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General information

Unit 10 Chores and bores

Objectives: Students will be able to:

talk about everyday jobs at home and at work.

Use the present perfect
Understand and write short messages.

Content: From p 64 to p 69

The past simple

Everyday expressions: Returning something
At home and at work: pay the bills, write a report, etc.
The present perfect vs the past simple.
Reading and writing: The office message board
BBC Motion Gallery: Everyday appliances.
Ask about a busy day.

Learning tasks:


Warm up: Have students unscramble the words: (hardware, grocery, electronics) wedarrah, rycerog,
ctleccenirso. Then ask sts who went to the grocery store yesterday. For conversation A. ask sts about the
picture. Who did they see and where are they.
Once sts have listen ask them about the conversation: What did Jordan do today?, What does he still plan
to do?, What did Lucy do?, Who did more? What does Jordan offer to do? Then have sts practice the
conversation in pairs.
Have sts make a list of ten things they did yesterday. Where 1 is the most interesting and 10 the most
boring or irritating. For vocabulary have sts listen and focus on pronunciation. Teacher explains the
difference between make and do.
Have sts do activity 2 on p. 64.
Have sts say the expressions we use everyday to say how often we do something: (everyday, once a
week, twice a day, three times a day, once in a while, not very often, etc.
Play bingo with the list of jobs students gave you. Have them cross out the job they hear and the one who
completes the car should shout bingo to win.
Ask students. What expressions do we use in the past simple?: Yesterday, this morning, last night, last
week, last month, two days ago, , last summer, last semester, last December, three days ago, etc. .
Ask sts. She hasnt written/ didnt write the report yet. Shell do it this afternoon. . Which form of verb do
we use?. The answer is hasnt written. How do you know?. Because there is not a specific time.. Is it in the
past simple or present perfect?: say in the present perfect. .
For exercise 3 have sts correct the PT or PP.
Teacher will have sts write a list of at least five things they have done and five things they did. Include
things they havent done yet.
Have sts go to p. 67 and do the following in pairs. Order these sentences 1. Working, the isnt,
photocopier. 2. Yet, but, sorry, really, I, my, finished, havent Im, report; 3. Your, yesterday, were, reports,
due, is, reminder, this, just, that, expensive; 4. Today, because, I, to go, early, home, my daughter,: sick,
have, is.
Have sts review the stories about the caf on pp. 18, 34 and 46.
Look at the pictures: Picture 1. What does Marisol tell Ryan? What is the problem with the stove? When
did they buy the stove?
Picture 2. Who does Ryan call? Who is Max? Can Max come over?, Picture 3. What does Ryan tell Cindy?
Can Max fix the stove? Are the parts cheap? What does Cindy tell Ryan?
For activity 2. Ask sts When did Ryan and Cindy buy the stove?
Have sts turn to p. 69 and do the activities of the video clip.


Evaluation of learning tasks:

Do the reading on pp.67 -68 as a homework.



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