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FRIDAY, MAY MAY 22 2008 THURSDAY 23, 2008

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Farewell, Michael
By Frances Pratt
KALGOORLIE Miner editor Michael Gorey today bade farewell to Western Australia’s only regional daily newspaper. Michael has taken the position of Editor in Chief of several publications in Mt Gambier, South Australia. In his time at the helm of the Miner, Mr Gorey increased circulation, boosted picture sales and even made it onto the ABC’s infamous Media Watch. In trouble with the director of public prosecutions after publishing background facts which had not come up in a gold theft trial, Media Watch tore strips off Michael, who took it all in his stride. “There was nothing inaccurate or misleading about our followup report. Other media including ABC radio, the Australian and now ABC Television have been happy to add the extra detail, which was self evident to our readers,” he retorted in a letter to the program. Miner staff concluded Michael had reached a pinnacle in newspaper editing. “You’re not a real editor until you’ve been on Media Watch,” subeditor Ben Anderson said. Unfortunately, Michael’s resignation has not left editorial staff lost for words. But where Michael is concerned, the words have been nothing but kind. Deputy editor Anne Skinner said Michael would be greatly missed. “I really appreciate the help

Jihad at an end
THERE was rejoicing among local public broadcasters with the resignation of intransigent Kalgoorlie Miner editor Michael Gorey, signalling the end of the two year ‘jihad’ against the Australian Broadcasting Corporation. The media blackout was proclaimed in 2006 when journalist Simon Frazer unaccountably chose to accept the opportunities offered by the national broadcaster rather than keep writing My Pet features. Mr Frazer was attracted by the lure of rubbing shoulders with such celebrities as former Miner colleague Christien de Garis, reporter Tara de Landgraft and manager David de Kennedy. Mr Gorey was enraged by this second example of a rival media organisation poaching his staff. He responded by poaching Jarrod Lucas from the Golden Mail and banning all professional contact with the ABC. The immediate effect of what soon became known as the ABC jihad was the cancelling of Ben Creagh’s Monday morning sports wrap, the end of Ron Berryman’s appearance on the First Tuesday Book Club and the shelving of a pilot for a quirky seaside drama written by Ben Anderson. It is believed the title of “jihad” can be traced to Mr Gorey’s promise that any other Miner journalist committing the “apostatsy” of leaving for the ABC would be “beheaded and stoned in the name of the Prophet Trish Seeney (Blessings be upon her)”. Despite this, employees such as Lisa van Oyen and Ngaire McDiarmid continued to be heard occasionally on the ABC. They no longer work for the Kalgoorlie Miner. Mr de Kennedy said he welcomed the news. “We get most of our stories from the Miner, so it’s nice to be able to talk to the journalists now and then,” he said. BEN ANDERSON

The long goodbye: Back from left, Ben Anderson, Deputy Editor Anne Skinner, Tim Sadleir, Darren Jonker, Jay Rooney, and Travis Anderson. Middle from left: Georgia Loney, Zoe Rudder, and Jasmine Heale. Front from left: Frances Pratt, Beau Pearson, Natasha Boddy and Nadene Parsons.
Photo: Kellie Lewis and encouragement Michael has given me during the few months I have been here,” Anne said. “His drive and enthusiasm – not to mention his quirky sense of humour – will be his new employers’ gain and our loss.” “I wish him and his family all the best for the future.” Sports reporter Jarrod Lucas was thankful to his editor for his faith in his ability. “Thanks for the job mate,” Jarrod said. Recent recruit Jasmine Heale wished Michael luck in his new role but said she would miss working with him. “It is a sad farewell, he was a great boss,” she said. Sub editor Tim Sadleir said he would miss Mr Gorey’s quirky headlines. “Michael had a love of interesting headlines, now I have to come up with them all on my own,” he said. From everyone at the Kalgoorlie Miner, farewell and good luck Michael, we will miss you.

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