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Candid 2010

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Lala Lajpat Rai Hall of Residence

Indian Institute of Technology


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Achman Jindal

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On Beauty and Writing -Jeevanjyoti Chakraborty 13

Your Friendship -Achman Jindal 16
The Flow of Life -Tejas Khire 17
Sleep- Like None Other -Amit Sharma 19
The Saint Inside -Siddhant Nagelia 21
Story of Jatin -Buddharatn Ratawal 23
The Backslide -Vinay Sisodia 25
Green Technology and Us -Piyush Paritosh Panigrahi 27
Idiot Box GC -Sourav Das 30
The Beautiful after life -Buddharatn Ratawal 32
Laugh…but only if you may -Amit Sharma 35

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तुम -धीरज वमार् 41

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LLR 2010 Batch

A word from Hall President
As I recall the past 3 years at LLR Hall, a magnificent collage of emotions appears in my mind.
The journey started on the last day of our first year when 95 of us entered LLR for the ‘Tea
Party’. From being a terrified guy shouting his intro countless times to taking up the
responsibility of being the Happa, it has been an amazing transformation. The bond of
attachment with the hall has become so strong that the bad times are as memorable as the
good ones. The disappointment of missing the Athletics GC by 0.03 seconds during 2nd yr and
the euphoria after winning it in third year, both are equally unforgettable memories. There
have been Shocks and Surprises, Frustration and Cheerfulness, Defeats as well as Victories.
The journey has been marvelous. The crazy things done during OP, tiring night-outs during
Illu, going to TSC at 6 am in the shivering January winter for hockey practice, winning my first
medal in Kgp, the numerous Tempo Shouts, and finally winning the Tech GC…all these are
memories that I will cherish throughout my lifetime.

Coming to my tenure as the Hall President, the experience has been a memorable and
rewarding one. Last year’s outgoing batch left huge voids of talent in the Hall. But thanks to
the wonderful 2nd yr batch who were full of enthusiasm and eagerness to learn, that we could
fill those voids to a great extent. Silver in both Illumination and Rangoli was a huge
achievement which set the tempo for the whole year.

A lot of hard work was put in to improve our performances in all 3 GCs. The results started
showing up with LLR seeing a commendable uplift in Dramatics. A Medal for each play we put
up speaks a lot about the efforts. Footer Gold was deservingly retained. I hope the silver and
bronze medals in Sports will be converted into Gold next year. It was raining Golds for us in
the Tech GC which ultimately resulted in LLR lifting a GC after almost a decade. I salute each
and everyone who worked tirelessly to convert this dream into reality. It’s indeed a proud
moment for all the Lajpatians. Shaun once quoted, “It’s been a fight to change things.” I hope
the change is here to stay and urge the junior batches to maintain the tempo and groom the
incoming 2nd yr batch properly.

Once again, an awesome batch is passing out this year and we all will definitely miss them a
lot. Feeling a bit nostalgic, it seems life here won’t be the same without so many great friends.
I wish great success for all of them in their future pursuits. Finally as I sign off, I thank all my
HCMs for working hard throughout the year and not letting me down. A special thank to
Dadi, Khabya, Yousuf, Baba, Peda, Pissu, Vadde, Madhu, GD and all my wing-mates for
guiding and supporting me whenever I needed them. My best wishes to the new Hall Council.
Keep up the tempo and achieve greater heights next year.


Rajat Agrawal

(Hall President)
SSM Speaks
With the chapters of my book at LLR Hall coming to a close, I now sit and look back at the
path that I started walking three years back, and I find that this ride has been nothing short of
a fairytale story. Among all these, I find that, this year, by far, has been the finest year of my
stay at this hall. One can easily summarize this year at LLR by two quotations, “Well begun is
half done” and “Hard work always pays off”. Though it is very difficult to condense all the ups
and downs of this year into a few lines, still I would try my best not to disappoint.

The year started on a positive note. Illumination and rangoli returned after one year delay. We
thought it would be difficult to fill the enormous funda void. But the response we got was
unimaginable. Banging silver in illumination and rangoli was an important achievement as it
enhanced the enthusiasm of each and everyone.

This same tempo was reflected in the enormous efforts put in during the General
Championships. Performances in events such as dramatics, football, tennis and many more,
have proved that we have the potential and caliber to win everything. But unarguably, the
biggest achievement of the hall this year has been the performance in the Technology General
Championship. The moment each and everyone craved, finally arrived with LLR winning the
Tech. GC. It gave everyone immeasurable pride and proved that we no longer are the
underdogs. I am thankful to each and everyone who has made this dream into a reality. The
performance of LLR hall in the gymkhana election is also commendable for winning the post
of G.Sec. Sports.

With this, the year comes to an end and we find ourselves on similar crossroads. These same
crossroads fill our hearts with joy and sorrow at the same time. Joy because of the
unprecedented success LLR has gotten this year. Sorrow because we are leaving the company
of great friends with whom we have spent the most precious years of our lives with.

But no one has the power to stop time. And now is the time to pass on the candles to the next
generation, who would step into the shoes of the passing outs and take responsibilities. These
responsibilities they should carry with the same dedication and conviction as done by the
people before them. I would like to wish them all the best for the coming year. In the end I
would like to pass on to you the same quote I received in my first year at IIT, “It is the
friendship and hall that shapes the life of every Kgpian”.



Mohammad Navaid Khan


Hall Council 2009-2010

Hall President Second Senate Member

Rajat Agrawal Mohammad Navaid Khan

G. Sec Technology G. Sec Sports & Games G. Sec Social & Cultural

Gaurav Agarwal Kaustubh Shrivastava Subhadeep Paul

G. Sec Library G. Sec Maintenance G. Sec Mess

Manaal Faruqui Gourav Prakash Ahirwar Mahendra Shukla

Hall Secretaries 2009-2010

English Section

On Beauty and Writing

Wearing the autobiographical coat with a dash of the pedagogical cologne is the
easiest way to aspire for a readership. Or, as one might say – dropping all euphemism -
fake one's way as a writer! Be that as it may, even with the guilt of such blatant
pretensions, it might not be entirely out of place to succumb to these temptations
when there is a sliver of a chance that a sentence here or a fragment there will trigger
better ideas or set of somebody on nobler paths. Thus, with a generous dose of self-
apology, I write...

The KGPian “senior” is expected to disseminate - at the beck and call of future seniors
(read present juniors) - gems from his treasure-house of “fundae" accumulated over
from those times when he was at the calling side (i.e. since his once-future-senior
days). Yours truly is no exception to this eternal tradition. Combine that with a certain
ability to shoot of bombastic combinations of letters and impressively veiled clichés,
capped off by the official sanction of a certain examination, and you have somebody
who readily becomes the go-to-guy for writing bhaat, in the Queen's language that is.

It is exactly in the capacity of that guy that I dared to put pen to paper (actually finger
to keyboard) to dash out whatever follows.

I have written more bhaat than I had expected to when I first came to this place.
Thanks to the turn of events just alluded to, I have also ended up reading quite a bit of
bhaat written by peers and juniors alike. Some of those have been outstanding pieces -
genuinely unputdownable. The rest are the pieces which didn't feel so right. These
pieces, I classify into three categories. First, there are those written by guys who do not
know the language well. Second, there are those written by guys who know the
language and grammar well but due to either a conscious attempt to shun all shine or
a deadened ability to translate imagination into words end up writing without even a
hint of a spark. Third, there are those written by guys who know the language well,
have an above-average vocabulary (thanks to aspirations for that certain sanction-
giving examination) and know a thing or two more but ending up writing in a very
ugly and incongruous way. This article is essentially meant for this third category of

The guys who are involved in this category mostly belong to the second category until
they hear the bugle of “higher callings". The mad scramble of word-lists ensue,
followed by the immediate gratifications of an improved arsenal of synonyms. This
new-found power usually has a heady feeling. That, along with the pressing needs to
prepare oneself for a strong performance in matters of composition, results in
something funny - undesirable nonetheless. And the funny thing is incongruity. Before
elucidating this, let me try to use an analogy.

The act of fleshing out our ideas and imagination using words is a lot like women's
make-up, coiffure and wardrobe. There are those who are gifted with a beauty that
hardly need any artificial assistance. Indeed, in most of these cases, undue attention in
front of the dressing-mirror only prove to be conspiracies against natural
endowments. Then there are the not-so-naturally endowed ones. Artificial props
mindlessly applied in these cases only end up blatantly betraying nature's follies. A
less flamboyant presentation might not, after all, be a total fizzle especially where
pulchritude is at a disadvantage.

So it is, in large measure, even in writing. The primary strength of a piece comes from
the writer's ideas and the sophistication of his thinking structure. Just like a lady's
beauty. The secondary strength is of the embellishments used by the writer. Just like
her artificial enhancements of beauty. A skilled writer knows exactly when to use
what. If you do not have a convincing idea whether to use a big word or not, always
use the simpler word. Yes, even in “that examination". Arbitrarily sprinkling big words

just for the sake of replacing words with some synonyms you have picked up from
those word-lists present the picture of a man who has suddenly risen to riches and has
a compulsive need to aunt his wealth. Or, to continue with the analogy, like a woman
who is trying to hide nature's follies under the sad pretences of fashion. The lesson is:
The use of a big word should not feel like a forceful substitution. Those big words are
there because they convey a particular meaning and they are mostly apt in very
specific contexts. Using them with scant regard for the ow of the meaning not only
causes mental friction in the readers but also exposes the writer to derision. Most
alarmingly, it smacks of intellectual immaturity.

What, if any, is the practical use of learning those big words, then? To a true lover of
words that is a vulgar question. The straightforward answer, however, is to be able to
use them. But in order to use them, refine your thoughts first. Enhance the maturity
with which you present your thoughts. Develop a style - that you can call your own. Be
honest to your thoughts, your natural style will follow. That is the beauty of your
writing. Don't conspire against it by using what you don't need to. Maybe one day, you
will suddenly find that a big word has surreptitiously sidled its way into your writing.

That will be the true embellishment of your natural beauty!

-Jeevanjyoti Chakraborty

Your Friendship

Today I feel your friendship is world to me

You are the one whom my eyes want to see

Your virtues have compelled me to make you my friend.

Not just for a day but till my life comes to an end.

I hope you understand my feelings for you

Which flow from my heart so true

It says you are my friend forever, forever

From you I will part never, never

I am sending roses your way

Thoughts of you make my day

When morning passes and under the noon

My heart wishes to see you soon

When darkness fills the night

Rays of your smile bring the light

When I think of you, you seem so great

Memories of our friendship will never fade.

-Achman Jindal

The Flow of Life

What life is like? Is it just the multiplication of days with months or the sum of year
after years? Do we live because we have a life or we assume a life in order to live? Is
life like a log of wood floating on water and getting displaced here and there without
its own wish, or is life like waves of wild oceans making its own decisions and ruling
the kingdom? Is our life like the sun illuminating others or is it like the moon getting
light from somewhere and then reflecting it elsewhere? What precisely life can be?

I think the most apt comparison of life that can be made will be that with the flowing
water. Life is essentially like a flow of water, originating from somewhere and then
covering many places and finally terminating somewhere else, totally different from
origin. Just as everyone is delighted to watch the source of any river in the snow clad

mountain, so is everyone happy at the birth of a new child. From there the journey
begins; the route unexplored and destination unknown! A river crosses multiple
terrains in its course, yet it flows continuously without any halt. Some terrains are soft
some are hard, some are deep while some quite shallow; some are very long,
consistent while some are too short. Exactly this is the way the life of a person
proceeds. Sometimes the life brings out the best of it to us, all happiness and no
sorrows while sometimes the reverse. Some phases in life are too long and extremely
monotonic while some are too short and jiffy. Some incidents create a deep impact on
us while some are too aught too be in our memory. These terrains always change after
certain interval, but whenever we are in those terrains we forget the whole other lot
and become one with it. Just as the water takes the colour of soil and later changes it,
so do we leave our shades frequently! Many visitors and fellow travellers stop by the
river side and enjoy the cool water of river for quenching their thirst. Some enjoy the
water; some thank the God for it, while some make it more dirty and unclean. So is the
course of our life; some people meet us in midway of our life and for that time they
become the part and parcel of our lives. Some thank us for our gratefulness; some
themselves cast the shadow of their kindness onto us while still some others blame us,
abhor us and harm us. But still life goes on, steadily, constantly, with same vigour and
as if nothing happened yesterday. Whenever in motion we always want to have a
break and wish if our life wasn’t so pace. However as soon as we stop we get bored and
realize the drawback of our abeyance. Similarly water is clean and useful only when in
motion and as soon as it stops moving it gets stagnated with dirt and all. Again a
resemblance! River has many characteristics, but its unique characteristic is its banks.
Whatever may happen, river is always followed and surrounded by its banks. Till the
end when river meets the ocean, never ever the banks betray the river. In our life this
role is played by our relatives, by our parents and by our rightly called better half.
Whatever may happen they always support us, help us, advice us and make our life
enjoyable, memorable and more than that, liveable. Even if the whole world casts us
away we will have these companions of us always with us. So benevolent of them!

Thus the story of boatman riding the river ends here, with multiple ideas about the
river ahead. A curious and anxious path ahead but always with a smile of alacrity on
the face!

-Tejas Khire

Sleep- Like None Other

Since the start of civilization, sleep has been condemned by philosophers and wise
men alike. They portray it as the vice of the lazy, an act procrastinating fulfillment of
duties. Who hasn’t heard this refrain-“Jo sowat hai, wo khowat hai”. Even poets have
not spared poor sleep. Many use it as a metaphor for ignorance and inaction. The
famous woods poem by Robert Frost goes even further, equating sleep with death.
Here I quote the last line:

“And miles to go before I sleep, and miles to go before I sleep”

Sadly, the truth is far from it. To me, all this is nothing but a vested campaign by the
wise men of the world to malign the wonderful act of sleeping, for reasons I am still
struggling to find. Scientists have tried to control the damage by recommending an 8-
hour sleep for everyone, but it isn’t enough. For my money, everyone should sleep
around 10 hours daily. By far, it is the most enjoyable thing you can do. Yes, sleep can
be relaxing, it helps you recharge your batteries. But that’s not the point. When I say
sleep, I am referring to the actual act of sleeping. There is much more to it than meets
the eye, more so since most of sleeping is done with eyes closed.

Let me describe my experiences when I sleep. Sleep, by its own nature, prohibits

recording, or any systematic study. Hence I cannot present a general picture which
would apply to all. However, I have sufficient reason to believe that the experience
cannot be unique to me, and that everybody must be feeling the same when they

“I sleep. I lose myself. I lose the world. To myself. I feel free. Free from every memory, free
from worry. I feel as if I’m everything there is, I feel there cannot be a better way to exist.
Free to wander about, free to float, free to fly. Free. I look down, I see the sky. I see the
fire. I feel the colors. I wander. Frantically. Aimlessly. The void enchants me. The end
betrays me. I’m just one of the many. There’s so much more. I try to explore… I am
entangled…I keep wandering…keep sleeping.”

Is there a better way to spend your time? Work gives us nothing else but tension and
more work. And why do we work after all? Isn’t it to get a good life? Can any of our
lives in the real world match to the one I just described? Really, it’s a feeling of pure
ecstasy. To be frank, I don’t really understand why dope sells, why can’t these people
just doze off and enjoy?

On a more serious note, sleep gives a chance for the inner self to express itself. As
much as it allows us to lose reality, it allows us to meet our real self. Shrewdness may
allow us to mask ourselves from the rest of the world, but sleep cruelly lays us bare.
And therein lies its power. Yogis meditate, smart people sleep.

If you have read this far, try this exercise. Reserve an off-day for sleep. Put all the
alarms away. Make sure you are not too tired or else you will miss the fun. And then,
sleep. Sleep as much as you can. Let yourself free. I assure you that you won’t be

And for all the wise men, I have just this to say:

“All the Robert Frosts take a bow.

I have miles to sleep before I go.”

-Amit Sharma

The Saint Inside

All of us are saint and devil,

All of us have good and bad
The only one who can solve this peril,
Is You in which your heart is clad
Who is thy Master? Give it a thought.
The Saint or the Devil? Who makes the shot?

The Saint is always there for you,

Trying to show the righteous way,
But the path he shows looks glum and blue
So you ignore the path and decide to sway.

The Devil in there is always lurking

Looking for a chance,
To slip you down the path so pleasing
Stabbing you then in a glance.

The aisles diverge from one spot

But different directions it makes you trot

The Devil leads you unto the path of Fallacy

Which looks all blissful, happy and green
But the real picture you still havent seen
For the fruits are sour and you shalt repent

The blunder you made in easing the ascent.

The path of Truth the Saint will show

Where seeds of joy u shall sow
Patience is what you mostly need
For time it takes for the truth to lead
But when the Tree bears it fruits
Thou shall savour the taste of Joy
Realising the evil you could easily destroy.

The one to decide is you

The alluring path of the Devil u take
Or the rugged path of the Saint
The only one who can solve this peril,
Is You in which your heart is clad.
Who is thy Master? Give it a thought.
The Saint or the Devil? Who makes the shot?

- Siddhant Nagelia

Story of Jatin
Four rejections by four different girls in four
different fashions were not enough for Jatin to stop
him in his endeavor. Any sane person would have
accepted his fate and stopped by now, but he
persevered. Rendered desperate by lack of girls in
his college, he developed an urge to hit upon every
possible and feasible “target”. The very sight of a
couple, expressing love to each other, would
simultaneously make him queasy, and fill him with
new energy, thereby strengthening his desire.
Although he developed his fanatic furore over girls
only after entering college, but his flirty attitude was innate. He had his first
crush on his class I teacher after he confused her tender kisses with something
else. Only after she was married did he realize that it was his chubby cheeks,
and not his virile and handsome features, that lured her.

All his previous 4 encounters are equally interesting and “thrilling”.

Encounter 1

His first love story began in class XI. As most of the guys would agree with me, this is
the age when the “perfect body” of a girl is reason enough for a boy to “love her by
heart”. Jatin too was bewitched by the beauty of such a Girl-With-Perfect-Body
(GWPB). After like 500 rehearsals in front of the mirror, he gathered enough courage
to propose to the GWPB. Unversed with the evil prowess of the GWPB, he fell victim
to her sorcery. Later he discovered that he was not the only one who was buying her
expensive gifts, but there were like 11 other hapless and innocent victims
accompanying him.

Encounter 2

Imbued with the freshness of first year, he decided to give his love life one more shot.
After identifying a decent target, he contrived the blue print for the mission.
Everything was going smoothly until he told her about his first encounter.

Guys, never ever tell any girl about your past relationships at nascent stage, especially
if it involves a GWPB.

Needless to say, he came back home that day with prints of five slender feminine
fingers on his left cheek.

Encounter 3

In general, a story is followed by a moral, but in my story, it is the other way round.

Moral of the following story: Never ever try to encash the brand image of your college
in matters related to girls. Try to make girls think like, “He is smart. He must be from
IIT.”, rather than “He is from IIT. He must be smart.”

Unaffected by the previous 2 debacles, Jatin continued enthusiastically towards the

search of his “soul-mate”. Luckily, he soon found himself on a date with yet another
girl. Under the influence of geeky genes, he suddenly started talking about physics
with an intention of impressing girl by showing away his knowledge of Newton’s laws.

Guys, never ever discuss academics with your date for 2 simple reasons. First, it is
stupid! And second, girls, for no apparent reason, find it offending when someone
talks anything scholarly with them. Again needless to say, that girl never showed him
her face again.

Encounter 4

Exasperated by three failed love stories, Jatin now decided for a straight forward
approach. After only 2 meetings with a girl, he proposed to her by verbalizing all his
emotions and “platonic” love in 3 simple words: “I love you”.

Guys, before I tell you about the girl’s reply, I want you to know it and understand it
very thoroughly that never ever try on an extrovert girl who happens to be a student of

The girl blatantly replied to his proposal, “thanks for showing interest in my body, but
I, most certainly, have no desire of sleeping with you”.

-Buddharatn Ratawal

The Backslide

She might have been a blonde, and she must have been beautiful. She and her consort
had chosen this place to celebrate their heydays of youth, when the climactic point of
all dreams you cherish since the teenage becomes tangible. They had been lured by
the glittering neon lights and dappled plush plexus. But they were not conversant with
the dark by-lanes whence the murky eyes of the place stared. They were just supposed
to tread the lightened paths, but they were scuffed into the dark alleys...

Place: Bangalore, sometime in the mid 90s.

It was the usual vernal brimming of the tourists, the time when Bangalore was a
balanced mélange of sumptuous streets and verdant environs. The footfalls from
abroad were on a rise, it was a high time for swindlers, and those eyes furtively glanced
the backdrop.

Afternoon time, the glare of noon was closing in on cerise mildness. Traffic was
buzzing on the MG Road. On a lane at a point, people had thronged around
something. Shoveling and jostling the crowd, it was hard to manage to reach the front,
and it was hard to make out anything from the hubbub.

There was that lady- withered eyes, wizened face, and in terrible fluster. Her hair was
ruffled, clothes ragged, unaware of her presence, petrified by the milieu, and lost.

The throng was dispersing gradually. It was the man in uniform, hurtling the crowd
away. There she was- she turned back, she grunted difficultly, her throat was visibly
dry, her eyes deeply searching someone, she tried to stay in her senses, but then, she
stumbled on her knees. She removed her eyes from the horrid sight, looked upward,
and then came a shriek- one that lost itself in the cacophony of the city, but it
resounded somewhere, with a mark. Her eyes, so keen to figure out someone out of
the dull shades, had run dry.

The man took her away. Then arrived the grapevine.

The prowling eyes had finally pounced on the prey. Her husband had been abducted.
He was heaved in quickly while she managed to haul herself out of the van. And there
she was left, bereft, vulnerably exposed to the dirty streets of a beautiful city.
It was as if she had suddenly unravelled the true lineaments of the city, and removed
the veneer of leniency. People chose this place to pass, and make some memorable
moments here, with an idyllic scenery in their eyes, when they would be on the moon,
all their plans and aspirations put in; and the depraved, debased cognomen of the
miasmal society would pick out one, fiddle with his fate and show them the stark
reality of the dystopia which reigned here.

A Week Later:

She was caught in an impasse. All she could do was wait and watch. But the play was
soon over, and with a drastic end. On the outskirts, his body was found. He was
strangled, and filched. They had left no scope for ransom.

A month later:

They were caught. But she was gone. The whole city had known her story, but none
had listened to her jeremiads. It wasn't sure if she had come to know of this. She had
now lost the local media limelight, so the matter was becoming impervious. But still,
somehow it was heard that she had dabbled into the matter and left.

It's been more than 10 years now. But the images are still vivid. Not the exactitude of
her lineaments, but her gestures. Her face has been hazed by the timeline, but not her
frantic gesticulations, and her shriek.

Her demure mien is still expressive. And remains unparalled. The city still beckons.
And remains unfazed.

-Vinay Sisodia

Green Technology and Us

In this age of increasing environmental concerns,

sustainability is not a catchword any longer.
Sustainability is a value which means we care for
our environment, and our people feel responsible
for the development of our economy. The very
coining of the term “green technology” underlines
its importance in the current age. We, as humans,
have realised the benefits of going green. We have
discovered that the current state of despair is a direct consequence of our negligence
of Nature as a definitive entity. Our communion with Nature is the only link to
sustaining ourselves on this life-bearing planet. The current trend of emerging green
technologies is a welcome change. There are very many reasons why it should be taken
up. Many issues that have spawned now need to be dealt with. These include our
behaviour to our own habitat. Green Technology encompasses a multitude of goals
which humanity needs to achieve in order to inhabit this planet for centuries to come.
Acceptance of green technology is a foot forward in humanity’s goal for sustainability.
The idea of environmental sustainability suggests using up natural capital at a rate
such that it can be replenished at a higher or equal rate. This would enable the natural
resources to be available indefinitely into the future without getting damaged or
depleted. It would meet the needs of the current generation without compromising
the ability of future generations to meet their own needs. Adapting green technologies
would decouple economic growth from environmental degradation and prevent
irreversible long term damage to ecosystems and human health. Use of green
technologies inspires a new design paradigm. It is time to rethink the way we live,
work, design, build and consume. To think we are doing our part by driving a hybrid
car and recycling our paper is a plagued illusion. Our conception of doing more with
less to make change happen is not viable. We have to fundamentally change the way
we design our products, industries and cities. Our current recycling methods are
inefficient and perpetuate the age-long cradle-to-grave manufacturing model.
Transforming the industry to function in a cradle-to-cradle design is the need of the
hour. It means that the industry must protect and enrich ecosystems nature’s

biological metabolism while also maintaining safe, productive technical metabolism

for the high-quality use and circulation of organic and synthetic materials. Green
technologies aid in making such systems efficient and waste-free. Pollution prevention
is yet another issue, green technologies tackle. Traditional approaches to prevention
relied mostly on regulatory measures. They used management techniques to control
wastes at the end-of-the-pipe. However, the technology is not fail-safe. Source
Reduction is the highest goal in solid waste management hierarchy. The model
suggests decreasing the amount of materials or energy used during the manufacturing
or distribution of products and packages. The importance of source reduction lies in
the fact that it assists in conserving raw materials and energy sources, reduces release
to air, water and sand, cuts back on what has to be thrown away thereby keeping solid
waste disposal down. Green technologies help change our patterns of production and
consumption for the better. Green technologies spur on innovation that defines our
transition from the good to the better. We have developed numerous technologies
that have been demonstrated to damage health and environment. It is time to develop
alternatives to them, to bring something new to the current domain. Green
technologies are instrumental in achieving these needs of humanity. The novelty that
green technologies bring along, create forums of economic development. These
developments centre about technologies and products that benefit our environment,
speeding up their implementation and creating new careers that truly protect our
planet. In other words, green technologies assist the human race in its goal towards
increased viability. However, there are a few downsides to this upsurge in green
technologies. Economical investigations on the positive and normative consequences
of green markets which are based on technologies with joint production of a private
good and an environmental public good show that under reasonable conditions green
markets can have detrimental effects on environmental quality and social welfare.
Many governments, nongovernmental organizations, and industries promote green
markets as ways to encourage private giving to environmental causes. In a sufficiently
large economy, where giving is not motivated by unconditional altruism, introducing
or improving a green technology will increase the level of giving but crowd out private
voluntary donations.

As a society with bountiful natural resources and enormous wealth, we have gotten
out-of-touch with the impact of our everyday choices and habits. It is those minute
decisions of change in the way of living that can help us develop our community and
enhance the liveability of the Earth. The human race has attained unparalleled
dominance over Earth and other fellow beings dwelling on Earth but it is a fact to
think upon as to why were homo sapiens chosen for the job and are we really standing
up to the choice-maker’s expectations? Are we here to use the world for our benefits
and perish when it can no more yield to our interests? These questions tend to rake in

the inner conscience of humanity. It is time for humans to take up the responsibility,
give reverence to the choice that made them so, render testimony of their knowledge,
show superiority in action and not in power. The habitat does not belong to humans
alone but, however they have to take the lead to change what now seems inevitable.
The future is there, but still not defined. Definition will be given by the present. The
past, present and future are not mutually exclusive. History is there to teach and tell
us what is correct and what is wrong. Our choices will now mould the world in the
shape it would take in the future. Our decisions will decide the fate of the time to
come. The choices and decisions are not secondary but truly primary which decide our
very existence on this planet. Our concept of technology needs to incorporate the
essence of sustainability and ecology. The analysis of the radius of influence of a
technology must now encompass Nature, fellow creatures and the Earth, as a whole.
As the adage goes, cleanliness is next to Godliness. We, humans are here to go for the
right alternative, evolving and adapting technologies that are cleaner and friendlier to
the ecosystem. The time is ripe for the birth of another revolution, a revolution that
shall make us more responsible. Let us fight it out the way we have done in all stages
of evolution. We are capable and therefore, we will be able to conquer these upcoming
problems which test our race on the rails of time. Let us be a more mature race now,
for the future, if it exists, would depend on us. We would be answerable to the
posterity, if it exists.

A message to the posterity would be a big hello. If they exist, it is a testimony of the
duty that has been done. The world would then be in their reins and it is time for
them to learn from the past. Documented history shall speak out to them of the titanic
hurdle that the human race has been able to conquer. To learn from history is to make
use of ages of experience to do what is better. It is not the question of right and wrong.
It is the choice of the good, the better and the worse. The fuzziness of the better shall
remain for eternity but it is for the race to decide. The choice is inevitable. The choice
is necessary. The choice affects all. The choice belongs to them. The choice is all they
can make.

-Piyush Paritosh Panigrahi

Idiot Box GC
This is Sourav Das reporting from IIT Kharagpur on behalf of Kal Tak. Reality shows
are now no more the property of large network television channels... The bearer of
crap, the pride of idiot box has taken its first step towards commoditization and this
wonderful social revolution is being spearheaded by none other than the Special
Secretary of TSG, IIT KGP - the mother of all premier educational institutions in India.

Bad Times Now managed to get an exclusive with this visionary and genius,
Chaggiswami Naidu. As a special secretary of gymkhana, Mr. Naidu is of the opinion
that Kharagpur is far behind times with regard to its mode of student personality
development and seeks to bridge the gap by introducing revolutionary, new events in
Inter-hall general championship.

"Thirty years ago personality development meant additional facets to your personality
- besides academic acumen. The post liberalization economy set new social standards
and the meaning of personality and acumen has taken a radical shift. Diverse skills
now no more form an important component of a well developed personality. Being in
touch with the latest developments in fashion and youth activities forms an important
part of a well developed personality, for youth form a strong consumer segment and if
as engineers and business leaders we have to produce products that cater to them,
then we must be in tune with their thoughts... but that can be possible only if we can
understand what they go through and live similar lives...And especially in this aspect
our brethren in Delhi and Bombay are ahead and companies think they are somehow
better off than us, costing us important jobs and hence this change recommended by
me not only is about setting contemporary social standards in KGP but also about
generating employment", he said as he introduced the concept of the new GC...

KGP shall now have an idiot box GC! The first of its kind in any IIT, it will help KGP
reclaim its position among all IITs as the most diverse and innovative IIT in terms of
students' activities. Naidu introduced the concept to the student's forum which gave it
a unanimous approval in the hopes that idiot box based activities would rekindle the
hall tempo of yore...

"I think this would be a wonderful new chapter in KGP history", said a Soc-cult GC
expert. " Since these are vote based events, it will give impetus to student activism on
the campus...something that earlier was called into play only during the entertaining
days of Gymkhana elections".

"Yes...secondly, proving capability through acquisition of skills is an archaic method...
current social standards prefer heaping rewards on people for their sheer virtue of
existence( India is the biggest market, you see!) So too in the extra acads scenario... if
morons are being given best jobs and comforts then even KGPians can and should
turn morons.. and I think the initiative taken by Naidu is one wonderful step in that
direction", concurred Panjeshwar Pujari, another veteran of the Gymkhana.

According to the resolution, which has been adopted unanimously, Gymkhana shall
now have two new general secretaries to oversee the successful conduct and inclusion
of new events in the idiot box GC...initially plans were made to just start it as a
subcommittee under the soc-cult committee.. but looking at the innovative crap being
spewed forth by the day by the idiot box and the interest being taken by the student
populace, the grand old men of Gymkhana spotted the possibility of expanding the GC
till it became the largest GC realizing max participation and hence have created a
separate committee having powers equal to the soc-cult, sports and Tech committee.

The general championship shall kick off with events "Technology Big Brother" and
"Tech splitsvilla". These events, though inspired by the real shows big brother and
splitsvilla, shall have a slightly changed format, especially since the format of splitsvilla
would have bombed in KGP...While being true to the procedures, tech splitsvilla
would have a bunch of kids, two from each hall, fighting for the love of two females
from SN, IG, RLB. It may be noteworthy that some members of the forum objected to
the use of the word "female" and asked that the term "non male" be used instead.
However, these requests were brushed aside by the special secretary.

Some female members of the forum also mooted the idea of a "Technology [V] Get
gorgeous". However, the logistical difficulties involved in finding the requisite quality
of participants forced the idea on to a back burner. Some other members of the forum,
notably HPs were seen proposing an "idiot box fest" under the new G.Secs. However,
the forum finally decided to wait for a while till the idiot box GC settled down, before
starting the new fest.

The correspondent is of the opinion that the initiation of new GC would lead to
greater interest among the students for extra acads, especially events modelled on the
basis of audience vote would increase student participation in the gymkhana activities.
The unbridled support to the hall mates to win the hand of a female in "tech
splitsvilla" would also forge a new sense of brotherhood that has sadly been absent
lately in KGP. All in all, exciting times are ahead for students and gymkhana in KGP as
they embrace the path of contemporary personality development and entertainment.

-Sourav Das
The beautiful after-life

Resurrecting a dead body! Sounded like a perfect and sure adventure. Some of my
freaky scientist friends invited me over this audacious errand. Fond of leading a
swashbuckling life, I acquiesced.

One of my friends, Dr. Nayar, procured an unclaimed dead body from a government
hospital to carry out some biological experiments. Mr. Nayar, in spite of being a
doctor, was an ardent follower of necromancy. He had been reading these eerie books
on voodoo and sorcery for the past few years. Once he claimed to have mastered the
art of black magic, but nobody believed him and declared him a pariah. Practicing
necromancy in this era of science and technology is considered tantamount to being
paranoiac. But this time there seemed to be a strange certitude and charisma in his
voice that tantalized us in believing him.

So, all of us gathered at Dr. Nayar’s clinic, that night, to witness the most venturesome
deed in the history of mankind. The very thought of it gave me goose bumps. The
clinic was somber and shrouded with an unusual silence that frightened the rest of us.
Ironically, that room was a place meant for saving lives! The dead body, daubed with
some strange chemical that smelled like rotten onion, was lying naked on a stretcher.
It was a male body aged around 35, with dark complexion and heavy built. Dr. Nayar
was sitting near the bloated head of the dead body with a series of weird colored
chemicals, packed in oddly shaped glass bottles, lined up in front of him. The idea of
providing us with the lifetime opportunity of witnessing this historical event
impregnated him with a condescending feeling. The rest of us sat there in a row like
an obedient kid listening to a fairy tale.

Dr. Nayar started the experiment by cutting a gentle slot into a vein of dead body’s
hand, and pouring an azure chemical through it while continuously chanting verses in
some strange language. This continued for the next 30 minutes until he had emptied
10 bottles of chemicals. He had the amazing ability of keeping the same countenance
under all kinds of situation. Excess intelligence made him stoic. The continuous
chanting by Dr. Nayar was soporific and made us dream about the beautiful bed.

As was vaguely expected by all of us (except Dr. Nayar, of course!), nothing happened.
We lost all our hopes and cursed Dr. Nayar for ruining our night. But Dr. Nayar
imperturbably continued with his experiment.

After another 30 minutes our patience declined and we stood up to leave. Just as we
approached Dr. Nayar to bid him goodbye, we got startled by a vague jerk- like
movement in the dead body. A chill ran down my spine. Overwhelmed with mélange
of excitement and fear, I felt like throwing up. Dr. Nayar, who was until now working
with a poker face, suddenly got excited and started infusing chemicals with an
aggravated enthusiasm. The dead body started shaking vigorously like an old diesel
engine. It took the body another 5 minutes to calm down, and then, as we saw it, he
started breathing. He slowly opened his eyes. His eyes were yellow, probably due to
the cessation of blood circulation. He then opened his mouth to say something, but all
we could hear was inscrutable gibbering. He tried to sit up, but his limbs betrayed
him. Dr. Nayar, unlike the rest of us, was dauntless and phlegmatic all this time, as if
he was already aware of what was going to happen. He instructed the dead man to lie
down and rest until his body is back to its normal rhythm.

After about 2 hours, the dead man started talking normally. He explained to us how he
got distracted by the picture of a half naked woman on a roadside advertisement
banner before he got ran over by a truck. Then Dr. Nayar explained to him how he
brought him back to life. Dead man was stupefied by his narration and it took him a
while to digest this information.

When he finally got convinced that he is alive, he unexpectedly got angry and tried to
attack Dr. Nayar, but couldn’t succeed as his body was atrophied by death. He was
seething with anger and constantly imprecating Dr. Nayar, for he was the one who
brought him back from his beautiful after-life.

Beautiful after-life? Discombobulated by this queer fact, we requested the dead man,
whose anger obliterated by now, to explain the after-life. Whatever he said next were
the most amazing things we ever heard in our lives.

“The life after death is nothing. It’s a zilch. No ground below feet, no sky above head.
No object in vicinity. Darkness everywhere. But this darkness is completely different
from the darkness of corporeal world. This darkness is soothing and embracing, rather
than the asphyxiating darkness of the material world. There is no feeling of pain and
fear. No feeling at all. The only feeling that can be sensed is the feeling of cool breeze
striking against the face. The body feels weightless. No worry and no emotion at all.
Only peace of mind.”

His narration was so lively and visceral that I could almost feel myself there. As a kid, I
was taught that one gets to meet god after he dies. I solemnly espoused this theory,
which thwarted me from taking any stance defied by god. Driven by this curiosity, I

asked the dead man if he saw, hear or felt the god after death. The dead man
guffawed, apparently at my childish fantasy.

“God is not a person with a body like human beings. God is a force. The darkness that
embraced me is the god. The cool breeze that was blowing on my face is the god. The
peace of mind that I felt is the god. God is within yourself and present everywhere in
myriad forms. You feel god all the time, but you never acknowledge it…..”

He wanted to say more, but his tongue failed him. The effect of chemicals, as was
already told by Dr. Nayar, was ephemeral. The dead man was shaking vigorously once
again, as if he was following the same route for departure. Few minutes later, he went
back to his beautiful after-life. He died once again!

-Buddharatn Ratawal

Laugh…but only if you may

Society is built on the twin ideals of affluence and affectation. Everywhere I see, I find
people running a race. A race to succeed, a race to better, a race to win... a relentless
race against an untiring clock. Just that this race has no referee, and more importantly,
no rules. Bertrand Russell's 'Man and Machines' debate seems redundant in this age
when men resemble machines more than machines do themselves. Really, people are
no longer people, rather machines hard-wired to produce optimum results. Flattery
and deceit go hand in hand. It seems no surprise then that that true emotions have
been reduced to a rarity, and genuineness to a farce.

I came across the following poem by Gabriel Okara in Class XI, which describes the
despicable state of affairs rather beautifully.


Once upon a time, son,
they used to laugh with their hearts
and laugh with their eyes:
but now they only laugh with their teeth,
while their ice-block-cold eyes
search behind my shadow.

There was a time indeed

they used to shake hands with their hearts:
but that’s gone, son.
Now they shake hands without hearts:
while their left hands search
my empty pockets.

‘Feel at home’! ‘Come again’:

they say, and when I come
again and feel
at home, once, twice,
there will be no thrice –
for then I find doors shut on me.

So I have learned many things, son.

I have learned to wear many faces
like dresses – home-face,
office-face, street-face, host-face,
cocktail-face, with all their conforming smiles
like a fixed portrait smile.
And I have learned too
to laugh with only my teeth
and shake hands without my heart.
I have also learned to say, ‘Goodbye’,
when I mean ‘Good-riddance’;
to say ‘Glad to meet you’,
without being glad; and to say ‘It’s been
nice talking to you’, after being bored.

But believe me, son.

I want to be what I used to be
when I was like you. I want
to unlearn all these muting things.
Most of all, I want to relearn
how to laugh, for my laugh in the mirror
shows only my teeth like a snake’s bare fangs!

So show me, son,

how to laugh; show me how
I used to laugh and smile
once upon a time when I was like you.

It’s not easy living in a world like this. Frankly, nothing is frank enough to be frank
anymore. More so, when your every word is monitored and every action accounted
for. The worst part is that all this is our doing, so we dont even have anybody to
blame. A collection of high-headed minds is all it takes to set benchmarks for the
successful, standards for the civilized, and metrics for the ideal. Of course, it takes the
whole of humanity to strive for it.

But it’s quite easy to get around this mess, as Okara points out. All you have to do is to
build a firewall around your interior to doublethink your basic instincts, and voila,
you're a winner! "The first impression is the last impression", didn't they tell you? Just
have a couple of faces as your TV has channels, and switch them as per requirement.
Our forefathers always knew this, "When in Rome do as the Romans do." You can’t
behave the same at the mall as you do at college, how can you?

Your professor just said the stupidest thing in the world, frown not. Appreciate the
new heights his mind can reach, and don't forget to compliment on his yellow tie. A
passer-by just smudged your clothes with dirt, frown not. Why, he just brought you
closer to mother earth , tell him you feel obliged. You sulk at the sight of the big bore,
but it's always good to meet him again, isn't it? Just heard the worst ever speech? Well,
then congratulate the speaker for having enthralled you.

Feel like please for God's sake don't open your trap. It's so unhygienic.
Feel like crying, uh…well, you could do that, but make sure nobody's watching!

-Amit Sharma

�हंद� अनभ
ु ाग


याद� के �झल�मल झरु मट

ु से,

धीमे से जब मस
ु ्कराते ह,

�दल खु�शय� से भर जाता है,

तुम याद मझ
ु े जब आती हो |

जीवन म� तम
ु , सपन� म� तम
ु ,

ख्वाब� म� तु, इस मन म� तम
ु ,

मन के कोने-कोने म� रह,

ु मन को स्वगर् बनाती ह|

�दल खु�शय� से भर जाता है ,

ु याद मझ
ु े जब आती हो ||

तुम कहती हो क� बहुत क�ठन है ,

राह जो हमन� है चुन ल�,

सच म� चादर का क्या होग,

सपन� म� हमन� जो बुन ल� |

म� कहता हूँ हम-तुम �मल कर,

लड़ जाय�गे हर मिु श्कल स,

द�ु नया के हर गम से लड़कर,

�मलकर रहे गा �दल, �दल से |

मेरे सपन� म� रं ग भर कर तुम,

ु े �हम्मत बंधती ह,

�दल खु�शय� से भर जाता है ,

तुम याद मझ
ु े जब आती हो ||

क्या वह भी जीना था ह-तुम,

ू े से जब अनजान,

समझते थे �क कहते ह�,

�सफर् िज़न्दगी को ह� जा|

आकर मेरे जीवन म� तुमने,

ु पर है एहसान �कया,

जीवन के अँधेरे म� द�पक-सा,

'जान' सा अपना नाम �दया

खुद क� मीठ�-सी खुशबू से,

तुम जीवन को महकाती हो,

�दल खु�शय� से भर जाता है,

तुम याद मझ
ु े जब आती हो ||

�मलकर तुमसे ऐसा लगा,

�क राह िज़न्दगी का रस ह,

य�द �बछड़ जाय� हम-तुम,

तो �फर िज़न्दगी नीरस है|

साथ तुम्हारा सबसे प्या,

हर पल इससे सँवरा है ,

मेरे �दल का कोना-कोना,

तुम्हार� याद� से भरा है|

अपने प्यार क� गहराई से तु,

ु म� आस जगाती है ,

�दल ख�ु शय� से भर जाता है,

ु याद मझ
ु े जब आती हो ||

-धीरज वमार

मेरा जीवन
कुछ उतार सा कुछ चढ़ाव सा

गम बहुत पर खु�शयाँ कम ह�

ु लो मेर� एक कहानी

मेरा जीवन बाँध का पानी

है अ�भलाषा पर नह�ं है आशा

आशाओं पर �मल� �नराशा

बड़ी ह� तीखी मेर� जवानी

मेरा जीवन बाँध का पानी

जीवन है एक जल क� धारा

पर म� इससे कभी न हारा

है इससे अलग मेर� कहानी

मेरा जीवन बाँध का पानी

मिु श्कल� से जो हारा

िज़न्दगी ने उस संवारा

कुछ नया कर भल
ू बात� पुरानी

मेरा जीवन बाँध का पानी

-मनीष �संघवी

अधरू � हसरत�

मंिजल� तो बहत थी, पाने को,

का�फला अपना बढाया तो होता |

एक कदम म� सेहरा पार था

वो पहला कदम बढाया तो होता |

ख्वा�हश न उभरती, न मन ये तरसता,

ग़र एक अरसा उन्ह� दबाया न होता|

फूल �खलता पनपता, दोस्ती का हमार,

�वशवास थोडा �दखाया तो होता |

समझा ग़लत, क्या ग़लत ने बताय,

ग़लत था जो हमको बताया तो होता |

दोस्त हम बुरे न ,थ सीरत से, सन

ु लो,

कभी आपने आज़माया तो होता |

रहा अफ़सोस आ�खर तक बुरा रहने का,

पदार् ग़ल-फ़हमी का उठाया तो होता |

हम न मरते ज़मान� भर क� बात� से,

हमे आपने जो जलाया न होता |

करते एक �दन नाम रौशन अपना,

ग़र मौत ने मझ
ु े बल
ु ाया न होता |

- वैभव

বাংলা ভাগ

িকছু �িৃ ত

হািরেয় আমরা যাব সবাই ,

যাব জািন,

তবু হািরেয় েযেত ভয় শ‍ধু ভ,

যতই আঁকেড় থািক আমােদরও

একিদন হােতর মুেঠা খুেল

িদেত হয় |

হেলর common-room েথেক েবেরালাম | Rehearsal েশষ,নাটক শ‍র‍ হেত আর ঘ�া দুএ
েদরী | আমার েনতািজ auditorium-এ েশষবােরর জনয্ ওঠা ,েশষ inter-hall বাংলা নাটক |
কত �ৃিত ছািড়েয় আেছ,সব েভেস উঠেছ,এেকর পর এক | কেলজটােত �থমবার েঢাকা,একটু ভয়
ভয়,অেনকটা আন� |একটার পর একটা িদেনর �ে�র মেতা েবির েয় যাওয়া | First-year-এ
department farewell-এর পর অণর্বদােক বেলিছলা ,"েতামরা চেল যা� ,সব েকমন েশষ হেয়
েগল |" অণর্বদা িপঠ চাপেড় বেলিছ ,"ধুর পাগল েতার েতা সেব শ‍ ” | অনর্বদ,আমারও
এখানকার িদন েশষ হেয় এেলা |তবু মােনর album-এর পাতায় পাতায় েতালা থাকেলা অজ�
ছিব,রি�ন,সাদাকােলা,কেয়কটা হয়েতা একটু ঝাপসা | ময়ুখদার র‍েম রাত েজেগpractice, পেরর

িদনই event | িকংবা tea party-েত senior-েদর েসই েচাখ রাঙােনা ,"জয্াদা �াটর্ মত ,ইে�া
বাদ েম িমেলগা |" আমার বারবার মেন হেয়েছ ,িবেশষ� িক এই জায়গাটার ?ভােলা teacher,
ভােলা কেলজ সবই েতা হেলা,িক� িক এমন আেছ এখােন েয বুক ফু িলেয় বলা যায়?
"Once a Lajpatian,ever a Lajpatian"
িনেজেকই িনেজ উত্তর ি ,আমার ��গ‍েলা েয সব এখােন েবান | েসকথা আবার নতু ন কের
বুিঝ,যখন বছর কুিড় পের আমার মধয্বয়"র‍মবা" িফের আেস িনেজর wing-এ |

হেল আসার পের এেক এেক ব�ু েবেড়েছ ,তারপর িসিনয়ার েথেক সুপারিসিনয়ার ,জীবেনর মেধয্
ঢু েক েগেছ এই িদনগ‍েলা | Wing-এর সবার সােথ আ�া ,পাগলােমা আর িগটােরর ভাষায় েলখা
ছিবর সাির মেনর মেধয্ উেঠ আসেছ | Wing-এর নামকরন িনেয় মহা দুভর্াবনার পের হঠাতই
িঠক হেল ,নাম েহাক , "BoToMs up", BTM-এর ফু লফমর্ | শীেতর রােত ছােদ িগেয় গাওয়া
হেয়িছল েসই নাম িনেয় েলখা গান ,এই ছিবগ‍েলােক িক েভালা যা ? wingটা �ায় ফাঁকা হেয়
যােব ক 'িদন পের ,সবাই িছটেক যােব এিদক েসিদক ,িক� এই গ�গ‍েলা েথেক যাে ,গানগ‍েলা |
েকউ থাকবনা

আমরা, তবু আ মােদর মেনর মেধয্ থাকেব wingটা, থাকেব স�ােটর গান ,রজেতর �ামস ,আর
রােধেশর িস� | থাকেব েকাবরা,শ‍ভ,েপাপট,কৃ ত,েপড়ােক িনেয় আমােদর গমগেম আ�া | বহ‍িদন
বােদ েচােখ জল চেল আসেছ | িনেজেক েবাঝাি� এিগেয় চলাই জীবন | ঝাপসা েচাখটা একবার
মুেছ িনলাম | নাটক শ‍র‍ হেলা বে | েশষবােরর performance | তারপর ে�জ েথেক নামব ,
নতু ন কুশীলেবরা আসেব| নতু ন কের শ‍র‍ হেব -হািস-কা�া |আমােদর এই গ�-গান-কথা িক
কােরা মেন থাকেব ?কারও ? wing-এর রাতগ‍েলা িক আরও একবার শ‍নেব রাতজাগা িবি
েজােয়ল,বব িডলান ? জািননা |

-ময়নাক ম�ল

A1 First
Pankaj Kumar Pal

These five years have been wonderful to me, had a lot of

friends here. While living here, what so ever, one may say to
KGP but at the end will always miss it and hate to leave it.
This is the time when one can enjoy the most. So, this is a
message to my juniors that enjoy your life most and make
these memories golden memories of your life.


Tarun Minz


Rajesh Kumar


Rajat Rashmi Marndi


Shivam Sumith


Saurav Kumar


Himanshu Agarwal


A1 Top
Jayadeva Mani


T. Ravi Kumar


Yusuf Akthar


Suraj Dey


A ground
Varinderjit Singh Kahttra


A first

Nirav Pranami


Samir Kumar Mardi


Sujay Kumar


Priyesh Srivastava


Praveen Shakya


A Top (K.A.K.O.R.I.)
Rahul Gautam

Really I will miss the precious pearls (Friends) and the KGP
life,those days of Spring fest and Kshitij filled with full masti
and fun.
How the four years had passed in KGP,didn't understand. It
seems like that, few days earlier I came to IIT KGP. These
days were the shortcut of life. In spite of nothing, IIT KGP
has everything.


Jayant Kumar Verma

"Wishing success to all who step out of this land of the brave
and proud. Once a Lajpatian, ever a Lajpatian. Yo LLR!"


Anil Kumar

Well gone are the days sitting on tea corners n enjoying

campus talks with the friends. As Corporate life is very
boring than Campus life. So I would say to all juniors enjoy
ur college days as much as u can dude....bcoz after this ur
life's gonna change upside down ...


Abhishek Shrivastava

Enjoy your stay at kharagpur, these years will never come live every moment of it.


Abhishek Kumar


Jagpravesh Pannu

Just wannna say goodbye it's been real pleasure to stay here
at LLR.

Jetaram Siyol


B First West (BeWaFa)
Debjyoti Roy

Goodbye to all my final year friends. I will miss you a lot.

And best of luck to all the juniors. Keep up the tempo. Yo



Sourav Saha

Dear Lajpatians,
I take a great pleasure in speaking to u all. The last 4
years of my IIT life has been in this hall, which I am
immensely proud of . Initially it was different. At that time
the so called other halls often outperformed us. but slowly
and steadily its all changing . for the last few years our hall
has produced some great performances and certainly we are outperforming some of
those halls. I hope u people can keep up the good works and maybe someday win the
GC for LLR.
I will not bore u with lectures but think it’s important to tell u that u all must enjoy
the time u r here at IIT for its never going to come back and more often than not we
tend to forget that its all about making the best use of ur time and life .So ur all

Anshul Ranjan


Pritam Mukherjee

' It's the time of your life. Don't waste it !'


Towshif Ali

Oye mere yaaron, Do what you are good at, but tempo se!

The best thing mankind is blessed with is shortness of life.

So njoy :) life @ kgp

b’coz this is better than any place you’ll ever be.

Yo LLR!!!


Aritra Chatterjee


Debraj Mandal

"A professor is one who talks in someone else's sleep."

~W.H. Auden.
So here's to future prof-less sleeps. Cheers. To all present
inmates of KGP, I would like to say - Survive. Your time will
come. Try not to increase the mortality rate at KGP.


B-first mid
Abhishek Mishra


Priyank Baghel


B-first east
P.S.B. Akshar

Best learning experience so far, thanks to LLR and KGP. Will

definitely miss them.


Madhu Chitteti


Ajit Kumar Ajay


Amit Singh

well one thing for juniors : Remember that extra-acads is

like add-on. Without your core (acads or ur area of interest),
it would be useless. Make sure that you are not over paying
for that & hell yeah..I'm gonna miss KGP life.


Venkata Sudeep Reddy


Sai Krishna Tejaswi

Hitesh Gupta


B-top West
Ashish Kumar Shrivastava


Chetan Aggarwal


W.V. Vinay


Nishant Mundu


Anurag Mark

"The four years spent in llr have been the most amazing time
of my life. Will certainly cherish these moments lifelong :) "


Bishal Lama

"Try to be yourself and lead a life which makes you happy

whether or not the world is happy with it. At the same time,
be a responsible and a reliable human being so that people
around you can count on you, and spread the message by
setting up an example yourself that 'In about the same
degree as you are helpful, you will be happy'."


R. Sudeep Periwal


Kamalakar Pashula


B-Top Mid (Bottoms-up)
Mainack Mondal

"Satya ki durbol aar amader buddhi ki durdanto"

-( dialogue from "satyasandho", bronze winning bong drams

2009 )

Yo llr !!!

Samrat Dhar


Krit Sankalp

Looking back to my First Year, it does feel like it was only

yesterday. We all came here knowing little of what we would
become or what we will accomplish but we leave knowing
who we are. It is a gift to be treasured and remembered. It is
solicited to all to get involved in as many activities as
possible, in hall or in campus, as you get to know more about
yourself, your strengths and weaknesses, which will pave your way towards a
bright future. Wishing you all the Best!
Ruchir Prasoon


Vivek Kumar

"Learn as much as you can......Enjoy your life".


Shubham Kumar


Radhesh Agarwal


Abhishek Ranjan


Rajat Shubhra Shaw


Vineet Arora


B Top East (Laphua)

Prakash Kumar Tiwari

Just enjoy your life in the hall


Rajeev Kumar
I am going to leave this place. It doesn't feel good. I will miss
I have only one thing to say "Do what you love, Love what
you do".


Md. Yousuf


Rashmit Ritam Das


Dalchand Choudhary
I will always miss my 2nd year time. I remember how we
had to go through OP and illumination though sometimes we
were made to go against our desires but we had our own
way to find out the fun in that too. I still remember the day
me and Rohan went to JCB during OP time and the whole
senior wing came there among them were the very famous
Amit Sharma, Ankit Karamchandani, Abhinav Ankur etc. And then AKC also took
our picture by his Digi cam which, if you don't know, always used to carry as if we
were going to lie during Meeting :D. Akram is also something I will not forget
specially the way he gets upset to see lot of customers :P. Anyway my suggestion to
all juniors is just enjoy your time and try to make a balance between fun n acads :).

Aseem Tigga


Subhendu Panigrahi

Best stay of my life ..with wingies, seniors ..juniors I never

missed home. Those sleepless nights figuring out whether the
diya is correctly oriented or not.. those escapes from OP and
eating out in JCB .. poltu in MMM hall would be etched in
memory forever.. Would miss the food ( credits to mess for
the worst food ever ..its a challenge to reproduce it anywhere
in the world )
LLR ka tempo high hai !
Best of Luck ..bachalog !
Rupesh Monu


Ketan Sahil Sharma


C ground west
Vinay Sisodia


Virender Gupta

4 yr stay at LLR Hall was a part of my life that I can never

forget.Illu nightouts, 2nd year dram practice, Fun with
wingmates, tenure as G Sec are the memories I will cherish
my whole life.


Anshul Jain


D.S. Murlidhar


C ground mid
Anand Kanodia


Tanuj Dora

The last 4 years in LLR (and 5 in Kgp) have been a blast,

will always cherish these memories. Thanks everyone and
all the best. Cheers.


Vijay Sukumar Kamble


Rajesh Kumar

"Believe in yourself and dream whatever you think is right

for you and try to achieve it with your great endeavor. One
day the success will kiss you. Miss you always my friends."

Navjot Singh

These are 4-5 "free" years of life, rather than doing what you
are told to do, find and do what you like to do and will be
happy doing further in your life.


C ground East
Ajit Kumar Khabya

Sab yahan 4-5 saal barbaad hi karte hai…but nn the end

what will matter is how you wasted ur time. So get out of
your room spend time with friends and remember to follow
your heart.
Do what you like, rest is background noise.


Pratik Mehta

Had a gr88 time in LLR hall with lots of highs and lows. Will
miss this place a lot(although I wont miss the Mess food :P ). I
hope that LLR continue to excel and achieve greater heights.
Junta TEMPO se lage raho.... agle saal aur ache se machana
YO LLR !!!!


Akash Agrawal


Anshuman Tiwari


Rahul Jaimini


Deepak Cherian

Carpe Diem


Tapas Shrivastava

"Roam around on 2.2 with your friends. Watch inter hall

performances, just for fun. Do random photography sessions,
but save all the pics. Be in a society. Have group treats. Find
time for your friends. Attend classes, if only so that you can
discuss the professor's antics later. And I say this not because
I always managed to do all this, but because after spending 5
years at this place, the only times which I remember vividly
are the times when I managed to do these things. Have a
great time at IIT Kharagpur."

C first west
Nishant Kumar


Shishir Narayan

Just believe in whatever you do. Try to excel in both acads

and xtra acads as well. What in life is more imp is your
attitude towards thngs.
I still remember the day I landed here and thought "How
would I be spending 4 years here?".......and now.... I DON'T

Kaustubh Hakim

Hello guys!
I want to tell you something about my four years at KGP.
After qualifying JEE, choosing KGP was one of the best
decisions of my life. The greatest thing about KGP is that you
become a part of very big network. You do not make friends
here, rather you find long lost brothers. KGPians live for
their hall and hall-mates. "Hall Tempo" can be one of the
most weired things for a fresher and one of the most obvious
for final years but you'll get used to it! I have always felt
proud being a part of LLR Hall. Now it’s your time. Your KGP life will be
dominated by LLR Hall and its boarder’s. You will also be able to observe some
people known as the “gawds” very closely and mind you, this is once in a lifetime
opportunity to learn from them. Watching them fighting for the GCs, putting in
everything for the Hall will definitely make you do your part.
LLR and KGP made me a very different person today than I was four years back.
This transformation is a life-long one. Hope same happens to you and you will
admire it all your life! And always remember 'Once a Lajpatian Ever a Lajpatian'.

Suneel palukuri

I spent 4 best years of life here at kgp.Will miss all this. I

will cherish all these wonderful memories.


C- First mid
Kuldeep Jain


Jayant Kumar Jha


Shaunak Laad

"You always gain more from the hall than what you give to
the hall. Your sacrifices and hardships will always be
remembered. Let our tempo shout rock Kgp! YO LLR!"


Mayur Gupta


Romil Vijayavergia

This hall has given me a lot of memories... memories that i

will cherish for the rest of my life... be it the arbit bakar in
the wing, nite outs in illu nd rangoli, the tempo shout after a
drams performance...I can not imagine ne bettr way to
spend my cllg years.. i hv learned a lot in this hall... made a
LOT of frnds... had sm awesome seniors...have some machau
juniors... just keep the tempo going guys.... YO LLR....

C-first East
Nakul Molasaria

I'll definitly miss kgp lyf...n for all the njoy the take care of ur acads too..tht's the thing wt u r here


Vaibhav Jhanwar

“Live your life the way you want to....doesn't matter what
others do or tell you to do”


Akshay Sogani


Ritesh Ranjan Jha


C-Top West
Neeraj Goswami


Abinash Panigrahi


C top Mid
Tejas Khire


Mohammad Navaid Khan

"Try and get the best out of your life at IIT"


Amit Sharma

"The years you spend here can be the best of your life. Only if
you want them to be."


C Top East
Vidya Bhushan

Enjoy your stay at Kgp ,the way u want ... but keep the
balance between acad and extra-acads .
May the Good Lord bless and keep you in good health.