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Defend Abdul Omer campaign

Unite convenor Abdul Omer sacked...

Let s unite to stop

the union busters
bdul Omer Mohsin, Unite puts pressure on Tory Mayor Boris If any worker at Sovereign wants
convenor for London Johnson. At the end of the day he’s to be treated with respect in the
Sovereign, lost his appeal responsible for the operators that run future there has to be a fight now.
against dismissal on the capital’s bus services. He should If not there will be more attacks
Tuesday. be forced to come out against this on reps, more disciplinaries and
The Unite official who outrageous attack on the union. more sackings.
represented Omer at his appeal If they can sack the Unite
demolished the company’s case. Fight convenor at Sovereign what will
It’s simple. Abdul Omer has been Some people might say that it’s too happen at Arriva North, at London
sacked for being an effective union late to fight. This just isn’t true. United, at Metroline?
rep. Last year Rob Williams – the The union has to beat back this
Sovereign have made a simple Unite Convenor at the Linamar car attack. That means a mass meeting
calculation. They may have to pay component plant in South Wales at Sovereign as soon as possible and
out at an employment tribunal but – was victimised and sacked. After getting the union moving to show
they’d rather do that than have an an official ballot for action was won Abdul Omer and the Sovereign
effective union operating. he was re-instated. workers that the union won’t rest
This attack is now about much People at Linamar recognised until he is re-instated.
more than Abdul Omer as an that the attack wasn’t just about the
individual. convenor, it was about the future
of the union. London Sovereign busworker online
Intimidate workers have to take the same
This decision is meant to intimidate stance, as do bus workers across the
workers. The sacking is supposed capital.
to warn everyone that if you cause It’s worth taking another leaf out
“trouble” you will be sacked. of the Linamar workers’ book.
Unite is committed to fight this When Rob was sacked things
The rank & file paper for busworkers
vicious attack on the union. Unite didn’t go on as normal. Unofficial now has its own website.
needs to call a meeting of workers action meant management Visit us for the latest stories and to
from both garages as soon as understood that they would face real have your say:
possible. problems if Rob wasn’t re-instated.
The meeting needs to vote to
ballot for official strike action
against the sacking of Abdul Omer
and to deliver a big vote for a strike. Abdul Omer was sacked for being an effective
Across London bus workers union convenor. If you oppose his victimisation
should send messages of support
to Abdul Omer and messages of l Send messages of support to:
protest to Sovereign.
Every bus garage should invite
reps from Sovereign into their l Send messages of protest to Sovereign at:
meetings to explain about the attack
on the union.
It’s also important that Unite