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Probably the most frequent question you here both on political tv shows and

read about on conservative websites is the following: "Is there anything

Trump can do or say that will hurt him with his followers?" Or: Is there any
attack his opponents can make against him that will hurt him in the polls?
Up til now the answer to both of those questions has been a resounding "NO".
But I believe that's because a)the media hasn't gone after him since they
want him on their shows, b)the candidates have laid off him, hoping their
opponents would go after him instead or he'd self-implode, and c) once Cruz
and Jeb did start to attack him, they used lines of attack that were at best
marginally effective and had no impact on his supporters.
I believe there's one line of attack that for some strange reason hasn't been
tried yet. I haven't seen a single attack ad from Cruz or anyone else that has
gone where I'm about to go- Trump's company and so called "successful
business career".
It baffles me why Cruz or anyone else hasn't gone after him on this yet, or
why it took them so long to do so, because even a brief time spent googling
his various failed ventures and horrible business ideas shows that there's a
vast amount of dirty laundry there that's just waiting to be exposed.

The Case Against Trump

Basically, everything Trump touches turns to garbage.

There's a reason why he acts so insecure every time he's been attacked by
various people over the years on his bankruptcies and the value of his
company. It's because he knows that his entire brand is built on the narrative
that he's a brilliant businessman who is the best in the world and making
deals that put him on top of the world.
I think he's convinced himself of his own BS, which is a common trait of all
narcissists and sociopaths.
At this point I think he really believes everything he touches turns to gold,
even though in reality it's quite the opposite, and there's a mountain of
evidence to prove it.
So if someone can prove that in fact Trump really sucks at making good
deals, that he's a horrible business manager, and that he takes risky
investments that almost always fail, it would cause that narrative to crumble
like a house of cards.
So far in this primary race, the only two lines of attack tried on Trump have

been as follows:
1)He's not a conservative- this attack is a waste of time and doesn't work
because his followers could care less what his ideology is. All they care about
is their belief that he'll help them get jobs, keep foreigners out of the country,
and make them proud to be Americans again. This article explains it better
than any other I've read. For anyone who still is confused by the Trump
phenomenon, I urge you to read it.
2)He's corrupt, has donated to many democrats, and has gotten rich off of
the broken system he claims he wants to fix- To a logical person, this line of
attack might work, but the average Trump voter isn't voting based on logic or
reason, they're voting based on emotion and faith, in this case faith in Trump
and his ability to "get things done".

But if you hit Trump on the thing his entire campaign is based on, his claim of
being the most competent and savvy candidate in the race who understands
business and economics, then you hit him at his core, and may be able to
deal him a fatal blow.
All along he's been able to convince his supporters that he'll be able to bring
jobs back from China and Japan, he'll be able to build a wall and make Mexico
pay for it, and he'll be able to repeal Obamacare and replace it with
"something amazing". He'll be able to do all of these things because he's
done them before, in the private sector with his business.
But what if that's all a lie? What if the opposite is true, that time after time
he tried creating new companies only to watch them go up in flames? What
if his company went bankrupt four times because he made really stupid bets
and lost everything when they went bad?
Not only that, but he's tried many times to branch out from real estate and
use his brand and name recognition to create a successful company, and
literally every time he tried this, he failed.
Why? Because he's proven he doesn't understand economics and can't run a
business on his own. If he did and could, at least a few of these business
ventures would've been successful.
Will his supporters still vote for him, knowing all this? Maybe some of them
would, but I believe some of them would finally give up on him, or at least the
remaining people who are undecided in the upcoming states. Why? Because
they're voting in their self-interest, not out of some deeply held principle or
ideology the way most Cruz voters are doing.
Up til now they haven't been given a good enough reason to doubt what
Trump says is true. If a candidate exposes all this evidence, he can create
that doubt in their minds, and they'll start to think that maybe Trump can't

help them and their families get ahead like he's promised to do. At that point
I believe they'll either switch candidates or decide to stay home.
Then, to put a nail in the Trump gold-plated coffin, we have to prove that he
could care less about the little guy, even though he has the vocabulary of the
little guy (uneducated little guy). As it turns out, there's also plenty of
evidence to back up that claim as well.

Exhibit A is the Trump golf course in Scotland. How that was built, the
conflicts that arose from the building of it, and how Trump handled those
conflicts tells you everything you need to know about how he treats people
who are less fortunate and who are helpless to fight back against a rich and
power-hungry billionaire.
Coincidentally, a documentary was made about the whole affair, and I would
encourage everyone to watch it. I had to do some digging, but I found it
online, it can be watched for free here. I think this story alone is so damning
that Sen. Cruz should simply start running ads telling people to watch it, and
provide a link to the documentary on his website.
The story packs a one-two punch, it shows how incompetent Trump is when it
comes to managing money, and how horribly he treats people who are in the
way of any of his delusional plans.
The ad writes itself: Trump's golf course comes into the picture with dark
clouds shown above it and all the stats in the article I referenced above are
shown on the screen, with quotes from the Scots who Trump trampled to
build the course. Meanwhile an ominous voice says, "What Trump did to the
people of Scotland, he'll do to the average American", with this quote
following behind:
"In his sophomore documentary, Baxter takes aim at luxury golf courses that
"just pound water," as actor Alec Baldwin put it, and have unforeseen social
and ecological costs. It's a kind of sequel to his first film, which focused
squarely on Trump and his pummeling of the Scottish coastline to build a $1.5
billion golf course ("the world's greatest," as Trump called it) that promised to
generate 6,000 jobs."
As the film illustrated, the course, Trump International Golf Course, Aberdeen,
created less than 200 jobs and left nearby residents including a 90-year-old
woman without proper water supply for years.
In this exclusive clip from the film, Baxter questions Trump about his
"bullying" of Scottish locals, including the aforementioned 90-year-old and
Michael Forbes, a farmer who refused to sell his land to Trump. The billionaire
later called Forbes "an embarrassment to Scotland" who "lives like a pig."
The voice concludes: You've seen how Trump treated the people of Scotland-

is that the kind of man you wanna put in the White House?

The author of this article said it best:

"It would be an extraordinary irony if Donald Trump secured the Republican
nomination riding a groundswell of working-class anger toward elites. In
Scotland, Trump teamed up with elites in the local and national government
in an attempt to railroad working-class residents out of their homes. In
Scotland, Donald Trump was not against special interests. He was special

Trump loves to claim that he's a successful businessman who's "built a great
company", but nothing could be further from the truth. I think that's why out
of all the people who really anger Trump, Mitt Romney seems to get under his
skin the most.
He loves to insult Romney, calling him a loser and going so far as to call him
a "dope".
You can always tell when someone gets under Trump's skin by the level of
vitriol and anger he exhibits towards that person.
Romney really gets under his skin because Romney represents everything
Trump isn't.
Like Trump, Romney inherited money from his dad, but unlike Trump, he gave
it away to a University, BYU to be exact. So Romney started out from scratch,
not with millions that he inherited from his dad like Trump did.
Romney went to law school and business school and made his own way in the
business world, without help from his father.
Trump inherited his dad's entire real estate empire so he didn't have to work
to build something on his own.
Trump made his company go bankrupt four times, whereas Romney turned
around companies that were about to go bankrupt.
Trump is probably jealous of Romney's intellect and business success and
knowledge, things he clearly lacks. He just got lucky because he was able to

build a brand off of his personality. He actually made a success out of the fact
that he was a failure when it came to business.
This contrast with Romney highlights Trump's biggest strength, which is his
perceived business acumen and wealth. In reality, it's his biggest weakness,
but only if it's exploited as such, and so far it hasn't been.

When it comes to taking advantage of the working man, exhibit B in the

Trump files would be Trump University. Much has already been written about
this so I'll just provide the best summary I can on it.
Basically, it was a total scam, and it's a perfect representation of the scam
he's running on the gop primary voters who are voting for him.
He tricked people into spending thousands ($35,000 and above in some
cases) of dollars on "classes" at this "university", when in reality they were
just lame seminars on real estate that couldn't even remotely be equated
with real college classes.
So Trump got their money, and they got nothing in return. Trump was like
Bernie Madoff, only he screwed over middle class people instead of rich

The simplest and best argument against voting for Trump that I haven't heard
any candidate make yet is this:
Donald Trump has literally spent his entire life looking out for himself and
doing things to advance his own interests, often at the expense of less
fortunate people. He hasn't done a single thing in his entire life to help
others. He also hasn't done a single thing to advance conservative causes,
whether it be 2nd amendment rights, religious liberty, stopping immigration,
fighting for the unborn, and more.
His entire life has been about making himself richer and more powerful, that's
it. And after 69 years of living for nobody but himself, now all of a sudden
he's starting to care about the average american, who he doesn't even know
and can't even remotely relate to? It's a ludicrous idea on it's face. As
Senator Rubio has said, it's the most elaborate con job in american history.

Everything Trump says he is- a successful businessman, a conservative, a

tough guy who tells it like it is, he's the opposite of.

Nothing proves that last point better than Trump's draft dodging.
They show that he isn't a tough guy- quite the opposite, that he's a coward
who runs away from a fight and would do so as president. It also proves he
doesn't "tell it like it is", cause he lies about it, saying he got the deferrment
for medical reasons, when that's never been proven.
Trump loves to talk about how he'll fight for uneducated and blue collar
voters. This is just another one of his lies. When he had a chance to serve his
country alongside many of those same low and middle class americans, he
passed, not once or twice, but FIVE TIMES. He watched as his fellow
americans went to Vietnam, and many died there, while he partied it up and
lived the high life in Manhattan.
What's worse is that not only did Trump come up with an excuse to avoid the
draft then, but he's lying about that excuse now, saying that his draft number
was never called the year he got the medical deferment. This is a blatant lie:
"The campaign statement described the medical deferment as minor and
only expected to be short-term, suggesting that it did not shield him from
the 1969 draft lottery.
But Trumps Selective Service record indicates otherwise. The draft board
ledger states that his medical deferment remained in place from 1968 until
1972, when it was changed to a similar classification: 4-F, or not qualified for

George W. Bush and his surrogates "swift-boated" John Kerry for allegedly
lying about his military service in Vietnam. Regardless of whether or not you
believe Kerry's or Bush's claims on that topic, at least Kerry volunteered for
the military and fought in that war.
Donald Trump avoided it at all costs, even coming up with a bogus medical
excuse to do so. It's time Cruz, or at least some anti-Trump super pacs, take
a page out of W.'s old campaign playbook and start swift-boating Trump. If
anyone deserves that kind of attack, it's him.

If I were advising Senator Cruz, I would tell him to make an ad saying

something like the following, speaking directly to the gop primary voters in
the remaining states:
If you're thinking about voting for Trump, just know that even though he
claims he wants to make america great, he can't, because he's been
incompetent in business and that's nothing compared to the responsibilities

he'd have as president. But more importantly, he doesn't care about you or
your needs, if he did he would've done things for less fortunate people
throughout his life, and he hasn't. He's not about to start now.
If you elect him president, he'll sell you out the first time any politician offers
him a deal he can't resist, as long as he benefits from it. He'll spin it as doing
what's best for you, but it won't be best for you, it'll be more of the same.
So if you want things in DC to stay the same, vote for Trump, cause he's
supported status quo politicians his entire life, and already has said he'll
make deals with leaders in both parties just to get along. But if you want a
candidate who will shake up the system, make the gov't work for you, and
increase your freedom and prosperity through conservative policies, vote for
me, cause that's what I've fought for my entire adult life.