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March 2013

Pay less taxes while you

get 250 EUROS back in paid taxes

Deduct Study costs like
tuition even when you are not

such as that sinking feeling when you have to pay extra income taxes. an internship or a summer job? Then in most cases you can get back (reclaim) your overpaid income taxes. This is called ‘inkomstenbelasting’ in Dutch. this is usually not true. you will save or recoup an average of 250 Euros a year. getting acquainted with taxes helps to avoid some unpleasant surprises. they automatically assume that you have worked for the entire year.USC guide Recent discussions with Sint Maarten students have shown that they are generally unaware of income tax issues or tax refunds. To find out which incomes are taxable. In addition. Here’s how to do your income taxes without being led astray. see factbox 2. Of course. Students often substantially overpay this income tax. The reason for this is that when the BelastingDienst calculates your income taxes. your income tax and social contributions are deducted automatically (not counting freelance jobs). 250 Euros . Students! Reclaim Your Overpaid Taxes Text and graphics by: Fabi Fliervoet Do you go to school and have a part-time job. 1/ When might have you overpaid income taxes? When you work in The Netherlands. This alternative schedule often entitles you to a refund. USC believes that by having insight into your taxes. as students work part-time or only during the summer months.

exercise this option at the job you expect to earn a higher income. situation. which factors in your April study costs. Normally when you earn less than € 1. This form (tax discounts) and/or 2. In the case you have two or more jobs. they are eligible for additional complete the ‘studenten-en-scholieren-regeling’ option and hand it ‘loonheffingkortingen’ (discounted wage tax). you should reclaim your tax overpayments by doing an • If you have only worked just a few weeks or months in a year. This amount should be ‘aangifte’ at the Belastingdienst. you are free to check and time throughout the year.) applying for the ‘scholier-en- not know your current personal studentenregeling’. you do not have to pay any income tax. you can ask to pay less taxes now instead of waiting till includes two arrangements: 1. Beware! If you are expecting to .USC guide Below are a couple situations which indicate whether you are that your employer held back the full 2012 tax rate of 33% for the eligible for refunds or discounts: Belastingdienst without any discounts.loonheffingen’ to get a discount on taxes paid every time you get your paycheck. next year to get your tax refunds. Caution! This discount can only You are required to declare your taxes by this date Working for a short period of time be applied at one employer. However. working. Signing tax forms to pay less taxes • Additionally. parental care costs or health care costs. Your employer will then withhold less income taxes and social contributions in your next salary. If this situation occured in 2012. you have the option to 1 apply for ‘aftrekposten’ (personal deductions). Learn how to do this in section 2 of this article. if you are currently paying too much taxes or planning to work in the future. This option can work or get paid wages. To do so you would have to fill in the form “Opgaaf-gegevens-voor-de-loonheffingen”. you can sign a document called ‘model-opgaaf-voor-gegevens-voor.) applying for loonheffingskortingen • Because the Belastingdienst does also be exercised if you do not If you are planning to get a summer or side-job. you probably paid too much tax. So if you are expecting to earn Since students receive a low wage and often work part- this much within three months of 2013.300 in three months. or are currently Do you want your employer to take tax discounts into account? Check and complete the ‘loonheffingskorting’ option in the form. it is likely in before the beginning of your job. reclaimed.

300 within three months you should terminate this option on time by using the same form. Please note that a minimum threshold of 500 Euros in study costs and a maximum limit for deducting study expenses. You should file your study expenses if it's worthwile even if you haven’t worked in the past year.USC guide BOX 1 & 2 Additional details you need to know earn more than € 1. • You have your Digi-D prepared for the digitale aangifte • You can call the BelastingDienst Information-line toll-free when in doubt and have questions: 0800-0543 Calculating your deduction for study expenses may vary on certain personal conditions (such as having DUO financing or not). If you have study costs from the last 3 . WIA or Wajong • taxable income from box 2 and 3 Remember. it is not mandatory to fill out the ‘studentenscholieren-regeling’ and/or ‘loonheffingskorting’ options. WW.. You can always reclaim your overpaid taxes the next calendar year. As a result you will pay lower taxes in the forthcoming years. Personal deductions (aftrek-posten) Did you know that you can deduct your study expenses even though you received no or very little income? This tax deduction is actually a reduction of the stated income subject to tax.regeling can be found here. What is considered as income? • wages.. One of the many ‘aftrekposten’ are the so called ‘studiekosten’ (study expenses). holiday pay. What does not count as income: • huur & zorgtoeslag • DUO student scholarship/loan • parental contribution • an inheritance • child alimentation Keep in mind that. • freelance income • a benefit under the ‘ziektewet’. More info about loonheffingskorting and conditions for the studentenen-scholieren. In Dutch this reduction of the stated income to tax is known as ‘aftrek-posten’. 13th month. • USC nor the Tax committee can be held liable for any unforeseen negative consequences. This will lower the income statement in the following years (up to 9 years). Doing this will create a negative income subject tax. such as tuition and textbooks.

correctly. 2013 can lead to a Should you download the program after March 1st 2013. you have no obligation and the deadline of supplement additional details with your ‘jaaropgaaf’. you have to download the ‘Aangifteprogramma 2012’ at Persoonsgebonden aftrekposten: personal tax deductible items Belastingdienst. If you did You would only need to check if all the details are correct and not receive a letter. To really get the Medebewoner: co-occupant or fellow resident money. Do this April 1st is not a hard deadline. Fiscale loon: taxable wage. you can ask for an Loonheffing: withholding tax or retention tax ‘aangifte’ (declaring a tax refund or payment). You can submit it later but then carefully. fill out the digital forms and sign it before April Toetsingsinkomen: means test income or means-tested income 1st. you can still file your taxes subject for those past years. . if you’ve received a letter requesting that you file a tax return please note that this is actually a demand! Failing to submit your tax return before April 1st. synonym for ‘belastbaar loon’ Here you can find all the rules and calculation examples that Fiscale partner: fiscal partner outline the exact amount you can deduct from your stated income. It really is that simple! You can also declare your taxes Vooraf ingevulde aangifte: pre-completed tax return declaration on paper by obtaining a ‘P-formulier’ from the BelastingTelefoon Zorgverzekeringswet: health insurance law (Tax Information Line). If you expect to need more time to fill in your return you can will then automatically fill in as much information as possible. it fine. You are solely responsible for filing your tax return your refund will take longer. 13de maand: a bonus that usually represents one months pay received at the end of the year More guide years and still have those receipts. Geregistreerd partnerschap: civil union or civil partnership Gezamenlijke huishouden: joint household 2 / How to reclaim overpayments? Heffingskortingen: tax exemption Jaaropgave: annual statement Loonbelasting: payroll tax or wage tax For each calendar year that you have worked. BOX 3 Most common Dutch tax terms Belastbaar loon: taxable wage On the website of the Belastingdienst you can find extensive Bruto loon: gross income information (in Dutch) on the deduction of your study expenses. always request a filing extension (Tax information Line). 2013.

You will need your jaaropgave to do your taxes. Every person that held a job in the previous year receives a jaaropgave around mid january. how much taxes were withheld and if loonheffingskorting is applied to your wages. your overpaid taxes from two years ago (2011). See right for an example of a jaaropgave. if you would like to reclaim income tax you have to pay. 3 / How much income tax can you reclaim? At the end of the calendar year when you know exactly how much you have worked throughout the year.USC guide Have you worked a few years back and forgot to reclaim your taxes? No problem. Say for example. then you can get your money back. which in 10 steps provides an approximate overpayment amount. The image boxes above are examples of what you may find on your 'jaaropgaaf'. either from your employer or uitzendburo. download Aangifteprogramma 2011. On this statement you can clearly see how much money you’ve earned. In Box 3 you can find some terms translated from Dutch to English to help avoid misinterpretations while filling in the digital program/form. . BOX 4 The 'Jaaropgave' The financial statement. Have you paid more than necessary. The only thing you need to do is fill in the numbers in the jaaropgave into the program from the belastingdienst. better known as the ‘jaaropgave’. Many online calculators can be found on the BelastingDienst website. you can calculate how much Pay attention to the definitions of terms found in the digital program/form. You can still reclaim your overpaid income taxes for the past 5 years (along with your ‘jaaropgave’ received from your employers). For each year there is a separate program. One of those are specifically made for students. is a financial overview of a fiscal year.

This brutoloon can be found on the ‘jaaropgaaf’ the annual statement your employer sends to you at year’s end. you have to pay the excess money back.USC guide 4 / Earning extra income as a student About USC During the remainder of 2013 you can earn a maximum of €13. with interest. From this unity. You will also lose the right to your DUO student financing as you are obliged to stop it which means you will lose the benefits of studenten-OV. not only in the perception of Sint Maarteners as we are viewed by the View our facebook page at: facebook.530. please feel free to email us at theboard. If you have any questions or would like to know more the aanvullende beurs.studentconnect . basis.Maarten Connection is a foundation founded in January 2013 which is dedicated to helping Sint Maarteners living. More information can be found here. we believe that we can affect change. working and/or studying in The Netherlands. You will of course keep the right to the ‘lening’ you accrued during that year. Your earnings will also be checked by the tax authorities.usc@gmail.90 bruto alongside your student scholarship/loan. or in other words the earned income that is taxable. It is our mission to foster a greater sense of unity amongst Sint Maarteners. Unified St. This amount constitutes your ‘brutoloon’. If you exceed the limit. And that Students can sign up and join our community at: facebook. but in the perception of the younger professional generation as we are viewed by the island population itself.