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Chapter 1 Upgrade Procedures 37

Software Release 2.1 to 1.x Downgrade Procedure
This section outlines the procedure used to downgrade a switch running Software
Release 2.1 to an earlier version. Read and understand this procedure thoroughly
before attempting it.
Note: This downgrade procedure will reset the switch to factory
defaults. A Software Release 1.x-compatible configuration should have
been saved before upgrading the switch to Software Release 2.1.

Note: Software Release 1.3 is only meant to provide an intermediary
software base to facilitate the upgrade to Software Release 2.1. If a
downgrade is necessary, downgrade to a full, 1.x software version such
as Software Release 1.2.
To accomplish this task, follow this procedure:
Note: Throughout this procedure command syntax will be presented in
this font. Where applicable, commands will be followed by an
example presented in this font.

Download the runtime file that correspond to the desired software version
from the Nortel Support Portal at
The file used in this procedure is p16a1230.img.


Connect to the switch through the console port using an appropriate terminal
or terminal emulation software. Refer to “Console Port Settings” on page 10
for connection parameters.


Reset the switch using the reset command. This command has the
following syntax:
reset [-y]

Use the -y option to skip the switch reset confirmation message.

Upgrading to Ethernet Routing Switch 1600 Software Release 2.1

168. and reconnect.img) acquired in step 1 to the switch.249.38 Chapter 1 Upgrade Procedures 4 The message Power On Self Test will be displayed. the switch will load the new runtime image. change the connection baud rate to 115200. and reconnect. 9 Add a management IP and route for the switch.x software. 321327-B . 7 After the file transfer is complete. 8 Disconnect the terminal session. use a Zmodem transfer to move the software image (p16a1230. config ipif System ipaddress <ip_address>/<subnet_mask> config ipif System ipaddress 192. download configuration <TFTP Server> <File Name> download configuration 192.249. The switch will boot with the Software Release 1.249. change the baud rate to 9600.txt 11 Use the save command to save the switch configuration.168.14/255. 6 Using the options available in the terminal emulation software. press and hold the number key (#) (on a standard 101 or 104 North American keyboard.230 pre_upgrade_configuration. press and hold the SHIFT and 3 keys simultaneously) until the the following message appears: Please change your baud rate to 115200 for Z-modem or press CTRL-C to go to the boot menu 5 Disconnect the console session.255.255.0 create iproute default <gateway_address> create iproute default 192. Before this diagnostic test is more than sixty percent complete.168.1 10 Download and install the 1.1.x configuration backup that was created before the switch was upgraded to Software Release 2.