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Photon Instruments

AN ISO 9001 : 2008 COMPANY

Sales Of Mul -Brand - Portable& Online Instruments

Services :
Calibra on ( Lab + Site)
Valida on

Contract Manufacturing
Training Facility :
For industry & colleges
For people who wants to start part/full me


We Invite Experienced ( Similar Pro le ) People To Join Us as Direct Business

Partner or Part Time Business Partner with Zero * Capital Investment


M/s Photon Instruments is having JV with Unitech Instruments & further

promo ng the following brands in Indian Market




Master Temperature Calibrator, Indicator & Sensors

Standard Dry Block Calibrator ( -30 to 1200 Deg C) , Liquid Bath (-80 Deg C to amb)
Black Body Calibrator ( 50 to 550 Deg C)
Master PT 100 Sensor with 0.001 Resolu on & Ref Class Accuracy (Range - 200 to 670 DegC )
Master TC (R , S, N Type) with 0.1 Deg C Resolu on Ref Class Accuracy (Range - 0 to 1300 Deg C )
6 Digit Very High Accurate Indicator - with of 0.001 Deg C resolu on ( Input RTD, TC, V, mA)
Fixed / Digital RTD& TC Kit with high Precession Accuracy

Premium Series Humidity-Temperature Calibrator &

Ref. Class Hand Held Indicator
Premium Series PORTABLE %rh Temp Calibrator with +/- ( 0.8%rH & 0.1 Deg C) Control Sensor Accuracy &
0.01 Resolu on
Reference Class, Hand-held %rh-Temp Master with Accuracy of +/- ( 0.8%rH & 0.1 DegC) & 0.01 Resolu on
Humidity Temperature Sensors and Transmi ers ( Wall + Duct type)

Master Digital Pressure Gauge with 0.05% / 0.075 / 0.1% accuracy + Hand-Pump & Comparator
Dead Weight Tester

General Calibrator For Dierent Parameters

Digital mAmVRTD Calibrator, Universal Calibrator , Mul func on Calibrator , Sound Level Calibrator

Data Logger
Humidity Temperature Portable Data Logger
Universal I/p , Touch Screen , Data Logger ( 4 - 128 channel ) with Standard /21 CFR So ware
5 Digit - Universal I/p , Touch Screen , Data Logger ( 8- 32channel ) with Standard /21 CFR So ware

Products From A Joint Ventured Association

M/s Photon Instruments (Exclusive Sales Partner) &
M/s Unitech Instruments (Technology
Partner) announces following products in Indian
Process Indicator Controllers :- Digital Indicator & Controller ( Single, Dual & Mul

channel ) ,

PID Controller , Loop Powered Indicator, Large Display Indicator, Temp- %rH Indicator/Controller ,
Synchronized Digital Clock, RPM/MPM Indicator Controller

Clean Room/Pharma Instruments :- Humidity Temperature DP Time , Timer, Digital Clock

Flow Instruments & Flow meters :- Liquid Flow Totalizer, Mass Flow Totalizer ( Pressure-FlowTemp Computer) , Gas Flow Totalizer, Steam Flow Totalizer , Batch Controller

Signal Isolator Convertor :- Universal Input Signal Isolator, Signal Isolator with Display, Dual Input
Signal Isolator, Card Base Signal Isolator, Signal Converter , Single Input 2,3,4 Output Signal Isolator

Sensors and Transmi ers : %rH-Temp TX ( wall / duct ), Digital DP TX , Gauge/ Vacuum
/Absolute Pressure TX , pH , Conduc vity Sensor with Controller , Universal Temp Tx , Ultrasonic Level Tx

Other Products : Alarm Annunciator, Mul

func on Timer, Mul func on Counter, Manual Loader ,

%rH-Temp TX ( wall / duct ), Digital DP TX , Gauge Pressure, Absolute Pressure , pH , Conduc vity Sensor with

Flame Proof Instruments :- All the above items available in FLAME PROOF ENCLOSURE.

Imported Product Distribution Centre

Humidity - Temperature - Table top /Wall Mount Thermo-Hygrometer , Portable Dew-Point meter,

Portable Thermo-Hygrometer with 0.8% rH accuracy and op onal high temp upto 200Deg C, Special
product for Paper Moisture Measurement , Ref. Class Master meter for Humidity & Temperature .

Air Velocity Tx - Handheld Anemometer (Thermal/Hotwire/ Vane/Pitot Tube) ,

Moisture in Oil - Portable Moisture in Oil Instruments
CO & CO2 - Portable& Handheld Instruments
Pressure - Digital Manometer, Absolute Pressure Meter , Digital Pressure Guage.
Thermal Imager Portable Thermal Imager
Temperature - IR Gun , PT100/ Thermocouple/NTC Thermo-meter, Food Thermometer
Sound Level Meter DB Meter, Noise Meter,
Portable Light Meter Lux meter, LED Meter, UV Meter, Solar Meter Portable, Irradia on Meter
RPM Meter Op cal/Mechanical RPM Meter, Stroboscope .
General Portable Instruments- Distance Meter / Angle Meter, Ultra-Sonic Thickness Gauge
PH-Conduc vity-DO All Portable Instruments
Air Capture Hood - Air Capture Hood for Air Balancing


Wireless Data loggers for 65,000 channels, works on Zeeg Bee Technology and License free 2.4 GHz .
can work with any process parameter as per customers choice.

8 Channel Portable Data Logger with Universal Input and CFR/Standard So ware.
4 Channel Data Logger - Universal Input and with sms/Email/ Automa c repor ng feature
Humidity Temperature dual channel datalogger for general use, Valida on and Transporta on
Single Channel temperature Data Logger for General use, Valida on & Transporta on
Single Use Temperature Data Logger for Transporta on purpose
4/8/12/16/20/24/32/48/64/128 Channels Data Logger with CFR So ware and Standard
So ware with & without TOUCH SCREEN & GSM Connec vity

5 Digit - Universal I/p , Touch Screen , Data Logger ( 8- 32channel ) with Standard /21 CFR So ware



ve Mul meter
ve Current Tester
ve Digital Tire Pressure Gauge
ve Relay Tester
ve Tachometer


Humidity - Temperature - Sensor, HVAC /Industrial Transmi ers, Controller , Clean Room Products ,
Flame Proof Products, High Temp ( -100 to 200 DegC ) Tx , Hazardous Area %rH-TempTx Products

Dew-Point Tx - Online Dew-Point Transmi er for OEM as well Industrial use

Air Velocity Tx- Online Air Velocity Tx for HVAC applica on, Air Flow Sta ons
Moisture in Oil - Moisture in Oil Online Transmi er for OEM as well Industrial use
CO & CO2 - HVAC Transmi er, safety loca on meter , alarm meter
pH/ORP - Conduc vity, DO, Turbidity - Online meter
Level Transmi er Ultrasonic Level Tx
Pressure - Absolute/Gauge/DP Tx, Digital Pressure Gauge, Dieren al Gauges (Magnehelic gauges),
Digital Pressure Tx with/without display

Flow Meter - Compress Air Thermal Mass Flow meter, General PD meter Magne c Flow meter, Water
Flow meter, Flow Totalizer(Liquid, Gas), Batch Controller, Flow Computer

Temperature - Scanner, Indicator ,Controller, Sensor (NTC/ PT100 & Thermo Couple), Head Mount /
Din-Rail Transmi ers

IR Product IR Sensors, IR Transmi ers


Digital High Voltage Insula on Tester

Non Contact AC Voltage Detector

Digital Insula on Tester

Digital Low Resistance Tester

Voltage Detector n Flashlight

Non Contact AC Voltage Detector With Flash Light

Digital Earth Resistance Tester

AC Voltage n Current Data Logger

Earth n Con nuity Tester

Phase Rota on Indicator.

Digital RCD Tester

Digital Insula on Tester

Cable Locator.

Socket Polarity n Earth Leakage Tester

True RMS Industrial Mul meter n Insula on

Digital Loop - PSC Tester

Resistance Tester

Mul func on Insula on Tester

Voltage Tester

Clamp On Meter

Digital Mul meter

Clamp On Power Meter

Industrial Digital Mul meter

True RMS Meter

Prof. Digital Mul meter

Test & Calibration Services

Photon Instruments Calibra on Service Division
A few reasons for which in less than a Year Time Photon Instruments Become Choice of Calibra on
Services Provider for Many Companies,
1500 Sq State Of Art Lab Facility & Onsite Service to Customer

35+ Trained Service Professionals

25+ Dierent Facili es to Give Single Source Services to Customer

Prompt Service and Report Submission

%rH- Temp Calibra on (LAB+ ONSITE)

Photon Instruments is manufacturer of Premium Series of Humidity
Temperature Calibrator and use one of the highest standard in India for
Calibra on of Humidity Instruments in Lab as well @ site
Our Master Instruments having premium Accuracy 0.8 % RH , 0.1
Deg C Temp


Apart from Humidity Calibra on services, we are also manufacturer for

%rH-Temp Calibrator. Please nd the details as follows.

Humidity - Temperature Calibrator

( From Photon Instruments )
Control Sensor Accuracy : 0.8 % RH and 0.2 Deg C Temperature
Calibra on Range : Humidity ( 5% to 98%) Temperature (2 to 50
Deg C)
Having Facility of connec ng 12 nos ( 1 Master +11 Test) % rh-Temp
Transmi er or Sensor to High Accurate Data Logger with 21 CFR
Part 11 Compliant So ware
It is available as small as (below) with 0.8% rH and 0.2 Deg C Control
Sensor Accuracy
Outer size : Length 24, Height 16 , Depth 18
Calibra on Area - 8 x 8 x 8 - Approx 6 ltr )

Dew Point Calibra on

We can also calibrate the Dew-Point Portable or online Instruments using our set-up at lab or customer site.

Ultra Low DP to High Pressure DP Calibra on Facility

Our Ultra Low DP Calibra on Facility is essen al Choice for the Pharma, OEM & General customer Who works on
very low DP to high DP range. We do have Ultra Low range DP Master , Mid range DP Master & upto 2000mBar
DP Master to address major applica on in Industry.




-100 Pa

to +100 Pa

0.2% of RDG 0.8 Pa

0.1 Pa


to +500 Pa

0.2% of RDG 1.5 Pa

1 Pa

0.5% of RDG 2pa

1 Pa

0.5% of RDG 2mbar

1 mbar



+1000 Pa

-2000mBar to +2000 mBar


Magnehelic Gauges, Digital Pressure gauge, DP Switch, DP Sensor, DP Tx, Clean Room DP Indicator & Transmi ers etc

Pressure Calibra on
We have mul ple number High Precession Calibra on Masters to address Lab work as well mul ple sites

We are into Manufacturing of High Precession Digital Pressure Gauge & we oer dierent class of accuracy with
NABL Lab Cer ca on..
Op on 1 : Accuracy : 0.1 % Fs
Op on 2 : Accuracy : 0.075% FS
Op on 3 : Accuracy : 0.05% FS
Other than Digital Precision Gauges , We also provide high quality - Hand Pump , Comparator & Dead Weight
Tester from our Company

Our Master Instruments, Range & Accuracy




-1 to 1 Bar

0.05 % FS

0.0001 Bar

-1 to 10 Bar

0.05 % FS

0.001 Bar

-1 to 40 Bar

0.05 % FS

0.001 Bar

0 to 500 Bar

0.05 % FS

0.01 Bar

0 to 700 Bar

0.075 % FS

0.01 Bar

Absolute Pressure Calibra on

Calibra on Range

: 0 to 2 Bar A

Resolu on

: 0.001 Bar

Non Contact Temperature Calibra on (50 to 500 DegC )

Master IR Calibrator Black Body
Master Accuracy : 0.8 Deg C ( Range specic)
Calibra on Range : 50 to 500 Deg C
Resolu on
: 0. 1 Deg C

We are carrying out Lab based and site based IR Calibra on wide range of Temperature helps customer to get
their Instruments Calibrated for \for many applica on ..

IR Gun , IR Sensors , IR Transmi ers , Portable Thermal Imagers , Online Thermal Imagers and so on

Temperature Calibra on (LAB+ ONSITE)

Contact Temperature Calibra on ( -80 to 420 Deg C )
Master Accuracy Including Indicator :
Complete Range 0.09 Deg C
Calibra on Range : (-) 80 to 420 Deg C
(Isotech make PT 100 Master RTD
Resolu on
: 0.001 Deg

Master Accuracy Including Indicator :

Complete Range +/- 1.4 DegC Calibra on
Range : (0 to 1200 Deg C ) with Isotech
UK make Master TC
Resolu on : 0.01 Deg C ( upto 999 degC )

Contact Temperature Calibra on ( 0 to 1200 Deg C )

Master Accuracy Including Indicator :
Complete Range +/- 1.4 DegC Calibra on
Range : (0 to 1200 Deg C ) with Isotech
UK make Master TC
Resolu on : 0.01 Deg C ( upto 999 degC)
We can calibrate sensors, transmi ers, data loggers, gauges and all temperature related Products.

LUX / Light Calibra on

We carry out Calibra on
Portable Lux Meter,
LUX Transmi er , Onsite
site Valida on etc..

Master Accuracy
3% rdg 1dgt
Calibra on Master Range : 0 99,999 Lux
Resolu on : 1 Lux ( upto 19,999) beyond
that 10Lux

RPM Calibra on (Mechanical & Op cal)*

We carry out Calibra on of Portable and Online Transmi er at lab & onsite site ..

Air Velocity Calibra on Facility

Thermal Anemometer
Air Capture Hood
On-site Air Velocity Measurement for Fume
Air Velocity - Vane & Thermal type
Transmi er & similar product

Master Accuracy :
0... 2m/s ( (0.05m/s + 0.5 % of m .v)
0...10m/s) (0.10m/s + 2 % of m. v.)
0...40m/s (0.20m/s + 2 % of m. v.)
Calibra on Master Range :
0 - 1 m/sec to 0 - 20 m/sec

CO2 O2 CH4 :GAS Calibra ons Facility

CO2 Calibra on Facility :
CO2 Master Accuracy

Calibra on Range

30 ppm 3 % of reading ( upto 3000ppm)

0 to 3000ppm

1% of FS 5 % of reading

0 to 10%

O2 Calibra on Facility :

Ch4 Gas Instruments Calibra on Facility :

Photon Instruments is having set-up of O2

Sensor & O2 Transmi er Calibra on Facility
Calibra on Range for O2 : 4.93%, 15.71% &
24.42 % with Master tractability to NPL UK

We do calibrate all Combus ble Gas Sensors ,

Portable Instruments and Transmi ers
Calibra on Range for CH4 : 2.46% with
Master tractability to NPL UK

Portable and Online Flue Gas Analyzer Calibra on Facility :

Calibra on Range for
O2 : 4.93%, 15.71% & 24.42 %
Ch4 : 2.46%
Co2 : 852, 1582, 2982(PPM), 3.01%, 9.92%

Sound Level Meter Calibra on

We carryout site sound valida on in
hospital, manufacturing area, trac etc..
Master Accuracy : 0.5 dB
Calibra on Range : 94 dB & 114 dB

Dimension Calibra on
Vernier Depth Gauge, Vernier height Gauge , Micro Meter / Measuring Tape , Depth Micrometer , Dial Bore Gauge
, Dial Caliper (inside/out side) ,Dial Thickness Gauge, Caliper Checker , Scales ,Feller Gauges , Coa ng Thickness
Gauges and all types of industrial gauges. Master Traceable to NABL Accredited Lab

Digima c Caliper (Mitutoyo)

Master Accuracy : 0.02mm ,
Calibra on Range : upto 150mm
Resolu on
: L.C 0.01mm




Frequency (For of AC V, DC+AC V, AC A, AC mA, AC A)

99.999 Hz to 500.00 kHz

Con nuity Check


AC Voltage (V AC, mV AC)

60.000mV to 1000.0V

ACA Measurement

600.00 A to 10.000 A

Resistance Measurement

60.000 to 600.00 M

DCV + ACV Measurement

6.0000V to 1000.0 V

DC Voltage (V DC, mV DC)

60.000mV to 1000.0V

DCA Measurement

600.00 A to 10.000 A

Liquid Facili es are as follows

pH/ ORP Calibra on, Conduc vity Calibra on, Dissolve Oxygen, Turbidity
All solu ons are Traceable to Na onal / Interna onal Standards

Timer Calibra on Facility

We have Digital Timer
Calibra on Facility
Master traceable to
NABL Accredited Lab

Mass Calibra on Facility

E2 class weights
are with NABL

Weighing balance

5 digit balance with

NABL traceability

Volume Calibra on
Pipe e, Bure e, Flasks and Measuring Cylinders, Master Traceable to NABL Accredited Lab

Force Calibra on ( This is a upcoming facility )

Hardness Tester Push PulGauge , Spring and Tensile Tes ng M/C, Master Traceable to NABL Accredited Lab

Electrical / Process Values

Universal Calibrator
Func on


Resolu on



0 to 50 C

0.1 C

0.2 C

20 mV

-5 mV to +25 mV

1 V

0.03 % F.S.

200 mV

-50 mV to +250 mV

10 V

0.03 % F.S.


-.5 V to +2.5 V

0.1 mV

0.03 % F.S.

10 V

-2.5 V to +10 V

1 mV

0.03 % F.S.

20 mA

0 to +25 mA

1 V

0.03 % F.S.

60 mA

0 to +60 mA

10 V

0.03 % F.S.

B type TC

450 C to 1750 C

0.1 C

2.0 C

E type TC

-100 C to 1000 C

0.1 C

0.5 C

J type TC

0 to 760 C

0.1 C

0.5 C

K type TC

0 to 1370 C

0.1 C

0.5 C

R type TC

200 C to 1750 C

0.1 C

1.0 C

S type TC

0 to 1750 C

0.1 C

1.0 C

T type TC

-160 C to 400 C

0.1 C

0.5 C

PT - 100 RTD

-200 C to 850 C

0.1 C

0.5 C

CU - 53

-100 C to 200 C

0.1 C

0.5 C

2 K ohm

0 to 2 Kohm

0.1 ohm

0.03 % F.S.


Electrical Parameters Calibra on
AC/DC Voltmeter, AC /DC Ammeter, Power Force Meter, Megger/Insula on Tester, Wa meter, Resistance
Meter, Capacitance Meter, LCR Meter, Frequency Meter, Clamp Meters, Mul Meters CRO, Transducer,
Universal Calibrator, Welding M/C, Mul func on Calibrator, V-M-W Meter , Single Phase Power Analyser,
Decade Resistance Box, Standard Resistance / Resistor, Shunt
Single/3 PhaseEnergyMeters
Master Traceable to NABL Accredited Lab

Valida on Services ( Lab Based As well On Site)

Humidity Temperature Prole Mapping (Portable Data Logger) <single portable logger is also avl>
Temperature Mapping (4 - 64 Channel Data-logger) <Single Portable Logger is also avl>
CO2 Sensors For Mapping & Valida on with 4 -64 Channel Data Logger
Air Velocity prole Mapping with 4 -64 Channel Data-Logger Mapping

Upcoming Facility : Par cle Counter and few more parameters .

Thermography Services @ Your Company

Photon instruments is oering Thermography Services all over India at Economical Rates . Our Engineers are
well trained for the quality services. Our services are backed by BEE Cer ed Energy Auditor
This Services helps customer to prevent short circuits ,Fire accidents ,improvement of Energy eciency,
Establishment of Green environment in all Industries .We are engaged in onsite inspec on of Electrical and
Mechanical equipment of any type of industry and facility.

What type of equipment can be scanned?

Examples of what can be scanned:
Electrical switch gear, breakers, bus
connec on, and contacts
Transformer connec ons
Mechanical couplings on rota ng
Process piping and heat exchangers
Compressor heads
Motor and generator connec ons,
windings, feeders and excitors
Fric on in drive gears and drive belts
Refractory systems (e.g., Boilers, Kilns,
Molten Material Containment)
Steam traps and piping insula on
Tank levels and insula on problems


Established in Jun'12 - Started from ZERO in a small residen al at with 2 persons Mr. Prosenjit & Mr. Naveen
and by Apr'14, It is a team of 35+ colleagues to support our customers.

Aug'12 our 1st catalogue printed for distribu on & website developed

Become a Channel Partner for Mul -brand

Portable + Online Tx Instruments , Analyzers, Calibrators,

Electrical Measuring Instruments, Data-Loggers & other Field Instruments..

June'13, started facility for Calibra on Valida on Thermography Services

Sep'13 ,Oce shi ed to a 1500 sq new oce in a Commercial Place @ Nacharam

Jan'14, Started Contract Manufacturing of specialized products

Mar'14 , It Became AN ISO 9001 : 2008 Cer ed Company

Apr'14 We Added A New Ver cal Photon - Training & Knowledge Sharing Center & added, Addi onal
Oce Place Of 1200 sq

Apr'15 : Calibra on facility for 24 Parameters Scope Completed.


Zero Capital Investment & Become A Direct Business Partner With Photon Instruments ( A 50 Cr. Company By
2020) @ Project 2020

Posi on (Business Associates) - We are looking for a below posi ons in Indian Opera on Segment
South India : Hyderabad (1) , Vizag (1) , Bangalore ( 1) , Chennai ( 1) , Kochi (1)
North India : Delhi (1) , Chandigarh (1) , Lucknow (1)
East India : Raipur ( 1) , Bhubaneswar ( 1) , Kolkata-(WB+Sikkim) (1) , Jamshedpur (1) ,
Central India : Indore/ Dewas / Bhopal (1) ,
West India : Mumbai (1), Pune ( Pune-Nasik, Aurangabad, Nagpur) (1), Baroda/Ahmedabad/Surat (1),
Jaipur/Udaipur (1)
Experience : 4 or above years of experience in sales of Instruments/services
Desired Product Knowledge: Portable Handheld Instruments / Online instruments / Data Loggers/ Calibrators
/ Electrical Parameter Measuring Instruments are preferred .
Desired Service Knowledge: Basic understanding in Calibra on - Valida onThermography Services
Computer Knowledge : Microso Outlook/ Word / Excel / Power-point required
Need to have driving license & own 2/4 wheeler
Preferable : Instruments sales background to OEM, Pharma & Food Industry, Steel , Cement , Power,
Automobile etc is added preference
Posi on : Service ( Calibra on , Valida on & Thermography )
Loca on : Hyderabad , Posi on open 22 nos ( will be recruited through Photon Professional Course )

Photon 100

Portable Data Logger

Online Data Logger

Humidity-Temp Instruments

Dew-Point & Moisture in Oil

Calibrator & Master Inst.

Temperature Instruments

InfraRed Instruments

Pressure Instruments

Panel Products

Large Display / Digital Clock

Clean Room Monitors

Air Velocity

Flow Instruments

Electrical Measuring Inst.

Portable Instruments

Analy cal Instruments

Automa ve & Medical Inst.

Gas Measurement


2nd Floor, A.S.Plaza, Beside HdfcBank , H.No-4-1-16, Snehapuri Colony, Nacharam,
Hyderabad-500 076, Telangana, ( INDIA )
Contact: 040-4018 2828 | 08885021899 | 09391329900
URL: |