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MINNESOTA DEPARTMENT OF PUBLIC SAFETY BUREAU OF CRIMINAL APPREHENSION ‘TRANSCRIPT INTERVIEW DATE: November 16, 2015 BCA CASE #: 2015-648 OFFENSE: EXHIBIT #: INTERVIEWED BY: INTERVIEW OF: ——_Rayann Francine Hayes (RH) Sergeant Twila Villa (TV)- Minneapolis PD REVIEWED BY: 7 Hi 72 Hihoware you doing, do you want a chair? TV An (inaudible) I'll stand, thank you though. (Inaudible) sorry about that... and so it's Rayan? RH Yes. TV Okay, remember I-t'm just wanna take a statement from you on what happened to you last last. RH Okay. TV __...last night so I'll put my tape recorder over here so we can hear it well. Ah... (Inaudible background talking) TV It's cold in here. 72 (Inaudible) (Inaudible talking). TV __ Need something for your hands? You got something? (Inaudible) that one, okay... okay, alright, um, is it broken, your leg? RH (Inaudible), TV __ Do you want me to get the nurse first? RH (\naudible) I just need to move it. 72 (\naudible). TV __ Set this over here. Okay I'm Sergeant Villella with Minneapolis Police Homicide. RH Hm. TV And 'mhere to talk to you about what happened to you. RH | Um-hm, TV Sowhatiis your first name? RH Rayann, R-A-Y capital A-N. TV And your last name? RH Hayes, H-A-Y-E-S. TV Do you have a middle name Rayann? Phil-2016-648-A02, Page 1 of 12 RH Vv Yes, Francine. Francine? (Phone ringing) wv ? Ww RH Ww RH wv RH Tv RH Vv RH WV RH Ww RH ~v RH wv RH WV RH W RH wv RH Ww RH Wv RH v RH ‘Sergeant Villella, Okay, hang on one second, I'm in this room doing this interview right now but (inaudible)... (inaudible) (laughs). Alright, (inaudible) you said it was Francine? Um-hm, F-RA-N-C+LN-E, CHNE? CINE. E, okay. Hm. What's your date of birth? 3129174, ‘And what is your home address? 1223 (7) Morgan. Is that a house or apartment? (Inaudible). And what's the phone number there? (Inaudible). There’s no phone? Cell phone number at all? (audible). ‘Okay. Do you work? Uh, part time as a (inaudible) Part time? Um-hm. Okay like where? Oh, my friend has a cleaning company (inaudible). Okay. (inaudible) like um bars and schools and stuff (inaudible) department stores and stuff like that. Alright what were you doing over at 1611 Plymouth today? Uh my friends live across the hall. Well my daughter stays in this building? (Oh your daughter lives in that building? Yeah, she lives upstairs. Okay. And um my friend stays under my daughter and the people across the hall from her, ub it was his wife's birthday so he was having a little get-together for her birthday, Phil-2015-648-A02, Page 2 of 12 wv RH wv RH wv RH v RH WV RH wv RH wv RH Wv RH Ww RH wv RH Vv RH Vv RH WV RH Vv RH wv RH Vv RH Ww RH wv RH wv Okay so what apartment does your daughter live in? 204, 204? And they stay in 104 and the people across the hall are in room 106. Across the hall, so which one was having the party? Downstairs. 104, Yeah, 104? 103 103 was having the party and what are their names? Um, Alfred, or something like that, | know her name is Keylandra(SP?) or something like that F'm not really sure. (Okay and who stays with your daughter in 204? Uh no one, just... Just your daughter? Does she have children? My granddaughter yeah. Okay how old is your daughter? She's 24. Okay and what's her name? ‘Shamirra. Shamirra, spell it. S-HAMERRA. Shamirra okay, what's her last name? (Inaudible) S--N-E (2) Okay do you know, does she have a phone number? (inaudible). Okay, you don’t know if she has a phone? Um no, her phone just got turned off. Okay and how old is her child? She's two. Two years old, okay. Okay and who was in apartment 104? The people that live (inaudible). Do you know their names? Yeah. Okay. Sharise(SP?)um. Sharise? What is her last name? Phil. 201-648-402, Page 3 of 12 RH Vv RH wv RH Vv RH Vv RH wv RH v RH Vv RH WV RH Vv RH Vv RH Vv RH Ww RH WV RH Vv RH WwW RH wv RH wv RH wv RH Park Park? Um-hm, Okay. (inaudible) Her name, her husband's name is Jerome Paul? Um-hm, Okay. (inaudible). Well | just wanna know who all the people were out here. Okay and then um Jamar Clark, that's (inaudible). Jamar Clark? Um-hm, Okay, (Inaudible) Ronnie, Ronnie Powell Okay, And it was basically all the people that were there. At the party (inaudible) at 1037 Yeah. For Alfred and Keylandra? Yeah. Right, do you know what their last names are? Hm. No? How long have you known these people? Um, maybe about a year. Okay, that, even the ones in 104? See, Al and (inaudible) they don't stay in 104 No, they live in 103? Yeah. ‘Who lives. (inaudible) how long have you known the people in 1047 Um maybe about a year since | met. Okay so what time did you get at the place today? Hmm, we took the kids to the park, came back so maybe like 7:30-8, somethin’ lke that, (Okay and then what'd you guys do? Nothin’, we just sat around for a minute and then Al came over and he was like um, it's my wife's birthday and we're having a surprise get together for her you guys can come on over, (inaudible) like okay. (Okay so that was you and your daughter and the people from 1047 No, my daughter was never there. : Phil.-2016-848-A02, Page 4 of 12 wv RH wv RH RH RH wv RH Vv RH RH RH RH RH WV RH Vv RH Vv RH WV RH RH RH wv Never there? Okay. I went downstairs with Sharise. With Sharise, okay. And that's when we went over to their house. Okay, did you guys drink? Yeah. Okay how much did you drink? Um, well like, 2 shots, 2 and % shots (inaudible) | had 2 shots and then um (inaudible) cosmopolitan. Anything else? No, Any narcotics? No, No Marijuana. Marijuana? Okay, so while you're out there, you guys get in argument or what, what goes on? No, |, | really, really don't know actually what this made everything just pop off like that you know it's just, everybody was hanging out, having a good time (inaudible) ‘And then what happened, what happened here? Honestly | can't even tell ya exactly what happened ‘cuz | don't know like, we, um, okay, we were sittin’ down playin’ cards. In who's apartment? In Al, Al's 103? Al, yeah. Okay, We're sitting there playin’ cards and they got to arguing about something. Who's they? Kiki and Al, I'm not really sure, (inaudible) they weren't making it everybody's business. They weren't talking loud or anything. So, the people that live in 103 were arguing with each other okay? H wouldn't even say arguing, Okay. They were just uh having a discussion with each other. Okay. ‘Cuz they weren't being loud or anything like that. So || mean I don't know like everything went whack so fast. Well um what happened to your face and what happened to your legs? Phill:2015-648-A02 Page 6 of 12 RH wv RH wv RH 1 RH RH Vv RH RH TV RH RH RH Vv RH Vv RH wv RH RH v RH wv RH Vv RH Um, Al was saying something, like everything happened so fast it was ridiculous. Okay, Ya know I can't really just pinpoint one thing that made everything happen. Okay, were you fighting with somebody? No, Iwas breaking, my (inaudible) they were arguing (inaudible) separate them two. Okay, Kiki and Al? Yes. And they were arguing? Yeah I was trying to separate them two and somehow I got caught in the crossfire (inaudible) and I know, 'm on the ground. | can't move my leg. I'm like (inaudible) | thought it was broken (inaudible). Okay, (Inaudible) yeah that's pretty much like | can (inaudible). Okay and so you called the police or you called paramedics to come out to your daughter's house? Um-hm, And they come out there? Um-hm, And they help you ah down to the ambulance. Do you remember that? Yeah | remember that. Okay and as you're coming outside you see someone? (Inaudible). Um, um-hm. Okay, when you come outside you tell the paramedics that you see someone that's responsible for your injuries... Yes. do you remember telling 'em that? Yes, yeah. ‘And who did you tell ‘em was responsible for your injuries? The guy that was standing in front of building What was his name? (Inaudible whispering) I'm trying to think. | don't know his name, | don't really know him like that. But that's the one like grabbed me (inaudible) so we're on the ground and he's banging me against the floor. Okay, so was that Alfred? No, that was, no, not Alfred Was it one of the other people from 104 like Sharise or Jerome or Jamar or Ronnie? Ht, you know that what I can’t, | don't wanna (inaudible), | know who it was. Well who was it? | don't’ know his name. Phill2016-648-A02 Page 6 of 12 v RH wv RH Ww RH wv RH v RH Vv RH Vv RH Vv RH RH wv RH wv RH RH wv RH RH RH RH Vv RH Okay, what'd he look like? ‘Um, well the dreadlocks (inaudible) the short black guy with dreadlocks. How old is he? I don’t know, ‘Cuz he was saying that you're his mother. Yeah and H told him I'm not his mom. | don't even know him like that and | told the officer, | was like no I'm not his mom. He's the one that (inaudible) did that to me. What, what apartment does he live in? That is um, Sharise, that's her brother. Sharise’s brother. (Inaudible). Um-hm, (Inaudible) okay. And how long have you known him? ‘Well he doesn't live there not that I know of. Okay. But he's there frequently so (inaudible) pretty much the same time. I've been going (Inaudible) since we were kids Okay. I just met Sharise well lke last year. Who's, who's her husband? Jerome, Jerome Paul? Yeah. Okay. I've known him since we were kids so | just met her and him maybe middle last year. How old is Jamar? Ihave no idea Twenties, thirties, forties? Probably, probably his middle twenties. ‘Was he drinking last night? Thave no idea. ‘Was he at the park party with you? He had just came in Okay. So why didn't he throw you on the ground and start (inaudible) Like | told ‘em | said | don't know what happened. Like why, | weren't, It wasn't even my (inaudible) argument at all. So | don’t know how | even got in the crossfire at all But you did. Yeah (inaudible) (inaudible) you Phill-2015-648-A02, Page 7 of 12 RH Vv RH wv RH RH wv RH RH wv RH RH Vv RH WV RH Vv RH RH RH RH RH RH wv RH Yeah so ‘And what does he do to you when he grabs on to you? He got me, oh this is what happened. They were arguing, | put, |, | grab em by the arm like this. I'm like just (inaudible) somebody else's house calm down whatever. The next thing | know I'm being shoved to the ground and getting beat against the floor like, hey. ‘And Jamar did that to you? Yeah and then when | got up, he’s like, oh I'm sorry | thought you were somebody else, what, you know like it's just out of the blue, Okay. (inaudible) and then then that’s when um he came (inaudible). Okay, 80. (inaudible) Do you, do you talk to the officers on the first call? Cuz | understand it's the paramedi came up and, (inaudible) house cuz you had an injured ankle. ‘Who told you, no that happened outside. My ankle, this happened outside or in the hallway rather. Okay and who did that? Uh the same person like Bradley like well | got brass | think when we tried to get up and like (inaudible) that’s when I twisted my ankle, so. that Were you, were you in the apartment when all three of you (Inaudible) the hallway. No (inaudible) we were in the hallway. Hallway of the first floor or the second floor? First floor. (Inaudible), Okay, what time did that happen about? Um I don t' remember. (inaudible) 8:30 maybe. 8:30, (Inaudible). ‘And when did you call, did you call the police (inaudible) report. (inaudible) my own problems. Okay, Cuz when they came, I tell them what happened. Okay, Then everybody just disappeared. Okay and then did the police take a report for you or do you say everything's cool. (inaudible) Right there? Okay. Um-hm, And then they leave and then what happens? Then you call the paramedics. |, they were already there | never called the paramedics. Who, this officer was with me the whole time after that. Phill:2016-648-A02 Page 8 of 12 Vv RH wv RH RH RH RH wv RH RH Ww RH WV RH Vv RH RH wv RH RH RH Vv RH RH wv Okay, alright. Is it the, the one call comes in at like 20 after 12:00. | never called (Inaudible). I don't even have a phone so. | don't know who called in. Well it says Rayann on the 911 call. It says your name right here, that you're the caller, Rayann. (inaudible) 282 number here. Yeah that's, that’s Charise’s number and | never used her phone. She called ‘em (inaudible) cuz | never did (inaudible) Okay well | didn't take that (inaudible) Yeah she must of called cuz | never called em at all. Okay. That was (inaudible) (Okay so and then as the paramedics are bringing you out of the house you tell them and point out Jamar is the person that did this to you, right? Yeah okay they put me in back of the paramedics. The ambulance. Yeah this weirdo, runs up like that’s my mom. I'm like no I'm not well (inaudible) Okay. But no I'm not, he’s the one that did that to me, Okay so while your back there then what happens? He's still trying to get I, | don't. Does he try to come inside the ambulance with you? Yeah it was like really weird, like | don't even know this guy like that like why would he go, I'm you mom, attacks me and so | didn’t really understand what, what his whole motive was. What he was doing, Did you see him with any weapons? No, no. Have you ever seen him with weapons? No. No. No. (inaudible) sick? No it was just like (inaudible) Oh. (inaudible) never seen him with any weapons. | don't know. I've never seen him... Okay while you're in the ambulance and the paramedics start giving you, you know the medical procedures that you need done. What, what happens next? He's, he’s trying to get in, Does he ever get in? No. Okay. Phill 2018-648-A02, Page 9 of 12 RH v RH RH v RH. RH wv RH RH WV RH RH Vv RH WV RH RH wv RH wv RH RH RH RH RH (inaudible) Okay and then what happens? Um, we came to the hospital and I got | don’t know (inaudible) Did you hear any shots outside? No. No? No. ‘Okay. And he never gets inside? The ambulance? Yeah. No, Never? No. ‘And you never seen him with any weapons? No, But you describe him as, is he an Aftican American male? Um-hm, Okay and you said he short dreadlocks or? There not short Oh, he’s just short. He's short. Complexion Okay, Yeah if | um meet him once. Is he dark complexion or what? Yeah, like my same color. ‘And where does he live? Now that | don’t know. | don't’ know if he (Inaudible) with his sister. | really don’t know. You don't’ know. (inaudible) Is there anything else you can tell me that | haven't asked you? Um, I'm trying to think. It's just like everything happened so fast you know. Is there video cameras in your building? | would like to think so but they don't work so um like everything happened so fast. ‘So you're on the first floor in the hallway when he knocks you to the ground and banging on the floor? He didn't knock me to the floor. He, I'm not gonna put that on there like that cuz he did not knock me to the floor. He grabbed me (inaudible) and then when we fell well he like you know (Inaudible) like when your wrestling. He (inaudible). Phill-2015-648-A02 Page 10 0f 12 RH v RH wv RH RH RH Vv RH RH RH RH Vv RH RH RH RH RH Wv RH v Okay. (inaudible) Okay. (inaudible) he's just kept on my shoulder (inaudible) just let me talk to you. Basically just trying to get my attention in the wrong way. Why did he want your attention? have no idea. What happened to your lip? He hit me. He punched you? He head butted me. He head butted you. Did you need stiches? Yeah. Alright he head butted you but then wanted your attention because why? Ihave no idea. | really don't. | really, really don't. What was he... remember him saying, | remember saying get off of me. And then he was explaining to me what happened. | said, | don't want to hear it. Get off of me, Explain about what happened about what? | don't’ even know. I, we were playing cards. | really don't’ understand why he'd have anything to say to me whatsoever for why, like for what? It was horrible for me. ‘And you only had two shots and one was it cosmopolitan did you say? (inaudible) (inaudible) Was he mad at you cuz you're trying to break up Alfred and Keith, their fight? No if he was that would a been a story because they don't know him like that either. You know what | mean like, Why did he grab on you like that? (Inaudible) I'm thinking like did | say something wrong or and |'m like, no cuz we were all sittin’ down playing cards so | didn't say anything to ‘em. | can't, I don't know. | don't know. When the paramedics were bringing you outside did he try to grab you or anything at that time? Yeah, (inaudible) explain (inaudible) like no. ‘What was he like? Was he, was he agitated? Was he happy? Was he screaming? Was he crying? No he wasn't, he wasn't screaming and he wasn't agitated. He's um, from what I seen (inaudible) he’s a pretty calm person. So | don't know what was going on tonight. You know it might a been something else that agitated (inaudible) (inaudible) drugs (Inaudible)? Has he ever beat you in the past? No, | don't know ‘em, How can he beat me when I don't even know ‘em. Well he just did so, right? Gave you that lip. Phil-2015-648-A02 Page 11 of 12 RH wv RH Vv RH wv RH Vv RH RH RH wv RH Ww RH Vv RH RH wv He didn't beat me like. (inaudible) stitches, Yeah, well I'm just saying little, |, ! had my own words (inaudible) I'm telling you what happened, no one beat me. Okay. Just craziness, he didn't beat me. Alright. Was there anything else you want to tell me about this incident that | haven't asked you? Um, no |, | just can't believe it happened. You know this was crazy. Just out of the blue. Was he drinking a lot maybe today or doing drugs? AAs far as I know he doesn't even drink. He, like my daughter she stays upstairs. They stay underneath my daughter. So you know | go down stairs a lot. Our kids play together so and | see ‘em you know but he just seemed like a mild tempered person. | never got into an argument with him, never got into a fight or noth-, none of that. So this stuff that happened tonight was like, (Inaudible) maybe he was on some type of drug but I don't know because this is not the same person I'm used to seeing, But you said you say know him maybe for like a year. Yeah, I've been around him. Just around him... (inaudible) different person I've never seen him (Inaudible). ‘Who, who was all there when this was going on between you two? Everyone. Everyone? Um, me, his sister or my husband he was at a (Inaudible). Me, him, his sister, her brother (inaudible) and um Al, kids were there and they had other company over there so it was a pretty (Inaudible) a lot of people in there. Okay so Charise, Jerome wasn't there cuz he was gone at work, Jamar, Ronny Paul and then Afred and Yalonda, Yelonda? Um-hm, Okay and then the kids? Alright, so that’s about all | have to ask you. Nothing else? Nope? Alright. These officers are gonna be able to leave, okay? (inaudible) Alright. END OF TAPE. Phil-2015-648-A02 Page 12 of 12

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