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During all my participation on Rainbow Data Conversion Projects (Brazil & Mexico

) I was in charge of schedule, coordinate and lead the Data Mapping Sessions/Mee
tings of the modules that were under my scope.
This sessions were sometimes in person (included intercity travels) or over phon
e and sharing sessions. This Mapping meetings had the purpose to collect all the
data, requirements and information needed from the Business (Client) in order t
o translate this into a way understandable for the Development Team, that would
extract, transform and load (ETL) this data to the Target System (Rainbow G2C In
terim Files).
All this information, notes, rules and comments were documented in the appropiat
e Data Mapping Template Document, validated by all stakeholders, SME's, BIZ, Cus
tomer and Wipro staff.
Along with the metting/sessions set-up, the leading during the same, sharing and
instruction the Dev Team, and giving propper follow-up to any question related,
I was also in charge to obtain the corresponding Sing-off, approval from the Cl
ient (BIZ and Technichal SME's).
I completed all previous mentioned milestones within the quality required, durin
g the target time provided, always informing and updating on time all the parts
involved (customer, Global Teams, Wipro Managers) and assuring the best customer
satisfaction and expectation.

All the tasks on the project were successfully delivered on time and following a
ll the standards, and proper documentation guidelines provided, trying to achiev
e always the quality required and that the task and the project demand.
During all the projects, since the obtaining of the requirements with the custom
er, the translation to the BIZ Rules to Development requirements (giving and exp
lained to the Development Team), and the final delivery tasks we were asked, we
allways delivered following customer and Wipro requirements with highest quality
and never recieveing a complain from BIZ about the quality of work, on the cont
rary allways recieving good feedbakc from very Senior SME's, PM's, Arquitects an
d Delivery Managers.
I was included in the Project Meetings with the PM's, Subject Matter Experts and
the Global Technical Leads and Arquitects (All the Stakeholders) were I was req
uested to provide updates, and solutions regarding the mechanisms to be implemen
ted in the project, mechanisms that were crucial to move forward on the Project
Goals. There were no missed requirements or even deliver late, for the assigment
s to my team. Any issue that was raised, we proposed several possible solutions
always trying to help the customer, or the team that was required to perform the
task, and we always tried to use our resources on the best way to achieve the b
est solution, using the best way possible our resources . We followed the docuem
ents provided, for technical process, trainings, standards of developement and o

During my ramp-up process of induction to the Projects, I recived several course
s and trainings from the Senior teammates that had more time on the project, whi
ch I allways recieved open to learn new tenchologies, methodologies and allywas
with the objective of getting a quick learning of the proccess, needs and requir
ements in order to start as soon as possible to provide help and support.

obtaining the amo unt of points needed in order to get eligible for promotion from Band B2 to B3 ( 200pts). I also conducted Teradata Trainings for the New Employees recently hired on Wipr o Guadalajara. nice. there was allways re spect and initiative to cooperate and work for the common goal. all the Wipro and Citi Mandatory Trainings were sucesfully comple ted. understand my role. or to c larify any kind of question or doubt.Along to this. flow. Despite entering both projects (Rainbow Data Conversion Mexico & Brazil Rainbow Data Conversion) that were already on-going. Senior and Older Teammates) to ramp-up. sp eed and appropriate care. gave us the opportunity. plus we tried always to fully understand t he objective or task required in the email. Giving the attention to reply with the answer. This trust gave us a very comfortable interaction that is reflected on the fact that we never had any complain about the deliverables or the way to interact. I took Assesments related with my day-to day tasks and functions on the proje ct. During remote and presential meetings. . Actually I obtained more pts (216) that the ones were needed for my Ban d. contacts and to provide value. We also used to give an update on th e progress of each activity through emails. and also some extra abilities mapped on my own. the relationship with the Customer was al lways polite. Assesments contained on TrendNext tool were completed on time. support and to contribute to the project. using the Wipro Docu mentation into the Basics for using Teradata Database Software. and comfortable way to interact and work inside the project. This are the TrendNext Asses ment that I completed sucesfully: Business Analyisis L1 Business Analyisis L2 Business Analyisis L3 Ab-Initio L1 Ab-Initio L2 Teradata L1 Teradata L2 Teradata L3 JavaScript L1 HTML L1 HTML L2 Unix Shell Scripting L1 Every communication from the client/customer was responded with the priority. led to a major improvement in the trust. Specially for F2F Meetings held across cities. help. Mexico. respo nsabilities and to quickly get the process. This 'Freshsers' were trained by me. I was able (with the help and suppo rt of Manager. effective and enriching for both sides.

Despite entering both projects (Rainbow Data Conversion Mexico & Brazil Rainbow Data Conversion) that were already on-going. This was done in such a sucessfull way. help. commitment that (as previous year) I'm developi ng and it's worth a promotion. flow. that was not necessary to have 2 Busines s Analyst on the project. Senior Arquitects and BIZ App Owners. as it was orignally planned by Managers. as it was orignally planned by Managers. contacts and to provide value. understand my role. respo nsabilities and to quickly get the process. achieving the Business Requirements and allways obtaining great feed back from Customer SME's. I was able (with the help and suppo rt of Manager. quality. support and to contribute to the project. I believe that this work and perfomance was better than expected and provides pr oof of the consistency. all the tasks. Senior and Older Teammates) to ramp-up. Along to this. that was not necessary to have 2 Busines s Analyst on the project.This was done in such a sucessfull way. We deliver with the highe st quality. objectives and milestones were achieved sucesfully in an outsating way (in my oppinion) we never recived a complain from the custo mer or any of the Global and Across-Geographies teams. .