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Ex 1: Choose the correct options to complete these sentences:

1. The one big fear of all world economies is that of __recession: suy thoi________.
A. regression

B. repression

C. recession

D. receding

2. You are never too young to start ___ investing: u t _______some money in a
savings account.
A. inputting

B. interesting

C. infusing

D. investing

3. If ever you find you have an unexpected expense khon tin tiu m ko tnh trc, you
can always __ withdraw: rt tin ________some money from your savings.
A. extract

B. exit

C. withhold

D. withdraw

4. At certain times of the year your shares: c phn will ___yield_______a good profit:
sinh li but you must also be prepared for them to go down in value: xung gi.
A. yield

B. take up

C. increase

D. throw up

5. You can __cut________the cost of: gim chi ph vic g. insuring your car if you
keep it in a garage.
A. refine

B. drop

C. cut

D. slice

6. We got a very good ___deal: kim c mn hi _______when we bought that three

piece suite for half its usual price.
A. deal

B. dealing

C. dealer

D. dealt

7. Now that the summer has started, big department stores are hoping that sales of
holiday items will ___take off: tng _______.
A. take on

B. take up

C. take off

D. take to

8. The two companies have decided to _merge: hp nht_________because they believe

that their combined resources will produce greater profits.
A. merge

B. double

C. mix

D. blend

9. When someone dies and their __assets:ti sn________reach a certain figure, their
family has to pay an additional tax.
A. profits

B. wealth

C. assets

D. products

10. The loan you have taken out is for a ____fixed______term: k hn c nh , which in
your case is 5 years.
A. steady

B. fixed

C. long

D. exact

11. When you go to an auction and you want to buy a particular item, you can simply
make a ___bid _______for: tr gi.. it.
A. try

B. test

C. go

D. bid

12. The larger company did not really want to join with the smaller one because it was
more interested in a ___takeover: s mua t_______.
A. turn over

B. turn up

C. overtaker

D. takeover

13. ___Trading: giao dch_______ on the stock-market just before Christmas is usually
very slow.
A. Working

B. Trading

C. Pricing

D. Adding

14. This sport centre has largely been ___funded: c cp vn _______by money that
has come from the national lottery.
A. founded

B. found

C. fined

D. Funded

15. The reason for the __slowdown: chng li ________in the economy is because there
is a great deal of uncertainty at the moment.
A. slowness

B. slowly

C. slowdown

D. slow

16. The __upturn: s i ln________in the market was seen as a positive sign that the
recession was over.
A. upturn

B. upstart

C. uptake

17. The __order________books: s ghi cc n t hng

cars are now full following the rise in petrol.

D. upward
for manufacturers of small

A. exercise

B. order

C. place

D. trade

18. The future of his job was at __stake=at risk lm nguy________when he made the
decision to invest in new machinery.
A. steak

B. state

C. stake

D. stress

19. After their house had been ___valued: nh gi_______, they decided to sell it and
buy a bigger one.
A. valued

B. priced

C. cost

D. prized

20. Fifty people were made ___redundant: b cho thi vic _______when the company
suffered a severe financial shock.
A. useless

B. unwanted

C. unneeded

D. redundant

21. If you cannot get a job and remain _+: duy tr..__unemployed: tht
nghip_______for a long period, you can claim some money from the state.
A. unengaged

B. unattached

C. unemployed

D. unused

22. The great thing about this guarantee is that there is never any doubt and there is no
__quibble____ko phn i____ about getting your money back.
A. squabble

B. argument

C. quibble

D. quarrel

23. There is a substantial ___short-fall: thm ht_______between the money you have
available and the amount you need to spend.
A. short-drop

B. short-fall

C. short-down

D. short-slide

24. When you retire, you should get a pension and a ____lump______ sum cc. from
your employers.
A. lump

B. block

C. pile

D. heap

25. ____Investors______ are people who put money into a business in the hope of: vi hi
vng.. making a profit.
A. Spenders

B. Borrowers

C. Lenders

D. Investors

26. When you take out a large loan over many years, you don't start paying off the
__capital_tin gc vay______ for some time.
A. main

B. chief

C. capital

D. bulk

27. We will make no ___charge _______ for: cho khng ci g the catalogue, which
you can take with our compliments.
A. cost

B. debt

C. charge

D. payment

28. It may seem a long way into the future but in the end you will get some
__benefit________ from your investment.
A. produce

B. benefit

C. products

D. price

29. There is still an outstanding _balance: s d ti khon_________ on that account,

which must be paid in 30 days.
A. balance

B. scale

C. difference

D. cost

30. Interest __rates li sut________ are at their lowest level since the 1950's.
A. figures

B. rates

C. numbers

D. standards

31. If you go to an unauthorized garage to have your car serviced, the ____ consequence
______ is that your warranty will be invalid.
A. consequence

B. conduct

C. convenience

D. consideration

32. The guarantee, as I understood it, __implied: ng ________ that everything was
A. inferred

B. implied

C. imputed

D. involved

33. I regret to inform you that as your guarantee ___expired: ht hn_______ last week,
we can't help you.
A. died

B. deceased

C. expired

D. extinguished

34. A warranty is to be looked on c coi l as a sort of _promise_________ between the

manufacturer and you.

A. privilege

B. practice

C. printout

D. promise

35. Sometimes people don't bother about guarantees because the __reputation________
of the manufacturer is enough for them.
A. repute

B. reputed

C. reputedly

D. reputation

36. Certain warranties ____require yu cu ______ the purchaser to have the item
serviced c ci g c ai lm cho at regular intervals.
A. remand

B. repeat

C. require

D. retain

37. You will find that such warranties are not worth buying because the cover provided is
____frequently______ not worth the extra expense.


B. frequently

C. fervently

D. freely

38. This kind of legislation is in existence to ___protect__bo v_____ the customer from
worthless warranties.
A. provide

B. protect

C. please

D. pacify

39. You sometimes have to _______consider___ very seriously whether c hay ko,,,, to
buy a second hand car which has no guarantee.
A. consider

B. contend

C. contain

D. convince

40. Sometimes you get a one year warranty, a two year one or even a six month one
they all ___vary_______.
A. various

B. variable

C. variety

D. vary

41. You can be absolutely sure I'm on your _side__ng vi ai_______.

A. road

B. corner

C. route

D. side

42. You can ___rely_______ on tin tng.. me for your support.

A. show

B. Rely

C. try

D. test

43. Our views clearly _coincide trng hp_________ at this point I'm pleased to say.
A. convert

B. concert

C. conduct

D. coincide

44. Fortunately the leader and all her members were singing from the same
__hymn________ sheet.c chung ting ni
A. hymn

B. prayer

C. lyric

D. sermon

45. It's good that we both have the same way of ___looking_______ at things.
A. seeing

B. peeping

C. looking

D. viewing

46. I'm pleased to say that we speak on this matter with one ____voice: c chung quan
im v.______.
A. sound

B. tone

C. harmony

47. I certainly won't __arise________ any objection: phn i

D. voice
when you make your

A. rise

B. raise

C. lift

D. arise

48. I'm ____with ng ______ you all the way as far as that's concerned.
A. with

B. by

C. at

D. across

49. I'm happy to _endorse: xc nhn_________ those sentiments and wish you every
A. encompass

B. enthuse

C. endorse

D. endure

50. When it comes to the vote I'm willing to put my ___hand_______ up and support you.
A. head

B. chin

C. arm

D. hand

51. Please ____forgive______ me for interrupting you, I didn't realize you were busy with
someone else.
A. forget

B. forfeit

C. forbid

D. forgive

52. I'm very ___sorry___ that I'm late but there is a train strike on at the moment.
A. sore

B. sorry

C. sorrow

D. sorrowful

53. Please send my ___apologies_______ to the meeting as I shan't be able to attend.

A. apologies

B. apologize

C. apologized

D. apologizing

54. There's really no ___excuse_______ for my behaviour last night. I can only think that
I'd had too much to drink.
A. exception

B. escape

C. excuse

D. exclusion

55. I know I shouldn't have nh ra ko.. made those remarks about your work and I hope
you now know how deeply I __regret________ what I said.
A. review

B. regret

C. respect

D. restore

56. I must ___beg_______ your pardon: xin th li , I mistook you for somebody else.
A. bid

B. bide

C. beggar

D. beg

57. If it helps to put things right, please let me take __back________ everything I said
A. again

B. back

C. in

D. across

58. Please accept this small present as my way of making ____amends______ for n
b. all the trouble I've caused.
A. attempts

B. attention

C. amends

D. arrears

59. All I can do now is simply beg your ___indulgence cu xin s tha th_______ and
hope that in time we can get back to where we used to be.
A. interest

B. interpretation

C. inclination

D. indulgence

60. In their religion as long as they __ repent n nn________, they will be forgiven their
E. A life of sin: cuc i ti li
F. As miserable as sin: rt khn kh
G. To live in sin: sng vi nhau nh v chng nhng bt hp php.
A. repent

B. restore

C. repeat

D. request

61. Am I going in the right ___way_______ for the post office?

A. route

B. way

C. sign

D. direction

62. Can you tell me please how I __take________ to the cinema from here?
A. come

B. get

C. take

D. fetch

63. Could you please ___show_______ me in the direction of the motorway?

A. show

B. indicate

C. point

D. deliver

64. I'm making for the M25 motorway is this road the most __straight________ route?
A. straight

B. clear

C. obvious

D. direct

65. Could you tell me please how ___far_______ I am from the town centre?
A. near

B. far

C. close

D. away

66. Can you help please because I've lost my way and _____need_____ to get to the
shops before closing time?
A. need

B. require

C. request

D. must

67. I'm ____seeking______ for the town hall am I anywhere near?

A. seeking

B. making

C. seeing

D. trying

68. I took the wrong _turn_________ at the last road junction, can you tell me how I get
back on the motorway?
A. turn

B. turner

C. turned

D. turning

69. ___According_______ to this map I should be near the church. Is it near?

A. Following

B. After

C. According

D. Considering

70. Is this __right________ for the railway station?

A. correct

B. clear

C. fine

D. right

71. I'm really not satisfied with the way you have ___handled_______ the situation.
A. dealt

B. handled

C. done

D. fingered

72. I've really had enough of all your excuses, what I want is some __action________.

A. action

B. acting

C. acted

D. active

73. You've refused to help me now for six months and so I shall now have to take the
matter ___on_______.
A. on

B. longer

C. far

D. further

74. I must __persist________ you do something immediately as I've been patient long
A. persist

B. desist

C. insist

D. consist

75. I now want some kind of compensation for the total ___failing_______ of service I've
A. lack

B. fail

C. failing

D. missing

76. I'm obviously not getting anywhere with my complaint please let me talk to someone
_____over_____ to you.
A. older

B. above

C. over

D. senior

77. I'm very unhappy with the way I've been ___treated_______. No one seems at all
interested in my case.
A. considered

B. treated

C. placed

D. pushed

78. I believe I have very good ___grounds_______ for suing your company for
A. lands

B. terrains

C. grounds

D. areas

79. If you don't do something today, I shall be ___forced_______ to take legal action.
A. held

B. ordered

C. commanded

D. forced

80. You're the tenth person I've been put through to and I'm on the point of losing my
A. mood



C. state

D. feeling

81. Quite honestly I didn't think ____lot______ of the standard of acting in the play.

A. lot

B. few

C. little

D. much

82. If you want my ___honest_______ opinion, I thought the food tasted revolting.
A. honoured

B. honourable

C. honest

D. honour

83. To come straight to the ___topic_______ I think the management team needs
A. summit

B. top

C. topic

D. point

84. There are several matters on which I should like to take __________ concerning your
A. outcome

B. outlook

C. issue

D. outing

85. There's really no virtue in me pussy__________ around because I might as well tell
you it's awful.
A. treading

B. footing

C. walking

D. tripping

86. I have a long __story________ of things I think are wrong, where shall I start?
A. story

B. description

C. file

D. list

87. I'm afraid to tell you that your standard of work has fallen well below what we think
is __acceptable________.
A. considerable

B. believable

C. acceptable

D. available

88. In all honesty if I said that everything was all right, I'd simply be ___lying_______.
A. lying

B. laying

C. loading

D. letting

89. If you can't improve your level of work, I'm afraid you'll have to look
__elsewhere________ for another job.
A. anywhere

B. elsewhere

C. nowhere

D. somewhere

90. I'm sick and ___tired_______ of always having to put right your mistakes.
A. weary

B. exhausted

C. fatigued

D. tired

91. I'm sorry but I can't __give________ your opinion on that.

A. take

B. share

C. give

D. find

92. I very much regret that we must ____leave______ company on that issue.
A. divide

B. devise

C. part

D. leave

93. Let's be honest about it we'll never agree on that because our views are diametrically
A. apposed

B. imposed

C. Supposed

D. opposed

94. We'll never agree, that's clear so let's __beg________ to differ.

A. ask

B. bid

C. beg

D. try

95. You can argue with me till the cows come __back________ but I can't accept that.
A. away

B. along

C. back

D. home

96. I really see no point in continuing this argument because we have no

____basic______ ground.
A. basic

B. own

C. common

D. similar

97. There's absolutely no way I can __take________ you on that matter.

A. meet

B. hold

C. take

D. find

98. Nothing in the world will ever make me change my ____idea______ on that subject.
A. thought

B. mind

C. idea

D. heart

99. I would love to meet you half way but I'm afraid I can't because with me it's a matter
of _principle_________.
A. principal
A. look

B. principles

C. principally

D. principle

Let's ___take_______ it, you and I will never see eye to eye on this.
B. take

C. face

Well ___done_______! This is a very good piece of work.

D. see

A. made
A. Continue

B. done

C. finished

D. taken

I must congratulate you on your efforts. ___Keep_______ it up!

B. Take

C. Keep

D. Hold

Don't give up whatever you do. I'm sure you'll _____acquire_____ it in the

A. acquire
A. stand
A. pursue
A. control

B. get

C. put

D. make

I'll _stand_________ by you no matter what happens.

B. keep

C. lean

D. support

I'm sure if you ____persevere______, you'll succeed.

B. proceed

C. propel

D. persevere

You've clearly got ____talent______ and it's obvious that you'll get to the top.
B. power

C. talent

D. strength

I've watched a lot of young people try to make a success of it, but you're the

only one I really ___trust_______ in.

A. think
A. cause
A. give
A. taken
A. off

B. trust

C. hold

D. believe

I see no ____reason______ why you shouldn't be accepted as an employee.

B. sense

C. reason

D. doubt

Never ___give_______ up. That's a good philosophy.

B. do

C. take

D. try

You mustn't ever be __________ off by a few setbacks.

B. held

C. put

D. pushed

What a wonderful day to see the mountains __in________!

B. by

C. on

D. in


How stupid can I get! I ____forgot______ my keys in the door overnight.

A. forgot

B. deserted

C. traced

D. left

For goodness sake stop ____complaining______ about the weather! It'll stop

raining soon.
A. criticizing

B. telling

C. complaining

D. calling

What on earth are you talking about? I can't make head or __part________ of

A. tail

B. end


C. finish

D. part

How nice of you to come all this ____journey______ just to wish me a happy

A. path

B. journey

B. wrong

C. incorrect

D. false

Wow! You've certainly made a good ___work_______ of decorating this room.

A. job

B. work


D. way

What a disaster! I don't believe anything else could go __off________ now.

A. off

C. route

C. task

D. duty

Well blow me down! I just can't believe I've actually __passed________ my

A. succeeded

B. passed

C. caught

D. tackled

You could have knocked me down with a feather! You mean to say he's

__certainly________ cleaned my car.

A. certainly

B. surely

C. naturally

I'll go to the foot of my stairs! It must be at _____last_____ 20 years since we

last met.
A. last
B. length

D. actually

C. least
D. end

Students name: ..
Saturday, March 26, 2016

Class: New York

Teachers: Angela - Bonnie

E. Ex 2: Read the text then choose the correct answers:

F. Child Labour
G. Child labour has long been something that has concerned world leaders and community
groups. Child workers, some as young as 9, have been found working in factories in
conditions described as being close to slavery. They are contracted to produce clothes that
appear destined for popular western clothing stores because their wages are so low.
H. Some children who have been forced to work in these conditions have told reporters that they
have to work up to 18 hours a day and are regularly threatened with beatings.
I. Certain countries have been targeted by the United Nations as being hotspots for child labour.
One such country is India, where children have been discovered working in appalling
conditions. It is estimated that around 20 per cent of India's gross domestic product is the
result of child labour and that around 55 million Indian children under the age of 14 are
J. It is clear that more needs to be done to ensure that countries around the world are protecting
the welfare of their youngest citizens. In addition, first world countries and companies that
buy products produced as a result of child labour need to be made more accountable for their
actions and ask themselves if cheaper prices are worth the suffering of so many children
around the world.
K. Question 1 - According to the text children have been found working in...


Conditions similar to slavery



Car factories



International factories



Clothing stores

P. Question 2 - According to the text children are employed to work in factories because


They have the energy to work long hours



They have small fingers to sew better with

Students name: ..
Saturday, March 26, 2016


They are cheap to employ



They don't take as many breaks as adults

Class: New York

Teachers: Angela - Bonnie

U. Question 3 - According to the text the United Nations has found that ________.


Only India has child labour



All countries have high levels of child labour



Certain countries are hotspots for child labour



Child labour is not a problem

Z. Question 4 - According to the text,



Countries where child labour is a problem are solely responsible for


This is a problem that needs international cooperation between

solving it

governments and global companies



First world governments are evil



Foreign companies are negligent


Ex 3: Read the text then choose the correct answers:

AF. Archaeology

The term archaeology, comes from Greek and means the study of old things.

Essentially it is the study of history through evidence gained from examining artefacts. Often
archaeologists use things like human bones and skeletons, objects made from stone and
metal, and ceramics to interpret history.

Archaeologists and historians often work together. Take, for example, the study of the

Romans, who dominated the Mediterranean area and much of Europe two thousand years
ago. We know a lot about them from their writing, and some of their most famous writers are
still quoted in English. We also know a lot about them from what they made, from their coins
to their buildings. Archaeologists have worked on Roman remains as far apart as Hadrian's
Wall in the north of England and Leptis Magna in Libya.

Students name: ..
Saturday, March 26, 2016

Class: New York

Teachers: Angela - Bonnie

AI. The Romans left many written records, but many ancient peoples and cultures did not. For
much of human history, there are no written documents at all. Discovering who the first
humans were, how they lived and where did they come from is a job for archaeologists.
AJ. From evidence such as bones and tools used by early humans, they believe that humans first
appeared in Africa and began moving to other parts of the world about 80,000 years ago. The
movement of our ancestors across the planet has been mapped from their remains humans
went to Australia about 70,000 years ago, but have been in South America for just 15,000
years. The evidence of archaeology has helped to show the shared origin and history of us all.

Question 1 - According to the text...



Archaeology and history are the same thing



Archaeology is a Latin word



Archaeologists use evidence to understand history



Archaeologists study bones

AP.Question 2 - According to the text we know a lot about the Romans because...


They left many written records



They dominated the Mediterranean area



They made a lot of coins



They lived in Northern England


Question 3 - According to the text archaeologists study evidence such as ...



Metals and books



Coins and documents



Stones and plants



Bones and pottery


Question 4 - According to the text the earliest humans appeared in...






South America







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Saturday, March 26, 2016

Class: New York

Teachers: Angela - Bonnie


Ex 4: Read the text then choose the correct answers:


There are houses all over the world. Some houses are large. Some are small. Some

are made of wood. Some are made of rock. Some are made of mud. Some are made of
cloth. In cold places, some houses are made of ice frozen water! People usually
build their houses with something that is easy to find. For example, there are many
trees in a forest. So people who live there might build a house made of logs.

Some houses have one room. Some houses have many rooms. There is usually a

bedroom for sleeping. There is often a kitchen for cooking. There is usually a
bathroom. There is often a living room for sitting and talking. Some houses have
basements. The basement is under the main part of the house. Some houses have
attics. The attic is above the main part of the house. Most houses have a door so
people can enter and exit the house. Most houses have windows so the people can
look outside. Windows also let air into the house from outdoors.

Some houses are fancy. They are painted bright colors, and are very decorative.

Some houses not fancy they are plain and simple. Houses look very different in
different parts of the world. But, people who live in a house probably all agree that
there is no place like home!
BI. Questions:
1. Why are many forest houses made of logs?




BP.A. There are many logs in the forest.


B. Trees are easy to find in the




C. There is a lot of wood in the


D. All of the above

C. For relaxing

2. Why do houses have bedrooms?


A. For sleeping



B. For cooking

BW. D. For building things

3. Where is the basement of a house?


A. Beside the house


B. Above the house

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Saturday, March 26, 2016


C. Under the house

Class: New York

Teachers: Angela - Bonnie


D. None of the above

4. Houses have doors ______________.


A. so people can enter and exit


C. so people can cook and eat


B. so people can sleep


D. Both A and B are correct

5. Houses have windows to______________.


A. let people go outside


B. let people look outside


C. let air into the house from

CI. D. Both B and C are correct

6. What is ice?
CJ.A. Trees that are cut down



CM. D. A kind of cloth

B. Water that is frozen

C. A kind of grass

7. A kitchen is a ______________.

A. room for sleeping

CP.C. room which is under a house


B. room for cooking


D. room which is above a house

8. An attic is ______________.

A. a house made of ice


C. a room under a house


B. a house in the forest


D. a room above a house

9. If something is fancy, it is ______________.


A. bright and decorative

CW. B. plain and simple


C. ugly


D. old and tarnished


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Saturday, March 26, 2016


Class: New York

Teachers: Angela - Bonnie