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1. I havent read a good novel for a long time.
Its no long time______________ I read a good novel.
2. Why dont you borrow a book from the library?
If I were you, I _______________ a book from the library.
3. I spend an hour reading the newspaper every day.
It takes me an hour______________ the newspaper every day.
4. I think that history books are more interesting than novels.
I think that novels are not_______________history books.
5. There arent many history books in my local library.
My local library has only got a ________________history books.
6. My brother is too young to read computer books.
My brother isnt_____________________ to read computer books.
7. The new restaurants name is The Bluebell.
The name________ new restaurant is The Bluebell.
8. The owner of The Bluebell is a very rich man.
The new restaurant_____________ to a very rich man.
9. The Bluebell was designed by a famous architect.
A famous architect_________ The Bluebell.
10. The Bluebell is more comfortable than other restaurants in the area.
Other restaurants in the area are not so_________________ The Bluebell.
11. There are English and French dishes on The Bluebells menu.
The Bluebell____________________ got English and French dishes on its menu.
12. Meal prices at The Bluebell will change on 30 August.
Meal prices at The Bluebell will be the same_________30 August.
13. The King School has been open for five years.

The King School____________five years ago.

14. Last year the King School had more than 500 students.
Last year there_____________ more than 500 students at the King School.
15. I asked at Reception about the price of a conversation course.
I asked at Reception: How much_______ a conversation course cost?
16. The course book is included in the price of the course.
The price of the course_____________ the course book.
17. All the other schools in town are more expensive than the King School.
The King School is the __________ expensive of all schools in town.
18. Students are not allowed to attend classes if they have not paid the fee.
Students are not allowed to attend classes____________ they have paid the
19. Old Farham Castle was built six hundred years ago.
Old Farham Castle____________six hundred years old.
20. People say there is no other castle as interesting as this one in Europe.
People say that this is ___________ castle in Europe.
21. The castle opened to the public last year.
The castle______________ open to the public since last year.
22. Students are allowed to visit the castle without paying anything.
Students_____________have to pay anything to visit the castle.
23. Visitors are always met at the door by the owner, Mr. Brandon.
The owner, Mr. Brandon, always_________ visitors at the door.
24. I asked Mr. Brandon if he lived in the castle when he was a child.
I asked Mr. Brandon: _______________ live in the castle when you were a
25. Niko really enjoys playing basketball.
Niko is very Keen________________basketball.
26. Last year, Niko was shown how to play basketball by his older brother.
Nikos older brother_________ him how to play basketball last year.
27. Niko joined a basketball team three years ago.

Niko has been in a basketball team________ 3 years

28. Niko practices at a stadium quite near his house.
Nikos house is not very ______ from the stadium where he practices.
29. Niko walks to the stadium in the minutes.
It ______________ Niko then minutes to walk to the stadium.
30. Nikos team had an important match last week.
There _________an important match last week for Nikos team.
31. I prefer playing tennis to playing squash.
I like playing tennis_____________ playing squash.
32. its too cold to play tennis.
It isnt warm_____________ to play tennis.
33. There are only a few squash courts in this town.
There arent very_____________ squash courts in this town.
34. If you dont play every week, you wont improve your tennis.
You wont improve your tennis unless_________every week.
35. Why dont you join a tennis club?
If I were you,__________________ join a tennis club.
36. I havent been to a tennis match for a long time.
Its a long time since___________a tennis match.
37. We had not been on a canal boat for two years.
It was two years________________ we had been on a canal boat.
38. It took us a long time to decide where to go.
We spent a long time_______________where to go.
39. The boat did not move very quickly down the river.
The boat moved very_____________ down the river.
40. We could not fish in many parts of the river.
We were not________________- fish in many parts of the river.
41. there was a small kitchen on the boat.

The boat_____________a small kitchen

42. The sun shone every day of the boat trip.
It was______________every day of the boat trip.
43. Clocks and watches are seen everywhere.
You can _________ clocks and watches everywhere.
44. The earliest clocks used the suns shadow to tell the time.
With the earliest clocks, people_____________ the time by using the suns
45. Modern clocks are more accurate than old-fashioned ones were.
Old-fashioned clocks werent as____________ modern ones are.
46. The most famous clocks in the world are made in Switzerland.
In Switzerland, they______________ the most famous clocks in the world.
47. An alarm clock can help you wake up early.
An alarm clock is helpful_____________you need to wake up early.
48. People without watches are often late for appointments.
People without watches are often not____________ time for appointments.
49. The alphabet we use in English has 26 letters.
In the alphabet we use in English, ____________ are 26 letters.
50. Without an alphabet, we couldnt write down our ideas.
If we _____________have an alphabet, we couldnt write down our ideas.