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1. The nurse is planning assignments.

Which task can be safely delegated to a

nursing assistant?
A. Obtain a stool specimen from a client with diarrhea
B. Assist client with a new colostomy in practicing his first colostomy irrigation
C. Evaluate the voiding pattern for a client who had a urinary retention catheter
D. Obtain a dietary history from a client with peptic ulcer disease.
2. A staff nurse on a busy pediatric unit is an excellent role model for her
colleagues. She encourages them to participate in the units decision-making
process and helps them improve their clinical skills. This nurse is functioning
effectively in which role?
A. Manager
B. Autocrat
C. Leader
D. Authority
3. A nurse-manager on an oncology unit has been informed that she must
determine which nursing care delivery system is the best for efficient client care,
client satisfaction, and cost reduction. Knowing that 2 or 3 registered nurses, 4
licensed practical nurses, and 5 nursing assistants are generally on duty on each
shift and that the clients can be grouped fairly easily by geographic location and
client care needs, the nurse-manager and her staff appropriately decide to
implement which nursing care delivery system?
A. Functional nursing
C. Team Nursing
B. Case management
D. Primary Nursing
4. The charge nurse is planning assignments for the nursing staff. One of the staff
nurses is pregnant. Which client would not be appropriate to assign to this nurse?
A. Child with brain tumor being treated with radiation
B. Infant with respiratory syncytial virus receiving ribavirin
C. Toddler who is HIV+ and has an opportunistic respiratory tract infection
D. Child with leukemia who is receiving Oncovin (Vincristine) and Zyloprim
5. A nurse-manager appropriately behaves as an autocrat in which situation?
A. Planning vacation time for staff
B. Directing staff activities if a client has a cardiac arrest
C. Evaluating a new medication administration process
D. Identifying the strengths and weaknesses of a client education video
6. There are phases in the change process to be considered, the first one should be:
A. Refreezing
B. Unfreezing
C. Changing
D. Resisting
7. Form of communication that travels from staff and lower middle level
management personnel and continues up the organizational hierarchy is:
A. Downward

B. Upward
C. Matrix
D. Grapevine
8. What is a key component in a quality assurance program?
A. Patient satisfaction questionnaire
B. Determination of criteria to meet standards
C. Case management for continuity of care
D. An acuity system for client classification
9. A storm has prevented most of the staff members from getting to work on a busy
medical-surgical unit. One registered nurse, 2 licensed practical nurses, and 3
nursing assistants have been able to work. The nurse-manager must decide which
nursing care delivery system should be implemented for the best possible client
care during this staffing crisis. The nurse-manager directs the staff to implement
which delivery system?
A. Team nursing
B. Functional nursing
C. Primary nursing
D. Case management
10. The nurse-manager of a 20-bed coronary care unit isnt on duty when a staff
nurse makes a serious medication error. The client, who received an overdose of
medication, nearly dies. Which statement accurately reflects the accountability of
the nurse-manager?
A. The nursing supervisor on duty will call the nurse-manager at home and
apprise her of the problem
B. Because the nurse-manager is off duty, she isnt accountable for incidents
that occur in her absence. Therefore, the nurse manager wont be notified
C. The nurse-manager will be informed of the incident when returning to work
on Monday because the nurse-manager was officially off duty when the
incident took place
D. Although the nurse-manager is off duty, the nursing supervisor believes that
the manager has no responsibility for what happened during the managers
11. The selection of a nursing care delivery system is critical to the success of a
nursing area. Which factor is essential in the evaluation of a nursing care delivery
A. Determining how planned absences, such as vacation time, will be scheduled
so that all staff are treated fairly
B. Identifying who will be responsible for making client care decisions
C. Deciding what type of dress code will be implemented
D. Identifying salary ranges for various types of staff
12. The nurse manager in the office of a group of surgeons has received
complaints from discharged clients about inadequate instructions for performing
home care. Knowing the importance of good, timely client education, the nurse
should take which steps?

A. Contact the nurses who work in the facility and tell them that client education
should be implemented as soon as the clients are admitted to either the
hospital or the outpatient surgical center
B. Review and revise the way client education is conducted in the surgeons
C. Because no serious damage was done to any of the clients, the nursemanager can safely ignore their complaints
D. Work with the surgeons and nursing staff in the hospital and outpatient
surgical center to evaluate current client education practices and revise as
13. When the team approach is utilized in a management situation the subordinates
should be aware that they should receive order from only one person. This principle
A. Unity of command
B. Centralization
C. Chain of command
D. Channel of communication
14. A staff nurse makes negative comments about a unit managers leadership style
and the unit the manager overhears the staff nurse. Which action by the unit
manager would be appropriate?
Tell the staff nurse to stop making the comments
Propose a tentative solution regarding the comments and discuss it with the
staff nurse
Encourage the staff nurse to discuss the comments
Persuade the staff nurse to stop being so critical
A nurse manager attends an educational conference on leadership styles. The
nurse is seeking a leadership style that is adaptable depending on the situation and
events, which leadership style would the nurse select to achieve this goal?
Laissez faire
16. A nurse attends a nursing conference in which the topic of discussion is
leadership styles. The nurse learns that the leadership style that will best facilitate
goal accomplishment and growth and development of the nursing staff is which of
the following?
Laissez faire
A client experiences a cardiac arrest. The nurse leader quickly responds to
the emergency and assigns clearly defined tasks to the work group. In this situation,
the nurse is implementing which leadership style?

Laissez faire
A nurse who is conducting an educational conference is describing the
Various Leadership styles to a group of staff members. The nurse tells the staff
members that the autocratic leadership style:
Uses a people-centered approach that is primarily concerned with human
relations and teamwork
Is a comprehensive approach that incorporates the leaders style, the
maturity of the work group, and the situation at hand
Is a permission style of leadership
Is primarily concerned with task accomplishment, and the leader retains in all
A nurse who is employed in a community hospital as a unit manager
determines that in this position of authority, authority most appropriately refers to:
Being responsible for what the staff members do
Carrying the legal responsibility for the task performance of others
The official power to approve an action, command an action, or to see that a
decision is enforced
Accepting the responsibility for the actions of others
A hospital nurse recently attended a conference on a new method of
documenting client data and wants to implement the new method of documenting
in the nursing unit in which she is employed. The nurse should do which of the
following to be effective in facilitating change?
Inform the nursing supervisor that current method of documenting client data
must be changed and request that all staff be required to comply
Write a new documentation policy over the weekend and distribute it to
coworkers for immediate implementation on Monday
Ask coworkers to help gather data comparing the hospitals documenting
procedures with dose of other local health care facilities
Point out to coworkers the various mistakes that they are presently making in
the current method of documenting
A nurse educator at the local community hospital is conducting an orientation
session for nurses that are newly employed at the hospital. The nurse educator
informs the new nurses that the policy of the hospital requires the nurses to float
to other nursing departments when client census is high on other units. The nurse
educator advises the new nurses that if this situation arises and if the nurse is
unfamiliar with the unit in which the nurse must float to:
Refuse to float
Call the nurse educator
Report to the unit and identify tasks that can be safely performed
Call the nursing supervisor
A nurse administers digoxin (Lanoxin) 0.25 mg instead of the prescribed order
of 0.125 mg. the nurse discovers the error while charting the medication. The nurse

completes an incident report and notifies the physician of the incident. The nurse
takes which additional action?
Gives the client a copy of the incident report
Makes a copy of the incident report and sends it to the physicians office
C. Documents the incident in the clients record
D. Places the incident report in the clients record
A client tells a nurse that he has seen many articles in the health care section
of the newspaper about case management. The client asks the nurse what this
means. Which of the following responses would the nurse make to the client?
A single case manager plans the care for all of the clients in the nursing unit
One nurse takes care of one client and is responsible for the client
One nurse supervise all of the other employees when they care for client
It represents an interdisciplinary health care delivery system
A nurse manager is implementing a change in the documentation system in
the nursing unit. The documentation regarding client care will be made on a
computer system rather than in a narrative form. A Nurse who is resistant to the
change is not taking an effective part in facilitating the process of change. Which of
the following would be the best initial approach in dealing with the resistance from
the nurse?
Confront the nurse about his or her behavior regarding the change
Allow the nurse extra time to work with the new computer system
Provide a positive reward system for the nurse so that the nurse will agree
with the new system
Assign another staff member to do the documentation for this nurse
25. Katherine is a young Unit Manager of the Pediatric Ward. Most of her staff nurses
are senior to her, very articulate, confident and sometimes aggressive. Katherine
feels uncomfortable believing that she is the scapegoat of everything that goes
wrong in her department. Which of the following is the best action that she must
a. Identify the source of the conflict and understand the points of friction
b. Disregard what she feels and continue to work independently
c. Seek help from the Director of Nursing
d. Quit her job and look for another employment.
26. As a young manager, she knows that conflict occurs in any organization. Which
of the following statements regarding conflict is NOT true?
A. Can be destructive if the level is too high
B. Is not beneficial; hence it should be prevented at all times
C. May result in poor performance
D. May create leaders
27. Katherine tells one of the staff, I dont have time to discuss the matter with you
now. See me in my office later when the latter asks if they can talk about an issue.
Which of the following conflict resolution strategies did she use?



28. Kathleen knows that one of her staff is experiencing burnout. Which of the
following is the best thing for her to do?
A. Advise her staff to go on vacation.
B. Ignore her observations; it will be resolved even without intervention
C. Remind her to show loyalty to the institution.
D. Let the staff ventilate her feelings and ask how she can be of help.
29. She knows that performance appraisal consists of all the following activities
A. Setting specific standards and activities for individual performance.
B. Using agency standards as a guide.
C. Determine areas of strength and weaknesses
D. Focusing activity on the correction of identified behavior.
30. She plans of assigning competent people to fill the roles designed in the
hierarchy. Which process refers to this?
A. Staffing
B. Scheduling
C. Recruitment
D. Induction