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NEC (Numerical Electromagnetic Code):

last update: 2/7/97

All files with .Z prefix compressed with UNIX compress

NEC Source Code and Executables:
NEC2 executable for the Macintosh (in compressed .hqx format)
from Barry Newberger (
Document file for Mac version of NEC2
NEC2D executable compiled to run on PC 386/486
Compiled with 32-bit Lahey Fortran. Requires
80x87 math coprocessor. File contains 4 versions
compiled for different maximum numbers of segments
and hence require differents amounts of memory
Includes SOMNEC2D.EXE Sommerfeld parameter
Name of
Max number Approximate
executable of segm.
memory use (MB)
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - NEC2D.EXE
1.5 (*)
(updated 1/22/96)
from Jozef Bergervoet (
This zip-file is a supplement to It contains
larger versions of the NEC executable, for problems with
more than 1392 segments. They can only be used together with
NEC2D.EXE, from
Description of the NEC2D files:

is an input file with several examples. These can be tested

in one single run by giving this file as input.


Several working version of the NEC program. Differences:

Name of
Max number Approximate
executable of segm.
memory use (MB)
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - /
1.5 (*)
These are |
found in |
16 |


These files |
are in



(*) NEC2D.EXE should be in the directory from where you run

the other executables, it is the only one that contains the
DOS-extender. The others borrow it from NEC2D.EXE.

is used to generate SOMMERFELD parameters in advance. It is

only needed for jobs that use it, e.g. some of the examples
in EXAMPLE.DAT. Before running those jobs, SOMNEC2D should
be called (see NEC documentation.) Input for example jobs:
4 .001 10 1
It makes the files: SOM2D.OUT (ascii) and SOM2D.NEC (binary)
that are later used by NEC2D. In that case NEC2D creates a
further file NGF2D.NEC (binary.) SOMNEC2D.EXE is found in


Contains the text for Fortran error messages (

*.FOR, *.INC Files containing the Fortran source code. In

-------------------------------------------------------------------------Jos Bergervoet,
NEC2 executable for DOS. Runs on 286 or better
processor. Requires math coprocessor.
from Malcolm Packer (from
SUN4 executable (dynamically linked) of NEC2
compiled for 1000 segments (Modified for interactive
input/output filename specification)
from Weston Beal (
SUN4 executable (statically linked) of NEC2
compiled for 1500 segments
from John Boyer (
IBM RS/6000 executable of NEC2. Runs under AIX 3.2
from Doug Braun (
Document file for RS/6000 version of NEC2
Fortran 77 source code for nec-81. (modified for

3000 segments) (Previously listed as nec3, but renamed to

alleviate confusion with the real nec3.)
(from Petri Kotilainen OH3MCK)
Readme file for nec-81 modeling program.
Fortran source code for NEC2
NEC2 source code in C. Converted from Fortran
with f2c.
(from archive)
NEC2 executable for Linux. Compiled with g77
from Jim Cronin N2VN (
NEC2 source code in Fortran hacked to compile with 'g77'
Contains nec2a.f and secnds.f (a dummy version of secnds)
Builds with the following command line under Linux:
g77 -o nec nec2a.f secnds.f
from Jim Cronin N2VN (
NEC2 executable for HP 700 series workstation
running HPUX version 9.02
from Charlie Panek (
NEC2 Fortran source code for HPUX version.
This code was modified from nec2_src.tar.Z
found in this archive to be compatible with
HPUX version 9.02
from Charlie Panek (
Short text file describing the changes made
to original FORTRAN source code to make it run
under HPUX.
BASIC source code and DOS executable for mininec3
from NOSC
Help file covering the use of the Mininec antenna
modeling program. Of particular use to those not
having access to a copy of the Mininec manual.
(contributed by Jeff Jones AB6MB,
A short text file giving document #'s and order address
for MININEC documents.

NEC Utilities and Related files:

File describing on-line NEC2 manual at
Perl script to create NEC input files from parameterized
physical descriptions.
from Doug Braun (
Creates polar plots from NEC output.
MS Quick Basic source code.
from John Boyer (
Reads NEC output files and plots radiation patterns.
Written in Visual Basic and runs under Windows 3.1
in a PC DOS environment. (Revision 1.5 of 5/12/94)
written by John Boyer (
DOS utility for verifying correctness of NEC models. Checks
adherance to rules and provides 3-D display of model.
(from ACES archive)
Article from the ACES newsletter outlining the history
of the various versions of NEC.

EAM (electromagnetic antenna modeling) demo by

SAIC (Science Applications International Corp.)
Runs under Windows 3.1 (DOS).
EAM is a graphical user interface to NEC and BSC.
Demo version has limited capability but allows
visualization and inspection of small to medium
size input deck and output files.
Demo version of NEC-WIN Basic from Paragon Technology,
Provides info on ordering official NEC2 documentation
from the government.

WIREGRID is a NEC2 pre-processor for DOS PC's that

was developed for modelling metallic structures using
a mesh of wires. It has powerful automatic facilities
for controlling the density of the mesh once the structure
has been broken down into a number of polygons. It can
also be used as a general NEC2 pre-processor. It was
originally written by C.F. du Toit. Note that the code
uses its own data format, and unfortunately CANNOT import
an existing NEC2 model file, but it can of course export
the model to a standard ASCII file. A description of the
pre-processor has been accepted for publication: "WIREGRID:

A NEC2 preprocessor", C.F.du Toit & D.B.Davidson, Applied

Computational Electromagnetic Society (ACES) Journal.
(To appear.) A draft version of the paper (minus
illustrations) is contained in the ZIPfile. The code was
compressed using PZKIP version 2.04g.
( Version 4.00 A now online 9/8/94)
from Dr. D.B. Davidson ( )
WireGrid for Windows is a NEC pre-processor for modelling
metallic structures using a mesh of wires. WireGrid AUTOMATES
the DISCRETISATION of conducting surfaces (polygons) in terms
of wire meshes for analysis in NEC, and allows VISUAL FEEDBACK
of the model structure as well as the positions of sources,
networks and field points. It also does CHECKING regarding
duplicate wires and closely spaced nodes not making contact.
WireGrid for Windows (version 2.11) is the second release of
this NEC pre-processor. WireGrid was developed by EM Software
& Systems in collaboration with the University of Stellenbosch.
(Note: the version on the this ftp site is enabled in the
DEMO mode. It is fully functional but limited to 15 elements.)
from Dr. F.J.C. Meyer ( )

This collection of NEC2 input data files is provided
courtesy of the Internet and Raymond Anderson. These input
files may be used for the NEC-PC programs, I've tried them
on both, but have been using NEC2D primarily. NEC2D was
provided by Jozef Bergervoet. I tried to give enough
examples so that the control cards for input would be self
explanatory. Also most types of antennas have been included
such as log periodic, monopole, rhombic, deltaloop, Quad and
the YAGI. These files are easily adapted and modified with
the DOS edit function, using the search and replace features.
Good Luck on your antenna designs- Clyde Edgar WA6DCM
from Clyde Edgar WA6DCM <>
This file contains the FORTRAN source code for the
SOMNEC utility described in the official NEC2
documentation, as well as a sample output file
and a brief text file containing a general discussion
of the program.The SOMNEC program generates grids used by
the NEC2 program for the Sommerfeld-Norton approximation
to realistic grounds.
contributed by George Christianson <>

This is the text file contained in somnec.tar that

provides a general discussion of the program.
contributed by George Christianson <>
GAMTOZ is a program to convert MicroSmith .GAM files (such as
produced by ELNEC and EZNEC as well as by MicroSmith) to commadelimited files containing impedance values. Both source code
(GAMTOZ.BAS) and a compiled (DOS) version (GAMTOZ.EXE) are
included. (This copy virus free!)
from Roy Lewallen W7EL

LPCAD23 is a program to design log-periodic antennas. Antenna

specifications are input and the program calculates the
physical lengths and spacings. A NEC or NEC for Wires input
file is then automatically created..
(New version Rev 2.0 replaces version 1.37 with bug fixes
and enhancements as of 1/29/96)
(Version 2.3 replaces version 2.0 as of 4/10/97
(contributed by the author Roger Cox WB0DGF)
NEC geometry viewer. Written in QuickBasic 4.5 .
Includes source code. Allows visualization of a
structure described in a NEC input file. Has rotate
about all three axis and zoom capability.
(contributed by David de Schweinitz (dave.des@metronet)

NEC output current viewer. Written in QuickBasic 4.5

source code included. Allows visualization of
geometry and the current in each segment. Has rotation
and zoom capability.
(contributed by David de Schweinitz (

Directory containing contributed EZNEC antenna description