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At the end of the lesson, the students will be able to:
A. Identify the types of sentences;
B. Appreciate good health through the literary piece;
C. Construct simple, compound and complex sentences

Learning Content:
Subject Matter: Types of Sentences (Simple, Compound, Complex)
Materials: Pictures, cartolinas, reading selections, colored papers
Reference: Ladera et. al. (2003). The New Dimensions in Learning English I. Rex Bookstore Inc.
Manila, Philippines.

Vocabulary Words :
Choose the correct meaning of the underlined words from the choices below. recuperate from the effects of illness or injury
a. decline
b. deteriorate
c. fail
d. recover
2.An infected lungs sends one to a sanitarium .
a. hospital b. restaurant
c. school
d. Mechanic
3.the condition of its corporeal frame
a. case
b. picture
c. bodily
d. Corporate
4.the moment he loses any of its concomitants
a. enemies b. bosses
c. allies
d. Teachers
5.unreasonable rain of tears
a. explainable
b. unanswerable
c. unthinkable
d. logical

The teacher will show pictures to the students in relation to the reading selection that they will read
later on. The teacher will ask the following questions:
1.What can you see in the picture?
2.Is it healthy or not?
3 . H o w d o y o u k e e p y o u r s e l f h e a l t h y?

The teacher will distribute copies of the reading selection and will ask the students to read.The teacher
will select students for each paragraph to read aloud Health is Strength by M.E. Jacobo
Questions for Discussion:
1.What does the writer mean by health?
2.How important is health to an individual?

3.Do you suffer from ill health now and then? Asthma? Allergies? How do you deal with
The following sentences and phrases come from the reading selection.

Health is strength and soundness of body and mind.

Health is taken as ordinary, normal health and not necessarily implying the strength of a
carabao or the genius of Einstein.
But vigor and soundness sufficient for the demands of ordinary needs and activities...
If the body drops, the spirit drops.
It is a well-known fact that poor digestion makes the boss grouchy.
The devil, in order to shake Job's faith in the Lord, attacked his spirit through his body...

What did you notice from the italicized words?

A conjunction is a word that connects other words or sentences.
What is a sentence?

Lesson Proper
Simple, Compound and Complex Sentences
1. Simple Sentences-Simple sentences have one verb.
The man walked home.
The tall man with a beard walked home in the pouring rain.
2. Compound Sentences-Compound sentences have two verbs and are joined together by a
conjunction ( like but, so, or, and ), both parts of the sentence make sense on their own.
The dog barked and it woke the baby.
I opened the door so she could come inside.
3. Complex Sentences-Complex sentences can have more than one verb. They usually have
conjunctions like, if, when, because, whenever etc. They have a main clause and
subordinate clause. The subordinate clause cannot work without the main clause.
The baby woke up when the doorbell rang.
I can't help you if you can't tell me what's wrong.

The teacher will organize a game called Rags to Riches. The teacher will divide the class into two
and will have a representative to play the game. The players will identify the following sentence if it's a
simple, compound or complex sentence. The player will be out if s/he will have one mistake.
1. She ate carrots for many years but she didn't like it.
2. The dog barked because it was hungry.
3. Because the dog barked, the baby woke up
4. The dog barked until the baby woke up
5. I was very happy when I first ate vegetables.

Read the following sentence and decide if they are simple,compound or complex.
1. The boy at his lunch.
2. The unhappy boy with no shoes ate his tiny lunch on the door step in the rain.
3. After dinner, the baby woke up his mother with a loud yell.
4. The dog barked and the baby woke up
5.The police caught them and put them in jail.
Write one simple sentences
1. ___________________________________________________
Write two compound sentences
1. ___________________________________________________
2. ___________________________________________________
Write two complex sentences
1. ___________________________________________________
2. ___________________________________________________

Assignment :
Write at least 3 examples of simple, compound and complex sentences in your