر أعيننا برفع راية اإلسالم‬
.‫خفاقة في كل مكان يا حي يا قيوم‬
‫ على‬،‫اللهم انصر إخواننا في فلسطين‬
.‫اليهود الغاصبين‬
‫اللهم أقر أعيننا بإعادة المسجد األقصى‬
.‫إلى بالد المسلمين‬
‫اللهم أقر أعيننا بإعادة المسجد األقصى‬
.‫إلى بالد المسلمين‬
‫ وأخرجهم‬،‫اللهم طهره من الغاصبين‬
‫ وارزقنا فيه صالة‬،‫منه أذلة صاغرين‬
.‫قبل الممات‬
‫اللهم وكما جمعتنا في هذا المكان‬
‫ وفي‬،‫ وفي بيتك المقدس‬،‫المبارك‬
،‫اّٰلل عليه وسلم‬
‫مسجد نبيك صلى ه‬
‫ يا رب‬،‫فاجمعنا في المسجد األقصى‬
‫واجمعنا في دار كرامتك ومستقر‬
.‫ يا حي يا قيوم‬،‫رحمتك‬
،‫ وصيامنا‬،‫ وصالتنا‬،‫اللهم تقبل دعاءنا‬
.‫وقيامنا يا حي يا قيوم‬

Allah! Help our oppressed brothers in Kashmir and in India
against the idolator Hindus.
Help them in Burma, Eritrea, Philippines, Somalia and in
other regions, O Lord of Majesty and Honor.
There is no god but You. Glory be to You, we have been so
Glory be to You, O our Lord. How honorable You are!
Glory be to You, O our Lord. How majestic You are! Glory
be to You, O our Lord. How forgiving You are! Glory be to
You. How just You are!
There is no god but Allah. (Praise be to Him as many times
as) the number of creatures that walk and grow over the
skies and the earths. All praise be to Allah in Whose hands
lie the keys to relief and happiness.
You are our Opener when all the doors are closed. You are
our Hope when all the means are lost, and obstructions
are created between us and our family and friends.
Our God! We are attending the completion of Your book,
and we are parking our vehicles at Your doors, so please
do not throw us out of Your Presence. Please do not throw
us out of Your Presence.
If You throw us out, we do not have any means or
capability without You. We do not have any means or
capability without You.
Allah is sufficient for us and He is the best disposer of
affairs. On Him, we place our reliance. Our Lord! Do not
make us a victim of the unjust people.
Our Lord! Accept this service from us. You and You alone
are the All-Hearing, All-Knowing. Accept our repentance,
for You and You alone are the most relenting, the highly
Allah! Make this Quran-completion an acceptable and
blessed completion for the reciters, the listeners, the
attenders and the ones who have said Amin at its
supplications, O Ever-Living Sustainer.
Allah! Forgive us at the time of Quran-completion, and
pardon whatever errors, mistakes, additions and
omissions have occurred, O Favor-Bestower, O Highly
Merciful, Supremely Compassionate!
Our Lord, our Creator, our Guardian and Provider of
needs! Does any Lord exist other than You whom to
supplicate? Is there any god in the universe other than You
in whom to place our hope?
There is no god but Allah. Our Lord! How forgiving You are
to him who disobeys You? How near You are to him who
supplicates to You? How kind You are to him who begs
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‫اللهم انصر إخواننا المضطهدين في‬
‫ وفي بالد الهند على الهندوس‬،‫كشمير‬
،‫وانصرهم في بورما وأرتريا وال ِّف ِّلبّين‬
‫والصومال وغيرها من البقاع يا ذا‬
.‫الجالل واإلكرام‬
‫ال إله إال أنت سبحانك إنا كنا من‬
‫ سبحانك ربنا‬،‫سبحانك ربنا ما أكرمك‬
،‫ سبحانك ربنا ما أحلمك‬،‫ما أعظمك‬
.‫سبحانك ربنا ما أعدلك‬
‫اّٰلل عدد ما مشى فوق‬
‫ال إله إال ه‬
‫ والحمد‬، ‫السماوات واألرضين ودرج‬
.‫هلل الذي بيده مفاتيح الفرج‬
‫ ويا رجاءنا‬،‫يا فرجنا إذا أغلقت األبواب‬
‫ وحيل بيننا وبين‬،‫إذا انقطعت األسباب‬
.‫األهل واألصحاب‬
‫ وأنخنا‬،‫إلهنا قد حضرنا ختم كتابك‬
.‫ فال تطردنا عن جنابك‬،‫مطايانا ببابك‬
.‫فال تطردنا عن جنابك‬
‫فإن طردتَّنا فإنه ال حول لنا وال قوة إال‬
.‫ ال حول لنا وال قوة إال بك‬.‫بك‬
.‫اّٰلل توكلنا‬
‫ على ه‬.‫اّٰلل ونعم الوكيل‬
‫حسبنا ه‬
.‫ربنا ال تجعلنا فتنة للقوم الكافرين‬
.‫ربنا تقبل منا إنك أنت السميع العليم‬
.‫وتب علينا إنك أنت التواب الرحيم‬
‫اللهم اجعل ختمتنا هذه ختمة مقبولة‬
‫ على من قرأها‬،‫ على من‬،‫مباركة‬
،‫وسمعها وحضرها وأ ّمن على دعاءها‬
.‫يا حي يا قيوم‬
‫ وتجاوز‬،‫اللهم اغفر لنا عند ختم القرآن‬
‫ أو‬،‫عنا ما حصل من خطأ أو نسيان‬
‫ يا رحيم يا‬،‫ يا منان‬،‫زيادة أو نقصان‬
‫ هل في‬،‫إلهنا وخالقنا وموالنا ورازقنا‬
‫ أم هل في‬،‫الوجود رب سواك فيدعى‬
‫الكون إله غيرك فيرجي؟‬
‫ إلهنا ما أحلمك على من‬.ُ‫اّٰلل‬
‫ال إله إال ه‬
‫ وما‬،‫ وما أقربك ممن دعاك‬،‫عصاك‬
!‫ وما أرأفك بمن أ ّملك‬،‫ألطفك بمن سألك‬

You. How caring You are for him who places his hope in
You are our respite when all roads get constricted. You are
our shelter when all means are lost.
Allah! These are Your slaves. They have come to Your
court from every distant mountain highway, hoping for
Your mercy and fearing Your retribution.
They have left behind their possessions, family-members,
birth-places, children and jobs with the intention of
getting to Your paradise, fearing Your punishment.
They have raised their beseeching palms and shed tears.
Allah! Grant them what they ask.
Allah! Give them, do not deny them, grant them
increment, do not let them suffer loss, grant them honor,
do not inflict on them humiliation, make them the
preferred ones, do not prefer others upon them.
Allah! Make this assembly of ours blessed with Your
Make our separation after this, a separation with all sins
Do not let there be anyone among us who remains
wretched or deprived.
Allah! Do not disperse this congregation except with sins
forgiven, deeds rewarded, acts accepted and blessed.
Be for us in all affairs, O Lord of Might and Mercy.
Allah! Keep returning the month of Ramazan to us for
many years and for long ages.
Allah return it for the Muslim Ummah while it has
accomplished in every place glory, help, victory over
enemies, and all that it cherishes, O Lord of Majesty and

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‫ وأنت‬،‫أنت مالذنا إذا انضاقت السبل‬
.ُ‫ملجؤنا إذا انقطعت الحِّ يل‬
،‫ أتوا إلى رحابك‬،‫اللهم هؤالء عبادك‬
،‫ يرجون رحمتك‬،‫من كل فج عميق‬
.‫ويخشون عذابك‬
‫تركوا أموالهم وأهليهم وأوطانهم‬
‫ يريدون جنتك‬،‫وأوالدهم وأعمالهم‬
.‫ويخشون عذابك‬
‫ وذرفوا‬،‫رفعوا أكف الضراعة إليك‬
.‫ اللهم فأعطهم سؤلهم‬.‫الدموع‬
‫اللهم أعطهم وال تحر ْمهم وزدهم وال‬
‫ وآثرهم‬،‫تنقصهم وأكرمهم وال تهنهم‬
.‫وال تؤثر عليهم‬
‫اللهم اجعل اجتماعنا هذا اجتماعا‬
.‫واجعل تفرقنا بعده تفرقا معصوما‬
.‫وال تجعل معنا شقيا وال محروما‬
‫اللهم ال تفرق هذا الجمع إال بذنب‬
‫ وعمل متقبل‬،‫ وسعي مشكور‬،‫مغفور‬
‫وكن لنا في جميع األمور يا عزيز يا‬
،‫اللهم أعد علينا رمضان أعواما عديدة‬
.‫وأزمنة مديدة‬
‫اللهم وأعده على األمة اإلسالمية – وقد‬
‫تحقق لها ما تصبو إليه من عزة‬
‫ونصرة ونصر على األعداء في كل‬
.‫مكان يا ذا الجالل واإلكرام‬

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