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II EUI C]aremon! $Ireel.
Edi nburgh, U . K.

Reptint oi Entlilh Edilion

Reprinted 1973
Ika lth Research
1).0. Box 850
Pomeroy, WA 99347
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""tcd by r.. L." P " " 11:, L. a.. p ..... Co., I
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BIt~'" IlIttriac Upoll •

Itudy of Aslf010cJ 11 is ,d"llIble to b...
torna deu Ideu c::ooeemIog lhe Solar S,llem ••nd ttte.may be oblalaed
1rItboat (OUI( iato ali lhe detail. couDeeted wilb AltraDOm,.
A 1l1li,,",1 aadentaudllll 01 111 broad oulllll" b Iberem. aU Ihat I,
"'M'e'l~. ".ad wltbout beúIg pwfitleat In matb_ltlcl 1111)'011' 01
onUnary cdUClrioa ma1 foDow quite , ..iI, ali '1ft &b.u bue to N' upoo
Ih. llabjld.
A~trol1om, «'YeII li bowledge of Ib. eeleetlal bocHu. Ibeir m.. ni.
hKIM. motioo.. dlltaae8lt period .. Jiu, "ei8bt. ordu, ele., Itod (enet:ally
takn u' beJood tbo tolu .,.\_ r.r a. . , ID10 'p1ce. amid lhe fiud
.trr •• which UI!
by a_ri, all Ulroaomen, beU,ved to be ceetral
1IlD- oIlJer IOlu IJ1teu:!'"



Th, UohQrM coatalu .. laBolla lIumber of th_lO!ar .,.tem..
maD, ~ maeb (ffl&1. Ih.a our OWII. AI 'fi rMI.., Ihl. our .woa will
.ldnJ, our miDda tllIpand, alld our beut, bec:oma 611ecl witb "oader alld
re.aenee for Ihat GreI' Supreme and UIlkmnf.ble Po_ lhat olba
primlrJ ca. . of ali lhe glory Iblt 6.11, .pac.. Bal DO Imoat 01
wpecabtiml COIlcemiDI other .,1., .)'lterDlll C&II ...n.1 th" tru .c.te ef
tbiasa in th .. broad ....._ 01 the bu, ...eDL It tb_dor. bKoal.. more
pr06u,ble to un at OQr priMat Itqe to COIIliofl oar aUeohoD to tde .01&1
'fatem of "bieb ". form a part, lenlq: lhe bel! Itar. witb tb.i,
lmme05e dllUocn ud m.pltllde out Df onr eolllldaratlou.

11 _e dr.w • drcle, .1Id pkc:e lo lhe ceetre a dDS" polui, "e Ih.U
b....e 1ncnllled OUJ .lt8Dtioa tlpoD • mimIIture coPT Df ourMI ..... lo 'II~
Il _e oow up&ad our Unalia.rico .ad lhiok 01 OW Suo ai beiol ia the

. . to a5sert 111.eau "Iator. 11 beiac-..Dd embrlcilll Ibe . Df lhe lolar . QO be no grander conception of God Ihlo Ibis idea Df ODe who IUltain. forming a eornplete pl. wooderful tr. Genius as that accorded 10 olheT greal pbilo5Ophon.ved "J'''em n\et with nnthins bul OpposilioD and ridicule. lod lher. Cao we . lha' il beres)'.wOllhip of lho Cbalduns Ilnco lho)' • •• Ihal lhe Falher poun forth His spirit over lho whola ""orld. threw 05 hU(o portionl _bich finall.ueb 10vo lnd devolion as w~ now !Oum 10 be incapable of.• ASTROLOGY 'Oll ALL . became planets or "otlds. lhe cbampi.hole tolar s)'stem. SUl EW"opo ""a. uoivtuc bJ' Bis ma nirestuioo. We canllOl full)' ~5l i ma le what wo owo la P)'lhagoral.for time is IlioSI our rKkoni~g whon dealing with tbe Slan and wilb evolulion-their civilisalion reached iu beig ht. impioul lho )'ue 1500. Later.. idc. comp1etins his "ori about !hi".S lhe wbole.anh WI$ nOI SlatiolUlry I About lhe . migbt begin to rcalite ""bit Ibe cireumfereDce Df 1 sobr 5J'51em muos. Tbh Imowledge he b.. now aslronomieall)' Ic:cepled Ihu lhe whole 1101" 'filem "as I VUI hcaled nebulou5 mau wh ich. IDd that lhe heavcDI. Il1d mOVI... wbo upbeld lhe belief Ibat tho Sun was aI reu at th e contre of lhe uoiverh.11 the c. . 01 Hi.. Ihi. hul il was bOI gellerally accepted.l Iben und~f tbe bondac:e of prejudice and ignorance. of )'euI 19o."ln of the CDporniclo docaioo.11 tire lod IiCht. and have our heing."oader aI lho 5un.netar.lli\l/:. .. 11 . was.)'slem. lhe 6oIJ.te a""aited IM. cooliDr down. Gali1e1l. lhe .. aoel 6n-all.)'stom.lem. From lhla C1oriOUl body rulillel lhe lighl which iIIumioltt.n fael lhe ceolre or. h i. eaOrmOUI cirele..a upon tbe peoplo abou! fiuI foll)'. 111 Him .d gainod from lhe Cbaldeans.. aod (u. from whieh came .e would lorm it for practieal purpose. Tbey worshipped Ihat Spiril. Ihen mad!!OH. througb reUriotl l w'" . Ibe Suo: . re"..y Df Ibe lAGO." Irul)'_ Ali narrow lod bigoled conceptiou of religion mllS! fade toto inslrnifiel ncc a5 wc leal ise Ina! lhe Sun is tho I1gbl aod lhe lifo of ourselvel ud of tho . 50 that tbe lama f. bodies ali moved fOund that conlre..11 to pooder o.ear 1501 CoperniclIs began lo ralore tbe p. boi. and Ihlt wbich is inow!! as lbe Plolemaic syslem became lator 011 firlnl)' Mlablished i and &O 5tronl a hold had Ihi.thacoroan .-hole 5ysl_m. utending mmino! Df mllu loto 'pilel .. Man)' thOU$lnd. 1t will be ". c:enue oi' I. soeking to become filled wilh it by .)'stem revolving round lhe Sun. In lhe da" Df old lhe Sua ""as fDCogoilOd u lhe bome lod 50urce Df lhe: primai tne".

and . Holr 5cripture. ça~sed a I. .I.. to Slve hisli!e. ti.lgl1 111 lbe lIIincb uf laL.( to OUl owo chaiD o( worldl. lhal she il iobabited aod that bel humanity bll reached a ver.Iso that b. aI Romeln the Collveot oi Miaerva 00 June ulld. nexl lo ordllr !rDm the Sun. returninglo the Irulhs laught thou~ and.. We loam.. "e hav.everal planell. wh o performs a rcvolulion round Ibe Sun ia 88 da)'s. SlIn he Is rarel)' visible lo lhe naked cye. "here.11 eould oot bo I tolar ~ystCITl ot her"'ise. '7 hours.~fulLr 1111dled Ibe . by the m)'tholor. 1i callflfl V. He is • small planei.. Revolvi"g rouod thft Sua then. aod makelooe anolUl revolDtion in 224 day'.I. Tben MIr""".unset.. but as he is never more than aOOut 30 degrees (rom th. aad etçaped Ibe d . J blgotrJ. gods. .. made to ttmou!lCe his belief l'< efore lho lU'i'lisition.~rwud.·mlndtd cTlILu "'!'oh. 1633. ued a d?Ctlm .. he siF.. wbile lhe ChaldeallS ealled hlm Nebo: be has o"'''Y' betO thll plauet of warDing. • Tbl. IlId moves..o aurselves. Ind now in our own time "e ar.~i.tb panalty OQI)' to be imprisooed In 00.'tb dueere hear! and (aith uofeigoed tn õ\bjure. is Dearly silty.ot in . of rear~ ago.ist3. N~. belOJlCs """. Th!s plaolll was typieaUr kn own as !fern1!!S..MENTS OF AST1l01: ':O atV. aI"OJI beoo baseei upon the facl tbat Til!! SUN is the unhe of the IOlu syllem. 11 Is interntin« to aote that accordiDg to a certala body 01 oceult teaehlng thls planei Ii destlned to become the future pbycieal ~ bome lor lhe majority of our hum. "l-tkh a!'. shiniDg witb a pale bluish IIght. Astrolog)' bas." Yel lhe good 'ffOrk bad begun. lhe longth of lhia plaoet'adaJ almosl colocldes with Iba! of our own..aLI. execrai e aod dei'" the ertOf lod beresy of believing a"d lcacbiog IlIat the Sun is lhe centre of the "orld Ind immovable. nnol 1I ba. ::131 hour~.. . (ram tbase more advaaced ia knowllldge tb. hu e 1>01 u. which makes lhe lellglh 01 bi~ year: hls di slan~ Irom Ibll Suo is ab" ul Ihirty .ubj«l. of thdr IoatUome dunleoal.. '1'''e fi r~ t.SO!Iveu millioo miles dislaot (rom lhe ceDtre.""reb~a. nd~~loo4 by Ih". Sh. I doctrine repugnant lo. and the reformltioll assisled il. ..'Jerlhe · Ien he pers8'fcred and mote his celebr!lted D~K".l. also ali Ilte winced meueDger of Ih. 1101 ~ . nr .nity.. I. For IlleVClIly Y"fI of age Glllloo 'ias bl oughl befor. millioo miles.. abou! . not Jel discovered bJ IStroDomelS. but 1I lhe um'! rlllll'llllu"u:d lhe angel' of lhe du! oi mll. às the brigbl EveoinR' Sllr olleo seco. had Iheir dite e8'ect. thougb at certai" limes dunng !be rear ("hea she risos berore tbe Sua) Ibo Is tbe Morolog Slar. tbe dJead tribuoa. and that the earth is nol lhe ~tre. hkh he pror~ "'. Hi••ymbol is nlade tbu~: V_r.

.. Wçifer .1 iD «der 01 thll pl. Arth.ohltlon. ~\!n io "hat _ kllo. H'r . earth it 5UrrOUD(!.. nl Euth wu ImoWD aa Rte.b stlce. lo • ynr. Sba b .000 miles (rom Ib. beea boi! kaoWII l i Lual ar lai.k. lAtina .. cf .. The eüeles ar the "d"oU. obliq"ity ol Ih.. « e... olm..flb 10<1 I•• boll. lhe IrTow·h .aiol ....bitb ui... Ibulldar. aod 1 da. bom Iba precenloD 01 eqUIODleI . biel!. 11M _nli movOl ODCO rouod Ih. Ibl..ted Ihare. II Ih. of world. in AtolrolO(J'.. tu I.. G. 1. io time . ImporllUll to remlmber. at lha IWíace becolQU mon ruded .. tbo principal plaoel. Tbi. . IDOlb" 01 lha Mrth: fOr IIIUf.aical CIoM 1'11 • put chaio of worldl CODoocte.d stlodiol for Ibe cross. ecliptic o( about 51 secooda io • uotury i 001 poilb" Df Ibl'~ ~ concerD a. ooe '''''. bv th.tos 1Ipoll bu (lWO .ed b1 11'1 envelope Df Mb:ed .ppears to tlIVoiVI &om ODe paiOl io lhe beavenl 10 lha sarna poiDt . distaaee i&aU. wlad lod r. Ih. He ta.\cal world fot Ib.. Q7 lod lhe I. deCl'UM io Ih.. I. cirdo. hl 11 _ t. it refrlctad lod dll~f~_ Tbi. d is m. Iood 10 Ib.r.d . from lhe 5'110..._ laiag 4aa . lhat once c1I:i..rn W_..ter lod atmosphllrtl. . . '..l 139 mllUoo mile. ffi J) "ea.) arisa.. l. hich Iigh.. . VImUI ""I Imo_ to Ih...I. our pa-esoot Sllge 01 alud. . In impor.: ber I.nospbera.uotli aDd ib di.. thalll. h . Ib. The MOOl:I ml' be ca11ed. tagelbc.pio ia '7 dl.. tN mon:toiac I1II and Vesper _heq ai lhe .lr.. about . Jod Df WiAl' and baol· ing. Apbrodite. IlId mlk.' "ilb \tI w. SUD i~ about niDoty·two millioa mila. bl .. 1 Cl'OSS withlo. (There I..rilb OUI evo1utioa. '+'11.lI·cirele ar lhe creJCeot.. Iludled uttollollll· eIU. of Âra and Nimrod i bil miuioo IppU. pUfpGM oi e. miDuI" 10DBer Ihaa our on.. 7 ~ oU lI'Iinutel i .:: bout 50 leCood. lba also i. For aacb planei..ymbolll ~ e1f'tl •• umKtuotln.he I.. bi..arlb. eartb.IUte &om Ih. TIw Emi i... 34 boaB. TIu MIJO. equallD . beeo bo"o I'" aad ia lt do UM pblaamMIa of lifbtal'lll. t'h... lod Iber.. boeD dt. I•• "". Hla "mbol li Ibe cirela _dor lhe c. abooe after su nSl'I. ~ satellite oi Ib • .. ..IId alto 1'OU. a rsvol'lltioo lrouD4 il la aI! elliplieal orbil ia '910 da. come thu. tho h.mbol I..•• ASTROLOGY poa ALL.. i.. IIDI bod..mbol ia. MUI ia lhe plloat oullO our .Ises "lIod lhe atmoapbar. .wo oll' by th..lar tb.01}' carefull. ba."is ooco io. The Mooa I. thl MOOD boiD. pllllM llto belool' lo our ebllo.. aod Jbo\lld bo . Df 687 of OUl da. 01.lba ph. cru. 1110 IlIotbet motloD ..fI to ba to dilpel terror IDd fUI.. It..

AITJ..IM • W:_II~1ttaaco . and h" nine Moons..u N IIImnftAJy lIuulu_. the Iridenl. being aI plestlll uninhabited. ]upitet 11 lhe oht hrighlllsl plaoct la VeDlls. 1It. 10'. centre. and his symbol i. be In Jitpik. _ . 1)0 )7.o~ ~·U· 4-lU 10.. t "~U • H. ir.. 8e._ 9 1..430..... accompanied l1y lour ulellite\l: b in COUfSft of preparation ror ils humanit)'. I.. MU.74'.: t.U: ~ogo 11. 8.146 milliool Df mil". lboul J. N•• t to UraDus cernes N'ph<tIl. aod he laba »early thirly reaIS 10 revolve rouod lhe Suo._ '11..11' 14:::1 u • . Hb._ I.. and tak.. ~..1 C'.. tbos."" lhe nelll planei in ord~r._ IN.".1 ~. Saturo . • . "... V~U • lbtEtvtll. )5.. . Kl. trl« = '. equ'" to 16S of ow yeaIS. lhe balf-eirc::le uoder lhe CfOSS... D. His 5)'mbol is lhe half cirelll o"e' Ibe CIO~S bul is 'flllerally made IbuI: SII. lnd ..'. ...ond Saturo i.IENTS OF ASTRONOL!Y... beiog Vesti. from lhe cllolre. )'Url in goiog rouod lhe Sun: hi.:._ 71.1. i..).il abouI 416 mlllton mile. over teo hourl.. • • ".LI..... "bich b ImaU..66. H..OMOKICAL T4.' .~ lhe 100 or Uranu.~...t li'» O". ..EI. W_ · •. . made i» Ihi. li 7>3 10 M:16 10.ean.. . •. yur b.. Iwel"..6g1. .2 millioo mUea úom Ib".bit Ma. His symbol . his s)'mbol belo. ".. • • llll • . lhe lenglh of hia da. TMU ~" lIrf 1111. be ia aurrounded by Ihree ringl..137. dar consisti of abolll t'lO hauri.]I1'- 47. • " - ....I.. . h01\lever. usuaU....154 mi!lion milea.11 kMwn as OurIDCH. This plauet bas buo known as Zeua.. W... we come to lhe larlrest orb (except Ibe Suo) in our solll known u ChroOOl... afler bia re·diac:overer.. He . and \. oegleeted.1 i"~".PIaMI •• .'f... lhe mos! d:stlot planei ai }'el dilCOvered.... For present putposes they ma. His dislancc from lhe Suo i. Wly. ... who revolves rOUDd the ' Suo at a dlstaooe of about '.. commooly cllled Herschl'l.... and ia accompanied bJ !our utllllitea. he revolves rouod lhe IOlu OIb once io 8 4 or our .- MU. HovIr_ 11M I..1. . I H.'34. U. )301..

Ibul I"" boIu_ I' derr_ (I~ i .r. mlaut. In Ihi.y. Tua E"kTH ANU THIl SUMo T". cau!ling th a t luminlrY 10 appear 10 P. dltrlr~1 lodivldual... IweJvO kincs..... The oUlh liso revolves once upoa hu 0.. oi tho lOdiac in turo to pau ovct each pollion Df Ibe _rtb DOU ia .very of Ibe rodlac. bou.. Earlb . fnolUlion rouad the SUII. and durio.1 ml)' boa"..II (Il aign tonsistio.cb da.lho charaaeriltJcl bolnl che moro marked n lhe Suo'.polves around tho Sun. lod defioitely.•... lad OIIe separate degr_ ar lhe zodilC lboIIt ~0l"J rour mllllut. 01 poopl.. _a from lhe urth IhroUfJb eacb one of tbe t. At tbis time lho SUIII h saiu to eDlU tbo IlglII Aties.qUlt. Tbe uuooomical IDd a... ovOlJ' t'fl) bourI.... 01 lIole..• 30-.0 l:til . lhe IOlar IIrb Ii luccenivel. 01 timl oquab (approaimalely) .Jj"jdwlll cllarllcteriatics of Ibe poI"lOD bom ia tUI parlic.. hich il clllled tho Verosl Equiaoz. Ffom Ihis 11 wiJI be secn Ihat _ givon paiOl OD tb. Each montb marh oft' on8 distinct divisãoo so ra r 11 lhe zodilc lt COOCOflloc!. pus Ibroulb lhe middle dogrMl 01 e.e judge the internai or j. Tbi..e1ve t)'poI Ibat Itlnd OUI very c1earl.. Thil journey of tho Suo (or r:uber of lhe nrlh around the Sun. givefI u.ular mOlub.n.hol. haur" a lreata lign rising upon lhe Ilacondlol It ~.. plae. 1_ Iaov. il1 panin. EIl" . CHAPTER 11. of exactly ]0 degroel).llcu a Unle under 3651 d&~. Of ODe . UM fiut ligo of IlIo rodiac. boro wltblD 6 .. of ~. Ihrougb ooe lign of Iuo lodiloC. _rtb will be 1"0 houn.elvo lignl 01 tbo todllc.elve tignl or ]60 dogrus of tho tir~ lc.. h abould be remembered lhat every toar mia'lIe. C. Heoel. two e:nhrel. lhe )lea' be "'11101 tbrough th • .bole IitrD of tu aodlac • .. aod by thb . TbUl lh. m~kiog one complete drçult around that cooln!: la a pcrlod which we term ono yea..l$S Ihrougb IhdO aigns) t. more or len.u io lizoe.ad1 Iii.trological )lear commenC6e eboul Ibe 2111' of March . . lud tbia caUSOI tbo wbolo twelve: ai". n. I'f.ASTIOLOCY FOl ALL.

.. of tbe EUI poIDI or' lICCIodurt. musl be clear)y tbought oul.. equalor a' tbe lpOt Ibal iII eaJled lhe 6r..n detail at lhe f:a..xi..1. Ibroogll . la. be learned tbat tbere are Ih ree very impottant con· the poIitioa. aod tbe pan. but tbilc 'llriU be Ihorvuchly up)aleed iD ita proper placa.and cuia Ib. Tbe poIoI (Of.. hleb ali lIM plao'l. 7 poIDI DI' AsceftdaDI passes Ihrougb lhe ""hole of lhe c:lre1e of lhe zodiac UI O(Ie day. OI'.. Tbese 1. COIlstitutlDI Ibe VeraaI !quiDOL The sipI 01 Ibe zodiac . lo Vlry lhe simile.acendanl ") Sign.. thell.s.u. Tbe Zodiac 1i the Dloal Importanl lIemeot of Allro1OO ID boc:lXM thorougb1l &OQ. There 1i sllU 1D0ther motloo Ibrough Ibe zodlac wblcL we mu&! consider.. Ibd OPce upon its OWb . De.: the former .wiDted MIl\. ""bereby Ih.~/ .le lhe po.. tlÍl Md til.: a real' Df Iwelve monllu..Iad. It is c:ommOllly luIowo l i lhe.t c..~. .bould N CGDfused . "00 lhe . own ui.. wodd'.r in the zodiac each da..pisl. wilb Iq. 11 I. Fw". and Ibe lauer a day Df 24 tbe eartb'.Itioa.. revolulion \n tbrou. Tbe followw(!: di •• ram.. Df sideration. maltine tbree IDotiolll UI sl1-and Ihlt is the mOlian Df the MODO aroood tbe earlb. lu orbil lhe Sun i.-once rOllnd lhe Sun. lt mU!lI. 0'"D( 10 lhe rotalion Df lhe euth 00 ils uil.tiooa beariDI tbe _me Dlmel i Ior lbouch a. lhe traelt.·' as il ""ere.ed. "'-'r diJli. shilliogs and pente..ul do 10 . noIutioo tbe sil'lland lbe COIIJI...0 separ. ooce avery luar montb 01 28 da..ltin. minule·hand Ind aecond·band of hi. tbl '. "7 .iIOS 01 the :/:odiilc. caQsed by the annUII revolutioa of lhe eartb rOWld lhe Suo (lÍveo i...balld.nse greal conrusion will ame. pounds. S r: Mooo'. tht Sun eaeh motllb. pb that follo""s . Of one sign fOf eacb month. rir tKctlpiti bJ IM SIIII. caUed. ecIiplie... aa. paU.. walch. The!le Ihrco molions rorm lho elemeoll. of lhe lSuologer"s calculations.d III1'rdlI.wtaiD perioda of Ib. DI' belt. malrlnl lhe complele circuit in a 'mooo-elb' OI lun.. 6. ""hereas b.d Df IbtlChaptOf). Otber.itlt tbllweln coaatall. eoiodded.U.t poiDI 01 Arie. a cnnsideratioo Ibel "e wiJI 'alio np IRler 011.rd to tbe . Mooo IppelrI to pau through 01 lhe J04jac. pl. daii. and lhe Iltronomical facl Df Ihue 1""0 rll'lolutiollS of lhe earth coustantly borne io mind.' caused by lho eartb'.. revohslicm updD il. ... Ibe .b the I"elve sigos sigo o«upyinJ lhe EISI ia Imown as lhe Rising bourl. tbla now lhe case.. mlde to appeu to pass in one .' . l i \1 I.THa IUaTH 4)1D THa SU". Ibe hour. etM il sigo In 21 da..hould now be .

. Ecliptlc.. Norl"" Gelnilli Sip Sacittariu...aek 01 th.... Equator ia Qhad iM.' . TUloa(itad.. we cell lhel dilllace N. _.r. = tU. ' -./ .. 5 . . decreel eaeb... aumlDu) Itl. Dot bocIi".. from tbis paiDt (c:allld .. • _ I Sigu _ I Se)l. . but on lhe Equator by degr_ eml..y cirolo. ..:1 of lbe EttUIOf. Cf Ipparelu '. ila r'I" aarari-.. ..tlol (I... -.. or S... "" .ad • Cancer .-" . I .-no Signs ar.A... T .' S .... bUI . 51111 (aOO planeta) roulWl lhe u.' . . ......' ....oo PilCel M • Viril! .) Aquadus . Tbil wiU ba 10111 iato fally io part ti..laata N ...0. ...• _. lymlKllI UO.rtb..pricorll {. botb oi tt..~..ared 00 the Eclipllc bJ !rip • ... 0-".. apparau IflCk...- ....-..•I . minulet.... trlIM .....8. . in fact _11 fodroned by MO)!Id.. OI' R. EcHpde • ..paees or tbiTt. • -'o _'...reace H.l)~.prilll ud (. .. . ' u wbeni' il me."IDOa. distaac:.. aad Ihil is can.. ud nU it (cekstl..... : 60 Secondl IH) • _ I Minulo (') 6Ô Minut. Tbe Iwelvtl zodiacII signl Ind Ihlli. :' : .." )60 .' . T Afies TauTuI Scorpio 5l1li11".) 90 divide lhe ecllptic.. ai 1'0110. • IIld. o( lh.... Inlo t_h'e tqll&l s::.!1I&l ..• AS1ROLQliY POR ALL.. A . ••.. i whlle itl di.~'...lled lhe Zodiac (which n· tellda -ome 8 decr_ on . I Quldl''IIIl ot' RighI An.. or decroea..' .ial.ide of lhe ediptic)-or or . " ... ti" Sua'. • _ I Dea:rM (") ]0 Dqr..•...'..' .. Cf S. .. I Sitru C.~ ·' . . 01 IH Ediptic. d'll'fIet Ind lignl. .Llbr. of I pI.~~... Ih. ud 11M: meaaulement... W.. rd' oortbwud.. \ tS " .cb otbw . • •• .uluma -.. meutlre Ih.'O'· )( 'fhe 1IlC&5uremllllt or Ihil zone ot' bell cl. DOfth OI' IOOlh 01 th... ob . OI' 6nI: pcMOI 01 Ar*) OQ the'Bdiptk. I Circlo or Circ:umr. . Ir a piaul t... .... 60 .

·/Nd. lhe Goat AH. M.. lhe bodilJ parti tlllder lh....zodiaealllgDI. SAGlTTARIUS.... C.. Itudied. _ . . Ibe Arcber n • '"t . lhe Uou V1RGO.11.TII AIfD TUS 'UIf. lhe Fishes ...) Sa...t) • "L . Ta.ori_ ScIXpio • . '" Taurul GemlDI JJ c..... M. 21 :I] Sigal I Nov. _hicb ... Arle...... V"" . rui. ruiu' oe eacb . lhe Buli GEMINI...... " P IM ""'. _ ..._ (_..... tU . (li u... nliou IIglI' ofthe zodiltl 1. • 21}Wil1tet' 20 Sigul ~ 2:1 t Sept... lhe Water·bearer t 00<. :lI} Sarmn.bou1d be c:08unitted to memory. lhe Crab LEO.. CAPRICORNUS... /I'I} . of lhe YUlouS ... • • I\.. lhe ScorpiOb . iD8' lable.Ipo I.b. C......" . '" s.:I) ~ . ~_.ittarius { Aquarius I .. lbe Twio. aad it ahould be e&reruU... IMI. - Ruull'o SUM . the Virgia • • • • LIBRA. • ARIES. phce ou the ihltll' givea hI.. ~ • CES.... /UI u. .11:. L<o !t Libra ~ (~/.-..pparl!lt) eutr1 lato lh.. 11 Sigal e " . " • "7 •. l!'.. .. alIO glveD.. lhe Ballnce SCORPIO.-. . 1'-1 Pise.V-. the Ram TAURUS. n."U••• TO EII'TU OM ZoUI"C PUMfi t Marc:b :11 S rillf April 21 ~gll. SlIa'.. Autumn Oel. S..UARIUS. ~iÃ".. lhe foUo .1. SIGIf o.. Tbe plaaetuy ...""') (Wu .. .. ..) UM'" IM -liI1 n"..""'I Sooo"I'- fII "'" Tbe 1()l!ewi~ diagram Ibow.......-..--) IJ I := Virp 1- .• THS U..atN ... CANCER.w lo .' May 21 • • • • • t.iI..

.. dJvidual. bUI ooe 11ft. . borrow.DO. lire.oriDI DO Ii. collect. 11Immod \lp ia lhe tenu" P06ili~o LUe. lbe (oulrue. Ibat mlla" the lodividuIUt. POIld..i. in !tI tUnl bolds Ihu me ia I sep. Evety fonn af elislloee mllnifeslln. CHAPTER 111.. Tbe holdlog ar this lite ar coolcioullleu couatitnles lhe iD.s of positivo aod negativa aro Iymbol. Thu. Ihlll lpecialisatloo ar lhe ra. We.Gc. eDd tbns lula. 01 Gad.d froQ1 lho Son.e Ire a11 ·son. ab. (Ir IOla. 11". menll 10 produce lhe waoderful remltl Ibat we Ir. uoit.«(uitine mlD)' Mnb IIva lud phyaical embodi. .rlle form wblle movio! III the .lU.od js Iherefore lho hi!bosl physlcal and mentll influeace Ihat we CAn Imow. Suo ia lho roal af ali Ibing. lo occultism tbe Suo is knoWD U Ibe vebide or bod)' of Ibe Lagos or tbe aolar syslem." n. duwo Ibe lire th. mould· Ing.oe. It i. from which i. In lho Suo ue coral_ioed _li lhe coIoun Df lhe solar specttum. bodlet have Ihei.I.. lhe Negall" IDflueo~ hr 11gb I baiol Ibu .hl Df bcr owo ucept Of a' th. and repusera!. .~lf-coolCiOu.. ligbt. and tb. bathed in thelO ray.real whole.eles of lime 10 Iccomplish.t Df wbicb ma)' b. and ÇfOIltlVCI principio. Iphh. b.aS af cognitlon. lod fonnatiYII coodition.1 II lhe ceDtre Df il • . and primai fa11111 Df _\1 Olli&leoce. tbe Me of the LOCOl... Th..0 IoS·(ItQlOOY POa . each to . MOOH Is celled. Ibe lauer lhe ptllllUvi. whilc usiar our brain consciousnes. blmlfllf l i I. T •• SUM I. Clnlre of allli!I. lhe . familiar "'.cqllbe a dofinhe . ilod lo-da. owo lpeei. io mani. . of coDscioulness. hlstuco YUI c..1 wbteb Ih. and lhe pluetar. Tben i. .eDITgi. are bllbcd lo Ihlt OH' Ilfe." O". Tb. rUlltioo. n 111 reflllCtor.ical indi"ldullisu tbe apeclal ri' of the gr".lised forms or Ih.. for wilhout lhe Suo there would be no Me.bich 1. lire.Jug. Iparir. falher and mochor. Ih..t I. ta lhe IOlar "slem I. force eoerIJ.. I_O gre. The plloltar.-. former I. IS il me.. ". o.t priDdple. beat nor mOlioo in lhe ph)'.. Ib. ftom lhe creu flIme ••101 Iorlb from tbe bosom or lhe Falhef 10 become IIkl uolO Him. the ECO. POlentially ".tenel. Ind to malutaiD I separale centro . Thll "'or" 01 bwldior up Ibe Individualit'.pirie ud lhe soul.

" A_U 1'D IOlIIAO.711& ". aad "fi lhall leana lhat. lhe lodivldualclM1iyC paUllfl mar become manifC8l. We oow come lo a " ' . rulded ulo Ibit rraDd lCbeme Df e .. tbe earth'. &om _bica. ar Iiíc aod form.lve eqWlI par" c:alled sigM.. .ltem wllI be. Eacb lule when lhe Moou is fOW1d la tbcse '1(1'111 a. Later on we thall eJ:plalo Ibe plaaetary ínKuauee In each sigo. t. ao imagioa. a I:8Dlre Df lire aud force in lho IOlar . a modi6catlon of Ibe COOIeiOIWlUl of lhe Locos. luBuco1:8 i. evely perlOll b'lOl dl.. posltioa ueb IDOIltb "'1'1 ma...matter. i. blrtb lha PIIlIOMAl. wbo ba. wc sball undent&bd the uue meauiDg of lhe uni. cauied b. aud uch eoalain! a cellaio specialised InBueDce 01 il.. 10 to Ipetk. OWII.ymboJa ue boi repreaeutatives Df Ibe modi6C1lionl Df tbll lIoivet!il1 ai priDciplo.. jlldge or lhe cbuacter of eneb il:l_ dlvidual.:hlg alard cr luler flom 1I'hich lhe uatlU'e 01 li.lring lhe I*iod iu whleh tbe 50.tded loto Ibill. ".. Importaot part of ou Itwl" lo wb icb "e lhaU coaaider lhe Suo'. h. aod di oIbel . Fiam lhe Suo'... Tba Doe great po"r aod c:eotrll principie i.. cblpterl. WbeD Ibit gr_t trutb i. realiHd. 101 two aedol lo uoisoo n spJril. . as ezpJaiDed lu tbe lasl ebapter.. Tbe sodiac. Tbil wiUlodle:ate the cltaraeter af !be INbl't'lDUAL tbell boro.. lhe Sun. and br11le u.nd also ulend tbe maia featul8S Df tbis cbapter. olutlon lo Ibe paiol Df IMIH·coosclousocss. Eacb pltuet. Tbe twelve signl an! io Ibeir oalure altemalel. eaeb lubdi. lhe fim paiot beiag eaUcd Alies 0°. Iwelve Ilgos of lhe &Odiae.. li _a Ca. The SUH mar lItand lo u.r1.D thlok 01 Ibese lwo faetOl1l as positiva aod oegath'e. aDd the MoaM lU mauer. more or leIS. positive and nesative.JTT will be deseribed. il iIc called. . WQfd aad Iun.tioa llDd devolíon to Ibote Greal 00. obtaioed. dq:l-' lt 19 In leallt. dl'f'ided joto tw.. movemcot rOlll:ld the Suu..0 puael tbrough a paniculu aigu Df the zodIac wUI ublbit Ih ebaracteril dcs ai dellnealed lu tbe foUo"I!!!. cirele p!\ssing rnund tbe eallb ia tbe plloe of t h~ ecliplie.hall fiod il fulu to undeulaod all Ibal folloWl witb resud to plaDetarr influeoce. Oll!" IbOU(hl! lo ador.tem. ai a IIftDbol ui ~rit. appareot passage Ibro"8b tb..

tollai..4 UperitRCI duna.u 10 tbe ligai. ia 11.. Úoctora operatlor I' bir.ean 01 aa . .alve algol of tlu IOdlae.. Sira. .. UI th. the Rialo. pomtloo la lU I.. wilh Ibe deliAeatlona.1\1 60d Ibe . Ibe 6nl lila Df . lhe rude' i. Th." eommendo& 00 P'&C r64. OI' . " . PeflOO. Ge.ti.bou•• nda oi horoscopol bavo been ditlinea'ec!.hould thla bel coullted .. . . Th_ d. be oo. . ptll.. r.a::: rille... .ilb .ccur." to lerv.11 ptlctical purposeI. CIlIcer Ibe tbird bou. Ibe rem..uarlae.od tha lrue time Df bitth ba uallao"D..ilb • 'od t tberalo. ia Ibe .felTed la ... mIOO".h." . HOI05CO. Tho SUtil i.blelao hol'OlCO~ may bo IIIrected for SUllrilMl a' tbo blrtb. .Oodaol. lod . will be foulld 5ufficieoU.1b . . For Inllloce. aecood cditlOD of He. Iberc(ore a mclbod 10 be recomracndcd befOl'I goill' til Ih. il bmb...lJ .. Ibollgb ia tba mala the. aip io "hleh lbe Suo appeued a' b!.jty. PMt 1. d" RleCti6cal lllll. come 10 I couclu'ioo as 10 lhe ." bem dlscovcred ia tbl..plaeo.irable to diacovlr the otker modilyln.ctu". bued Upoll Ibe San'.odou. Df oou. boroacope mlJ be orecled for anJoae . Tu followill' deliaeat1ou. ia the CCMlI'M 01 whlcb IOme .ioder Df lhe ligo followlog io tbeir rupectlve OI'der belog conaídered el bo"ltII. .bolO birtblime la uor. Doi "no". aftu rudlol tbclID carefully. r." JlIli" N.liai . lo oblalo 1 correcl borOlCOpt. Ir lunher elaboration abo\lld be: aceeuar.. lt 1riIl.. eubatituII for lbe real horoecope. wlU be found aI Ibe ezul Df Ibe boa•• lo thia "'J ' ".h..uia.ull Df lhe autbor'a Int·b... lod mlJ. WIO.igo Df lhe wdi. hO"lI'Ie" bo either modi6ed Df expanded ia iodividoal CUC8.ilo TaufliI: COIIOI Ibia a. very llseful.lioeatloDl of tbe twdn types of cban.(.oowa. . ANO RacrIPlc. H fouod d . The ptan.. "'''OI. ... a . Il. aod ao 011 wiLb lbe other 81g01 uad boutel." ASTROLOGY rOR ALL SVMa.. Da paga 187 wül be louod Ibe boroecope Df Ibe Car of Ru. UI lbe" bc Ibe Mcood bou." practico.ubsdluled Isceodlol." Of Ipprodmll..TIOM. cotfect bOf\llCOp« b.l. . OiIliaeltio!ll buod 00 tbe Rlaiol Siso.nd II Ibeir time Df birlb.

Tha.... IJ.. becom..1 lull of De. tbe..per-lOolÍtiv.. ...ard. lUte lad bearing.No coafqsIOII .Ta... TJlI 510.!_o ala".lookin..stlpll rfIIDfOllW· 11. cifled b:a Ibis direc:tioD.. T •• IJIIOI"IOUAL AliO PIIIOItAL CHA .chemes IDd plana.Ith ali lha . Ind are thereforel. Ollteol 11Ia" -. Tbey arl "U' aUve.. tblt ltiluc:eedio(ly diHicult to reltraia Ihem.....aUI" 1_ c:btp. lbe :oatcioUIDeet bfling mDTe readil... Wh. CIII easilylook ..... Tboy aro foDd 01 constallt chloge. Izp10rinc aod ori. 10 aoll tbIa I..!. ia . and Ire I10led IOf their perceptlOll. bave grul mentlllllerg7. 1tarUoII~ la i. lovill' uovelty. tlM Soa W1C1. lb. IlId thOM uoder lu iGllueuc:e ue roora !dealistic thaza pl'actical........... leolÍti. Ira leaden in ideal••ad ploneen of . laclvMttalll. clairvQyaot..hOT'·"-MllWqa: llU1'-'t. olh... IIIa • occar. tbislÍ. ..ela lhe bead ehey do DOC {'U.. 11 IIIa dl.pretted iA lhl bead.. . beia.. agI..w UOII.iDatill(.m II. _ loellldtd a IH PwIOO1ltl" . They ua '''rJ highl. IruI. pos_· lo.. We 60d pertolll boro UDder Ibe rule Df tbil liga al.. edreD:ll idealit. Tho.. bul from tlM lace ollblk beiO( mOle ali.ol. to pl'IdiCI thloga lhat . lod Ibe cCH\tciouanett rnlkio..hera perc:eptioo Is coac:erDed. M_'. UI . headltrong lod lmpullive. . p:U-" appllld oal. IlId Ire flrely deceived .h'. MUsldve penou.11 AIIIL- T"" algD lovemt tbe held IQd riu.. bul are iDclioecl lo be ... e. Ibe chlllcter 01 lhe Aries IlIdividual ...lf tbroulh lhe bead . IlDd lo"... ara " II la ... especl_ aJJ.a.d loto lha tutore. bom _ta. C8"aAÇTaa o .ve regioa Df lha bralD lhao lhe reRte· li . .lI ..Jllliviul ia a world Df ideal.ud lo be bon"la"aa..lIIr.. TH• •laM AIUK&... aad Pertoo.. Indioe towardl propbfIC'... li". Ibo. "' CHAPTER IV..F"" _. Tbis li. ttJUJlg.. remarbble foresi. .. bocl. the. to coucho . b..dactlOl t. Ibo 6rst olthe fo" triplicity and Df Ibe ~i.. ...I..uI bappen. pl".. -ae. romloce IIId lpeculatioll.0_ foIl. I.1 .. ror. olhar parti of lhl Tbey ara "'" aelr·wUIed lad OrtllO IIlropiaiOllllled. rre... dia S .. bavI 111111 aighr.. . Tbey Ire 11"1. il .d b.o . box1I. dia " ""''' lDd Ib. CTI • . . teenl lo more lo lha pereepl... for. ...... l i Ibe.a" eapre..lodhidulll" Tbo4&t..1I 00I'I1II ia ....J &oro.Iad I rar bot ...~ : _lIbl 01 Sal'" placr. uoepl: OIIIe.r illBneDCot lod lIot to lheir pIIfIOD..h.. -. for Ibe. IOlDItim. Tho. .dvazac:ed tbol1lht..

ys be relied upD!l lu pro~ide plenlJ of entonaiomool. bul Ihey are ucellellt . Ihey oheo ruo to greal extremes. aod Ihly can al_.iaed eRort. . thelr enlhu.n SWl)'1 tbe m. Tbey are iOleresled in 111 mlltefs Iblt Ire OCCIlIt and metaphysical..nd masterful apiril Ibaa by simplo peno· .s iotelleclull.t gr~1 Ioyalty ftom olhers.ympuhies . They elO be boi" 5ceptical lod çroduloul.n ~erante.. going strllght lo lho coro wltb thoae ia wbom IboJ Ire inlerosled. nOl casy to dKelvl tbaso barn daring Ibe pariod of inAu(. They Irll frank and outlpoken.(cd quickl)' Ind pramptlJ IheJ are lhe people wbo CID do tbem boIt: bul Ibeir tia miallCID ia Ufe il to inspire aad lead. . Whea rullJ individualised Ihese pertolla mlkl vory grlod cbuaeteu. for Iheir mentll ..y i they upec. made up they soek lo overeome opposillon. With tbem lhe [aleltecl il lhe maio fealure.1 ali wDfk tbat doea aOI requi'e sust. 1I I. Whon once the mind i. AI"I. are OflllI! cortlbuive alld useniv(I.ap are roqu. and posseuing Irtistic tasles Ibey generlllJ soek 10 make Ihelr eovirollmonl as beauIlruJ as possible. Ind ". or wbat is gener. and Impulslva!y 1':0000fOUS.lIce of Ihi. more bJ their dominanl wi11 .ight. aad are IiOmewbu Inelinl io Ihis resped. ue Ilatur. . The.'.re too ofteo in. Ire fonLl of relSOI! and "gumeol Ibe.0 around lhem happy.. ai times ave beiPg lackiog in dillClet ion-but never in 1e. IOmetimes 100 hopaful wÍln regard 10 their IIIItcrprisu." hoIts or h05tesSU Ihey ue full of Iinle pb. 011' a' • tangent. . geoill lod "lltJ. Ind love to live in I wortd of ideu. u tb. clined to fi.. II_J8 quick 10 respolld to Ibe leas! good wbicb ther may fiad io otbeu.e never It I lou for a -ord.01 wbile lhe.lIy termed illtultioD. They are ambilious peUOnS.r 100 venturesome. Wben nol living up lo lhe highuI atrenglh of their cbarlctu. Dec:idedly latldag io caulioD. but lhe.hn7' nnd li difficull to understtod their OWII emotiona lpd feeHo".. bul lbe formO! mood m011 oft. sigo. wbo love to engage io grcal tnterprises. llld 1he1 . bave a lendency to jealou. TheJ. Ind make escellCll1 coo . for making thQ5.. belo! h. the.l propbetl lod teaebera.altlng 10 mature Ibe!r plaDl. Ibey make splelldid companiOll'. TbeJ ar. 5IIn&e olheu ia I lurprislng WIJ. They lovo barIDODious surroundill8S.. UTIOLOGV FOR ALL. aod 'fero IheJ to cultivale Ihei! dairvo)'anl po_erl IbeJ would be relDarkablo for Iheir Iru.1_11 inclined to lei upan impulse witbout . e.n.1.pecially in 111 piooear work.lasm rately belog daunled bJ obstadas. . orsatiooa!iu. llid are inclloed lo over-estimlle tbeir own abillties. boing IffahJe.

. do best lu li!e "org. Ippnú. lIovell". il li oat of lheIe lhat lhe best uoiool uite.etler bleDd "oo. leadera. _eU "ith Sacittar.g. I f l ata0 fouad amoug phrtQQJori... of tbis t. wou1d thell be oB'. boro from November nad to Oecembet 20th (provided the pJaoelary io· dieatioa.T1t& CHARACTaR DF THa IIIGN AIUES.g tbe bead o! lho cudinallicos. their iIIdepeadeace fIOlbI. fUI amidst hUIDoaious . Tba 6ery aad ai. _01 . Ibe.tlc: taodflllda: he reaUJ requlree to auite Mth thOM .1 Cor Ih. Tbe best cure ror ali their pbJdcal ailmeDls li peita.. of lhe otben.. u the opportoolt." oIlbort . Ih••tomacb and kidl1cJ'1 tuft'er bJ reBex aetioD. .ld be obtaiIIed &om thit UDioD. up Iboee bom io thllligo of lhe wdiac: l i bdooJill~ to Ibe iateUectual trinlly. We m.tI.. but "bea ItrottCI. elc.. IDIDIgw. Leo beiRg more ptlctical thaa Anti .. IheJ eaD nedilJ' flCaperlle. dcsicner" compaDJ promoten. 001 tba Aria ptlr«IlI "ould benefit most b.). alld a .ts. COM. lur· '~'..y' appeI\n to bc to I1n ia. lu the two horoecopel _ra humouiou. unioa wilb oae boro írom JulJ 2alld lo AugUlt 21st (0 in D. luspectofl.).rcise. b.. Aries (OVtl'Ul lhe face 1110. brokera. 01 tbam 'rUJ ladepeadect characten. "eula. a<:tionl.. 11 I..u indlvidull.-laIDlD. auclioueera. ia We al". iduJi.Id IDan. 100 m'ller-of·[act or too emolioual to IUit hl. ud. tbll eip h TauTa. for lhe Anes penoo ~d 6ud tboM hora io eu1by ot _Iery aip. .cturer. lherelore 1II'beo lhe heallb laUs aevero headacbes resulto A.. alIO daUy ex... pbotosraphera.uoti-. .. chuaeler readers. rafonnet'. lVer leach lo dcar tbougta. Tbia beU!. guidee aud c:ourier. "bile tbelr palh_.y. " Tbe bead beiog Ibe most seoaltlve "hleb 10 tbem i. m.. detectivea. ""bicb li morl laUIlC io thil aip Iblo lO. ud thty Ire olten clever ·enqh to da" 11'CCf'!I1fll1lJ.pirlt Ibat ia d.olser. quiel. IberQ to risa lhove aU . e1ocutiooi. out bi.. tbl minei: Ihi.. boute ull alUe 1lI0001.1balauce. pbyalcal1ll'eU.belag of lhe Ariu chlrleter lo hne cu dr.rad of joioins hOlrl witb hlad. 1110 eyes . Whtlll pervertia.ta..Iam aad pett.u ai . lDner qllllilJ or"'" o. ThI Ariee t}'pe woo..UCULlTt.ry tripliclliee boiar io sympathJ... aad · lIpUh. - 104 ioaUJ to lhe perrec::ted iIItuitioll: fQl.torieI.tem i. th. of Cnlsb alr. P~pl. aad rlSt.uffer "beu the s.wrollDdiog. Ibis 1II'lU bo tbe rlrst 10 give oul. . une1li01 c:orQpaoiollt.. tbeir tilb Ibtir Ireale6t lauJl is deceptioo. leades. lod Ibete 11 UabllilJ to aeuralgia. depleted. aud IICOvef Ib. Th. uchitecl... elStutl.itb cIeat ud dedded Ide.. &.

Ih.u0G(eli. petlitte~1 'Dd dogmatlc.. witb raga. Poneusiog. alUIU.Igu I.. boIdln( 0&11 tiLL ...... . pr.bbtc co:m.ed Ibe fim Df tbe. "snolOGT PO. . and "bea l'viD' Izclulively lar tbem~. ... pt make r. ..J'lul' . fira. lIga. TbeJ ao bI ftrJ dltermllled... bown'. be006t pertoDa doIflcMat Itt "'0'. lud Ihey Dever aeem to _. UIU. . i • • U Iba' I...t.(1'1. _ ... aip 01 aOlidit"lt maku lhose bora ia 1I osu. ar • ••ceU .ubst. persisttlot. UIOQDt 01 ptDt..cera . do li great amOUDloI good b7 tbar .. aod . whilo rluro.ctlcal. . • in ~ •• TIII. 11M.. A.linlc..11 plaal entrulled lo thetG..odilllj'l.ureau becomo ".. fOf Ihdr CODMrntilm.... ud ftII'J r rved.te thelf ttorwd. anduriDf.y ai. oI Ihe. th. beco uld Df lho fotegoing ..e lC.... .. CHAPTER V..lil.. tbem..1. tba. apeaI!: .tllIf Ib..M excoadlogly obIttnat. belo. Tb.. IRI ueqUllled. ALt.U7 lIow . Tbe7 CIo. . MiA' lU lhal ia idu... the. lbo«Ngbl7 capable oI ctorT)'iag oal . eonc:eal.d '"11 .. to Uben. eo-workal Ih... great amovolof pb. Taurealll moA OI" IIIS.tead7. oadurio.m broadcall. Ire nactl. belida tbtmMlv. quieto firm. m. furiou ••nd "iole#t · wbu &overel7 .ad cantioal II 'Iket li -.I.. botb 01 wbleb •• preM Ibemaelve..ecatin IDd maU.. Thi..wiU. c:aPa<:it7. thourb . buildia. Ibe. lJIIU.ap foJcM..1I1 triplldt. Thoy II..itblul fri. hn mucb perltveraaee.. Tba. . da r. ar.nlh.Qd .ign • alUI lu Ibl••iga i. tcem to pos. patioat . bora ia thi. patllnt.g mutwortL. aad lutboritatl" penon.. _ Df ali lhat b ..... Th.agued... Ari. Ibe. "'1 their forcee lika lhe Art. .tead7. practicll.....DI utI Ilow. lo lhe chuleler Df Ih.ery Ireat d . UId .adl. Ibe T... rnlutUttlDd b .o!id. them "1'7 tlDlclolU.up wbk:h mllll.·of. clesite.. are ..1 to rou. n1ilbJe. $eeretiv. Tbe... Ih. Tb. COIIIpalll01l1 lo tbon pouellu. .. . PUIIOUI Df -Ih... ploddlng..' .bl. bl Cn.

thay lIe DO atore oa ~Ib eacept la do 800II wilb It.. 10 eoostituted u to MI''' Ibo bead wbicb turnl upon ll.. n..t. hnca thlt ma. th.. I... they ourlO ma. aide of lhe ulule ia la . beiOS (ood of feallia.. ar. Imo ...hould ~ • . tho fact that Ibey Ire more laclioed lo live ia lh1Jir (eeling.. but wbn tb... 11 tbia . . tholatter it ol. .ufI'or Irom 100 mucb pbysical IIteDgtb tbaa too hu lha IIC8DdaDC)' ovet deei.1ity. TH. Thl Taurealll m. Taunll goveros lhe neca.Jau asai...e lhe bel. aod <:om(ort. fatal rau1ll.. lbe 6uI ollbto fiud group 01 Iigol. fie laid 10 bel ODI . and theJ ue ofloll cho!IeD bl tbl public ai Ibeit ss rr..01Iion. _ero bonefitad moat bJ' tbose tbioS' tb •• .. Taureul In mor. IlId jnstll tbil i. :.hlt I. 110 lha. lad per_I boro undu Ihit aia:1I \I..tribulioo 01 lhe life 1000çea. mOSl ia evideaee thoy becoml verJ wor1dl1 a. Wbaa th.. bUI. liabJe 10 apopluJ lod ecaddeo dealh.a. IA""".p. lhe 6nt IttUltloa.11 beahh. mor. lod IheJ maJ bt: contr•• tod with lhe Aritl types b. .wllod !UrnotOUI afIl. tip I.icliollo. IIII! .. thlo might be ellpt:eled Ihrough a killd Df macaolic 11.. oito tbair "eatoal flult .ndkl I mOte equal dl. bUlI!( tbe power 10 mlgneticll1y hoal lad !JOOthe tbOM wbo aN oarvous I1Id initlble.... "hile . objecti.. It "ouId aeem u tbougb the. tripücity. IrJel m. TbeJ oft811 pau OUI of Ibeir bodiu "rU. The meata] Uld phyaical vlllhlJ of IM TlutMaI • tumeDlfou. h ls IJlQre oIleta pb)'sieal . and live In..igo belongs to the eartb. Yea. lDd WILL tb. ue Ieu_ lDei pntroua.. ..1IJ pom a .re.. . IDeI_ to lU.p:(~tlti·' may be aaid tblt Tauruna muo betlU _r"ou lhu mUIee. alld 11 would be beU« fOI' tbem 10 ollehlol' Inlsnetism wilh olber••od 10 obt. .lte ellce1le11t publk . indicattod. 'flvflil COV«II! the tbroat alto...ver. 111. Ali n'orbid leodeocie.. betOllglD8 to the euth. . ubaUIJo doa tbrOllJ'b . Tbo true TIllIeaa ma. be lIid 10 be lho mosl aeoailive put 01 tbe OfsaDum.. beinr'voWed. Ihallo in Ibeir minds.. d1~ Ihat prodr. be . lDi. triplaeit.. CHARACTIR OP THI SIGM TAURtI' • . Belog truslworthy.. Whea lhel totIetnlrale lheir tboQ&hta lhe.. II IhoJ wete lo 1IIII18illl tbeir Inlllds I Jittlo mor'..t lho Alies Iyp't. ODe of "bicb ijLllovorM Ibe beut.. p81cb1c modium. an1 ofticinlJ. pleuurl la t!le lood Ihinp of thillife. in lhe feeho'! lau. and wheD f\llly ia4lvidg·h . p)w.lvllIl "I' to . blc1Ined to .peecb OI' liafi.bouId al"I)'1 ha..alr.reli feeliog.e leabo.e3.beo .eo afl'ected bl eJlnpathJ.e than 5llbjecti.. lhey would be creatl)' btnefittd .

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re c l pableof gre.tic luhjects. Tbil ligo goverDl IbII Iuole aod arma.. tblrehlfe tbm btal . and progressive. TII • .il. mutabl. SION G.erulllit.tlag witb ia 1011 · mental pu"uit. U lhe) eaa iDltaDU. . lhe mental COIIdillool of bumanity..n to I1lIe . UpoD la ID emerteac. '. ca. t..JIg chieS... II .ern. IOlIIetimu OfT1 to edrema.nished. parU.. . CHAItACTI!:R O.0 iodlollioa to be \"OI'} .. lbe aplol 01 dhersitr often ma_. wbile lha. . I Hmhlgla deU. wbicb lha. hane. i. remllfkable for thelr . 111: lhe mlod. which the.O be .o coadltiool ud . Iood are 11_" lhe boat petlOD' to RI. oenrtbelea.1 Ibe lima time.. The.' Iond Ihell 'o oa to Il101ber... a. . lod Ional.18 Ibeir seo_tioos.. them experieoc:e two extTem. they Ir•• dUlli~tic' -thi.t IoUli. witb tbOM ... lo .. The1 CI. Ihe1 -. wiU take uI' OIIe tlllDr. doai whed co-oper. TUB IIGN GBWUU. uo6.. filllah It. me .lHD PUSONAL CKAlU.cua o..... hlvior. .. ti .Iry Iripllclt.. Idapt themtelftl to tbeir lurrouodings lod UI hane.: CID pretent I bold fron! Iond auertive aUitude.oup. (.ry tensitive... We hue knowo ptrsoos bor" in th is Tba.ho uDderstaad thelr ptIC1Iliarities the1 .. .. occupatioo ar pureu1t. «.eoeroua IDeI 1110 nigcardl."'Nl. the Iobllit.dl. 1Ji«n1.. _ find lho.. beiol lhe lI)alo leal"" of lhe raulable . bom in perlOlllo Ih Atefy cantaot wltb 11. lad 1e1 bt bigbl.. altOlether quite dlalU. are alto apt lo 1ea.Ta. Tn.. their worlr. They Iove chloge Ind divenit. Ter)' diffi· cuh fOf othe" to understaod... THII hUnl"DUAL . timid Inel oervouI: lte con · aer ..orlr.iDglWO Ibhl85 io baod .M la h . Tbey CID . momot.. bo*evlf. are .. CHAPTER VI. for ".bea workin! in unit. . '..pecW plealure 111 I~vin.Iwinl to thlt IIp beloqlag to th.. ll'I . duriog lir.ioll • lend'I1:1Cy lo eap!'eu t"..nIDeOts: aeverlboless. amt O. T_1I11 the fim of lhe ai" triplicit. unfi"lshed. In8uenced ooe "lo' ar lhe other. to ntalOO upo..rito!? of tboUlbt Iolld deli.ery qwcld. tingi ... aod lhe 6rst of tbe ".. ~'h ich have both dual {unctiool.poDd to lhe requiremeatt of Ih..

.penoDI neeeed besl lo ali work whcre lhe ~ 1ft ero. mUlioen.I. but 1I i. Ii.fI. 11 woa.. ud.. but it iI tbeir particullr .aI b. lute.011 j bul lhe. olfiee olHeI"a. no..I" OI' tfOh.lppe. . . vu. plored.. .herdare per~ll. . OefYOUI..ulltora.ccordlIlU wl:th th.. time. or ilT·health ia mo. TI. _bo b..ahoulden.u mood Ibe. "...mer. !nust..ivo..Md •" oollet ia 10 Ibe literll'J worId. ThiJ ml. 01 th~ lI. wqp..ir7 or fiu.nerul _Ir: Ih. _hicb qult. &Qd bud. ud di. 01 workio.. aedv. for lhe.aa1. m.. oi empk)JmlAt OI' posr. On 't bI ..ary talCo.u for lba public Ii.. lo . These perlOnl . to comi. Ibe. aod I' tiditon. The sigo Gemlolcovem. highl.tI... cauMd b.. CIO chlnge Iboir tima for working anil thinlriDI. pubUc miod..poak. nceu o. Gemlnl peHOOI IR rath. . uaoervu Ibem. rail_.y mUI pod 3ctoUtADtI. boweYef. pbotO(llphrn. .0 pileM 1i lbe ...uuog.." . ud . . deeonti.. or In.'equlrtd. compaftmeDta..bole of tbe. The. IDd ..lore ealer. 'tCilim•• e ror Ibem". Tbrou(boul Ibe . IM la.. . od eOlllumptin l_lati" (beloogiog to lhe mulahl. IUId lleep ftee 110m 1U11Ii._ Ih. . dertca. thil briogl Da oehOU' ditoc'de~ (. I mOlllal amoid .. desigD" ia . mwt upect dual impremo"l lod m.e In.mbitiOUI.eallse lba. derlcl uct eommucial Iruellen. Tb......1e eacb p.. efe . of 0" pecuUu metbod. em.. oi hJli..oJ colltradiclOry .. . .dou. lbar me vlri.. ho_ver.owd do _11 to mllTJ thase boro ip lOme Iip. CODsl.vI divmity. lm.bole. .. . triplieilies.t .. te<:reluiOl aod Ir. 11 ia IOmltlm. lhe. oee..1'J' 10 Itud... 01 coa.lilta.hicb gnorall. Kbool.vI Hpfl. . !ir... . of lif. nport•• Ilad 0"'5*S..o . Bei".. bue tM IlbiUI. CIO do • (fel' Imol101 01 ..... tU. 6fS' .. to be tlolhl.nus... tuccoed .. lod.l!:oepen. to be I. me lIIonulot. Tkl.od eodea'lO\lr not lo be 100 mueh . lhe. ItllDdaot. lhe tbought'lpher.ld be _11 for Ihe"l 10 ."m.. fiod them. witb reglret ·CO diet...r clVetl to Impul . b refineme1l1 aod bettu coodltiona. Ih. • (11 ASTROLOGY roR . pleOl. in f'CI... leio tom with In.. '. fel _bn ioft aJooa to _orle oul Iheir o. ~). leetullrI.uat b. . p»tmeo.t. am.utiçul. tba mlod <:ao bt eoptel! in two putsUllIlt IM"me Tb. pOlI.ili .. . joulo . Df chia. . decidu lhe 1101 tluy .lU.Idu..hieh beloPI to lhe all'J' tripLieity). . .ad cu tbcn.. 6clcle In4! lodeci.ake.tI.on.... MII. in .. Iherefon the chiei toDtIrD 'Ibould be lO Ivcid 100 much eIcitemlAt. to IIlnd &Df . mlke Ihem appell 10 Ibelr frlead.. . maU ucellent boolr. WbeD lho. of eleep la al".ss.

lum up lhe Gemini t.Til.. MOTI . an inspiratiooel Dalure.olllll impulsive.ldered very pro. and lhe ebilll. a great deal on "bat iJ relU.fc lhe. to become "erl clever: qulck-witted end me. 10 Ibat lheir experience of me iI ever obtained Irom dualit. be reguded U lhe child 01 Ihesetwlm). heIOD( tbe.clical. lhe Iile wilh Ibe lOfm. Thel ell possess fina orpnic qualil." . Formlng I' tbey do tba lul of lhe mtelleelull lrinil. The.. Ibey _m 10 be able to e .pe of peuon borD belweeu MI. il would Jum l i If lhe. must evel be moviag from place lo pllce or (com Ihoughl 10 thought. lih lhe Ilr to wbicb Ibe.. il we Ibink of Ario. become difl'u. Gemlni ml. at It were. are. ulalher .od Taurus as mOlher.!!. IIvo tbo uDbalaoced pet'sonal II.. iotellectuallod senntiooal.rel:li~. weee ever IlJ'ing lo blend lhe ideal wilh lhe pc..lvo aad u. " We ml. · press Ibe IWO foregoiDg sigas ia Ihemselvea (thus.nellable. nenoUJ IDd irritable. ~2nd Ind june 20tb as dualistie and rntlell. and are ever beiDg called upon lo decide lowuda whicb lide Ihey sballleaD. Ihey Mem to dra. Indeed. CIIARACTER or THE &IGM GENIHI. but wben the. The inDU natult ot lu". sigD I. for ali Ihll ia con· ILined in lhe spiril-mattu of lhe pDsitive Ind negatlve union of ArieJ wilh Tlurus li seeking O.. Their chiei characterístict arelotee aDd motive. 01 thi. aad _bea Ihoy ~eek to disço"u Ibe motiVei for their actiOllI Ihol may be coo. pllçed betweell two poles..IpreSlion io Iheir consciousness.

litiou ' . lgu.b. pall.. Thi.bote ttosclt. IOODClr tban lal.nd lu~r.ip. and lho ICCODd 01 lhe çulliul. .aketlbem leel •• rJ keeQlyeverytbing lhat aft"cele tb. meo become freemuon • • nd mcnlbcrl of occ:. a"d biDd.eallmr mloula . family. lhe fir$! of lb • . ir. faitb lhe.ool boro io thi.. promlncnl la Ibe me.U rituallatie observances. WheD ful1y individualised thue PIr· anol iH) ramarbble for Iheir imaginatioD." memory.. and gO"0"1I1 lbe breast lod Ilorolcb: it ia Doe Df lhe mos! sonlilj. .l. Ihem c:. u in •. .o . IrC limid. Whc:.ulTellcn: through Ihis Ihey ofl~ become ~me_hal limhed . IlId al. romllltic .MO IlIcllning to Ih.Mca •• @ in •• TAI"gu Clncef be(iIlS 0111 maternal trinllJ. rldic:ulaor diaapproval very muc. o.JrU. THI I1GM Ct. Ind beio..a to myltical . Th. l i Ihlly 10111 to dwell 00 pUI events.. makOll tbem IIOmewhat aotiquued.. bold. .. .. 1Odu.. crab..«ain in which lbe 'eelioga plly • promiMot pano Pef.:tcriled •• . are olher mcmben of th. JUra IOf lhe Irmpalb.11 lIome and domestlc . It i.igDI Df th. lip lhe nUI Df Ih.heu moviog aloog lhe hilher lilleS.lO UnOLOCY rOR ALt.. Callcer pe1"IOOI hne lhe mOI! remukr.c. From .liva. . IlId flnd 1ft) dimcullJ ia r. CHAPTER VII.ra ~..bieh makes Ihem tome_hat cODventiollal. ue Y8fJ' Ilncere alld arnest ..ble mernotJ Df alIy livlID by lhe Iwelve . u .flIl . pudcullrlJ "'"crc UUlC.. peuonal aide Df life. pl altl:l charac. IlId for them domollle airairs beeorno I IlitÍn of braka 00 Ibeir OW'D iodividual progresso They ut: bighly apprnbll. (carin. THI INDIVIDV. but tar.n. or lo 10 over 111 Ihei!' memory PU! occ. .: Ihll. of Olherl.loJd. aip I. Tbe.L "MO PIlSOHAL CHAUCTIIl e j". the po_ Df releul!v. I. aod .. 10 c:Iao or fllCt.DCt occuIl meetillp. maio featUfa Df Ibi.t". rCllerved IlId sbJ. for il will lose Ua ela . Tboir highly ICn ~ ti~ Ilt.bmnl 10 !amUy i. d~b6d bJ Ih. .a.oc:ifuJ.tUnI . Ire alIO fond of banding tocether iolO ICeIS.oddents of Ih. but . trinll" II IOV. proverbial.ult 11Id fleCrel commullltl"" IlId women are l'lra. t.nd biDde~.o Inached 10 tbe Cubolic:.. Ibe.

whicb lrait . BeiDc e:rceedingly Ien...reat lave of power.. tteiD COftIUpaUOD. lo the bighes! emotioD. posses. .tionalllm or upward iuto lhe plloe of the emotiou. iodividualised tbese perlOD' pos~ I . IM' ue Ipt. They are persi..1001 p$rlODAl lia" oaly.o Imouol of IICI. U lhe. WOrt. to more lo lhe penoDa! sldl of lhelr ulurl Ibao Ii good for Ibelr well. _blch embflct Cllerin.chic gih. food of ali tb.tent .. respect age . tbi. oervoUl wbeo amol.od exeeedingl7 leo· acioul. The. Ther 'equire to be careful la diet. ud wbeo lhe penanal e1ement ia atroal we shall find Ihese penoul sufl"eriog from wo": digestioo aod . beiog able enU)' lo feel lhe iruptessiolls Iround Ibem. food of tavio.Imosl ali lhe detlil. Whea . whleh Pfoduee. Ibougb lo malter. 01 feelioS they lro trulr wooderful people. la fact. . bUlioo" ar profenloa 111 which Ib. a p5. They UI Iiable alIO lo aufrlllt flom raacied aUmeot.. thero being a tood. CHARACTJtR OF TUa SICH CANCER. have a certaJ. wilh regard to domestic a«.. saem lO h. bonl ia tbi •• tbom coo· IiderlbJ. lt i. of aay luoetiooal disorde:r. lo tbeir feeliaSI Ibe.unI iolo . ia 11. RnsatlOJl Ihey WOfk Ibrougb leelill. (rom fermeDtatioa 1a the Itomlch. íbey (feall..le61lng ma... for lhe manel." tbeir reeUogl are ve.:oaomical and ver)' foad of lavlog. IlId 011(:1 huilll pioed II lhe..ue the ability to bold It.. diffi · cuh to hd baJJnOJliOlU pertOD. euily wouaded.rd op curiol to. ar• . Ihll Ihe. rheumatllm ud chfODlc disorderl. wblc:b usI. They cu rake up hom lhe pul thlog. remarkable eJ:lenl.Iric trouhles. letton. aad . are best adapted for those puuuit. esptdlll. to h. Wheo lull.eoenllJ fear tbl "Noul Tl!'luh. morbid Ihal Ibey IlCtua1l7 produce the iIIoeu Ibo.beiog lod lhal of lho." th" leek a world·w'lde IpptOVal. Ibat olheIS have lon(( forgottea. lhe Itomach. loclinlo. a deflf.THI!. or ao..ardeolly desl. beiog nlremel.. ai their Iile. Ihil orgaa wiU be a sensitive pari of lhe 'Jllem.ctill( .. li".. Their cure is I heahhy imagiollion ud freedom kom allandoly.11 kind of curio. Ire DOI ambitiOUl.ocJ to soffe.lolique. AI thlt sigo lovero.od aalliet. they are iOlctlve lod ioclined to be Mlmewbat 1'''Piq:•. Ind lend to ~JDe ver)' ccmlflfnti'fe. in tbil Tapeet they beeome. Tbe1 are alwa.. Iround Ibem....iliv.od cUllom. aod .re. Imqioe tbemselvel lurreriog (rom. .. but lhe. They IHM.. aud brins. books. with Ihem Ire frequeot eausel of IlIdlcettiOD.t i.pocboodria. cury tbem loto lhe "oUI forma 01 leD.. but nther lo"en of flme aad poblie ffICO(lIiUoo. Cancet" pelsoa.. Tbe)' are e.dve drcolltioD.. congestlon. h9Wevtf.ira.



,.ne,,1 public .1 largely conce.rned. They mak. Iplendid hlstOl'lans.
being .blt to .fite up lhe JMSI wilh c:onsidcrable Iccuracy. Aa Ih,
Afie. types would do well as leaden in Ibe military world, as t:.J.ptllnl,
Ilo«als, clc., 50 win tfle Canter Iypes do ~II as naval captaillJ I.d In
.11 professions connectcd witb Ibe sei. They make good aUHeS, uterln.

and botei .tepers. barmaids. coniectiooers, aclora and Ictressea, com·
pallion •• cDoks, ]Iundresses, dellers in sccond· hand clothing, aecond·
h_nd booksellers, dressmakers, matrons, midw;ves, mineral wII"r mlnu·
f.ctufOl'f, researcher., .tewardesses, etc., luceeeding best lo .11 maUe"
Df • Auetllating lod public Dllur., lo commodltie. tbat
ofteo, IDd io malte" Df amall prnnt' ud quick retums.
lo lummariling Ib. chuaele, Df Ih. Caoçer portioa ar hamanit,., "'11
ma, belt llIultrate the character of Ihl. tyPII by uylng that lhe,. al1l
tee1ring to bacome perfllclly illdivldua1iscd, and for Ihit purpose '",mly
b ODe oi their chieC eharlcteristic:t, The,. are 'fuy reserved aad lellll'
IIve, Iympathetie, persillent alld impatient, impressionable and emotional,
h i. ai times ntcessary for tbem to become wbAt lbe world caUa ul6.h
'bat they may prateei Iheir' Indivlduality : but when thi. bu becn
attaioed lhe,. are itrollg, ulf-poueued alld alIO IIIIf-reUalll charaeten.
Thi, 5ign complete. tbe finl four 5ignl In lho :todiac, in wbich tbe four
Iriplicitiet, 6re, earlh, air and water, eommingle, .. It were; 11 I. ',m_
bolie oC lhe 61m ar &urie eri Ibat conlainl tbe ",bole. The ioner nature
Of dutil!y of Ibll tiro la Po....









ar TIlI 51Q" Llo.




LIa t. tbe mlddle Ugu oi lhe ",ai.".., trlDlty, lhe IeCOnd of the JI'1
tripllcit" Uld tbe seeoad oI thefoll4 ligo.: tberdore II ma, be said lo
bold the ceatn.l paint in the zodiac, Uld wbeu joined "'Ih tbe ReS! si(1I
h ~rtaiol, eoalaine lhe enloce 01 the "hole t"dve aiso.. Leo !l:overos
tbe bearl. tberefore II wUl be rrom thi. ceolre that lhe cbar.cler of lhos.
bom in tbi••i(o mUlt be judged.
Standio(, •• Ihi. aIp doa, lo UM! ceou.. " •• ball fiod: lhe Iorcet of
tbe h..11 ruonias "thel' up"ard OI' do"""ud: buc 01:11, lo Ibote "'ho
.re fuU, IDdividualised, or," it I. lermed, aell.eoatdoua, sball we fiod
Ibe coDlciou.o . . ce.olred io the hurl. Gelierall,spêúiol, Ibe emotioos
are luU, active ia lhe Leo cbafuleT'l. ~heJ are forl,:elul and hi,bI,
m.,oetlc. aod, pene"io, ao abuo~~nce oI ",taUt" lbeJ carr, wilb them
ao aun. Ihat i. 'beneficialto ali. Tbe, are ,-awMl, Idoel, wum·be&rted
aod lavi»,. but uauall, lille lo upteu Iheir lo",la aetioD, tlMiremotiooal
oalure beiol 01 lhe belrt. The, caD be imp,:!lliv.....d difl'lI.lYe, boi it I.
u.ua1I, the lmpwsa of • geoulIUa D.tare. Tbe, por...... vel}' atlrac·
individuali!, I.oct are .hra,! decided cbahcter.. Tbe, are llIuall,
veTJ' practkal wilb , ••rd to Iheir lde.ts, .. tba, ...efcr lO Uve 'bem
ralber tbl.D lalk of tbem. Whlle tha Ano Dature \lSull, S'ptltt wODderNl
Id...lI io thollfbl and e't'''' saem. 10 bo malm( arai lha '.l_UarDlbJe,
the Leo I)'pc•• re IlIellll)' aad qui.tI, ..... iD( to malte tbem faliti",.
Tbl. comes from tbe womderlul faith .bicb Iba, "'bateU, poueu,
Ibeir mouo beial "Whate"t1' ia. i. best". Ihit eomaa, bowever, oolr
wbCII the Leo oalure i. a.aMeDed and tha desire ba. beta MDt OUI 10
uoirr lhe innividual will "itb the Supreme WiU. Beiol lhe cealre .of
lhe fier1 triplicit, tM, poue$I a ver, stroD, Ime OltUte, "hicb m.kes
Ihem vel)' ardent and siAcere in Ibeir IfI'eettou" As lhe Hcond of Ibe
f,acd li(II" IlDd io conlnsl with lhe TaureaDS, they t-~'f'~ more uoil)' af


wW and del;r .. actlDI more OD Ih. lide of wllltun lhat of dos;,e. Tbe
LeQI "",o to rui .. but II I' • '11" nlber ol Ibe bnR : lha. Df Ibe hud.
Tb.y ar. pbllaolhropic. aod 11"'1)'1 obe, lbe impolau 01 lhe hcart
",her••ymp.thy i, coa.cerued. Tbl, ligO JWOduces individuais wbo are
mOfa lhorougb lha ... 11:17 of lho olhei sigo., for lho, leem la combine lhe

prlclical wilh lhe philosopblcallad Ih. idul with lhe real. When adro
coolrolled lho, are wcmderful individual., bein, Ihl, to inAuenco gr'l l
lIomben. Tbey h.vlI lhe powor la Ioeod Iboir thoughls to 107 distancc,
Ind .bOD coDscrvillg tb6ir ooergiu, beal tbrougb .,mpatby. They Uflm
lo radi.te &om lhelr centre a bcaullful w.rmlh. Ilke Ibo Snu, wh ich i.
rultr af Ihei, signo But who~ turniug lbeir lDlCel dowllward and Iivilll
10 lhe peRoul lide of me lhe, are ver)' amariv.. ";Ih ver)' sttOllg
PUsiODI. h iI fouod lbal lhe welkesl IlId lhe Ilrollgesl hldi vidulll
come autol Ihll slgn. are tbOM _bo are 100 easi1y led
Ihroulb Ibeir leelill'" lhouCh Ihl. I. ohea eaused b, l u oeiuiol wilh
Ibole _ho 1.1ce advlotl,e or Leo oalur.: lhe,. Ibea (aI! ;nlO di" i.,..
liDa and ma, become dissolute ebaraaen.. Bul lhe 'rue apirltllll fire il
tv"r buraia( wlthill, IlId lhe)' .i11 rise from Ibe dead . shes
of Ibemse1'1M to "elter aad 1I0bler Ibinga; for Ihl. l i(1I il knolA/o b,.
."rolocer. l i lhe hou.. Df Ibe SUD" aad it il tb,ou,h Ibl, sigo Ih.t lhe
,.,.. of lhe SUD become m011 powerfuU,. eharpd _hb spiritual life lad
eoe.,,,. Wheo Loo peno.l _li. 10 bec;:om, IIIlf,coDsclous lhe, 5Cem 10
m.u more npid prog'fISI Ih.a Ihose bom under olheI lignl. Íllld
posteplog .1 lhe,. do lutb ""1 lCasitive naturel, Ihe.y are able to
"adil,. tapdlld lo Ipiriluallaftueaeel: Iheir faith ,bea becomes man.el.
luus, aDd lhe whole of Iheir tife _ml to be devoted lo doia, lood to
Leo (Overolol Ih, heart caulel Ihi. part 01 the 1,llem to bo Ib,
ceotre lod mOlI _Iil,. afftcted when lhe charlcler I. illb.rmollioul Ind
lhe lire rullDill1 10 ud disordel hllltead of pcace lod p,ogre.. ;
lhe clrculatlOll IblQ suBera, Mttlol IIp mao,. Iroublel Df a more or le.
'e'flrilb naluro. wbkb la lura ruet upatl lho mind, bringiog gloom alld
despoodenc,.. 11 i. esseol!al 10( lhe wtll.bolog and perfeCI health of ali
Leo persolls Ihat the,. bave • cerlaio time, if only 'l lew minutes tiI.cb
day, whea lhe)' ClIl bo quite .IOfte and perf~ll)' aI rost o Tbis enablel
th em to 'sl.n lhe machinery from lhe beart' aI al\ o\'ell aod harmoololls
' il ta of .. ior"lloa . Tbei, beS! medi~.i n e. is lovr., peaee and harmoay•
.~ 11 Lco pctSollS $uc c~1I beSJ wh~ they hu"'l' I Ulhoril}', or hold



rilan 01 ioYe ataries or dtamatic Ikettbea.. Allbougb Ibe.acled b. "UI do beat I' jo. ptanetllJ illftuencet.. . _orll. Ibe.. lhe coatro of lhe mlttnlal trioll" 11 bold. laitbluJ. and ..ellor. The.lon.. but lo tradu or proreu.ooeroua to I fault. be tounle. aum up lhe Leo penoD! ..fltlu . firm aDd self.perfectloa. 11'111" turned in lbe dlreetioa Df aeU.emeaL Wa ma. siDctrt.THE CHAItACT.. m.loaer nature or ~'iay ia "AbO"'... Tba.. OI' «oJdlmilb. 110M LEO. pouess Irell .. baPPI lo poaltiClOl 01 trulI illld ma.b aod lIoble thill" . escelleal musldaD' lod poet. avor aimial at bi.ive. lha IDtuitioal of tbe bclrt. t~J ue DÓI fond of laboriou...d pernver. tome bi(b aad responsiblo positloo. alio mak.controJliDI iodi· vidual. cnalrldietar. UI ali bon _ith I Dobilil1 Df Ch. llearl.ER OP TtUr. aod biud••U i he otbrt. aad altboucb unbhlous thtlr amblUoD i. 'llIb ticn . . . b.. t u 0011 be reall.naeat a. lod lho. Ibo powor 0110\11. TbOJ ue .. h.. ea.treDI1b and vilali'. hicb caD 0111.

aa aIItbodiCll1" wlth maca.. The. for th.. Ippanot ..pirit.."ucnl OP Ttll e il. aDd are io. "I' . algn. them"v" to pMc.. Tbi. TKI liga Vireo 11 lhe second 01 lhe . ~.".lubla teci Ind in8IDuil. Sla.. weU ....lf· uj erro. !irial lhem lar.a.ud _U. elemeDt . Yiduals.. ia Ibtir cnra cbaracter. but mOA! &om 1 -mealal aUitude.. bOI Ibey ue oauaIl. aacl ma. for lhe mljoril. tendiQ( mon toWlrd lha practical tha. ead thl.. of iudl· 'fidullities. It. 01 lU wbole of Ibe com· EDuailJ. btUer tbaa IboM loora ander otb.. to mlke the most Df their c:oadltioaa Ih.Wlfe Df ali lbeir a"aiCUMDU. bave rlm .. i it is lhe third of lhe trinit. ara mora II)' fOUDd lo lhe butin.cmia.. Tbq!IN 'IG'J' iadllltrioU aod pwailleat.U. IhOUlb Ihey _ED to blead Ihl 4STROLOGY POI ""Lo CHAPTER IX. lene.1 MIIrI to M 11... 0111 Df tM. tblo fi am edur. A... mlbl Ibem "8lJ ditcrimlDl.ontliDlng ql1lliliu... UI pbilOlOphieal.. the .b II lrom lhe otber ligo&. powen ud . tbla pra represeotl the virglo toil.. IriplicllJ' (&om _hicb we mi. charaae" cbarlcteriMd b. Til.1 with lhe pnclieal lu I Il'Ilrvellou mull.. allbougb belonglD' to the eanb. whic::h . sign.'11 Ind t UPpose Ibat 100 mocb of lho urtb.n.1 _lia.1'1 takl". DOI &ooa 1 sylDpllhetk Haodpaiot.a lioo. n. to the IlQUlbem Ilgns: it I... Iba IdeaL preciM lu det. lotd.lsdam I. b_1 lhe.Id to llaow tbemselv.d dcfect.. _1Iy t\U1ll tb" crltldun upoe t""' ... The Indi'V!dula bon:a lo thls aIgD In coallncli" &Del .. . n. to be boru. whieh provIde for th... IIIDIVIDU4L "ND P. ligO. for tbe)' arl 'IOf}' IOlroapectlve.laoufht. "... world. JDsculoul methocll of WOrldD... Vlaoo.... . tbal Ir:eea inlellect whiçh COI!ln rrom experiloCl mor. ... I..o ulrlmel)' . pot ri..e re. (ot.)' encanfal udcallUoua.cliDod _trII. poue.. bat Ibey . othu.. tboa mO'1 readllJ to vibratio •• p&ssiDllbrou..mltt•••1 it wero. . 'umias·paim from lhe Dorlber.. Ipeei. Ind the. luto lheir mlke·up). ....alOlI4L C. li ...luU. putleul.a.y are Ibe mOlt criticai of lU iadi.l8CODd of the _wl.iti. . . io puro luh. n.auld com. laIi cu reaelil....

ey. becomiog li. Ibe.. di! criminllive. Their baSl medieiDe for ai disease is to be alone with Nalurl! and lo h.. become very domineéring. as lhe. lho.reat worldly suceU5.taad· paial. siga possesl greal recuperltl. Ihey Iheir wi! about them . aad tbe. belng discriminltlve aad wi.round Ihem harmoniou condilions.eJ:pec.ivol.. Those born in Ibi. Ibey ue rellly very aplendid character."1 lhe praclical 100 far iato scepticism Ind doubt. ney will do welllo 51udy diet and to bo particullr in lo"..ame . Thi.Ctl to the malenu.! Idnity in IIzRetly lhe . 10 b . . 10 Ihet ".. io liro for lbemselves. The Virgo type may bo sunlmed up as retiriog. ah50rb lhe poisons of druga inlo Iheir ' . active and mercurial. however.t 1her Iheruel".n.. The.. .mbol. minI lo "ve.o Iheir I. reei lhe ChaDI{OS ir Ilmospherie condition. Tlrey alway' seem lo b.Itilude. Ihey saem. wbicb causei tbem lo Identlfy tbemtelves almosl IIdu.itive physicall. l houlc! al .5tem... using tbeir good latelleetual abilitieslo tbe delrimont of olher. Bei08 aatural Iludeatl of Ib/! Iara of ":riione.ílh the eatemal wor1d. Ind often possessing lhe power Ip plrebomelriM IDd . avoid Utugs 01 every kind. . The. a virgia ia pur1ty. aod Ibeir bodies IC like bato melors.peedil) affecling Ibe circulatioD. 'P'ycbic coaditioal ftom lhe higher .. tign . aod lood to CI. if not ali. become more "16th 1hao Ihote or olhor lign. or lO' iII·bealll tbey IDa.beo rUlullag lo lho persoaal . They mar be IIld lO have mlDr lauh...ide of Iheir natur. 01 OIher signs.. takn posses. ere more sensitivo lo lhe vibralinar Ifound Ihem Ihan person. '1 to be some". llleSe pellCn. . . . and are renerllly $elf' po'!õessed. iag what ia lermed more NIf·corlllclotlS.ay as Gemiai doei to lhe inlelleclual. Ibe. are nol ....ine wonderful progreu la spirilual devolopmeol Ind usuall. IhulI seek ali lhe .t Irom othen ". are Cllpable of ma. BUI when llviag more in Ibeir indlvidualil" or bocom.THIt CHARACTER or THE 9tGM VUlGO. wbile the.hen mootog alOllg pelaonill lIoes.hat proud 01 them. ingenlous. they usudly know how 10 tive proper1. beiog vory leIl.. . Tbo.vl! . and with regard lo lhe m~gnoli5ms surrounding them. and I Clrl.ia hardo.. aioce they ue eh. anvo to their 0"11 iotetett..ired .11: lo Iive lhe mOlI chaste li'V".ood Ibíng.h.e powerl.ay. IGd may IUribule much. seeltinl 10 expless in itseU lhe uaioa of Clocer and Leo.bUilr lo enable 'hem to . and may aUaia . Ilmosl direclly Ibey begin. sufrer b om to their own babits of li(e. tboa Meome ralher InltOrilllslic.ion of them.uain Iheir de. upressinr lo lhe sensitive soul wilbia every ehaol' -t:hal talces plaee io Ibeir IUfloundiogl. Tho} are tlrely siclc or iII. pos~ss aU Ibe .

of .lifuI dl:aradOfI.Imos! lO' en'lirOllment. The ioocr oalure Of üdi". Person.r.trAiu auccoed uuder Ibeir ingeniou5 niIO.or!d.."ocltioo lu _hlcb activity al1d general mental Ihmly belp them lo IUcceed in life. lhe.w.. lherefore IUCClIed In ali mattera tonnected wilh chemistrJ. Inl7 bea. th~ gencnll. Tbay make cJ:ce11enl agentl.gO' bu.i"". 01"111111111. and . requlremcllt.hea liYin.000 providan. are ...17 for IhemMlvea lhe. Idlpt tbcmselvcs to .utUlld lo lenioa: (O Ib. .u IDd dlladV&D1are. .bis lip i. Tb. or Uoplble Df clItremes good alld IO-Clllled cvil.11 advaall. Ali commercial .1. bul lbeir grlllle51 IUCC:CU il lo be lound ralhar in lhe bUliaMa Ibao lhe professional . witb • full eoo~iOUaDeu of wal Ibo)' Iq doloe. They are natural chemi. Thcy bave also a fondncss for generallilenture.1 eompnion. lnd do nmarkabl. ASTROU>GY rOR ALL.. aDd beiog thOfOU. bei0B mllth • .lIe Df personaJ' .Ii. and have aucceM lo Iitcruy purSuil$ from lulb01 lo pril1ter. mellt. .. TbeJ like to bandlo IKIIId materiais: ud lo dAI il1 merchlndise IUO_ their meotal ability (ull ICOpo. nukc . penooaJ elCmflat lhe. of tbOM uoulld Ibem Ibat lhe. uiae.. connected wilh food slulrl. Ire CIopable of outwlttilll others for Ibe .lvu to Ih. . 00. _ell in ali matter. and io flcl are quite ready lO follow Iny . Ibe)' UII 10 readiJy adapl them... hOWCYef. IDd _bea.xeelleol entenainen aod IpJlndid 1Od. . but lhe.J. hom Iheit ÍDftntin pul.sts.marter ' Ibaa lhe majorit)' Df thOte Irouad Ibem.1'1011.. baile lheir bell auccell io life io Ibe _orld. bora io Ibi••iga CllII INdil.. to .

Eac:h Sip Df the Zodiac: i.e coalaioeel lo Ibe one great ln. tbe equali.6V8 WlIII the . They have al. Ihl. sl8a is ellprelled ia jUliee.bea (ull)' individualised. Extremes. equilibrium..1i. 11 Is lhe alm of lhe lodivlduallty worldq throua-h Ihls siga 10 soek equlllbrlum. ótber. Those bom lo thã.. and not {rom the Unotional plaoes. is the sfJCODd of lhe.. Tbey poaUI' lha mOle perfect lorm. T".n lhe third of Ibe "r/li".. e . .•• kiod aod amlabhl di. lhe Ii&o of the bal&llce.ers of oomparlSOD. . Lia. aod there la. CHAPTER X. and dilpassionale . IMOI"OUAL AMO PIIlSOJIIAL CK. agreeabt.. sigas.. Ibe keeneal aOO Ibe mosl mloifest.i11 bo la.nd this tl. aeem to be able lO ..." lriplicilJ.und ia Ihis a. aod thl.. . I seco 1II"orld.bole of Ibe orgl. ittelf beUet Ibaa tbrougb other rMdium. exprelling lhe Venul side of Iheir D. balaace.uses Libra pertOnl to Iove harmaoy 10 muth.Iata of balance.. Ih.. intuitiva.".e I.ltiu. The1 ara remlrklble for Iheir perceptiva facu. TIf... best studied b. . Imowiog ill opposite. hic:h makC5 the Ipirilual perceplion.THa CHARACTaa o.4... . 10 t..CTIIl O.. 11 Is lhe fin! slgn of lhe "lrH/Iltil1f trioil1' Tbe ladividuality Df Ihi.11 Ihing. aod very plellaot per5ODs. makes them courteous.. but lOOaer ar laler opportuoities come iMO lhe Iife la take ao Impartl. ia ali the cardiaal .realm. of gettiog 0«Q1t knowledge Ibrougb iaaer perceptioo. I great Imouo! of lospira. produced b7 &D7 of tbe sigas... Ihit eoables Ibem. . &eeming to bave tbe abilit.ICU are remarkable for Ibeir po .. aact lo Libra we let lhe balloce of AriCl. fcnns tbrough which the 1001 11 able to ellprcs.. SIO" LleLo\.l Ihey reei ellceed· ingly sen.eiCh and balance . motflOYfJI".Igas.positioo. 5JGH UBItA. this maltes them (tom hotb IIOUrces. These ps)'chic glftl are obtaioed from lhe tbougbt.lule mOle Ib.. come 10 realise that Ihe.mperately elpound Ibe hlddeo knowlad.iag .hlt IOOnlf or Ilter Ibe Libra iodividual.o1am 11 la I .. 10 . 1100 ia Ibls sign. tbey are tbus abla to aad dilpaulooale vle. ao uascoo as well .. order. .igo of the tndiac. TUI.udl!:meal. menlaU" 11 lhouch tbey were lnspired. I.a.

.. .laries.. would be proncient in .. when 001 fully self-cooscioU5. ara ralher imo palieol.. are al. vef)' everHempered aod amenabl" to ali the good ioftullocos tbat .a. profenion _here Ibe)' could preserve harmoo)' ar briog lt about in othuL Tba. Til. but Libra persollS u5uall. World.. lhe. _hicb eao OQI)' bo upreued I I a refi~ mental conditinn whieh II oot dependeot upoD lhe brain fot li.l)' approbalive and IIcry tenaitive. housekeeper. forl!va. otberl ar. and aucc::esa1.. Ibrougb their luse perceptivel. Ihen become ellct$din. ar in posítioos of refinemenl wbere. Tbe inner nature or ~Ij"..ielD' alona: perlOolt lines tbese penoos live mote in lhe form aspecl arma: lhe. &fiem lo be ever ttriving lo manif. ean quiet1y and ealml)' maoage a«ai". Whco uohalanceel these persans lufl'er from lhe complalnl.releu... and 5ueh liko. and Icidne)'s are the mOlt 1e0sitive parts .u. Wb. a. and reliromeol.11 anistie If. juat aod generouI. These pertons passou knowledge whieh sums to be the eram of ali lhe mental cbaracllÔstics 01 Ihl JN"cceding ligo. 001 capable of.urrouod Ihem. and with Ibom ia may be said Iblt tbe balance or Ibeir iodividlUlll. 5il'l i.s are such as ma)' be easll. arrangeu. and to raallac lhe jUlIia of allthin. Tbey _m 10 acc::ept 'all i.t and perceptive charaetorl. To lum up Ibe hldividualit)' ar lho Librana WI!: ma. Tbey Ife ~n5itivo 10 far o &I the perlOnllil. and mudeal direclors.1 Ihat whieh DlUlI bo auainod by ali bumaoit)'--compaltioo.". Ihat. . consider them &I WlpirltiOll. Tbe)' malce er.. a . tho intuition Cltacll. bltt Iheir ptltlotla' faulls and famn.. com 1000 la the cardinal 'sigos.a)'.angomeoll lod would . Ibem iolo real toueb witb lho higllesl form of miDd lbat we havo lO' cooeoptioo of.. 01 thi. Tba rein. lhe best IOcdicine ir..sical cooditions ioto I IlltO of equilibrlum.d iodined 10 be somewhal Cl. pb'lical manifestation..uccoed :lI decoratora. Tbe)' _ould alIO be good stage manlgeu.A. pos.religion. are uluall. bUllbe. for the. The)' would do best ia lHo as Ollor_I.. mUlic. brio. 1 in an.ccllont Iibrarians and socr.. bow to brins tboir ph.~STftOLOGY fOR ~LL. b harmoo. B.. alwa)'s ICllning more lo the Ipiritulllide ollife Ihlo lhe purel)' ph)'deal.

.. beine ..ftw tbe t. INDIVIDUAL AIfD fllllONAL CHAIIACTn. lign we ml.. lhe ._ted Ihrough lhe ellCeSltI of lenlualitr.rarely.ucceedod in leaniog the mlllery Df Ihis .. 0111. the generative force within Ihem .rul lhe atroogl.. T •• @ .". reach grul heights.". Ind Iheir vlndictiveoOll Ind laull. the scorpion. the thlrd of lhe Im~ ligo•• od lhe sec. .. the Scorpio l. THa IIGN ICORPlO CHAPTER XI. Tbe Scorpio cblfacter 1I doclded aod Ilomislakllble. sign. Wben living the purel personll lire. "b. e~ . and .. for there Ippears to be more scope ror utremes Df cbarlcter io thil sigo tbl. ScOIl"O i.oad Df middle Df lhe -k? triplidtJ. "1. whoa lliog i_ Ih mosl prominenl lelture. o.hich Ihel CIUSO to lod (lncllng belng'. if 'Hr.n.. vacillltillJ or Ceeble..ign. are very CHARACTaa o.h Ibere 'lVere l'lVO tn-.laoco bI. theae (har· aclerl beeome like devill.ce.. iodividullised types woold be those .findiDg teo. The' '1lne Df the ICOrpion' mU'1 be utrlcted before real progreu oowlrd througb tbe oth"..\'0 incapable 01.ny olher. lIod wilh tbe thoroughncss characleristic of the filted signs lhol plange inlo lio "itb I deligh\ Iblt tbose bom unde r other lisos 1. been tOrDed.!to had . the genul1i. lhe nU IlDd Ibe good. @ i. tbe eighlb liga Df the %Odiac aod mar" the hlgh"r ocIlve.ably evil. Til_ SIO" 5<:0111'10.denciet maJ be carned lo an Iboorma! degreo. worlciog miscbiel !ar and "ide. Thll ligo go"uo. EYOlriog through Ihi. ai it were. . Ignou.hea lhe lire forces ue ICatterod and ". rrom the 10we!I acd. yel when Ibey bccome regenerate. molt degraded to the higbest lod m051!I of humloit.O io . accomplit!ted. "'. When e . 71. IIIlc. CiO be IOCcadull. Cor the self. and fullr sclf· cOllsdous. iog withlo thi••iltn. Mialt. It I. 11 woold seem Ii Ihough tbe . ltl '1mbol I. It would Mem as Ibou.. (}d"J H Nn.. n ther are unmis. and 1ult mark Ibe charactu of tbe uodeveloped Scorpio Dlture.6od ali charlcleu.e 'l"em.livin.. regudJeu 01 tbe luffering .orsl products 01 Scorpio '!Vere lhe hllutes (ram the precediDa aevon ligns. 1110 the leCOod of the ~G"..

uo of Irlllll beo.100' lho lowor levcJI lbey I " al"a1* mixt\d up in tomo traged. are . id of Ihi. wiab. turaiog il iolo lhe bighatt .00' dedul lod courleoua.. abrupt lod !:masque wheo lhe. A grcal deal mi(hl bo . or c.1 Imonlble lo epproval. Their iII·bealth arises oul of lhe nature of llie 5xed.. are ablo to givothelr judgmenl ID • doeisive aod dear mallD8f. t.boeel tberc arc ao bottet typea 01 humaoil. dilficull for Ibe majorilJlo uode. the Ç(llUpaoioD wllcry lign" The. thao thO!õe boro la Ibi••ip.ctinC and undeainble penou j aad "boo ruooiog 11. power of cootrollmg Ibo . ment. aod elll1 ai ooco Me the p~ aad tnelIIiog of lhe thlnl'e lbe)' .t thlly maJ becollle: ""heo unl_kotJCd. beeomo Ibe most o..piritual devdopmeot j lho. are theo (. eao be ver. Ibey e&II crltlme perfecll...tou Ifrair.Ht j rllI:" nu alUI Ih:.. lhal are l"lkened c&o elone Ippreciale its . vrU" wilh which lhey el"I. turaeel upward Uld tbo pauioDI bave beeo coDquered aod lomporaDca Ioaraed..!". Ibeir ver1 dignified manoor.hole Df lbe lU olture. but Ibe. aigo Ihat ".!)uld be extremol. aod lhe.. It ""ere) a buge eogioo wilh Ilelnt up. markcd b. tho.i$ioo quickly IC'IIIIO' lbe fulure po"l. bo"over. "bich il alwa. B. $Ovore. ver)' mueb to lhe (ront lo this sigo. II aOJ momeot to Itaod upoo their digoit. h. tbey ate vory quick In Ihought. Ihey ooter iDtO oceultism ".ratllld. or e\airvoyance. 'o SQul and IIlTtctionlof Ibt: b~ ut.. . Gifled "Ith "hal I. lhe.'rdItU..ASTROlOGY FOI ALt•• . la alArl upoa I very loog jouroey. ud ImpartWl. for the)' thea realite . eveo la Ih.. Wboo . bililios Ibat Ue bclforo tbo soul. for lho.elit to oIbera through Iboir magootic bealllll power.. endow:lng theOt with paeuliar peaotraúoa. The)' havo thlt po"'er o! MIl· contrai to 1 very greal uteot. Ih~ la. lbo. aod IUm la coalaio io themselvea lhe sileoce of Pitcea lod lhe lelllcil.. belog lurned iolO ~ychlc criticisiag. aro read. etlled locood Ilgbt. Tho5C individulliaed in Scorpio Ire remarkablo for their k"Q judg. bard lod cruel i bul wbeo aU Ibis forco i.e. eritlclae for lhe uh uf criticism. ül re. Cf di .ulfer fTom ~culilf In '~ uo ~umm :m ~is. aod Ihu. lboa becomo lhe true mylties wbose a"akeoing .. giviog ri~: lo innl\lI'lmllor)' complaiot. TI.. Scorpio poople hlve I 'tC1")' remarkAble po"er Df Itlaclamaol. BtH tbese persoas are po"erlelia to move or mah any progleM until Ibey hue overcome their very IireiOlDe lod tryin( peTMlnali1y..Ih a aeal aod oarDeSInOSS Ibat 1I unequalled. $Ilme secrel p.ocer. aro lboa jealou..II lhe wbole 01 .. and tbou.". Tbo. wbich u1ually afreel Ibfm Ir.h oftn afr. lad lhe. aad wller)' siCns.

. . are fina aod IOme· wbat proud>.eot e.di. butchera. h ba.. That whJch WUi will aud dosire lu lhe ligo.t decides their rutUle pro. li'lce.. but tbat ia resened for anolher chlpler: ia coaelUlloa.Iog aDbou!Ided 'ritllit" the. dilCreet. aad docton tbe.. Taurus becomet lo lbit ...-etL Tbe iooer natule or ~ of lbis Bica ia RIO .. and lhoae wbo wor • . there Ire oooe more powedul OI' to the W. ar ia ao. been IIId "tha (leater lhe aolma' the erater lhe mIO. could be . pc 11 . force!. Tbe..11 Ir. TH8 110" ICORPlO.kable traitl 01 characler that c:aUII them to bt eitber 'fOrJ mucb Iiked OI' .ldoall ttllt tbey hue rea. teoadous aod IICfltlve.-. ut. . bue lbe pGwer of rec:uperatioll to • ftlJ taarbd degree. dosires are poleot. ""'rtl "1'. metala. " tKir dllordort m'J be éorre<led by COD~llIr tbe Ur. ma. busioess conoecled witb oils.. blll amidst aU tbeie Ipp.ita lheJ ban lhat . Tbe.Iso delectl'fet. aad lhe. aod whlll lhe delirei ue lub.I 01 that IpUitual forca which wheta not up.e IfUt aad mightr tbluga. achie. As 511t('(l.ery much dlsliked. coocealed lo thl. . AI mapetlc of lhe $corpio b!. r. aod chuged wilb the powet to aUaiD. Wa mlgbt 'IUI'I up lbote penooa bonl b!. amlths.ebed the poIllt tba. 11 ma. aod Clpable of 1lIIndst.lhe lenD.udent l i to dl. They mab rood 'UrgeoOl and deati.pia. . posseII tbe dramatic abillty commoo to the filted sigo.raOfdlnary leniu•. Wbeo IiviOJ lbe penoaaJ lile they b.rit and b&ckbona which enlble.U. EaA"1"IO"..udom of the lIfpIIot' 11. W'iae aod .. alIO.0 -«J' The Scorpio mao'. tbem to make blghar attaiameatl than tboae borra la tbe otber ligai: for the • ." aod It mar be that lo IM aolmal pauiootl tbere Iia . be . m:lr become . IDCCIed . fiud tbelr best ou!letl to raln IUCCell They bav8 a pecuiiar koowledge of cbemicau..rard. mor. dyen aad chemisll.e IUCCCSI a. . aod readil. beiog well 6ued Ior emploJmeot wbtn lHI"e aod pluck ate CHAR4CT8R o..c"ed.". Tbelr aomewballUlpicioul D&lUfe ClUIfII tbem to 1>0 the aigo Seorpio l i Yety OD thlt sign..

TheJ Ire 11"1)'1 loolriog forward wilh I brigbt aod hlPPf disposition. IlId Ihi. fali ia biUmg lho puarlc i " bi.' •• im for lhe blCholt. Tba. tbey are 'ler)' iotuiti. seem 10 pcmess 001. aod 1fO 60d tholo bom in this slgo.. IlId of lhe "jm4'UtiN trialty.ol. 00. n'lldo.iDCO tbo wonl Ivll.. CAQ judge 01 the iudl. for lhe)' are thoo lastle~s aud iodi r. P'lIlMsfllg 11M power 01 seDdiog lhei! . Id Ibat lho. havo I dociuvl "I' of olptessing tbemselvh which CIO Devor be misllkao.hoot from his bow lho . oDe tbougbt li I time IIId thil lhoogbt Ihey are vel'}' po~ooal... lendl Ihem the power 01 ia. loeuitivol.bu. s)'lnbol of lhe lI'eber. progressivo aod prophetlc. _. t.. Tbo..pared to lhOO'I forth bl. aro narvous and bi. fuU of jof lad bope for tbe future. Ii therdare repreMOu Ih. thlt the futuro . .· .i.. di. wheo IWlboed. uoiou 01 lho quaUtlOI 01 bea4 and belrt. vidulliaed Scorpio wracler DO• •t. uuS of SagiUlriul iodividlUl. readJto . lo e" I.1t lUy bo . lo be lbo mOlt MM·coolldoot aod..u/IU si. Ir . havo been 10ft for the ligo Scorpio to work OUl.rlto oVaJ'lctivi\y. Tbe..tlle is lar beUer Ibll aoy tbu bavo preceded It.ahrlJl eoterpdl' iag.ciae Ihat tbi... . S.Ddlng pr.1.bly $lrung. ligo an I'u' loven Df la•• ~ Dldel ..14 to De".OlTT.t Ihef' .rcher. SaliuariUl b lhe lut Df lhe ~" Iripllcit.rro'" which it . IboM bonl im Ibi.Iludes to Ibe PO_Cf 01 propbocy.nof lhe . CHAPTER XII.aelf·relilllt 01 IOf oi lhe aigns. ....a full7 individualiaed. leal upward lo de\totiota to Ib. myttlcilm eoutained io lhe precodiag liga. ligo "nU lulfil _nlh. for bebiod il il tbo jnluilÍon that It may be hid of thoso boro in tbla siga Ibat tbeir flinop 'ITe auch l i CID be OIsily forgiveo.. e . kno. them . thoughll lo ID' di.h • • The Mel' 1011 Ibe propbet are bom lo this sigo. Tbero i. .6 UTIOLQGY POR . Heart 01 ali thlol1L Wh.11"d.. WheQ persoaal. .rriOl them 00 to lhe goal Ihej' wish to rOlCh. wbo .. Iclf'lluoratcd thoughlS. caa im.~IUS iltbeu.IIDce Ih.piradoa. UI 'doa of freodom c:ooveyed iu lhe thlrd 01 Iho. IDd propbetic.

1 whicb . lhe bouse ortho or leacher. are: more llabla tbao fond oi . Tho persona1 Sagiuariuo iI: abluir alld ouupoke.fter d. lo con:unOI'l with IhOM horo io tba olhar Ser. oppo!Íto. SICN !lAGITTARIUS. aaq ftfJ' apt to domineer.adirit" c.nd orten ver... attoag wilhla them. Thi..porta aad oot·door exercite lhe)' _lI.YeI th. or profouod Itud)'.. .. lhe. however.. tho promise of tbe comine mn . lul chanctt!rillic ari. aod io Ibi.eak apol. for 1I u lho' nintb houle' oi Ibo ZoeIIIC. other of these pursuits. II.xacting. . lodo. aad . lho natufe is exc~dillgl}' robellious. Wben perverted. CODttnue Immersed In lumed di-lqulsitioos. Ibo luog' aro the 6rat part of the can exprOlS 111 Ihlt l10s coocoated la Ibis lign .. Ihey bave deu cODcoptioos ol . more often &ufir &om di.. cbaraeter.l. we 6. .. phUosopber ma. of tbom are quite c:onlent lO lei otbels sboot Iheir mlOlal arrow. aatun.ignl Sagiulrfao.en lo tbla diroction the.iolll 01 tbe hiJber daims 01 phllOlOpb. {e" a' our presoat sllgo . caused by over. angereef iulowinl onetJ.a" indlninc toward ooe or . bit lhe.piril i. wa.I.llh}' 1Iva.lty . vitalit. 31 are destlnod lo ru. hote thoughts .ball no Joar.TOE CHARACTER OF TH8.lIv. (bougb Ibe seientul ml. tend to over·ellOrt thamMl .otion from lhe abili. the best cure (or SagittarÍln . tboulb tho. a. WOllkOOSI i.. UDWÜllng to subm!t to lhe 1. are Ihu eOlbled 10 dtaw iato tbemseJ.. Walkiog ellerclse in the open air i.. depletioll of vit..od Ii our preseot . Th. aod baviDg s}'mpatbJ ...nd tbey MI to work to pul into practico their ideala.. Thi.". however.. 'I"" .ay.. d. for tbem. Henee we find the lutei 01 Sagittariua al. akened.latingl.UIJ b}' the acatteriog of lhe IUe forces..ilb Gemini.. througb seience to philosoph}' lt1d tbeDca lo Ibo truo reUgioa of Ilw and tome. mao... For thia omtb si..onerIU.ble liga. Generally. Ind il leld. in olhera. aod religlon to "bich his lCieoce ahonld roinl bim i aad lhe. lo accidont.tage man)' onêecided chlf. wish to achieve. SagiUariUI belnl a mut..hero 10 hurt.. aod lb.leDt perSOD" ladeed. 10 beeomo petulant and Irritablo. Seio. quite uninlereslinl.r be acaUered bot uode.o are ver.1 reslraiQt.stem to abow weakoe".. o. needed: moderation ahould be observod.O is tbe sigo of lhe !ulUle. lo leIlIe tbe .itbout attemptlal to lura hi-l eneTiifll blto devotioa ••bk:h it lhe 'pirit cC real rellgioll.ifectod to tbe go. be.. a. li. true oalure of thia signo Nevertbel. even .bal t. remain in Ibo reglon of experimental science. a teadecc. A. lhe third of lho mulab" . IlDcoolII"".Da. the philosopbic . .clers bom in Ibis sign. ..

bave coocelvecL Persolll bom in tbi.. . . IlId ad"'IIICtI Igcnl.. 'a fnok.boa boood ar placed puder au. DOver ..oa ~LL. become fretful. Tbey like al. mako Ipleodid ebuacter• •beD allowed perreel freedom: bul "... ratraiDt lho. tbe Saglttariao•• howo.iul I' Ih. aod sincoro..mmOI1 5Oldier.iog individual. IOmo.lse IQd impetuO$ity charlctcristic of bil oltu'e: Ih. minisllJ'. Olher . iODcr aalUh 01 4.. To lum up Iheir character .atiOO$ luourcd b. 10. while lhe camm. betomo aUatbod.oc.i1l1ngl' burt. aod lhey ma.. IportSrnOD. lhose bora hl Ibi. Ia. Allbough ool so demonstrativo ai Ariel.hd Sagitta.: a. ai a time. tbOlO boro ia Ibis sigo tan recognlse tbe la. . decisioo. lo Iene Ihinss uoiolabed.ot. witb hit admirable foresigbt and Ibm.ot giVtl expRnive fcdiogs aod ao affectionalo Oltur• • Boiog loven Df liborty. aetivo lod .. ulilll la dllicuJl to paei" tbero. We may Ihink of Anel &I representill( Ibe ".·' ASTROLOGY l' mlke Sood milhlry meDo • . IlId geoeraU. ICUpt. Sagittarius .. ud tborougbocu would be Ihle lo . bul wbeo pUlhed lo extremei Ibo.o·dNlerl.oder (Sagiuariul). Ibm. The commoll IOldier would· rush hoadlollg .al to tbote la _bom Ibe. n. lb.Jtif" of Ihil alcD il LAw. rious COfllS. Lco ai lhe captain.-"11. aro apt to ur moro Ihan Ibey meao. and in Ibis particular are quite dlfferool to peoplo 111 Gorolnl. gllDorou. equestrilnl.)' to plano would ICO bow 10 dirocl lod manipulato bis .. aad IDe.. ••çel. deupillg. be deICribed . Dor 10 6ud as Loo. beloS of oDe miod Itke to accompliah Ibat wbitb lhe. illlp«tO".al OI commandcr. bonosl. sigo are capable of reaching to (Teat beilbta of prophec. Ibe. iu Iheir lu" •• preMioo.ho Iik. The. mau (Teal prOfl:rou ia Ibc world 00 Ipiritual lincl. upllin with his delorminltion. .11\0 lhe 6ijbl witb lhe impu.rpr\.. lip compriM teachiol. tM opposite introspective.a)'1 10 do ou. . ar to do tbem t. aod IOmotiroCl inftiet great paio ill this W&)'. boi al .. hor. .. ren". irritable aod robelllous. alc..cld Ibe hotcrogeneoul demoli!' ioto I ctI-ordioate whole. 01 order and harmony. pbotography. Sagittariaol ma.

bigh mounwo. ing quiet 1. In tbi. wbon fu1l1lDdhidualiaed Ih01 are ver1 cootemplativo. Du. tIiplieity aod Ibe fir.If·reliltlce and 5tead.leser~l"d. Th!!. Tho C:l. fe8Ktlvo demeaDOl. koow how lo be frugal and tbtlflj wilOOut balo!! meao.laOI. ate impartilll. but wben oot awalcened. earaest patienc:e IInd cra. consummatk. aod when Iiving up to Ibeir blgbest Ideal ... determioatioll. Ibatl thOle boro in lhe otber '.. SIGN C"PRICORN.. re in more readil.. And whosoe vl!r wm t .. eould be used to pourlfa)' the wnnderfu I power Ih. deep aod profouad. Wheo .. hieh a (l0at is seco to be I! ah"'. mollg )'OU lot lIim be )'ou[ servaat. nigb pe\'fect is attained.! of chaneter well. from lhe first paiol of Arie.. aiming to be preci!le. trace tho Suo io bis jouroo.."UC:OIlM is lhe lut of lhe ellrdjlflll signs. arduou. naloul aad diligent. indu!tri O\~'1 nod ponevering cndeavour. lhe teoth. Tbe1.lf. altribule. eoolllioed Ibe perfeet number. pol<.r~l. and c:areful. we shaU see how in Capricorn li. are assiduou. 10 Ibe persoDal side of Ihoi. 1I/bicl· In . when inu. Df the perfect mao are to be fouod coneealed in this ever enduriog with a calm....· vidualised. and also lhe lasl of Ih~ """. nature.1 indepeDdeul clIaracteu. 19. ud the. TbeJ leem to bave brougtil lhe ecooomJ of CaDcer to a kind 01 prrfoctlon.1 Ui concealed in this.prieornians. il coll'l'eycd In Ibe u:pressioo . Ihe1 pau Ihrough tho opposile e. aod aeem to know lhe 51... (spriog) !c Capricom (wloter) aod consider Ibe graduil uofolding 01 the lire fore!'!> unlil maluri!. few word. If u· . te of coostiouSnl!5r the. . 39 CHAPTER XIII.e the lrue atIVaotl of bllmaait1. eu&! aod c0111.TIlIl CHARACTER OF TIlI!. . c1imbing tow~rd ~ tho top.. and li". aod nll Ih.)f·conlciOlll." Thl! 5ymOOl fe pl~!lents li. tbrough penisleot. is reached. but mao)' s)'mbol... 21 #(J .. fulfilliog ali thiog. just and accurale..' thid .s more or leu . sigo i.. Tbe1 UI alwa. C. 00 .tremes of ali these nrtuea.! Df lhe uni". tho stronges! of ali the sigas.

11 aro capable of attalblng real heights.vo tboir leat ia Ibe . mllJ 10m up lbe cbaracter Df petton. of tbose bon io tho aign C.. peuonal Ib!:} are melaneholi. actual beluti!ul Cf)'..niserly. They mak.or levei.tlve ..orle.· .ve beea hora betweea lhe lbove-meotioned dates..100m urr)'ing thom ioto lO oh!ICurit)' Ihat ~I paiofol lo IheltlKlvOJ lPd · . bave livea . Capricomiao índio "idu. and tbeir tbrifty. cood KIOPtlfic feleucbcts and w(iterl .)'. and laclioed 10 bo . IDd the)' may gnduall)' sillk lato.bolia. Iracta with IOcceq: tbe.cted witb ' Ibe carlb.teat ea.lI flho are.' ASTaot.. are be$t .. compl. Luce lpecullliooa. appllcatiOll Ind indult" tho ideal. are suecenful lo eU Ilod Uld boildiog .ke very lar.t. lho. avocation where .OGY POli. .. reQuired. W. aod heing leU·relitnl Iher Iccomplish Ibeir eods. lho)' ar... COauivei! of la the preceailll oip becom..tem.ila.. and witb Ibeir punclua' altOntiOD to del. ALL. bon ia tbil aip b. Mao. .. methods..OO .riltocrata b.t 01 tba dig. av. upbollteren.. lhe)' are lho penou to aueceed. and IOme of Ibe greatut . Ibeir despoodoncy nd . aod lo ao.ricioos... lot 11 woald IeOrn u tbougb . nul)' SaturaitoD iDdiriduala j lhey rUio (rom ali thlt la .ory indifferont Ind perversa.cquiaid .. of" ecenerJ and l unouadioll beeomel euentialwbeo Ibe.tOld. doubtful and aeeptical. Tbeir CO\II1I. and the)' acqulfO richn b)' a atoadylDd' ~tient induslr)' : indeod. Tbe.iderioc tbem .. moro.. eonstllutly repiniol and upresaillg • bnvJ'. great wealtb 1I oftea fouod auoclated witb tbis sign... pricora. mediclh 1i bope lod cbeerful 5Ociet)' i a cbaa.elin. Ia C. end Ire bost edapted for general and practieal worlr coone.priog numerou. .::..lllts wbicb would appear to h.em)'... When vcf}' blcltward ill Iheir developmeot Ihey become . morbid ÇQnditioo from wbieb .ul. ud buge ulldertaldoc" are best COfIducted h)' Ibe Capricoml.peeulatiool. c:onnectod _ilh them. 4esipers and decoratou.. Witb tbeir pfllctical eGI:Iception of thiog •• Ibey koow bow to produce in tbe cooctea tbo ideal Ibal is ia lheir miada. dClpond~cy.. lod "ben workiog On lhe lo . Ali Ibeir i\I·health appcars to arise trom dnpondellcy aod meIa.. Tbe)' bave great ambitioDS aad IUI ehle to uncIert.pricoro rilO in \ire tbrough Ibeir own efram and personal meri!.uitod for builder. agrlculture for inl llnce.U their opportunitiol.e c:oo.• . elaborate IlDterprilea. CID build whllo olhe" aro dreamiog of Ibe ". )'mpalbctie dlllrraogemea. Tbey mako Ibe mOSI 01 .. to tbeir " . COD. cold aod disl anl a.a. lhe}' possui botb 1mbitioo and floduranGe.u.ture. deceptive aod dilhonourable.

Tb.lOOI boro ia thilligo l'avour a concreto or c:eremonial relilioo. .tufe or la'. lo Iludyiog Capricom 'UI ma. amonc" Ibo eu~e. baft falleo.igo .rvc tho world to ill VOlt. Among thl:'~ people _ find areal leamiaC. .bo <:ao realite from "bit kJlty bdcbtl tbo. eriogioc bomilit. wbo 'apo' bumilitJ boto in this . bo chieS. 0001. ner seekinc io some wa. their iodopeo. OI olher lO disp!a. aad Iroat fl. contemplativ.-cold. but it neverthe1es. .donce Tltere are mau. gives U IOme of the Ilroogest chlractOfl •• bio and . wbicb II trul.s am bitioUI. coo. it ia true. loaro moro (rom tho face whic:bt. Irut poWel'. dillruaiag to tbo" . 4' àc.. thOM bom io Capri~rD <:ao bc eanemol.dvaotagc..VICL - . but _ ba'I'C ...11D. uoder itl iofluence-tbo Hiodsu.ok. Sl'!llilh j but Ibeir virtue lia ia patlencc.THIt CHARAC'na OP THE !lIGN CAPRICOM. inou III. srRt wealtb.ia &i.. oI. up lo lhe calm. lo eomlDOO 1I'Ílh tbe olher eartb. aDd rofl. liruiled aDd barreo.tomplation.d.Iso Ireal IOrvilit. lt&Íd lo.oc:t.a li S."1 of tb. ..oo. are al"'a'l mOfe Dr los.illinl to . aod lhe. A Ireal numbef Df pef. meditatOl' em thingldivine.

Içbed when Ibe ".mbol i. in tbes~ lhe)' a re belped conliderably by tbeir intuitive and penetratiog bumaDitari'D unelertakinga . Tbey aro exceed· Ingl. They inclin~ toward Ibe un coDvenlion:lI.' :. wo bav.Iso tbe Iasl of Ibe !iw a1gol and Ibe centre of Ibe JlfT/j"l uin i!y. have bright and cl~r inleUecll. aro boro th:lulter·readels. THI 510M AOU4fIlUs. and IhuI nnlce excellent reformea. humanl.. lhe tboughtt will be fixed and conceotraled. CHAPTER XIV. . p:ltient. Aquarlan individuais aredlllermlned. aDa mlk" them delight io giving pleasul'fl 10 ot bels. 20 I. triplicily. inllecd lhe characteristit . ]IJ".r. ilnel retidng in dispositlon. lU. lhe. or lhe objectivl world (Capricoro) . . THI hDIVIDUAL AMO P. Cor .lbe idn. Tbe maio... qui~t. NOlhing Ihlt migbt be aaiel of Ihl. Ibeir equable dispositions. advanCI' to Ih .Iso be attained in the aubjective _orld by lhe Aqunlln. and Ihus become r6fll. F. :lod Ihey ue r:llely .n iodividual.111 bel in Ibe conaele lhe contlhion o r Ihi. lod Ih". fond of lIl. Wbeo fuUy individU:llil ed.m . our prosen! stage a f evolntioo could pnssib ty couvey lhe ide. They bave lhe power Df conccfltntiog th~ir IbDugbtl. lod Ibat _bicb lho perfecled. ligo a. are ma reover palleo! lo devotion and carefu! in thoughl."OWAL CHAaACT •• O.ho1e of hum.maa . 11 Ibe last of lhe '. AOu . for lhe Aquafi. n •• lhe ""Ier· beuer.. fealule Df Ihis ugo is lhe remarkable ability tblt lt gives for lhe sludy Df humao nalure. Df filed ai" (rom "hlch _ti mar deduco lhe fact th a. ura paliemly wilh lU Iheir pursuils. lhe. inspire truSI b.cientinc. If we combine the idea Df fizi" with lha! Df alr...oi!. commollly kno . They are al""1 kiod.. Ind persc.. mU5ic and literalure.t produte har IIIOIIIJ for Ibe maOJ. 18.~. lhe mln. lhe)' blve l greal lo.nel concern' th. bul scom 10 have m ore abllity for lCienti6c studies. i igo. uDDblrusiv~ :lDd f:lith(ul.od are gencraUy phllo$Dphic and . aod lhe.. They are pcrsons one feels one cln depenei upoo. 0. of lhe stale to be '... -. Ibis giVOI Ihem marlced social tcndendea. develop cscelleDt memodes Cor sulJjecllve ide .

le. decepli"fIo trlck.. perlOoalllaes. would bave . o(ten boa. lirll ia ali pursuits whete st~ady applicalioo of Ibe miod ao<1 lhe eooccotralioJl of thought are necestary. Hem lO conllio lhe esseDce 01 Ih. lhe 10'1" geoHllly living io the bieher mind. ho. . llead" dilcflmiDllo "er~ Ihau ph.ry triplicit1.od . Wheo livroS alonl the purel..emltlo.. diffuú"e. po$SC5S.. IherefOfe ellercilóC Ind (!"eIÀ air CQnstilute Iheir fioest medicint. poueuiO( I mentalill of lha bighest aod most refined qualll" . lmoOgst u u yel.ioeeril.ver knowledJe Ihey acquire. 1\1 of . are sludioUI anti Ihouehtful. SIGM AOUARIUS.. ritefl.e Iheir pllsselsion. is. lod lhe eoncenlralioo of Iheir thouthls upoo good health aod perfcct cireuJatioo. 'rhc. coonected wilb eleclricilY. can rcuio whal o .lIS. aod a' the . The AqulrilDl ml.tiu).." . The.a. and George Peabod. Ind urelU) studaotl. or ai . ar in conoection with raihr..ueees. The AquarilDl lIucceed hest I. caoool (lf'rfOlm. designelfl. ia lhe c1lirvo. cllpecl ia lhe of Oickens. Iblt Ihey are falthlul ia their lavo untU Ibe cnd. Irul.t· fOI of thiol! Ibe.. miltlkeo ia their jlldgment..ummed up aa bonest. ia Ibe directioo af !l(!lfisb mealll delires.. rm/sider albers ..lot.cvIT. Tbey .lace of Swedeoborg. ..nt i':ldividu. Tbeir da.ould fail. the. ai. We may IhUllalo aome Idel of "bit lhe future bumaail)' will ~. Beaunrul sccnery aod har· moniou•• time versalile.11 Ihcf underta«e. for Ihey hlve more mental vitalill. lhe.ucceed io !ire ". aod are respoosible for more inventionl for the bentlll 01 bomanity chia la.rtists. baving cJur coneeprions of 0. ia lU employment.lotellige. Tbera Ire ver. IUld . of lhe olher ligas.. deu reasoner.. the inteo~ Ind fi:llt'ld lave nature of tbe filed ligo.. be . "Cfe boro in this slgn.e.. aod apt to UIe tbelr iollexible will. and arc Inelined la lea . for Ibeir OWD end. RulkiD. Ind elpriciou. ar ioc1ined lo be v.TU!.sical. for Ibe bene/il of bumanil'o Tbey seem la rndilr l ak~ to !!rangers. ecoti. Defective circulllioo is lhe chief nUM of lhe troubles eommon 10 lhe AquafllOI wheo 001 IIviol bealth... lod da. true Aquarian. make goOO .. and lo tbe acieou 01 Dll. hlViDt. lhe. Ind plogresslve Ilves.y. combined with the refioed menlal qualilf of lhe air)' sigos. "iIJ do IJluch to bendil Ihem phy!oically. Il1d ra Edisoc. Tbeyare DOtei! for lhe inl&gfil. The.bich moes Ihem natural dairvO.c ml' ealch Iglimpsa 01 what "e ma. The. . CUARACTER OP TU!!. and are discriminative enough to lum ali Iheir forces io the best directioo. Tbey luve loventive (eniu . The)' ue aequisitlve without bel0 b miHrly. are chaallc. and musicians.

. to becom.tb.. 10ve.alen oJ Ufe wbitb Dourish and luslaia ali arOlUld brca:': 1111'1' from lbe peuonaUIJ lad live la lhe iadividu. rlh lbe liv..u poueu lhe I.d e.ter·be.. .ot~olll of lhe hoarl. M. .rader thl. wbite IbroUCb Ibeir eJ:"lIft1l Ibilitr 10 rud . Tho inul' n..nd Iir" . il IbOM .laed. Ihat oEbera are In lar ••r slrange to tbem. are thel! .rer.teal Ibilil. to plUr OUI 1\poa lhe .d oi tbia Iip 11 upreued ia Ih. "'''' I..mbollset. hl'" oDhed their grl"d menl.. The.. rarll. 00' 4H'''7 WOfd HUM . lhe. mau lI'Iiataku la Iheir estimlUt. . 11".lilr . lad whan Ibe.ilh their polar lip Leo. w... a. N)". N" tbat tbeir lip I. ft:elingl. Lighl . in which Ire tcmt.ASTROLOGY I'OR ALL.od jud!(e bomlD ob.lilJ of Ibit eim..ble.O lh..

y.b. OD lhe one hand. Ibose who bld j. and a5 tbey are ulullI."W. &re oftell merel.ymhol of Ihil sigo. apparentlJ uodeeided holll' lo lei. I' •• • 20. lt II lhe lut Df lhe ".IIS.nules io life lodicated by Ihis lign j aod these are Ibe persool who mAJ be sald to live ao eDtirelJ persoo. degree 01 clearness. A cousiderable emouDt 01 lhe Pi5ces penooal eharactet appearl lo lrise hom a laclr. 00 lhe olber haod. aro. aad thaleIor.ele lo Ihink of a progtession Ibrougb an lhe . Ii It "ere. Itls)'mbol Hptesenta t1l/0 fisbel tlod togetber. "I buodle of loCo05illeoeies tied with the COld of disc:onlent. sil.. "e mighl obtaio somo ides Df ". hampered wilb aa over. Df decilioa j belog . Tbe.-er. aod. 011 Ibe very Io.. ia oae diteetiou lod lhe olber in the opposite. &od Ihen Iblo" 01 tbe sign Pisces l i reprelHlt1ng.abundaoce of self-eltoem and approbltiveoell combiced." There Ire more' mediuml' bota io tida . h I.1ç. Ind for thi. " CHAPTER XV.igas. to lhe total oxclusioa 01 Ibe lodi'lidual ..u. func:tioninl oul. TbeJ are IheD over·resllus aod O"fllf·anxioas. one swiollnin.undoing.I... pretlnd lo be IOmelhiol durereot &om ". &Dd Df tbe Jlf1Ii"'f trinity.. nearl.0 opporlunit." We do gel apparllDt f.ilO Ihan 11 TitlS . It becom~ verJ diflicult 'Of them to Idmit theit failiags. those "ho bad succeeded io extractiog lhe "irlue from eacb.".1:" UI Ih~ ~ut. 11111.t leyels 01 manlfested ' tife. receptive to ali tbo c:ouditiolll lhat are Itouod Ibem. Iccompliab Ibis eQtirelJ.. is tbe l õl5t 5. aod . Ilcking )ire and enerl1. bul ir we .y atld ".t il meaOI bJ lho telln ofleo Ippiied hereto-" lbe lign of sell.. their coolcioulIDeslI.hei tbe. Tbere cao be DO . lo IOme respeeta thll ligo represeots lba fallurel oI humanit)'.. owo charleler.l life.TH" CHAItACTIlIt OF THE SI!:N FISCU... theJ fiod il very difficult la becomllully iodi. reaSDa it il IOmewhat diffieult to upress ali Ihlt .iW lo . exeeedinsly dlffiçult to interpret lhilliJn wilh ao.. fOf ooe 00411 ia fiflJ born ia It "li ever admll bi. the sign of lho fisb~.....ucb Ihing u a real failure. cODve)'ed io lhe . aI..-idullised... _itilll (Of .

ar. ASTROLQGY FOR ALL....... lhe.r digeluvo conditiolll bec. botei propnolors. aDd tbll producet mloJ olher troubles. Ife rllher fastidious..ignl.n abundance of sympalb" espeeiaU. gentio and sub· mlSllvo mioister to thc .ioUI aod wofT}'ing lbe.. As catetou. and to give wa. nurtoa. olttO "'calren lhe 1. they awakeo and unfold.. casil)' obseated Iban an)' af Ibe otb" types. lnd thole . pu! logether.pprobati'loncSl will lah il. miO)' are 50 mediumislh. amiablo.. place. ver..tandillgi and . and are ao psycbic and r. bul rarely self.reliaOI. be foulld tblt whero self·elleem is laclcing.. ioterested io IICCUIt phenomoo• • Tbeir cbauctor.! lhe)' ruel.croog ell'lOtion. qulel"1 deep undUf.. ~t.rn In life.... II (To"".d)' to attribute Iheir failinp to lbe amditlOll' Ihal . to lho WOUI forms of temptatioll. Tbc. POUC$li1l8 ... Iround Ibem.. hospitablc.!. Tbe..... llld IOmclimes 100 fOlld of detail j Ihey are. lhe dUllistic lIature of Piscos malces il vel'J dilficult to ntrlCI lhe good írom thal which appcus had. Wbeu bccoming io· dividuallsed and more self·coolrollod.essoo· tial Iba! Ihoy livo pure aod deaa livos. with ali dumb all. filld tbeir l. havina: . Iboy are very paliCDt. alllbe orbee. tbis tbemselvc •• b. Ioviog and "ind. uound Ibem. Posl. quietly aeeeptiog tbcir advice lod opinion and end~lvouriDI to lei upon 11 wheJItver very . They In! mor.e1Úro Df otberl glO. lavo la livo in a world af romance. bowevct. wbo tive quita pelu!ull. Ife evcr apl lO be 100 timid ruber Iball ovor bold. koo" them... aad teek to do ali ill Iheir po_er to malce thosodependeot on Ihom comfortable and bapP1... be:como 1'I1ucb attac::bcd la Ihtir (riendl.pondcllc11I1d melaRebol. are capabl0 Df heing very bonetl.ome di_dcrad. Wholl worried thel.mal. To preserve tboit hultb '"lei. . for lhe. Iti. ceplive as to draw mlD)' spirit... 110m to c:a.. . severe anxiely and . io Ibeir floatinl lur. Tbc PiICea illdlvidualJ Nem to be more IlJble to consumption tblll Ibe otbú mutlble IIg1ll j but Ibe. Tbcy lavo toamiog about. Ih.orry. more to uh la dTink under an. They UI very chaoRcable and Imaginativo. aad It will USUIU. aro vcry m.gnelic lnd more lilbL:! to absorb e'lil inRuencel Ihan those bom in llly of lho olbor . becomu more collliding and more truttful. lhoy become dupl. Ibe.llom lnd :ause it to Iulfer frocn {unctiollal dilOrden. aod oiI. Tbfougb )eing ovcf-anl.aU. Some of lbe IOlllul Iype$ ate .. fande.e1vtS Erom olher people •• nd are ever rc.. in fact. althougb lho. .. and ate fond Df ficnsatiooal novel •• grcedi!)' deyouting everylbing of a bigbly ezdting nlture.

penoillUI. a. Th".keepers and Iccouotloll. NOTE :-A WQro of ea:plaaltioa with reglrd to tbe term lodivi· duality. Tb. The inau nature aud liual UIl.. repr_Ied hJ the Mono (togetber with the A.""'" Id are ablt 10 roceiv.nee ageall..hlch ". .oodered Ii Ihat lhe siRo i. ate emotionaland teeretiv. ud Ire ..uccenful u painters.e ma. or waler: l i aplalnl or uval meD the.o lu the Butero Philoeophy l i lUml.II. 101'8 to lovutigate pbeoomm.'y of Ibis ligo il SrlaITUALITl". pure mi~d. of lheir olture. me dtliulllltons... lbe PerSOllatit. Ib. they make good noyellsts. dlffieuJt to eltptelS. tn u. lo Ibe foregoiar chaplen lhe olture of lhe Suo'. $IGN PISCBS. ot tbe miod Uoked. with delire-gelleRU" known l i. ".-eoWI.. eacept it be Ih. book. here Ibe.eir 0"'11.1 dlatlogui. 01 the ZodiaC hu beta (lven (or eac:h of lhe twel ve mooths of tbe .ho hlve 001..hed betweeo the individual plrt of ma.lioel hom Ibe &oimll-tho MAN.ul! cbaraclera.. tbl bumao partion. ome .hile vltlJbiog each tiro.n'a Ulura l!!Id Ihat ... Iheo 11 la 001 lo be ". Tbe P.: il i. ioOllcoce ".hen aultabl.nd tbe . mly complete tbe work of olher. tapecl lo thit..t they are eaceUeat "_... whicb b aupposed lO Rovero Pisees lo I colllÚderlbJ•••tent... Mlo". abown bJ the sigo io which lhe Suo II pllced.a.ment lbJ. lod lhe. !oad ofthe Iea. .ceodaol). re preseot.hat is Imo.. are gRer. imitad". Ir il be true Ihat lhe. 11 would be dillicull to fiod the _old tbat would expresa lhe Pisces Iodiyidaala. "yoldiog ali impure mlgaet:ism ~ Il'Id luleçtion... Tbe.hOIe are eatremes ia lU lhe aigaa. Ire in their right YOCation. ar . TbeJ ate good truellers and Idva. is . The Piscurian.or . bJ. kiad lad generotls... l i in lhe modili r.. .. . heo Iiviog up lo Ibe bes. sueceed bes! la IlIe io ali purtuita COllaected wttb Ib. M.. are ueady ali mOfe ar leu drawa to lpirltualiam. Tha. in tbelr habin.I il tenned ia Sloakrit. or the ioveaUcalioa 01 lhe ua_o. Jodlridualit.QCCIM:dior chapl.... Cond...:ediol l igo.. when the Mooo i5 located tbereia .oI. deanl. Df .111 be detaUed ia the . lhe ANUlAL MAN. di.e ette1ltion to detaib is oecessary. ud lletm to poUIISII I peculiar uoderstladior of tb. come aodar lhe planei Nepluoe. IOme ver. to IhOM .t brinp tOn. patieal aad meditalive.TUB CHAUCT8R OP TH.d. l&eeptivelod peacelul . aod In 10' emplo.. lod alIO . IOme of Ibe impressionl coming hom the Pr.. Ibey ahould be yer. . bUI l i . ..o recogai. wUl alio (i't'e I deacriptloD of lhe.a klod of cbango.....

ponanl pul la Ibl delioeati01l of DltivitlH. ma. and alIO la ltl ""rlOQl diviaiocs. :hercfore It il n«c. DOW esamme lhe Zodlac as • _hole... E 'Y' TA' ZODUCo .OGl '0. a.. TA' Nnu . . u ..u.' 510"1 o.... a conecl bowledge tbereof beicg absolute!. .l. Tbe helve Siplol tbe Zodiac pta. a mOll Im.b meu is tborougbly IIl1dlnlood • eorrec:t judgmcl1t eaucot be .. .. ""'w W. At.nd un1eu tbe trUI olll1rlol uc. to "udJ lha t_alvl aip.lhatllli.t. o. euentw befon proceediDg furtber.ASTaot..L CHAPTJ!R XV). TA' Tw..

t. far UlUle lhaD could ever be imparted through toogue ar pen. into three distinct divisions. know a gnal deal 01 the whole by sludying tbe liglll ig pari. 'Ne sh"U g n.ystem.uaCI . 50 aod . inner perceplion.dually beeome beUer acquaioled wilh lhe meaning of eaeh sigo. Ind toOD .C reprctelll : (I..-. possiblc. And umilar femarks would alIO apply to tbe planelary ideograpbs. bul that ge sboaJd moreover lealn lO Ili. finlJl. tbe sigos af Iba 2odii..51.dt~ 1 Ioucbln... h il" Ari~ ''I') i. lar beUer Ihan any wOld could do.OI IhrDuch Iheh ~I.) lhe ""hole of tbe pefSooal C04sciousoeSl tbat il dependeot UPOII lhe sentes for it. ideograph. Taken iD Iheir entirety.bole sublimated Wi5dom of Astrology: for they form tba alphabet of its language. • Por tnlan. Illdeed." "r the. signs into paifll 01 positivo and ncgative. composed of Ibe reelings. commoo·sense. kOOWD as qualitia.mount Impor.e may arrange as io lhe 'able ao pp.Dol. couvey in tbo simplest way lhe notion of lhe lrue innar Il&ture of e:ach sign.. TI..rily . ch Qlh. whic:h "...rn. Aries should be thought of as 'Y' and not as A"IU or T/w Ra"" Dot.) the dnire'llalure..·. n" 111 <.ken rrom 1_ e<jllal clrdr:s 10ucl>IDI ...· Tbe511 ideosraph5. without pedecl kno._eh lign by it. By eumining and careful1y Itudying Ibi. in relatiOrl 10 our owo sola. Hence we can 5eO bow oeces!W'y it is that the Iludent . and nol by the aame ordio::o. tance.. IJ. kno'l\'o .'I.1edle I but we ma. Ind may ahnoS! be said to be lha "sigos mallUJll " of lhe greal Spirilual Rulers of lhe twelve·fold divisioll o( lha Cosmos. . to 11..U y_ lhe h. thell into four groupa.bould Dot metely memorlse them...a.. witbslandiDg Ihat the animal 'Ne call lhe ram showl tbis symbol dillinctly In ill racial cODtour.r .. will teach lhe trua student.rlc~" paO'.u 'li" o . 11.. OIIt nnotber ulcrnal y: . Tbe IOIOGIlA'HS and $JII'boh of tha signs are of pan. uperiellteS. IIb Ibe r~." We sballno'w begin lo study the parti. labia..d . generally spoken 01 as .ical signi6callce thereof..iv.. of ..TH" TWELVB SICHS OI' THS ZODIAC. therefore. CfIIIllrucled 011101 q". Ihtnugb bi. until we are finally able la apprcbend ils true value..Dnl l \ 111) COn_I!1I or • (Irelt anil a !IO!ml·clrdo nr erJll1t r:.'. triplidties . Tbus. and paiol of co. separating Iba twal . 11 III impossible 10 undeuland Ibe twelve SigDS as oae whole. il is nol too mucb to that in Ibem il contained tbe ". and m~itntion upon the metaphy. A cateful study of lhe' primai forma' out 01 wbich eaeb ideograph li constructcd.. paUioll1 Illd ematiroos af tbe world's bumaoity: (ii.

L. c.m Buli Twl~ nUI) TIIIOIoT LUIIGI I. H•.. Aitr 51"... . p()• • Anculu SUUedllllt C..:::" I o>j~' STOMACH iv. . DI Si.Nr. Neca. ". FI". 1<110(.. " NORTHERN SIGHS. e. • D S~. .. .tlvlI POIlth. . fI.. 5'" rll. .t _/ Body ~ •e z V l11GO ••'"c • • BOWI!LI "'.. . Alll. U.hl.. Polilll/II Qw.denl N.".<:. Eartb. ..' flll ' ~ 1/ !! R {\" IhlA1T "./ily Cudhlll Fbed NIII.·tr"· . Plo~'of Bw.M R.1 Fbed MII\lble p- AnClllu Sut:cedellt C. . o W... L •• P~lariI.' • 11.1104 Cnb Lioo V1rtln .'.delll H.. Watery Fiel)' EanbJ 5... Necatl"lI QIIoIIJiI.. TIoUIOl GIIIIIII Poluily POIltlVfl NeC ath..ASTIIOLOGV POR At.. emln.15 ..

oi.. Nep...N 'y""..... Catdlul p- ADI1I..U....... 5' $OUTHERN $fGNS.uIar K . t. ZODIAC...n • ...rua TWIlLft SIGMS OP Ta.f')' . Neptbo Potltl. Po.. ..10 S&olITTAIIUIC p~~ Fosltb. N•• oi Si{"II AD. Qto fiil.w N"".. b. Tbe Fubu Fa1. SucoedeDt "" St)UTllERN SIGNS. CantlGaI H••" .. lüova~. PoIMil.ú .....o QMlu.of Si. • ~ < " SIp LI"" 500.T ..... Sip C"PRICOUl AOU4"'U! PIte.. P..... No. Cadeat Wale!")' u~ A.U."oj Bol. Seorploa Archu Sae"Ta TIIIO.. S....ltl. ... tabl."-JBHl .- e- " P.tef')' Mutable Cadent FI.. FI'" W.RaIJl' .. Nq.kI Goot • ·P..

airy and ~Iet)'--on lhe other hand. : ):\ . ':.. appertaining 011\7 to Ô~ pl~ne of physk al manifeilalion. lod deplh-Ile bul examples of lhe inherent Iti./11"'" .lO\Ohll . IInd consisting of signa cf fier)'. we have Ihu5 1\ four. of course. e&rlbJ'.' :' 1:' : . liry anu walely nalmu res(lt!clively: and (3) a three·fold divj. li/I beill( rcprcsentecl bythe horizontal.. 10 ia Ibe prlscot OUI founded on Ibe rola. Cardlaal Alr)' JUSI . il i.. to be remembered : and thi. differeolialion iolo three model of manifestation ia due 10 lhe racl Ibat 'pi. . This idea is familiar to a)) l i Ibe religious idea of lhe trioily of Deity.. wllbout prejudica 10 Ih contiDuil.u... by the vertical i bolb. for uample: aod it.. cetltrHugallnd centripelal io Ibeir Dature.. who po55eSSCS lhe three attribules of Activity.. of Ih.tlcal lbou.lioll.j! and UNI. but nevertbeJess . '~ í'(i ".rarnpbl.OGY FOR ALI.tU<11 condlticn. Ibe diviaion Ifealeci ol in lhe IUI paragrapb rC$ultl Irom lhe lel:Ltioo of lhe t:.nily of 111 our tonceptions. Flery Eartb. . lubJ.bJ. latiu com. 1.fold dilTerenliation. being essential to evolulion..ide'ratioll will Ihrow lighl 00 Ibe rea500 whYlbe' nine' aspecl (wbicb ". Thi.pendin. Ire divisioos .liatr o"O"5$lrily pO~i!sse5 three a.ASTR01.0 Flud .tribute&. Eacb of Ihese ha\'iol .iII claim our attentioo laler 00) should bo always fouod 10 be a barmooioua ooe..~ri l y 10 Ihr spir. Jdutable (Rad .tion of 'lhe + io Ibe O.pi." lriune" lIature is a . wbo ... 01 I~(é and (orm. have Ihen (I) a four . The foUf "nllUru "-60ry. omlt . concr. of like oature consists of thru sigol (epresentio! a thrce·fold manifestatioo Df ONE oature-nery. are Iimiled 501e1y to Ibo plane of mllter. 10 lhe O (lCIe diagram aI commence. menl of chapter).) t"- It ia lo be specially remarkcd Ihat these are 001 arbitral}' OI casual 'fflIogemeDl. elllhy. TIIi.isiog pUfeJy OUI af tbe neccsshies 01 manifestatioo and Ibe. !bit necessity of • Iriune lI'lanifestation being reflected in mao....iJatÚ cbaratteristic. Tbe fOIlOWiO! IWO groupingl will greatly Issist UI:TrilUejfjn. A" triplicity" of sigos .ioo .fold di". division resU1t1 from lha esscotial dualit. Power. W. ud fDl. alld Wi&dClm..r. two ' poles' aa il 1II'ere. Tbe tbree dimensions 01 apace-lengtb. Ilnd / _ . DO' fond 01 _tapb. breadlb.isioo (e). to tbe 'aquare 'upect lod beiag conceraed with pbysical manifelta.j. bo expressei himself a~ body. i • ••rcij"l.

force and life. lepreseol energy. = Ai".leal and N"..."ICOllll . are in~tinctive. Power... ZOOlAC. .u Fler.TIIE TWI!LVI! SICNS OF Til!. to bUfo up and refine ali Ibe dross OUI 01 lhe nalure. aOdl Th . • }Tbe mental and lotelleclual artillle world Earth. They have a tendeney to expand.. ao. and tbeu nature may be learned b. the fecHng./'w"g of IM jriplici/in by separating Ihem into pairs. the positive ligns of t~is group. Ibe highesl reelings in whieh warmlh and adivity are expressed. GEM1"I. \Ve may no" discover Ibe mu.atber lhan lbe reclines.p ~ composed af Ibe algas tbat have to do lrith the mind . and expcnd in force lhe hesl pari of Ibe emolions: the direction of lhe energy depends upon lhe strength of lhe will behind. triplidl.olid objecuve world POlilill. .. G._ We ma. more particulatl...OM. aOO Wisdom (ar to the human belog'.. anless moved by desire ar impulse from without.. Ibe formeI Ibe receiyers.d govern lhe passions and bigher cmotion.OMP I SAGITUlIlua e Seoll'lo. aod }The ph. but in lhe more evolvcd. { I l 6 Gro". IDd } Tbe Ideal and ardeut ÚlIDltlve ". respeetivel)'. which.. aod lhe importaot distinctions to be borne io mind. and the p5)'chic nature is more aetive. C . utral and p. giving rise la inluition. "C"I. they ud affection. C." tbis Iroup ia lhe ume . N'KMiv.yehle "orl<1 plutlt Tbe . aoal.ló. J.i. LEO. and is seen by lhe planelary Indic:ations. LIIIU. 53 reBected iato material manifeslalion..llIty lIigo.orld W~l er. and consisting of Ihose " qualitics " Damed b)' astrologcflI • cudinal' 'fixed' and 'mutable: and concspGnding to Ibe divine auribute! 01 Aetivil)'.the sensitive part or tbe nalure. as follows: Ptn.. "TIoU'WI. be1oncioi to tbeair. Tbe nexl pair are composed of AIU aad aARTH' signs. The WATBltY signs represent lhe r«eptive part of the nalure. In undeveloped typcs sensation is needed lo enable Ihole uader Iheir influ. { .il and ulll). camparison. Grou. while lhe fiery sigas prefel to li".' is inactive: they govern lhe penoaal reeliogs and . {VlaGO. The watuysigns govern lbe negalive and more dependent side of tbe desire nalure.I. ence to realise Ibat Ihey are attaehed lo Ibeir pcrsonality. {'Y' n AIIIES. Niy. ÁIlU~IUt1t Thls grao. it-the laller are lhe punuers. Tbese are lhe usenlial faets 10 l>e gra5~et.

m. are Iryçl.i"..I'ae of eacl...r lhe fulure. "I: 6 lTl. dcr agaiost taking tbe wOfds USM In de s~ribinft these ' trin ities • (lnd ' q1l:.11lrks Migb t be oxlMd~d to a grcat ICI.. IHTILLlCTU. of iotelleet . lia foIlDW': Ti. IlIleUed.·l..:.. Uf.llendeocy of Ibo firl' d" eI: ~ji. I'rl' "I: are J~i~i/uaJ signs. trUfI n..::':' Emnlloo.of three oigll' 11I!.c jir."e. ani~tic or profuona! cb:l.. IIS..u."'lal.:f r .>. educa.llhl: earlh.!.... S\."'''''i'''' "'1'l~\o1 lJUT""t. lhe "rsl fOUf sig ns 01 the. sign is ' ull..!f. meul . NCl'l~·lb.1 n:r 1 F . l. we bElve four diuioct classes iOlo which Ibe sigus Inll_no j.~I'l" .li nt: lhe eir~b in. are fA.. hul wo mll~t . and lhe lasl {nur 511:. hl. POI..11>111011.). Ibe r-.aler mi ~ t .... lele_lIt7.~ fOlnlcr signl IIvo moro ia lho iotelleclllal world and chin" 0111 lhe plr.... "'. E:ttroIlUIlI.UI Sroups: Ihis i5 ohlRiocd hy stndyiug lhe guali:'.ar (Mllrch la Mõly) i. rodil. VIII 'I ' We mu." thref! and iato fou r (i) superfieially Rnd (ii) cir..arn the re.:nrro..ns ia iA I. penoo bmo iõ\ tb!S early r.rcn h. Il .IIl ~ 1 thao "n~ barn laler.t... ."Ilnlhs of Iboye..'.ir: sigllS.'.) in a general r-ell5e . IlIsl h"rõunr<. TRIHITY MAT.1 oro=-: thaa.0 lhe luetbod of l~ar Dh:r. )~ I. " lid.~ it.lPp05O Ih" l for !nslanó .li lllal .15. by divi.NAL Gl!tlRUTIV& Sl!avltlG ...:oUowlnt: lhe Iype ar nomonclatu."" JUS! a·laptetl Ihe~o might 1. FllIltO and M UTAnt. . U'ldt :stood these must be considered s. alld Ihis. j'." .-Io" .riatic'ó.ich .:umfercntia lly. "~e (llldlity. . *. sitll:: Icpte::entiag Ibe Intdlectual..mceptioo~-10 SI. C. but until th:. SiCII. PII.s. ti"" ai. {.t h!fO . Rulleoomese.00 io lc.fact melhods. iy.UATI!Il:<.. '\'lH'!>o imlivillnills boro lo l i..:! ..c. lri"i'''' aod fUllt'~•• '.gth. I\ece~~arily more ioll!lI"". • ."...llIctr.ide of 1ifo:.'..ASTROLOG1" peR "Lt.1'0' 1010 fOtlf '""iru.I ." .:. f.diaa.e hable tn mb:..b IrO C"a uw...e hõlYe terme" bii1id'ür and . ':"'1 1.. ar lbe!."1 D "l Ar.ndameol3.. consisting af grnllpa.. 111.Ji n."'O ... ~"" Th~r" 1$ II ti. " \V:l1 11 lhe f.u.. bUlia':!l uod f>CIli~ic . Ihu IsUer caHy them oul io dellH by pfnclical. "iII r. wi'u..ouiu • I" 1utellecl ual. In this Wll. ' I'h ll (OU! midclte signs...' r.. ~~olbing eollld bu :lo gn.-pose. wbetber tbe ...r.. 100 literall y. ~\l .. maUer ·of. ""eU t erm ed I.. serving. o o[ Ib. t \'Ielv.. Will. ~r H o \!li. Ibe eXilei valu3 01 o:lch sign aparl frolll th. FleJiblfit.."o signs occupyiog thn ume position in ao)' classel..II. . "bic." etc. tli".. sig...

'Y' Eumining lhe sigJls separatel] . As li governs ILe be!ld. we fI:. 11 fna1 bc that in unde· veioF-cd crules (indiuted by Ibe plan~t:uJ n~. T AU R US.. her aspirations.. and Ihat ill oBture is r:lm. In maki. lO ali Ihat il inJicatC!S.ulesil. lt doe~..iif stimullte Ibe higher emu· tion".lIb the fo. fhen. flom its c:ndinal nalUre. The cocrgies and life. I.·" Ihu! ai onee a clue lo Ih'! DIlIUlO of tbo ."ps .a rcg:uuhlg :h:l "ign.)lce.1I. 'l.líke. (.e lha! il '3 ~1I :or.ll. produciog ideaht1 Ind clenr Ih<)I · I5P~. We 60d in lhe table Ibat lhe sign Arb gover05 lhe head. aod the lalter ".ootn Iht: inhCfcot le' 1-nCJ uf lhe ·.bieh lhe hea. but in aoy case Ihis sig" endows IhosO'J who come IInder its influence witb lho hip.i11l Ibe li!.n:1 ~. grouped wilh Ihose sign~ governing lhe positiva emolions.1. 01 lha oe~"t. r611 and turns. In lhe bot1r il govern. "'e shall Daturall..udgment lO ohltin li tinal itll).'1'! condition"''' scc Ihat II is ~n esprellsive sigu. ~t. Wemay nowstudy Ihesecond sign af tbe zodiac.s Il' lhe posilivc. urdinal alui fie.!"tl] 'l"d In . .y F.o. being pervcrted..g earthy in lIa1u re iI i~ .n:ttorny up:ln . combative aod decepth'e. and Ibose io wholll tbe Aries mUure is the leadill~ eharatterislic are MnOWO as pioneers of daulltless tour'ge and fiuy enlhusiasm. Iton. lls uiplid ty an<l Quality . 111 its ('t:'siti .givin. side Df I:vOlulioo..' ".. properties are re~reseoted by the po5itive 5ig05. 'IIIi11 Uc passionlte.5\ Dllli\'c be • prlUlU1I. nol 1I0W require Illuch .inn .!ion" prornillenl in lhe characlcr. '!. minu" ~l '~ll" erm· eemed witb Ibe objeelive and lolVer miod.ll:h'ing prominencp..nd Wt 8... we 6nd Afies a cardinal sigo.! bull·like char:lcler. dependent upon physical objects ror expIession.ive u5 lhe idea o[ fixed e:nth. aod we bave clas~ 1I under the group of " Negative. On rderente lo lhe group of triplitities we 6nd that Aries. lt 1~ easy. 'rom Ihi~ we may judge Ihal lhe activilics are more casíly tlxpressed through lhe beau.\riCi'\. Beir. aDd lbe mel1iunl O!' (orm Ibroullh wbich lhe !ile signs. an. and. aspect.he life 'orces workio~ d iroUgh lhe I" '.ithCl 'ti- . progre"s ... a di~tineti\">n llelwe~n positive and negalivo 5igM.JlI~..fI (:r • blockh-. '11'11 mar consider lhe !ormtt as mote dircctly CODtemed . We ha.'.m. Tbis is a negative !..0<1 idr.õ AmES h:'uur.ality. Ibe neck and throat.ld.pectl\) IlIi:\ nafufe.isn.('r "~Im h :. we may j1J(l'. fil'ry natlne lha! it gives . giving ambi.pecl lo fjod lhe men'al "r. eilher (or externai ootterrnCllt or for internai develop!!!e"t.\\.11 indioation to ael indep<:".'1. to nS$ociate ". e>C.'\~erl i\s !. . A'I '. tL~' fus~ of lhe earlhy IriplicilY in the order of lhe sigos.I. The ram butls hi~ tnay Ibrougb obstleles. tha! pari Df lhe phy$ical .ar the olheI terma used -].~sins now lo Ibe lable of qualities.

Duty and obedlenee are the high keynotes of the Tauru5 nature.tbe Iow" sense. it belooga to lhe inul.nd impermaneol. Ibe fishes.ducation lod blgher me~lal cot'Iditions. The mind of lhe Gemini nlture it plain. and il mUlablo in quality. eatiog lhe double nalure of tbe ligo. abou! them.power or obstinacy with Ihis sign. aod hicher. these people mO\'e 10 purpose wheo arou!ed. Tbere are two dislioet nlturel in lho Gemini ptrSoOtl. 50 lhal il would Item as tbough the mind bad not complelely scvered itsel[ from.odiac.trological wriler Ibll Gemini people reason from tbeir se05l..n ol tho and we have placed it witb Ibose governing lhe posilive. tbe archer. great will. In 'rllst in wbom lhe Libra quality ialetive would painl incoloun. or lhe aUbjec. Ind fond of orna menU.. lhal it is • !)Osl· . ali of whieh bolong to ehan8e. termed common sigAs by astrologeu... haU mano half bOf"6e. cily. thetbird si!. . To uadentlod tbe nature oC the ligo Gemioi. bowe. lhe I. tho idea of OBaDI' lHes as Ibo main chuaeleristie Df this sign is readily arrived li. and illhul moro prooounced and Idive in expression.. T~i5 ls a positive sigo of tbe liry triplidty. 510lhful indifference may be expeeted. and one or lhe olher ls SlIrt 10 be expressed by lho Taurus Ralure. I. The Hindus symbolise this siga by a bcautiful woman. but decidodly more prorcssional tbln bulÍnlllu·like j the work. Ihere being nOlbing definhe or fixed. tbua indi. but whoc uno deveJoped. bUI wo eao endors. tho lign of 8Olidarity. obslinaeyand a 5urly. pRlienl and enduting • • Iways ledng whh detiberalton Ind rigid movemenl. allbougb refined. : u. pen'lnd.. Iml il is still indedsive . ind&Ciaion Ind mulabUlly.tlve. and *. .ble group of signa.ASTROlOG'I FOR ALI.. Some idea of tbis duality may be galbered Ifom Ibe study of Gemlni. Tbe Libra type of mind loves ehiefly colour and expros• • ioo. although an liry aign. mlnd. quiel Ind inoffen!iive.lO that irom lhe 'ollowing iIluslralion we may at once learn lo diatinguiah beIweeD Ihese Iwo. yl be mec. D GEfoflNt. would al . \\Ie mayassociale tbilllgn witb e.e lhe remark of ooe I.ons. IwO doar ideas aro neCll$Jlry: fim.. The key to Ita a_IufO ia oblained from tbe knowledge Ihat. inle uelchea. Ali tho mutablo sigos are geoerall. lhe virgin with Ibe ears of coro.1. amorou.ins: '1:.bile lbe Geminl"tis! would prefer plaio linedtallfing. also a man elad ia armour. or erayon worle. for lostanee. in any case wo maf consider that Taurul i. 510'" to move. Ii the 6r51 of Ibe alry tripll.. They are eaeh coroposed of two chaneler. Nevertheless. Usiog eompanson lo belp ua we may compare il witb Ihoother airy signs for I momento Librl ia of lhe cardinal qualily.hanical.

secood.nd representa the aensitive human 101. iu ripples being caused either b.teocy. thia sigo. rlDCJ. Ibe three walery aignl ma. born io Ihia" sigo.11. and lhe bigbasl imlgiallioo lrise (rom tbe conditiool giv&o b. and ma. lhe oegali"" haH ol Lea.. 10 Ihat ali the personal (eeH.. bUI wben those wbo are undevolopcd come under italnfluence. be considored as represenliog lhe Ihree upecta 01 the lOul. move· ment {roro withia or vibration feODI _ithaut. This siga ""e bave placed with tbose coocerned ·witb lhe negltlve emotionl. animal... it refleetland givu back an 'lmale of ali Ihl. nevel laclc versatUily. judge that it 11 the sigo which has precedence in ali pusooal maUef"$.. it produces a higbly impressionahle oalute. I.. its phylical ropresentatjve. and IImilulylt ia ooly wben tbe leeling. refleeted. a. Cancer In a general sense I.0 ml.oct Ibe $OWoct of tbe cardinal aigns. for lhey readilJ respood lO Ibeir enviraomeot. ao4 Ihey Ire lhe bUI persanl to call upan in an emitrgeocJ. lt ia . The Moon hal lhe greatest affinitJ with 'tbis sign. It gives quicimess in movemeot. I. the firsl of Ibe watery triplieily.t tbe CaoOllr pe .11 Iheir actiool. CANCER.. mOR retenHve memory. and it is lhe mOlt plastic. . buman lIod apirltual. Tbe sigo Gemini saems to lacll concenlration. sign . news-collectou. From thlt ...THE TWELVE SIGNS OP THE ZODIAC. be Iikened l!la limpid lake. when lhe il. but tbis la 001 lO be takeo ai I hard lud fasl role.ay belearned {tom Ibe erah. reporteu. There I~. Liko the lake. such as oewspaper meo.tion.a o ar mutable aign. il gives aptitude ia abalact thiog!. lor lhe algo is ooe or form.. The lign CanCtll is lhe lIlost receptivo l!ld seosith'e sigo of tbe JOdiac.ugs and emotions that apring out of aensa. If 001 takeo in 100 literal I AUte. Ihat il is also a camm.10 li. But il isonl. lhe. are sub· jecl to maoy extremes and moods.. Ind a coostaol desire Cor change. are imperaonal and ullbiased tbat theJ reflect lhe true eonditlons 01 the lOul. aod the wOlat trait of character with which it eodows itl childreo Is difruliveollSl i but there is ulual1y motive behiod 1. showiog initabililJ aod in· dedsioo. Ind wheo govemiog Ihose who uo developed. o h. hO'lli'ever.t il reHected 111. Fram Ihe$ll two faclarl we lIoow Ihat il mUII be a aigo Ihal causes restle"oeu. one fealuIe about tllia aigo that m. We fmd maoflilerary pcrSOnS who cater for lbe public li dear aud froe (rom dilturbaote that images cao be corroeU. nearlJ alwaYI requiriog aetiao lo come from wilhoul lo Itimulato lod awakeo ih Il. etc_. • We 00111 come lo the Caurth ligo of the:tOdiac.. anct bJ tbi •• Imile we Cl. Yel Ibough tbe. 6rst nega tive aad then acule. and representll the 61m ar Ihell oDl.D p<!rcolve Ibl. " tive air.

pesal of Ihos~ ". aoj aolhiog ."lboul lo movo Ihem to acUDO.lIy n. to mlko lho f$rowing ego huogrJ for lIl.oess Ind fi."eadiIJ Itos. they rct~D melinS! conaected _itb lhe lo.eir in:r. io tI. Q.oc. of olh~ I-II.. kno"" hO_lo economise.~ d(. . .OO streogtb " combilled in tbis ~ign. blloser. lhe Caocer 1)' pe!I of humanh.m tbeir wm is la•• -Wbcu d. IOS a"d rlutins.'iitioa."ho require Ihair pr.ige Df lhe fierJ triplicilJ. Tbo h.1 the"! a.ilion til ceLllre il i.. mosl boumunicus vibn. Wh"en pure. _hh aro evcDlu.e savage i. bebe tbtl. lo be form.\'bea uadevtJop.. ia a fi~ry..tripli.emolhol 1r0 lhe chier ceolr.lempered pet'5011s i 1. cil.i1l sufl"er e . Lave of power and commanrl Ire lhe prevamog cbar.bich I . Tbia it t'le ceatral !. and Irom .goaoimiIJ.).YJCdLI r.. Df firrr.e then ofleo p. for lhe. io lhe matoroal principie. Fram It.1teclioD i for wcaNn_.. f Iheir own crcatillD. crlb·liic:o.ASTflOLOGY FOR ALI. kens lhe dorrmlot fMliDg:I Il. Tbo ~neer pertollS bold on. Cancor givos ia t>llco 01 ~nlbltion . to:!ll 11':0 fixed :. Jt ia a sigo of :llrDnglh and ui.. as We CiO aee by lhe UlU5lratmn. aad Ibe. Ihey mlko el' i . morose and SOut.ccoml=-lish . oalUlO we may judge Ih.el.ed.hic.".e c f IctiYiI.. 'rboir grealO"ll f. .tion • .. receplive lo tha very beM infllll.'111. fullng the beart.od ~chieve hy persistent ddc:. wouoded.lion. expt:cl either iodifl"erence lod c bSliolCJ. 15 yel 10 tuttaCinlll Ihat It is ntremd.rim c\~termin..lft with Ihe!)l Ibr..mal.gul WJ ma. ou~d lhom... and from . more potenl lod full or mOlnioi' Ihao Ibo· olher fiee.Iovo of fame.'1 pbysical fond. I () ealilJ crushed. krIMi.I\.. Beiog fuI! of railh Ihey .."atlll l i well :1. llld tb. Tbe fiftb sigo of tbll ~odilC.lent providerl. !.:d. .d. Tbe crab. po!.ul ! wh.' sensi:ive aoel ':&.:'\1 Il:!e higber .heir Ilounsh· '06' luccouriD« al1d lIustlining im. dlfticult to lelease O1Ieself &om the nip nr ill da..b lhe cOIl. positlve 81gn. P01l'er aod auslerity I~e lue mlTked cbluacterislicl cf lhe Leo nalure. to cmotioOll. IheJ contrive to be al ••JI li Ibe " . '.t la. as frool the i: rec~pliveconditi01llbe. 1I'hero ali the finu! foelinS5 resido. .. lod tbe wiil usuallJ il ralher ioternal Ihao oxte..od. Ibo pSJcbic almotpbera /o. Ire also conservative aDd loyl1 ia ) "gud 10 Iho'lf .-emslDO grer-l lar Ih ~ir idllalily..ctivity.p .itl fi .aclerlstica 01 Lco peoplll: Ih t y livo io a .t _heo advnn rl.y. -. and a. undeveloped il th.evisb. LEO. wUl lei ro. The negllhe ardioll liSOI pretor greltnul tO dfllCClld upon Ihem rlther tluo lo Ichieve 11.n io3tion.jty _of purpose. are very p~yt..·' lIfsed bJ lho t ru~ Caocer oalurll... "('O r IheJ need a lI \l mulus &em . lremel.._0 lhe brea~t. Ibe.tioct. lo bo ~"'elltu .oigns (tbis applies liso la lhe cenhal sigo of each . alld lho tem CilDlre 11 I"al · I! 'cb 15 foo: mfld . A cenlre b".1 feclio.

. lhe pure mind. remaiolng li.V~ $IGNS OF THS Z: ODt~~.. rdoed.awuoale. may be hri!!lIy deal! 'lVilh.c. mulable sibll.. lt 11 • tifO c::oufeulDg •• poa ils subjec:tll iodu! lry.r to I"Clbe '9 c. lt I.c..tUl"t).eIoped tboee wbo lUe UIlder il.1 si!l\ Df Ille ...b e cha ractcr 19 of lho slrongcsl Iype. Librl b:iog lhe «ntt. love af bonO!t..1t loverna thll practlCllI aad solid slde Df f{lr m~tiv~ lire. Ind urdioalla qualily. }.lhe dispa~siooale lod oqualised &I:ate of the lalellecl. governil"\g tbe objeclivc miad. aod \..THE TWEl. ~r eti venfl. Ibe aixth S.Iic. I. 11 is Ibe sigo of ~served force Ind power. nce lal! eaYÍrODIJ'eot.. aod r ::pir.o. tioll and purificatioo. ~!ouly.11 the directioll Df h".ad equilibrium... Tbll completes lhe aeaeraJ descriptl"o of lhe fin' lix iJ§"lI~ nf the rodJ.11 lhe fee[io ~ COIDi~ direct !tom tbCI hei«!".orklng . Jt ia ID am.l nin1h ~i bO Df l!le zodiae. 6od p.(.bitbu. oi lhe t .. "" LIBRA is lhe Co:TItre of lhe airy :!igll1\. h delloles baJ&otc.a are prido.cIlctlOJIÜY. jUltlce a.. aM! _ . lod th1t h!~lr-r ntorllitJ'.. Tbis sigo representl lhe state Df COD9Clousbe~ Ihlt i...e fiod lhe poweu of Ibe magici'Ul coocoaled. the 'lVonl as well ali Ibe bCllt charac. aud lovcri! ol uaily aod equallty. lI"eighed lo lhe bakcce.ot1.lous.tred and viodiclivt'<\eu i blll io the delleloped . haviag 8rca' adapt\H1ity tocircumsl .lf.!(ll af Ih!l wdl. ane:auce aod um. anti lhe lI b!Jit:: lo '0110'" U\&tI. Wben uodevelop:>d.l InflucDC:e Ire comp. lhe ceoltal sigo Df Ibe eauh. 11 il ~ f\Jut~l>lc .!l'.ilh VIRGO. Ireed !tom Ibe 58"_ : 11 rt pl"esents lhe point ia humlo IIIvolull01l hl wbith lhe miud i. harmco. 1'8u prompb the higller emotiona a~d giTe. Itld hlve th.Jde. :al'd li\.: po. na. lhe power for evll ..obe signfl. thCl chariçl""i-. iDa: aigu.oa witb thuarthJ à&OI. !coou Md Irdt'1I.e.tre of the nc:gative lI"~tery silOI. iu comO'. t. boi tenncd I formalive signo Mou lded by ' ecliol. t SAG lTT ARI US is tbl. Ia this dgn Ire provided aU Ih" requiremeob: of lhe bUlltreII Dllun. I:iplicil" r.a:odilc. Scorpio heiog lhe slgn oi regen·. diff~real purauit!.CORPIO Í!J a ÍUled signo lI.od lhe Cfa. betwceo Ibe hlgher aod lhe IOll"!lr ~molioDs. forrned u nder the juRueoces 01 Ihis signo lo lhe uodoveloped . Tbe milld II fuU Df {eclioe 01 lhe obj~tive tIP'I. we flo:nl oo~ " Ihat it ia a aegati. • lo dullD8' peftioo. In. 11. Tbe plllISi9nal Ml llro i. t.. tcr8 beio!. aad e. a repetitioQ oI lhe method of judgmelll beiDg unneceB!"oary.u de . pliable aod iOllioclive. aad the wbole Ollure ta verJ plycbic.paasive in IW. e&tlhJ.d heat Thi. II liveI wooderful powerl of perceplÍoo aod compuison..

.Iiry..sed. ALL. V.1 itl oatlvee posseu.ble.bit . cra(t" luspicioul'od euelillg..ble.. Sco ••• o Solo'TTAloua • VIII. lod very sensitivo tbrough tbe emoliolla. III.igo La lho mlll.60 ASTROLOGT 1"011.1f tlluding to religioD Ind lhe bigha. lhe fittt b.110 memorise lhe Irmbolll of tha sleo. == AQUARIUS.. lud b. positive sigll. Ther " ' 11. dMlotill( 1I to . a .. emotlool.isu i ••ymboliled b. Imbitious oltur. . TAUIUI Gr:II •• . 11. il gins pcrsevefloce... L. mott humano of tho twelve IIgn. b I 6xod. lign il lhe lova for dllmb loimals li( iII bUlillr:~a will be rr.x. lod tbose uader tbese Influences UI impreuioll. wbo ruches lho higbcst sommit Df Ibe mOllatala.'rJ 11 it euaoti. It gives intuiliOll.. Th. 111 whlcb are . Tbi. IlId ofteo mediumiltic IQd paychie. sign Is batI hum • .ofllikel.. lhe gOlt.. table. il lho teoth slgn of lbe todiae.lessneSl.teolR Aguu.try. to prevai! by marrJillg or trading wilb persCIIIl bom io lha ! :Il " meotioned ia Ihalasl columD of lhe followia. lo lbe uDdeveloped wo nod Orton expres. The symbol of . of lho OltUfO 01 6aod air i 11 (lvet coocl1IttUiOJi IDd firmo OISS.EI . Df this . )( PlSCES il the twelfth lud lasl . ud mlrked Irllllie aoimal..ri.IIA ~ VII..uI 1- = XI.lbo eloveDtb lign of Ibe tOOilC. rnul. \01 CAPRICORN. fiery.tlve. calbolic of lho eartbJ sips. killd aod hOlpitlble. . th.. Igo of lhe Zodilc. HarmollJ'. af lhe Uldilc 111 lbeir IIlImerical order as follow. happloess alld lUecess ia n.: AI.t. earthy lod negativo UgtI.. It il wllerr. "hile Iholattor batI ladinos to aports and externa' plollsum. PIICEl * XII.. patience Ind tboughtfuloess. positivo signo In commOQ witb' ali the mutablo ligtas. alld Ihl moal doai of aU lho IlrllL The Imoll01l1 Ira deep Ind IUIIII.. resllcssalU lad extrema. . but rcoden lhe tmdeveloped capricious..turo of Ihi. L •• e: Cu.IOO VI. and I ml1ked fea. indu. pruo deDU. Tbis ia Ibe most formal. CUIC •• • 'V. two natuTM . with vIr. cudinal. flithluloou.

. hyaeiotb Veool UI.. 6. Callcllr.•• ..'... Libra.ere bofn ou June 26tb (aor )'ear) . Gemlai. I ... SaBlttariulor Arie •.. TII)fUI. 1>10. . ZODIAC.. Ali .mood lod opa! Topu. Tho seeood collllTlo contains Ibe planot ruliog eacb sign..."oro. CancM. lod . diamood VeOll1 Mou aBate. . SaBittariu. K. lbe ripI. Gemial.. lc .. Rub)'. emerald Merellf)' Ber)'I.. . and Ibe third Ibe two birtb Ilooes belonghlg to Ibe liga oceupied br Ibe Sun doring lhe mooth in wbich 10U _ere bom. deeper iOll.our zodiacal sign will be Caoeer..mariae M~.. aqu.toue. Emerald.oo)'. diamood S" Mereuf)' Pink juper. aod lhe uding pllnel oE eacb 5igo :_ N. Ali IhD. Calleer Or PilCel. Virgo. for il . For iostante... its fulef tbe Moon. mooollonl _p". ~ppbire. ••h.. Wo may oow pus 00 to a coosideratiOIl of Ibe po5itive and negative centres Df life and of tho cbaraetotilticl beslowed by tbe Moon wbeo in each of tbe sigo •• o I'" probAble IHI 181'11 IrII (O"flrned by Ib8 j/Mut..equaUr .hlMo ..THE TWBLVE SICNS OF THI.. opa! SeO'PIO ~ SAGITT"a. TAIJIIJI GIMI"' I· C""C1U L . malaehlte M'A Juplter Carbuoc\e. ~Io •• '1111' lo.t bit beeo laid hefe abould be well studied. alsoglveo Ihegems· rOf eacb month or lhe yeal. Arlu..Q . 6....~ 01' SafitUriUJ or Leo.i11 lave mueb labour and diOiculty ia eoooeclioo with lhe judgmclOt of oativitiea. Leo._. VlrBO. W be la bar_r whh !DOU 'ban 00. Placu.uI CUlueou li. The fi"t eolumo cooI&lUI lhe twelvo sigas ol lho zodiae. Ariea.eU ia regard 10lbe Riaiol SigD (cbap. but rou ml' "Nr eilher ar bolb..... loto lhe nalure of lhe zodilc õ but Ibero ia mucb more to leuD. Where ODe Itooe 0111)' is eho5en Ibe firtt ODe Ibould be . V'IGO L. Tbi..... Capricoro.... AqllariuI.. In Ibil dlapler _ lave ..10_ ... Aquariu. M~ Amdb)'lt.. ri . . •• lln. Libra. . .. Taurut. lhe""'. Caprleoro or Taurut. dx.alned I.. if JOU . 81 . . Seorpio. tbe Emerlld aod Black On1ll.).. Md hlllce . .. alia. VlfBO.~ .. mOOIlMooe Salurn Ur_o". or Libra. '1'_ tblD b.. AQuAllua P'le•• •• . turquollle Wb. black 00.. aad Ibis will requlre olhef chaplefl.. lablo wiU apply..our birlh .

n the case may bel i5 50 situated as 10 be ai. and Ihese exprc5siool mUSI benrore bc undCBtood io Ibat sellse when cmployed herea{ter in Ibis book. aspecl. i ~ I 1 • r ( Iso) ... or polygons.ving lupettively 12... 3.nderslaod Iblll lhe Sun (ar Moon.(lGY FOR AL... '"• Wilb regard 10 Ihis somewhat fonnldable list. .. for lhe . . which distance i! called an AJi"'. ASPECTS. When the S uo IIr Moon (ar ao)' planeI) ls in bad a5pect lo anOlher planei. Ihlt planei..t. )' !I.Ire of u .. tlNlillt41 diJlallt' froOl some puticular planeI Dr planei! .. TheSll .• ~ '\' "• . 5.. pld''''JJ. I . 8. * . these polygons h..lIion of Ihese mU5t be r eserved fac a bter volume.IlSTROJ. inscribod th erein. fUrlh er Ihan l O $I)' Ihal by Ihis lerm we u. Tbroughout Ibls worlr there will occuionall)' be fOLlnd refeumct"ll 10 "upedl. .o.. lhe)' need nol be ~xplaiDed bere." The complete conuder..... "• IH) Q.cries. 9 or V. 6. and 6 are always poli (" benefic "h O and 8 always tvil (" malefic "). including every upect practieaU)' Ihose in braclrets are compara· tivel)' wealr.. (2i).. . whicb is Ihus given 01'11.t. especiall)' aor one of the Ihree last mentioned. micled b)''' or " in afRiclion with . il will bere !uffice lo .sided figures. tbul lorming a complete . (2f). "i ••. la. or very ncarly ai. -/Uz-' l~'f/' '" >0· . . . il is then uid to be .. ? ar J. while d i5 varillble.•• ••"." cotrespond lo lhe division rormed in a drele hy lhe sides of equal. (2) Ilnd (o) . beiog good with 1l. and alluM do nol need lo entu in to preseol considerllions. •• . . D t " n o Iln) (144) • g Bq. . if nOI incansiderable. a defini/. (2').. . Of the remailling five.. f: N•. ud bad with 'IV.ide:.80 " . aa fol1ows :- r".. •• • I •.

bood. lhe he will find il difficull lo disco\'er bow much individual characlet "'' 11. The Suo represenls the posilive life. the lunar oalure is lo evidenco.elpressed b. whHst the Mona representa lhe brain. lhe .rl aod b. tbis is true. and lhe Moan lhe oegative or recep· tive. lhe senses are mOJ"e 5C!nsi.••e see the Iight Irom the Moan when she is abave tha earlh llrod lhe Suo belo_: subjeclivdy. (apjnreot) passage through the various signs o( the Zodiac would also indicate lhe cbaracter of lhe pnultlaJity wben lhe MoolI was posited in Ibat sign ai blrth : _ith certaio modifications. tive. eeoturies ere lhe majority afe free (rom its linlitalions. Sun mies b)' dar and lhe Moon by lIighl. liberal. perceplion.orld being of more importance 10 them thao the objective. .power are Itrongar tban desire aod impulse. Strong per5QnalitiCll aro lull of de~ire and self. The Suo represeots lhe belrt. Tlla MOON 41'10 TJli: Z OO'AC. lhe lubjective . althougb io lhe lruest sense Ihey represent bul two balves of ODe whole.olmou.entes. We have said io a previous chapter that the de1ineatiolls given for Ibe SUII'. influence. bwad. lhe pun:r part of our nalure. reRectioD. lhe &cosea. ZOD1AC. Objectivel. Tbe fOrmer cling to fonn. Unti! the aludenl of humao nature has leuned lo di&tioguisb bolween lhe chara. CHAPTER XVII. aod lhe part of our nalure wbicb cogoises and gains experiences (rom Ibe physieal and objeclive world. Ihougblfuhu!ss. keell. and will. The distinction betweeo the two luminaries is very marked IDd definhe.. aod lhe chuleter which is ai lhe rOOI of our beiag. and objects.giviog principie. living more in lhe mind and lhe higher emotions. lho ltu.THE WOON ANtJ 11IEi.cler as several1y . and lIIagna. but il will be mao. we know Ihat when lhe persooality li slrong. and aclive. Til. A greal porlioo of hurnanily is ai lhe preseol time prepariog to emerge from the iIIusive fascin alion of lhe Moon'. whilsl strODi io· dividuals are more elpaosive. lhe higher emotions. whilst lhe tatlee are oot 110 bound b. and the individuality weak.

... Of lhe lalter ma)' dio carly Of be separatcd from him. OI how much II personal and how much individual. Insisls on having his own wa)' .irenls. will bc explaiocd laler 00 Wbeowelrnl of lhe jndcment of horosc. 01 ancer. aggrcssive and militant in manoer. Ali Ihis. »in 'Y'. TIII NOO" UI A'IIIS. Mysticism or OCcu!ti5m of some kin d . bUI it has. wheo lhe birlh lakea place after SUO!õeI).opts. disliking conventianalil)' ar discipline. Thl! makeslhe persoo an eotbuslast io some direclioo. cCllnparalivel)' speaking. As a Sene!al rule... iI\ achiove populari!y ar oatoriel)' in some lorm. tbe Moao is usual1)' abave lhe eanh i but il ma)' also happeo Ihat both luminaries are below. of CO\lf!õe. ar lhe tendency ma)' take the fono of a neeess. bowever.. He will Slrike oul • path lor bimself or aI leasl altempt to do 50. and will go more h)' inleUecl Ihao infuj· lion.ASTROLOC'o' FOR ALL.w who kaow the. aDd much Ihal he does. and Ihere is liketihood af differences belween the oative and his p. roog and righl. when. pUI\cularl)' ai Ih~ presenl lime.mselves.! elsewhere app!ies 10 lhe 5uhjec! of lhe horosc.t)' for !õecrecf in some of his .ff. lhe Moon plac:ed hiclrer in the heavens Ihan lhe Sun Is ao indic:ation Ib:u Ibe personaUI)' 15 lhe 5lroocer.. Ihere is aparl lrom Ih~ person al. Thi!.. He wi11 be ai lhe bead Df some uodertaking. usage i5 common in aSlfolDl:ic:al wrilings. or will be in some wa)' prominent in hls 'phere Df life... When bolh Sun and Moon are abo ve lhe earlh. and lhe lerm 15 tonvenient. bis occupalion ma)' somelimes involve $Ccrcc)' or mystely. such as is impUed in lhe eve t)'. bath charaClers ma)' be .ope..troog. no boaring 00 I14liMwli'l. impulsivc.. \Ve will now give a few hints as lo the oalure of lho personalit)' .. The mOlher will pia)' a prommenl parI in lhe life io . 10 ooeturoal horol.! the life correspondiogl)' unforlunale.. Di" .. 50metimes irritab!e aod liahle 10 fit. wi1l be unexpecled hf big friends aod cootrarf to Ibeir advi c:e. hen lhe Moao is passing Ihrough an)' Doe Df lhe Iwelve 5igu.. ohen not a 5)'mpathetic or fnrtunate one . Ind may bo p!aced in some position io whi c: h he elercisel authotil)' over a number of people. hat volatlle or t::bangeable..da)' meaning. aod bath ma)' therefote be weak an o. Ho . ar be .ome wa)'. Ihere are 50 fe. independenl and iCI(·reliant. bath . ilnd dependeol upon impulse.. iII show in his me. diiObedient to lupedora. copes (tha! is. The lerm "oative" used here aoo.

. lo_ e1. 11. OI" to have mar. no raiDd iI Vir. or land. old IItabUIhed bUlionst.poeilioo. lO.ti.. ableto Uv.e bit occllpatioD. foJ '1ItIiO( frilod.. 11 1110 fuowI oecupatiool of IM lllture 01 Ibe el1th.I. of .di.. In· ..11 . or callIDI OD oth" peapll... Some"bu hopeful.d IlId bod. . Sometimet lhe OCCUpeotiOD ml.. iI lltiIfu! lod du. aDd 001 to be Ibwuted ia bil &iml. 'Iil. dltermllled..eoturll. OI" li OUl and lbout a cood dea. witl prOlf'M" IDuãaUy.d ml. H.. Iravell_. I UeceediDI lO lhe _lber'l bltaiDell i . jouraalilt.Tua "001'1 AI(D THa lODIAC.. it ia. to cblDfe bil .Iio Ol' laberitaace 'rom I peorent. . Thil plnOl1 it qui. .. lür:II.-Id lo. by bit wll'. Thil poeitioD fa. HI ~II moet witb Wlpopul&rity or be tbrtallned ". be rn:IuuoraUve. aDd "r livillg o. resiltil!( sallclal or lOme Idod.. Irtilt. FollolU estlbtilbed cUltoml lod il COIIset.. lCulptor. He iI acti .mlo. lheD eml bOI1ll.'. tome"bal 11''1l0\III ud IUlerilliltic.. Ol' UIlpopulu.enerlU. Ol' Thlllnar poeilloa It"Dltbens lbl inlellect. elemeDt i <IeIliog io Ilod. « to cblo. ambitioUl.tioa 01 . bu. aad iodependelll OI' oripal .. Tbe altive·dlu. "hol. I.oIl'iDc IMCl"IC)' OI" m)"11tJ i but It ". prooc • . ott. witb bil hllldl aad uml... meDtal alture...r rive" Of on Ih.'7 fooda.ideou lreqlllDt1. tboqll tlli. plebelall. derived &cm compilDin. vllr)' colltrar)' to bil Datur.t &Dd WlimpulpVl. lad mlkes Ibe altiyt I lov ... music.l aad OUllidl ioHuenclI. Ilivellbood ai mtllelllef. IIIQd. OUI of doou. It Ii favour.le tr.".ble for aiDlinC. i. 11lür:lII.ltive b)' OIlurl.. of It\ad" 01 boaka. rood for moae. dniper. etc... P jlll •• ml 111001( 11( TAUIUI. 00 sbort jOllfoeyl: I"..y to hlvl more Ihla 00' OCCUpltioo. JI.vels. lod ravoun tbe IcqUilhioo 01 mODI. cllr". ia mi. IOCiat. .aliO( "'til _ter ud liquida. Iltotlithll. IlId Utllltm. peflW. pnnuitl. coaM. tllJfa"f. ..let"ow. ••lOda_a. lkiDa: Of ridin&:. aod IIH . Tblt IUlLlr posilion 'Iinl fti&nd. il 0111... Thil poIilloA Ii fal'Oonble for (lttU· palioDI ck.II. clin" hlm to 1OCl'I' occu. bI·_ eootid.llld 01 Ideotific IIId Iil. lad for jaiaiallOCleliu. ""rilel".oUQ militlr)' pUfSUitl. lod duirOUI of excellin.nt. boun. . etc. pah:ltllll. bOllltl.... IbOUlb eocilbll aad of lood di.

. this ma)' show as slJbtlcty ao.od sociablc io manner. manager. and lhe. o. also for music. lo po. . poelry. nativc. il giVIIS a 10Ye Df mu.. fine c1olhe" etc. ill much resemble..· thises with their joy. geocrous . lo • 'bad' horoseope. or direc:tor.dily with the 'll'ay5 and mcthods of Olhers.S.ut.. The oatiye is draw" lo the watery elemenl. or" laclt o.her rao'" Df life tba" lhe. cspecially to his mOlher. being vcry seositive to outside inRuenc:cs. Bul thi. painling or potlr)'. WOON IN Lao.t hlm In positlons or fesponsibilily or prominence.od shipping. or uprcuing lhe thoughts and cmotions of others 001 well placed.lh. somcone elie. honourable. or b. aod to give him autbority over othcn as Iocad. 1oI00M IN UNCEI!.bility for mimicking. and Ihere may be Irresolutlon. !ltn. rnay be greally madined ir posit!ve signs or planets are promincnl in lhe nalivilY . He i.uginative. astul plaoe gcoerally.ighlforwardoess . pleasum. He is friendly . emotional aDd chaDgeablc... This position relatu somewhat to mediunuhip. and so f.vourlte with lhe oppoaite lU. and SOrlO . . 10 cbange. in re. There is some . and gcncully takes bis.. THr. or paintiog.. ic. dllal. .od honesty. Til. jewels. lha! il to I'y . Clndid..n nlooey matte!" high.)'mpa. .chcd to his family. psychism. desirous of oc:<:up)'iog • promiollol placlI. in liljuids. ir. aod i5 fortunat e with house or land propcrty a. 11 in st. under lhe inRucnc:e of Mars or marlial sigos. Thls lunar positlon tends lo uplift the. hen lhe olher plaoell . Th!a iodlcalca • pcr50lullity fond of caso and 01 peneveranc:e. or lo accordaoce wllh lhe adviee of.nd au.. he will show much positivene5S aod independence. D i" a. warm· hcarl-d. espccial1y. 11 inclines to lhe fiyou! 01 IbOM in hi. . alIO some love of luxuries.vourl iotuitioo aod geoius. homely io his habits. before lhe public. He ia ambilious.tive. lo come. Hc is 'usceplible in atraiu of lhe he.nd dOC$ DOI hesitale. whom bc . He la mosl lorlunate whea aeting under lhe di/eClion of. colouring Crom outside to some eXlenl.nd I alncere 10Vllr.d underhaodedness.cting. a f. perfumes. adopls Iheir suggestions..minded. This polidon '.ASTIIOLOGY FOR ALL. Hc is inRlJenccd grcatJy by hls surround· ings. . Iives near waler or travels b)' water . .

lakeo aloo. TRIl MOOH IH LIa . lo partnersbip. .ol. . i. aod inftutllc:ed bJ' olber peop[e. likelihood of mao.. ar subordmate io 101 eapacity. DOI: menly in busi1l:ess. learnl euily..natured. are shOWD. bul in RlmoSt ali afl"Rira o( Ji(e. manager. maltlter. lirm. grocer.. It glves fondness for muslc.. Thl.. doetor. The ouive i. sociely.omeone. Dj" 11'\. Mucb of bis rale aod maoy events of bis life .e. ageal.itive. MOOH IN Vt100.. "eU able to atand . po. ar with deug. AHD TH'e. with some abili'y in Ibis direclioo. Tbil position. Many biends. deflr.viII come about Ihrough his association with olher people. ~OOH Tua 6. He maltes I IrusI'III'orthy aod (ortuoate letvaotaod la bimse1f fortuoale Ibrough servaats ar tbase uodor him.oclatioo. TMa llooH IH scoaPlo. dispeoser. Tbi. teods to a quiet aod ea5J. {ond o{ eomtnny. aod lhe fine arts generally. I!ODtAC.. by somo one perlOll. 5uch . alIO of belooging to IOIDe eompaoy.THE Dtil. travoller.onate and good.Jmosl ali Ihiogs ... telf·reliaat and auured.. The oative bas excelJeol menlal powefl aod is capable of rollowing some iotdleelual pursuil. unlm· bilious aDd uopreleolious lifo. luch 1I 'armM. (or Ihis position tends Itroogl. ar u. ele. This persoD il affeel. somewblt irresoluto. herhalist. especilU. upon aomeon<l else.itb sociely Ind meods. poelry. or mediciDe. ele.r. druggisl... miller. Tbere i. and withouI nete. hanar position makes tbose boro undef it *J litro .borl journoya aod trfOrk as seao· lary.· I&ri[.JoDe ud 6gbl their own battlet. messeoge. .. coo(ectiooer. be bas a good memory.goiog. for bo will bo greall. and c. aod ia luiled Cor a greal variely of occupalionl: IUch as lItTVa. He woro witb abother person in nearlJ' ali uoder. ebemist. generall. )I.o g"l aIOIl8 best io 6. Abrupl aod plaio'lpoken. kind io manoer aod glioa frieods tasi)y.. bo lIid of the occupatioo. Tbe larue ma. boinl i«elOlule d<lpends largel. position flVQurs general popularity.ed 11 i" 11\. acboolmuter.nd deter· mlDod. IOJ occupatioo cObnected with (raia or food·stuffs. enerlfltie aod capabl• .ben auociated .. fem&le fritoda. 10al.

01 lho prophet io bis nuuro. a natutal teacher ar prucher. tbough it incliou to psychlam. He changea his . kiodl. givo behi!s Df drinking. be aom. .et lond of lhe good Ihings of Ibl. and b" aomelhio.verse lo change.ychiam.. 111 the lowcr Iypc of horoscope lhe animal nalure of lhe sigo will be la tbe lore. Ind wm advocate ar cury OUI greal and revolutionar. beiog I ver)' h_d positíOD ir backed up by olher !lvil influentes. and Ihen occupatiool Ind amusemeots conoecled wilb sbipping and borsea will be prominclIl io tho IIfe. or to chaoC' bis occupalloo. AJaithful workcr or acrvallt. It ofleo causes I coar!leflcu in apeecb Of m. aod theTl m. chaoges. lhe.rll . philosophy. moralil)'. .bode frequeotly. or ill tho ranlu of Iheir c. and good.orno iac. shortly ~fore or soon afler hi.Y FOR ALL. and his dilpollitiol) i.1illalion for m)'sticilm. THI MOaM IN SAGITTAItIUI. tbough Ihue is a tendenc.. either of body ar miod. wiIJ IOrnetimes appear changoble.Hd oven if il bti unonhodol. Thero i • . and lhe occuh j ho i. and the.. Of are frequellll:r broughl in 10 reladon wlth lhe dead. somelimes initable.1oso assocb. such a. lavour.nner. II ralher tenda agaiose fineneu af feelioi and renned inltincu. He ialikelJ 10 have IWO oecupations. aogry and revengeful: Ihi. The iotuitioll i.1 to lhe cative: moreovet. active. espedal1y jf lorcod upoo Ibem from wilhout. »j.. as ueculors. muslc..humoured.68 ASTROLOC. . he himMlf beoenla b. Tosdes! and unsenled manner.ln. '\11':1. af hard wotk. "orld. lhe native is aclive in body alld food of ph. fOf it by 00 meao. candid and bOllourabla. and Ihis posilioo lavours marriago in a male horoscopo. Somewhat c:onlervative and . birtb or ud:r in bis life. bUI lo females threlleDS disbarmoo:r ia lhe married Slalll ar in ally relallOll' with lho opposlto lU. and ma. and Is a qulck walker .' tioo towards lho opposite sex i5 atrongl. and tbreateD' somlll SC.sical exerciae and sportS. occullism IDd mediurnsbip. Tbi. Ihey aro difficult la influente lod may be very obslioue: 1el for their owo purposcs Ibe. often following some occupalioo coonected with lhe dead. mucb to do with deatb.nd worker. They u. felt. gives a quick. il ioclinod 10 Iravel. Tbere will be talenl or oveo genius for reHgion. p.(. or poetry.:ltld. psychic gilt. acrvallll or thOie under him. clairvoyance. A duth occurs lo lhe 'amU. 10 dream· ing alld somnambulism. bave in some wa. wblle be i••incero in bil roligioul b.

TR& llOOR IN AQUAllUS.d.tive it some"h.omelbiag be bu dooe or with which he I. m.enial to him. mlUer4l. • s. J( Ibe MooD. tu brioS lhe DaUve berofl lhe pubtic for loocI. ol\·ertheless. . llpecled in lhe oltl!it" lhe publlcil. viaioa. TKI 1III00M IM CAPkICOkM. There U. bul il ofteo cold b)' oalure lod Ihinks 100 liule of lhe fee1ings Df others. lunu potItIon sives IOme jodioadoo for Astrology. 6. or 10 Ih. lad ml.hich il iotensified ir lho lun 11 io I cardinal sigo. odgiaal. or potItioa Iba aative .will altrlcl aUeolioo l i I promioeot ar respoosible penca lo some for .. bll bod.t briop bim belore maD.t fOlld of Ihow. but if badl.timh. Me ma1 bocome • heemlsoo. bIS some drawback IUlchlog to.. Tbe o. witb or witbout bis blving deserved It. Dr evll. . aod will mo" lo.dertlkiog. aod aovel. aI"I. Subjecta Ibat are unu'UlI. Tbi. . the more uadesiuble characterillict o( tbis positioo "iI\ be obviated. mowemeal or public relating lo thtlll. cem..THE 11001'1 ANO TIlE ZODlAC. be be popular" lhe bead Df somo uo. ia . poailioo glves IOme. lime or promiaeDce.licllm.. IDme sph_ Ih. soci011..ala. ar wm .. careful wlth mone. mluded.mpalbies: frlteroisos readil1 "llh tbOle who are con· . l.1'. or bis reputt. 01 genual5hlp Ind Idministrative ability.lioa will . Ind wlll be fouod iD IOme c\ub. degree. Jf the horosc.. Corluoe toJlÚlg. he mly Ittain very CODsideubl.uch. knowI how to influence otbe[1l.lUcII aocieli. .ell upected at blrlb. ia euiJ.. aad ~ti6c worlr. fi . il. auociation OI" brolberbood.' MIme drlwback OI dilficull' IUlcblog to lhe oceupltloa. opeo or IIICret. Dl Ir I urdioal sigo is rising. mediunubip. atId tho occult geoerIUy. li blold Ind humlnitarila io hls I. popularlly DOtodat" though it usuaU. OI' .m.".ople. pe..lfT Not. P.... IUucl Ibe oative. Ho "iII Icbievo roJaUve lamo. lo be o( lO uopleaiaot alture. educatiooal. 00 D. H. 11 olhar iofluences Issist.ignified by Ibi. 01 . poaition 11 likll... Issodated.uler.ope· II a whole is a good oae. In. ccceotric. He bl' lU lacUaltioa for political. Thi. caUtiOUl Ind calculating. Tbl. he ma)' raisa up enemiet. joio. rather telfish. OI' joio IQme lIICI'el ar tn. tlo. dreamlog. 'or group o( tbote similarl. anodatiOD. drawa lato tbe c:pmp&n.

some inclinalioo for local politics and munidp. . aod ma)' even laclt matter.s. copiou! and imaginatlve. He i. aiJaiu.iter.ble for tobusl health. whila ou Ibe olher hand mediumship. and dcsirous Df lhe good aplnino of olhers. is therdore nOI favour. whilc ir lhe Mooo il" .. uoortbodox. for poelry and music lhat õlppeals 10 lhe tmotions 1. and mcels wilb obstacles.lunar combinaliol1' Of . no . He inclines 10 be roligious." are pre5Cl1ted.. lod cas)'. polaritia. and various p5)'chic pawe. or laudaoum drinlting. cbangel bis miod easily. whcreu Ibo Moon i. Thi. retiriog..0d ftelinp. or the nativo maJ himseH be not quite straigbtrorward. graip this idea before prOCfleding 10 lho nut chaplu.. dissipation. ~ition gives a liking for Juding of a romantic oremotional kind. establisb in our minds tbe idea Ihal lhe SUl! repre:seots lhe ~Jjtj". nativily. times. As speaker. or composer tbe nalive Ii nUeOI.. Tbero ls some liabililY to detenfion 111 • hospital.I)' discouraged. bUI is in Ibis respacl more omolional Ihan intellectual. he is 100 serious or too easilJ depreued.· We m. centre. .'0 ASTROLOGY FOR ALL. Somewbat wanling in buoyancy and hope.. is irresoluto and nOI always to be depemled upoo.f tens the ftame and incroases lhe fteshy and glandular struclures. &yslcm. misfortune and oppositioD io lire. but diKu$o. r ei be ma)' be verJ independeot. It. Thore is somelimes a tandeu!:y lO irltem. Tbe oative is quiet. io Ih.lly.ill nol ensue uoleS! theTe are accomplUl)'ing bad aspecls or olher indication.OD.. representativo of tho roceiver. poot. and proml to reei talher Ihõln to Teuon out. TlII MOO" 111 'ISCII. Thil lunar position ".. aod unconvcotional a. clear draamlng. or Ibe IWltUiH and magnolic poiol. may manifost themselve. slightly unfavourable for Ibe con · slitul.of·fact common·sense and btllnour. ls ruber ea$.. reslless and food af variei)'. I:$peciaJ1y lhe aervou. There ls daogor from secret enemies. perante. but tbese bad e!fecI' ". from wbicb lhe true lifo 15 ftowing. soclahle and sympalhclic in manner.ffiicled ". lhe cyesight ma)' liuffcr. Tbis posilion iocrcutS Ibe imaginalioo and lhe iotuitioo and meolal SC os ili.going. in wbicb tbo IiOli. or prison."enc!! geoer. definite!. It ii Ileceshr)' to tborougbl.

Due to its simplicity of expression and convenience of arrangement. has now become a standard work. Astrology is the profoundest of studies and the author has condensed volumes of information and created various tables 50 that anyone in a short while can become proficient enough to cast a horoscope and judge . ISBN 0-7873-Q553-7 Hcallh Rcscarch PO Box 850 Pomeroy. "VA 993. no ca1cu1ations or mathematics of any description are necessary.Astrology For Ali.hcalthrescarchhooks.17 \Vww. the first in the "Astrology For Ali " series of books.