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Islam Nabil El-Sayed

37st. El-Tiaar Fakry. Madent El-tahrer, Giza.

Mobile: 011 24633251


Date of birth
Place of birth
Marital Status

: 09/09/1993
: Giza.
: Male.
: Egyptian.
: Single


School: Mubarak Experimental Language School (M.L.S)

(From kinder garden to high school)

Student in the faculty of arts English section, Cairo Universityundergraduate


Excellent use for : - Microsoft word (Win Word - Excel)

- Internet Web.
- Microsoft Outlook.



: Mother Language.
: Very Good.

1- Line of business experience at Harvest British College:-

Sales Out door

Sales Agent
Customer Service
Admin Customer Service
Senior Customer Service
Operations Supervisor

From : 01/09/2011
From : 01/05/2012
From : 01/04/2013
From : 03/01/2014

Till : 30/04/2012
Till : 01/4/2013
Till : January 2014
Till : 17/3/2016

2- Job Description:- In Sales:

Offering over 7 Months of rich experience in, Sales, Marketing and Team Management.

- In Customer Service:

Applications & Reservations for new applicants.

Work on Reception Sheet:

responsible to receive calls on Mobile & Landline; the call may refer to:
A) NEW Applicants who have inquiries about the courses, Or Current Applicants
who have certain cases which will be documented in the Reception Sheet.

Receipts: The CS Admin should hold responsibility on the Receipt

Work on Transfer Sheets: of each Branch should prepare the full data of

students doing a Branch Transfer Request or new applicants in a Branch

Transfer Sheet Out including Name, code, phone, level and payments details
and send it to the specific requested branch.

Refunds and Complaints Sheet should update all Complaints daily

including full data, case details, reasons, and steps of solution in the
Complaints Sheet and to be sent to the Deputy Manager.
Certificates Reservation: after contacting the graduate students to
follow up reserving the international and local certificates.
Social Media: checking the Facebook account, Page & group to make sure that the Emarketing section is responding to all the customers, also he's responsible for checking the
complaints and solving it if there was.

In Coordinator :-

Filtration process. The Coordinator should assign to do immediately upon

updating the recent application into the database. In other words, the
coordinator should filter all Applicants according to their Diploma, Timings,
Payments, and PT

Senior Customer Service:Direct all operational aspects including distribution operations, customer
service, administration and sales
Assess local market conditions and identify current and prospective sales
Develop forecasts, financial objectives and business plans
Meet goals and metrics
Manage budget and allocate funds appropriately
Bring out the best of branch personnel by providing training, coaching,
development and motivation
Locate areas of improvement and propose corrective actions that meet
challenges and leverage growth opportunities
Share knowledge with other branches and headquarters on effective
practices, competitive intelligence, business opportunities and needs


I hereby certify that the above information is true and correct to the best of my Knowledge
and belief.