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10-15 Immigrant groups:
1 black and white portrait- Name, caption, profession- display of
barriers and discrimination faced by group
German (Dwight Eisenhower), - Discrimination- liberty cabbage and
anti- World War one material
Irish (JFK), - No Irish Need Apply Poster- Know Nothing Party poster,
stereotypical pics of the Irish as drunk anti-Irish riots
Italian (Frank Sinatra), -dago/wop- slurs, news coverage of Sacco and
Vanzetti, New Orleans lynching of 1892
Polish (Kazimierz Pulaski or Tadeusz Kosciuszko,) Polish jokes related to antiPolish sentiment
Mexican (Caesar Chavez and Fernando Valenzuela)- Operation Wetback
under Eisenhower, Zoot Suit Riots- visuals from that
, Jewish (Jon Stewart),- cartoon of Jewish physical features, Charles
Coughlin broadcasts,
Chinese (Maya Lin and Michelle Kwan) , - Anti- Chinese riots in the
West in 1870s and 1880s, Chinese Exclusion Act of 1882 (copy of
legislation?) and use of Chinaman around this period, Image of
Vincent Chen
Japanese (Daniel Inouye and George Takei)- Immigration Act of 1924
and Internment Camps during World War Two use of term jap
, Indian (M Night Shyamalan), - lots of criticisms of stereotypical or
one-dimensional portrayals of Indians in the entertainment worldvideo clip or image of this instance- hate crime group called the
Dotbusters in New Jersey
West Indian (Marcus Garvey), - this is really weak- possibly because the
countries are so small- search terms brining up anti-American
sentiment in the Caribbean instead
Nigerian (Bennet Omalu)- again same as above- maybe because
Nigerians are so few with this new wave immigration recent-

, Ethiopian (Abdul Fakir), - similar to above except for Mulugeta Seraw

case in 1988 in Portland, Oregon though more of a racist attack
instead of ethnic attack- white versus black as opposed to Native-born
Americans vs. Recent Immigrants
Cubans (Gloria Estefan), - Tough to find any specific waysPuerto Rico* (Ricky Martin and Sonia Sotomayor), article about
residents in Chicago facing racism and hostility- perhaps part of a
broader national Anti-Latino trend- visual of interviews
Couldnt access on computer but interesting article:
Central Americans (America Ferrera), - similar broad anti-Hispanic
feelings that cant be specified with Central Americans- again part a
newer wave of immigration
Middle Eastern (Steve Jobs),- rise in hate crimes and Middle Eastern
sentiment after 9/11 murder of Balbir Singh Sodhi- Sikh man murdered
because assailants thought
he was Middle Eastern- terms such as raghead and towelhead used
Eastern Europeans (Michael Bloomberg), - very broad- including Russia
and other Eastern European countries- likely high sentiments due to
the Cold War use of Hollywood clips for a negative portrayal of
Eastern Europeans- negative news media coverage of Eastern Europe
Somalis (Iman), - not really widespread- small populations, but I know
individual communities such as Minneapolis have large Somali
populations- find specific examples from there?
What to do about slaves? Immigration history- Portrait of Harriet
Tubman- image of slaves- artifact such as shackles? Map of the
Middle Passage?
Obamas life as a son of an immigrant- Audacity of Hope So its kinda
tough to find sites with quotes since Obamas opponents tried to spin
them. I think this is a good start for how his life as the son of an
immigrant shaped him. We could maybe have the display of the book
with an interactive display with the quotes

Immigration history- term on Immigrant History- May Ngai- Impossible

SubjectsJohnson-Reed Act of 1924 numerical limits and leading to racialist
issues certain people viewed as inherently foreign even if born in the
US Tables regarding quotas pgs. 28-29
deportation rising in the 1920s expulsions in the late 1920s rise of
border patrol in 1920s rise in Border patrol crackdowns in early 30s
resentment of being viewed as Mexican- racialised term (could
only access article on my phone without having the please subscribe to
foreign policy)
History of the term illegal immigrant- refugee status issue from UN
July 28, 1951
Campaign in 2010 to drop term illegal immigrant
Associated Press- April 2013-an action but not the person- Associated
PressFebruary 2014- Sonia Sotomayor preferring term undocumented
Rowe article:
how to create a sense of belonging at a museum- personal resonation
narrative: recounting events in temporal order beginning to end
public memory and public memorials vernacular perspectivesnarratives into a larger group- goals of narrative currency of narrativepublic forum for memory artifacts for portraying the narrative
eyewitness accounts visitor as producer illustrating narrativesrelationship narrative local narrative key? Have found an article on
this issue