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Date: 2016-03-31

Recently a conference concerning the human rights situation of Myanmar regular UPR session
was held in Geneva, Switzerland and confirmed some related facts of human rights violation in
Myanmar on 2016 March 17. The conference attending delegations had discussed 281 facts
about human rights violations the current government or civilian regime has been committing
against the people of Myanmar, however, the Myanmar government has accepted 166 points and
rejected the rest. Since the military coup in 1962 till today the people of Myanmar has been
demanding to restore equal rights, rule of law, peace and prosperity, better education, better
health care system, and reliable economic development, hence, according to regime tyrannical
agenda all the required or essential sectors are kept under lowest level in the country.
At the Geneva conference the delegation from Japan had highlighted the worst human rights
situation of the ethnic minority people in Myanmar, we, Burmese Rohingya Association in Japan,
are very cheerful and grateful to the Japanese delegation for expressing their concern over human
rights violation on minorities in Myanmar. However, the current government of Myanmar has
been committing human rights violations and crime against humanity on Muslim minority
especially ethnic Rohingya community in Arakan. We also appreciate all those countries that
support the rights for Rohingya and condemn the violation against them.
The country Myanmar is a country of diversity where various ethnic minority and diverse
religious groups have been inhabiting and upcoming new government has to ensure the ethnic
minority rights, human rights, freedom of religion to be a country of peace and prosperity for
further development. It is learnt that the government of Japan will contribute big amount of
ODA(Official Development Assistance) to the new upcoming government of Myanmar for the
development in the various sectors. We believe if the government of Myanmar treats all ethnic
groups regardless of race and religion equally and fairly the ODA will benefit the whole
population of Myanmar.
Nonetheless, we appreciate and very much grateful to the government of Japan for highlighting
the minority rights and human rights violation on them at the conference, we very cheerfully
would like to express our heart-full gratitude toward the government of Japan.
Thank you.
Sincerely yours,

Hasegawa Kenichi
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