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This Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) is entered into as of this 29th day 0f July
2009 by and between:
THE THOMASIAN DEBATERS COUNCIL (me), a university-wide
varsity debate organization duly registered with the Office of Student Affairs,
represented here by its incumbent President, Ms. Kayleen Mae A. Ortiz;
debating organizations that are organized at the collegiate or society level,
whether or not registered with, or recognized by, the Office of Student Affairs or
their respective college administrators, local student councils or governing
organizations, the list of the existing LDOs attached as Annex A of this MOU;
-andTHE OFFICE OF STUDENT AFFAIRS (USA), the administrative office
of the University of Santo Tomas (UST or the University) in charge of
student societies and organizations, represented by its SWDB Director and Legal

TDC is the existing university-wide Varsity Debate Organization, recognized by UST

through the Office of Student Affairs. Since its inception, the university has recognized
the TDC to be its representative in various national and international debate
competitions. The TDC has, over the years, received support nancial and otherwise
from the university in keeping with its status as the varsity and debate organization of


The renewed interest in debating within the University, due in part to the efforts of the
TDC to encourage debate in the collegiate or societal level, has spawned the creation and
establishment of LDOs within the University.


Due to the proliferation of LDOs and the lack of clarity regarding the relationship of
these LDOs to the TDC and the lack of delineation with respect to the competitions and
tournaments that each .of the LDOs and TDC may rightfully participate in as
representative the University, there is a need to adopt a working framework for the
harmonious co-existence between TDC and these LDOs.


TDC and the LDOs agree that such working framework should take into consideration
the need to eld the best talent that USI has to offer, to continuously develop Thomasian
debate talent and to promote and preserve the good name of the University.

NOW, THEREFORE, in consideration of the foregoing recitals and the mutual covenants
contained herein, the parties hereto agree as follows:

Status of TDC

The parties to this MOU recognize and accept that the TDC is the varsity debate
organization of the University. As such, the 'I'DC has the exclusive right to represent the
University in all national and international debate tournaments where the competition requires
that representatives carry the name of their educational institution, irrespective of their college,
course or debate organization.
At present, the parties recognize and accept that EFDC has the exclusive right to
represent the University to the following national and international tournaments:

International Tournaments
World Universities Debate Championship (WUDC)
Austral-Asians Debate Championship (Austral Asians)
Asian Universities Debate Championship (AUDC)
All Asians Debate Championships (Asians)

1.2.2. National Tournaments

a. National Debate Championship (NDC)
b. Philippine Intercollegiate Debate Championship (PIDC)
c. Square-Off Debates (Non-Law)
Intervarsity tournaments (IVs) or invitational competitions shall be considered as
international or national tournaments within the exclusive domain of the TDC if such IVs or
competitions are meant to be preparatory, or are conducted immediately prior, to any of the
international or national tournaments listed above, or any other international or national
tournament to which TDC has the exclusive right to represent the University, regardless of the
competition's designation or venue. To date, the following are the IVs considered to be
preparatory to an international or national debate tournament:

Intramuros lVs (prior to NDC)

College of Saint Benilde IVs (prior to PIDC)
Manila invitational (MINT) (prior to PIDC)
De La Salle IVs (prior to AUDC)

Future debate tournaments or competitions shall be considered the exclusive domain of
TDC should these tournaments have any of the following characteristics:
a. The tournament is not limited to a specic college or course;
b. The tournament requires that the representatives be current students of the
educational institution they are representing or at least enrolled during the semester
prior to the tournament;
c. The tournament requires that the educational institution send only one (1) set of
representatives, which shall carry the name of their educational institution,
regardless of the college/course affiliations of the individual members; OR
d. In cases of open tournaments, i.e. any debate organization or composite team can
participate, the tournament has an institutional breaking cap, which works to limit
the number of teams that can break from a particular institution.
Should there be any doubt regarding the status of a tournament as international or
national in character such that TDC shall have the exclusive right to represent the University,
TDC and the LDOs concerned shall sit down with the OSA regarding the matter.

Status of LDOs
LDOs shall have the right to participate in all intra-college and inter-college
debate tournaments, even if held outside of the University and declared a national or
international tournament by the sponsor or host, without needing to inform, or obtain
the consent of, TDC. The essential and controlling factor is that these tournaments are
limited to a specic college or course (e.g. Inter-Law, Inter-Economics, etc.) or are
hosted by federations or associations of students belonging to the same college or
course (e.g. ALSP, PES, JPIA, etc.)
LDOs shall also have the right to participate in inter-school or inter-varsity
debate tournaments that have been regularly declared "open" by the hosting university.
A tournament that has been declared open for at least three (3) consecutive times by
the hosting institution shall be considered as having been regularly declared open.


Reciprocal Concessions
To avoid any conict, should TDC participate in a tournament that is not listed
above, TDC should inform the OSA so that LDUs may be informed of TDCs position to
consider such tournament as falling within its exclusive domain.
To accommodate talented people from LDOs, TDC shall ensure that the
Dialectics shall he regularly conducted. Alter the Dialectics, TDC shall offer top
performing, debaters from the LDOs membership in the TDC. Where possible, TDC shall

open its membership to top performing members of the LDOs prior to the start of
intensive summer trainings.
For its part, should LDOs intend to participate in an inter-school or inter-varsity
debate tournament that has been declared open by the hosting university, the LDOs
concerned should give notice to TDC so that the parties could jointly make plans
regarding the tournament.
IN WITNESS WHEREOF, we have hereunto set my hand this 29th day July 2009 in the OSA
Conference Room, UST - Tan Yan Kee Student Center.

WHEREAS, the parties herein affirm the need to assure the quality and
competitiveness of the members of the University contingent in local or international debate
WHEREAS, the parties further afrm the delineations of tournaments stated in the
Memorandum of Agreement previously signed and executed by the parties herein last July 29,
WHEREAS, there is a need to have a working framework in order for the Local Debate
Organization ("LDOs") to compete and represent the University, subject to existing rules and
policies established by the Thomasian Debaters Council (TDC);
WHEREAS, there is a need to assure mutual compliance of the stipulations of the MOA
and the stipulations contained herein;
WHEREFORE, in consideration of these mutual covenants, the parties hereby agree to
the following stipulations:

From among the tournaments that are reserved exclusively for TDC, TDC will
determine and declare local invitational tournaments (LITs") that will be open
for members of the LDO. Such declaration shall be made, as far as practicable,
at least [one ( 1)] month prior to the tournament through written notices sent to
LDOs containing the scheduled date, time and venue of the try- outs for such


With respect to LITs that have been declared open to LDO members, the LDOs
understand and agree that, should they pass the tryouts conducted by TDC,
they will compete under the name of the University and not under their
respective colleges/faculties.


Within [three (8) days] from receipt of such written notice, LDOs must signify
their intent to compete in the LIT and joining the try-outs by providing TDC a
written notice to that effect. The LDOs understand and agree that by signifying
their intent, they are bound to participate in such try-out and, for any
successful LDO member, to compete in the tournament. Should they failto do
so, the TDC reserves the right to disqualify the organization and the erring LDO
member from participating in - the try-outs for the immediately succeeding


Should members of the LDOs pass the try outs, the LDOs undertake to ensure
that its respective members shall undergo the training procedures and
scheduled training dates of TDC. Failure on the part of LDO members to

comply with the training policy or to attend a majority of the trainings

scheduled by TDC for the relevant LIT shall be a ground to revoke the slot
awarded to the members of the LDOs. Likewise, TDC reserves the right to
disqualify the LDOs concerned from participating in the try-outs for the
immediately succeeding LIT.

LDOs likewise undertake to ensure that its respective members shall compete
in the relevant LIT. Failure on the part of the LDO or its members to timely
inform TDC of their inability to compete shall likewise be a ground to disqualify
the LDO member from participating in the immediately succeeding LIT.


Good performance of the LDO member in the relevant LIT tournament, as

endorsed by the Executive Board, and as approved by the Advisory Council,
shall entitle the LDO member to an offer of membership in the TDC, which
shall confer upon such LDO member Varsity status.


LDOs who will unilaterally join IV tournaments or tournaments, which belongs

to the exclusive list of TDC shall be a ground to disqualify the LDO in the
Dialectics for one (1) year.


Breach of the MOA and this addendum shall be heard by the Office of Student
Affairs, upon complaint of the aggrieved party and the OSA may imposed
appropriate penalty to the guilty party, consistent with the existing rules and
regulations indicated in the Student's Handbook, aside from the penalties
imposed in items six (6) and seven (7) hereof.

IN WITNESS HEREOF, we set our hand on this 30th day of September 2009, in the city of
Manila, Philippines.