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kcdude an hour ago
I wrote a diary about the myth of the evangelical voter bloc. That bloc has not
existed since 2004.
Evangelicals are tending and trending strongly to vote on issues and support
candidates without relying on pervading biblical principle. George Barna
pointed out a few years ago that the folks he was polling in church believed
pretty much the same things and in the same percentages as society as a
Nicole Russell, writing for the FEDERALIST, has an Feb 23 article titled "Which
Evangelicals Are Voting For Trump?" that discusses the Trump / Evangelical
relationship. It is short and a good read.
cantenucci04 kcdude a few seconds ago
Yea I think the root cause of the problem is that Christianity as a whole is
dying in America. People just haven't been taught the faith, and they haven't
taught their children either. And many who have been taught have fallen
away or just don't care about religion, they've become too wrapped up in
their daily lives or goals.
Europe's already gone down that path and we see the results from thatcultural destruction and loss of identity, along with the rise of political parties
and politicians who promise to get it back, but not using conservative
principles, but rather by using the gov't. So I guess it should be no surprise
that Trump has risen here in the US, he's the US equivalent of Marie Le Pen.
Christians can't "vote their values" when they don't even know what their
values are supposed to be. So values are replaced with naked self-interest,
which is why most of Trump's supporters are voting for him.
It's a sad state of affairs, but it can't be denied, and unfortunately Cruz is
either unaware of it, or is in denial of it.
kcdude 23 minutes ago
It is more complicated than just saying that we are post-Christian. Many
people, caring people of faith, want the whole system to change and they see
Trump as the guy to do it. I am more in the old Religious Right camp. I want
my candidate to share my faith. Many Trump supporters, and I do not mean
whack job Trumpets, share my faith but not my thought process.

cantenucci04 kcdude a few seconds ago

I will grant you there are some faithful Christians who sincerely think Trump is
the right man for the job, but they are a tiny minority, the exit polls back that
Trump dominated Cruz with Christians who don't go to church regularly, but
Cruz actually beat Trump among Christians who do regularly attend church.
The problem is there are more of the former group than the latter, thus
advantage Trump.
We aren't post-Christian, but the Christian faith certainly is on the decline in
America, all the polling supports that idea. Most young people today say
they're either atheist or "spiritual but not religious", another way of saying
they believe in God but that's about as far as their faith goes, and they live
their daily lives as if God doesn't exist. Their parents often aren't much better.
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Add part to trump diary about how trump probably hates Romney the most
cause romney represents everything Trump isn't. Romney didn't inherit a
business from his dad, he made his own way. Trump's business went
bankrupt 4 times, Romney turned companies around that were going
bankrupt. In fact he could've prevented Trump's from going bankrupt if
Trump had hired him as an adviser.
Romney is a man of character by all accounts, Trump is a dbag with no
morals whatsoever. Romeny pretty much turned everything he touched to
gold in the private sector, Trump turned everything he touched to crap,
whether you look at his casinos, his investments, or all his failed projects like
Trump airlines, Trump steaks, etc.
Romney is everything Trump wanted to be but failed to be. One way to look
at Trump is that he's a phony version of Romney. He pretends to be a
successful businessman but he's nothing but a glorified real estate agent who
got lucky cause he was born into fame and fortune and used his name and
influence to create a brand that made him millions. He then leveraged that
brand to get himself even more fame and fortune in the form of a tv show.
But the money he did make required no talent, skill, or knowledge
whatsoever. It was pure marketing, plain and simple. Donald Trump was the
Kim Kardashian of the business world, and now he's the Kim Kardashian of
the political world, and shame on republican primary voters for voting for
someone just cause they're famous and tell them what they wanna hear.