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Jindal Institute of Power Technology
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Ensure feed water system is running normal


Ensure generator seal oil system and H2 cooling system

is normal.

Ensure turbine lube oil system is working normal.


Ensure turbine is on barring gear.

Ensure station Air system is normal.



Start ACW system with all protection.


Start one ID fan with all protection and permissive.


Start one FD fan with all protection & permissive.


Start purging and see that purge ready indication

appears after 5 minutes.

Light up the boiler with AB elevation oil guns (LDO)


Increase temperature and pressure of boiler

drum & at 5 kg/cm2 close drum vents.


Take CD elevation in service.


At 20 kg/cm2 drum pressure charged Aux.

or take the steam from adjacent running
unit and charged the PRDS to save time.


Start vacuum pulling by taking starting ejector in service
With steam pressure 6kg/cm2 and after 400mmHg take
main ejector in service & stop starting ejector.

Charged gland sealing steam.


Ensure condensate cycle is ready.


CT fans are in service as per requirement and CW inlet

temp is maintaining as per requirement i.e. 33-35c

At 760 mm Hg vacuum of condenser ,

charged HP/LP by pass system .

Increase steam parameter as per requirement



Before admitting steam in turbine, heat the x-pipes by

Opening ESV & IV by 10-20 mm and HP x pipe
temp. 100c and the MS steam 350c & Pr. 30kg/cm2

Open casing drains of HP, 1P & LP


Start rolling after ensuring the diff. expansion of HP,LP

(22) as
& 1P, eccentricity, metal temperature and brg. vibration
Are as per limit.

At 500 RPM await for 5.10 minutes stabilize

the steam parameters and note down all
the parameters as
Mentioned above, if any parameter found
abnormal stop rolling and after normalizing
the same restart the rolling


Raise the speed 1200 rpm & soak for 20mts.


Raise the speed 1200-3000 RPM in 5 mts without any

Pause. critical speed should pass as fask as possible.

Hold the turbine at 3000 Rpm for 20-30

mts. check & note down all the parameter.

Critical speed 1585, 1881, 2017, 2484 & 4500



Stop SOP when turbine speed reaches 3000 RPM and(28)

MOP is in service and all lube oil system working normal.

Before synchronization take all readings as per

log book.


Match speed, voltage & phase sequence of the

generator and see that synchronoscope is at position
of 12 o clock then press and turn switch clock wise
and synchronise the set.

When the is synchronize the load will be of

5-10 MW . Increase the load gradually.


Tube all the readings as per log sheet & see all equipments
are running normal.

Increase the steam parameter at 65 kg/cm2 and

temperature 430c and to increase further load &
parameters take one P. A . Form with two mills and increase
the load from 30 MW to 70 MW, take second P.A. Fan with
two coal mills at drum pressure of 105 kg/m2 and steam
temp. of 500c and increase load up to 210mw and steam
temperature 535c pr. 130 before esp.

At load 30 MW :1. Close drain valves of LP heater

extraction .
2. Charged dearator by opening 2nd
extraction valves.



At load 60 mw to 70 MW:
1. Put HP heaters in service, charge the HP heaters from
water side and steam side. Close the HP extraction drain

At load 80 MW start 2nd condensate pump & BFP and

keep 3rd as S/B.

At Load 150 MW:1. Change over steam supply to dearator from 2nd to 3rd
2. When condensate flow increase to 300t/hrs.
partly open
the bypass valves of main ejector, gland system cooler &
3. Change over HP heater 6 drip from dearator to heater-5
4. Similarly change LP heater-4 to dearator.
At low 210 mw:1. Set the point of HP by pass valves pressure control loop at 140
kg/cm2 with help of PB.
2. Change over the manual mode of pressure control loops of HP
by pass valves to auto with the help ofB.P.
3. Set the LP by pass valve pressure set point to 6.00 kg/cm2 at
temperature set point at 200 c
4. Change Over the LP by pass operation from manual mode to
auto mode with pressure controller loop.




Note :- flow chart of turbine rolling and synchronization is a only indicative

details of operation/ checks and permissive is to be followed as per
requirement .
1. Any commission deletion may be due to over sight .
2. Care has been taken to provided can over all guide for rolling
synchronization &
further loading to the newly engineering graduate.
3. Any suggestion for improvement is highly solicited.

Prepared by
Khan Habib Khan
Assistant Prof. JIPT