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SAPUI5 with Netweaver Gateway

SAP Netweaver Gateway Using OData Service

Introduction NetWeaver Gateway
NetWeaver Gateway Usage
Gateway Architecture overview
Technical Components Involved
Introduction to REST
Introduction to OData
OData advantages
Introduction to OData formats JSON and XML
Overview of Structure of an OData Service
Overview of Service Document
Overview of Service Metadata Document

OData Operations
OData Query Options
Filtering and Projecting ($filter and $select)
Sorting ($orderby)
Client-Side Paging ($top, $skip, and $inlinecount)
Counting ($count)
Inlining ($expand)
Formatting ($format)

OData in SAP Solutions

Introduction to OData Service Creation
Service Creation Process Overview
SAP NetWeaver Gateway Toolset
SAP NetWeaver Gateway Service Builder
Beyond the Service Builder: Supporting Tools during the Service Creation Process
Steps in the Service Creation Process
Data Model Definition in the Service Builder

Service Registration in the SAP Business Suite System

Service Implementation
Service Maintenance
The OData Channel Development Paradigm
Model Provider Class
Data Provider Class and Data Provider Extension Class
Service Development
Data Model Definition
Creating a Project
Creating the Data Model
Service Registration in the SAP Business Suite System
Service Stub Generation
Service Maintenance
Incremental Service Implementation and Model Enhancement
Single Read (GET_ENTITY)
Query Options
Navigation Properties
CRUD Methods
Service Generation
Generation via RFC/BOR Interface
Data Model Definition
Service Registration: Stub Creation
Service Maintenance
Service Implementation
Model Composition: Include Gateway Service

SAP User Interface for HTML5

Creating our first web page
line breaks, paragraphs and headers
bold, italics and comments
linking to another page

directory structures
New audio tag, New video tag

Cascade Style sheet

- External style sheet
- Font properties
- CSS comments
- Box model, padding,border, margin, padding.
- Classes
- Div and Span
- working with colors
- Background images
- ID's, child selectors, pseudo classes
- Styling links, styling lists
- Rounded corners
- Linear gradient
- Float and clear
- New tags for the layout

- Introduction to JavaScript
- Statements and Comments
- Finding Errors
- Variables, Data Types
- Operators
- Strings
- Events
- Functions, Functions with Parameters
- Functional with Multiple Parameters
- Variable scope
- Arrays
- Statements if, else, nesting if, Complex Conditions, switch
- While loop, for loop
- Objects, properties and methods
- Referencing elements in JavaScript
- Changing an image source
- Using a timer

- Forms, form values

- Form validation text boxes, and passwords
- Radio buttons, Check Boxes

DOM Manipulation

Installation of SAPUI5
SAPUI5- Development Environment

SAP Resources
SAPUI5 Controls
SAPUI5 SAP Theming
SAPUI5 - Data Binding Model
JSON Model, XML Model, Resource Model, OData Model
SAPUI5 - Binding Options
SAPUI5 - Multilingual Applications
SAPUI5 Data Typing
SAPUI5 - Integers, Floating-Point Numbers
SAPUI5 - String, Boolean Variable Data and time, Formatter Classes
SAPUI5 - User types
SAPUI5 - Layout Adaption via own CSS
SAPUI5 - Theme Designer
SAPUI5 - Communication with the SAP Backend
SAPUI5 Control
SAPUI5 - API Reference
SAPUI5 - Common Controls
SAPUI5 - UX3 Controls
SAPUI5 - Table Control
Overview of Charts
Controls for Mobile Applications
Suite Controls
SAPUI5 - User Defined Controls
SAPUI5 - Development Scenario

SAPUI5 - UI Design
SAPUI5 - Implementation

Adapting Own CSS
Matrix Layout

Overview of SAP Fiori

Overview of SAP Fiori