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Candidate Brief

Teacher of Philosophy, Religion & Ethics
(Additional Responsibility may be available)

A Co-educational Comprehensive Academy for Students Aged 11-18
Headteacher; Mr Ben Bartlett BA (Hons) MA (Educ Mgment)
An Academy and Specialist Music College

Surrey. We aim to provide students with a reflective. Support and expertise of departmental mentors. Religion and Ethics (PRE) Thank you for your interest in joining Hinchley Wood School. joining will be an excellent start to your teaching career. PRE at Hinchley Wood is a forward thinking subject and a very popular option at both KS4 and KS5 with 158 students studying the subject at KS4 and 72 at KS5.300 students on roll including 234 in our 6th form. In 2015. within this pack you will find information about the Benefits include:      An established and extensive NQT programme. celebrating student progress and development as well as academic achievement. and highly sought after with 1. We have an exciting opportunity for an enthusiastic and highly motivated PRE teacher to join a team passionate about their subject. An Ofsted inspection in September 2011 judged Hinchley Wood School to be “outstanding” stating that “students work exceptionally well together in this harmonious and cohesive delivering innovative and enjoyable lessons. If you would like to visit or have any questions prior to applying.January 2016 Dear Applicant Re: Teacher of Philosophy. In return for your hard work and commitment we offer exceptional support and training. our students achieved excellent examination results in PRE with 96% of GCSE students achieving A*-C. and use a wide range of techniques to challenge our students. I look forward to receiving your application by Monday 22nd February 2016 (noon). telephone Heather Morey on 020 8339 3902 or email: hmorey@hinchleywoodschool. academic and engaging insight into a variety of different worldviews and philosophical and ethical standpoints. where we may offer an additional responsibility if you are looking for a new challenge and ready to take on an extra role. 100% of our students achieved A*-C with a number going on to study Philosophy at a variety of Russell Group universities. or commencing your career in teaching. Joining Hinchley Wood School as a newly qualified teacher (NQT). Hinchley Wood is an inclusive and high achieving school in Esher. A tailor-made whole school professional development programme. and appreciate the time taken to consider and apply for this post. Lessons are centred around active learning. We would welcome an application whether you are an experienced member of staff. and the rewards that come with teaching students who really want to learn. Page 1 . Support network of other NQTs across subject areas. and achieve outstanding outcomes”. and A paid induction during July. subject department and the application process. At A level. We are one of the top 100 performing nonselective state funded schools in England.

included within this pack. which applies to all members of the school community. Yours faithfully Ben Bartlett Headteacher Page 2 .Hinchley Wood School is committed to safeguarding and promoting the welfare of children and young people and expects all staff and volunteers to share this commitment. The position advertised is subject to an Enhanced Disclosure and Barring Service Check. Staff and governors have also established a code of conduct.

and achieve outstanding outcomes.” (Ofsted. At A Level. September 2011) In Summer 2015. many gain recognition at local and national level for their achievements. 59 of these were accepted on to the course of their choice by their preferred university. In February 2012 the school acquired academy status. Well qualified and experienced staff work together to make this school a successful and happy community. September 2011) Page 3 . highlighting the excellent progress all groups of students make as a key strength: “Hinchley Wood is an outstanding school – the students work exceptionally well together in this harmonious and cohesive community. This success is based on an approach which combines high expectations with sensitivity to students' individual needs. All of these initiatives have enabled us to offer a much wider range of learning opportunities to students. In September 2011 Ofsted judged the school to be outstanding. We offer a rich. Students are actively encouraged to participate in a wide range of artistic and sporting activities. a university. “There is a highly positive ethos of behaviour for learning and achievement” (Ofsted. a national charity and a local arts charity to help develop the creative potential of all students. We were one of the first schools in the country to be designated a Music College and to set up an education trust for the benefit of students. Trustees include representatives from local and international businesses. the respect shown between staff and students is regarded as a particular strength of the school. We have an enthusiastic and effective school council.Background Information Hinchley Wood School has a well-established reputation within the area for providing high quality education and excellent public examination results. a very active school sustainability group and a long-standing and popular tradition of student involvement in charity and community work. Our effectiveness is dependent on developing good relationships with students and parents. Particular importance is placed on recognising and rewarding individual achievement. 79 students left us at the end of year 13 with 65 students going onto higher education. 82% of pupils achieved 5 or more A*-C grades at GCSE level and 79% achieved 5 or more A*-C grades including English and Maths. 100% of students achieved A*-E grades with 60% achieving A* -B. varied and stimulating curriculum as well as high class purpose built accommodation. and 35% gaining A*-A.

bakers. shopping centre and a large selection of bars restaurants and night clubs.Location Hinchley Wood is a largely residential village approximately 14 miles (23 km) south-west of London. petrol and train leisure centre. The M25 and A3 provide convenient road links to other areas. Surbiton. with extensive venues such as multiplex cinema. The parade of shops is the focal point of the village and features a village green. a parade of shops including post office. restaurants. Hinchley Wood is approximately 4 miles south from Kingston upon Page 4 . butchers. a buzzing market town. café. with regular fast rail links to London is 2 miles away and further south are the towns of Esher. The village developed largely because of the railway line and station with many of its residents commuting to London. small supermarket. Off-peak service to London Waterloo Monday to Saturday at 07 and 37 minutes past the hour and to Guildford via Cobham at 01 and 31 minutes past. Cobham and Walton upon Thames which offer a further selection of recreational facilities. For more information regarding Hinchley Wood click on this link: http://hinchleywood.

Vision To inspire all students to be … Confident Have self belief.Mission Statement: ‘Mission Statement ‘Committed to sustainability – caring for ourselves. the environment and the future. artistic and sporting activities. each other. They will take an interest in and contribute to a wide range of creative.’ . All students will develop creative and entrepreneurial skills.. be financially aware and able to use technology in all aspects of their order to take on the challenges of an ever competitive and changing world.. communicate clearly in any situation Considerate Respect others' views and values Determined Work hard to achieve the highest possible standards in all aspects of life Enthusiastic Willing to learn from mistakes and maintain a positive outlook Independent Take responsibility for themselves and their learning Page 5 .

parents. harassment  undermining. secure and stimulating learning environment. good relationships with all members of the school community and strategies to tackle discrimination. Ask for support whenever needed. We are committed to ensuring the welfare of all students. it draws on guidance. will receive behavioural support according to their needs. including looked after children. The code underpins the school’s behaviour policy which includes guidance on the way in which the school promotes positive attitudes to learning.g. This code sets out the key principles which govern the way in which we work together. patience and a genuine concern for others. staff. Take into account others’ work pressures and commitments. Report incidents or actions of others which they feel threaten the welfare and security of any member of the school community. 4. 8. 2. 10. governors and visitors should: 1. Have high expectations of themselves and of others. 3.Key Principles The governors are committed to securing the well-being of all members of the school community by creating a safe. harassment and bullying. e. 5. Dress in an appropriate manner as set out in the school’s dress/uniform code. the Equality Scheme and a range of school policies. bullying or intimidating any other member of the school community 6. Display the characteristics they want others to show including honesty. Treat one another with dignity and respect at all times. Vulnerable students. Recognise others’ achievements. Respect the boundaries in their relationships with each other and not abuse their position or age by:  entering into inappropriate relationships  committing such acts against an individual which are illegal. Work within set deadlines and arrive on time for meetings. physical assault. physical or mental needs. those with SEN. 7. All members of the school community including students. lessons and events. Page 6 . 9.

We currently teach a round 170 students at KS4 and around 70 at KS5. a number of students went on to study Philosophy at a variety of Russell Group universities. Lessons are centred around active learning. Our commitment to academic excellence is at the forefront of our teaching and delivery. In Key Stage 3.” (Kant) “It is better to be a philosopher dissatisfied than a fool satisfied.Department Information “The unexamined life is not worth living. covering a range of different worldviews and moral and philosophical themes. 8 and 9 we study one unit per half term. academic and engaging insight into a variety of different worldviews and philosophical and ethical standpoints. students achieved 68% A*-A and 100% A*-C. and use a wide range of techniques to challenge our students. At KS4. Exam Results In 2015. topics of study include: Year 7 World Religions Incredible Journeys Is Religion worth dying for? Year 8 Christianity and Art Is Religion a good Thing? What does it mean to be a hero? Page 7 . Our aim is to challenge our students’ way of thinking and to prepare many of them for the challenges of the GCSE course. Religion and Ethics (PRE) at Hinchley Wood is a forward thinking subject. We have a wide range of reading materials which students can access in both the library and through our own literature collection. PRE is a very popular option at both KS4 and KS5.” (Socrates) “Two things fill me with increasing admiration and awe…the starry sky above me and the moral law within me. We also aim to integrate the latest technologies into our teaching and this includes using twitter and instagram to support students outside of the classroom. This included five A* grades and only one C grade.” (Mill) Philosophy. our 104 students achieve 69% A-A* and 96% A*-C. KS3 Curriculum In Years 7. Each classroom has its own interactive whiteboard. The department currently consists of three full-time members of staff. At KS5. We aim to provide students with a reflective. Following on from these results. we achieved some of the highest results of any department in the school.

we will be switching our exam board to AQA. we have decided to opt for the new AQA specification from September. KS5 Curriculum Our current A-level is with Edexcel and we follow the Philosophy of Religion and Ethics components of the course. The structure of this course we allow students to systematically explore the beliefs and practices of both Christianity and Islam. Staff Mr Richard Cooper – Head of Department Mr Nick Lang Miss Bethan Rose Page 8 .Year 9 Is there a right way to live? Controversial beliefs How do we know what is real? KS4 Curriculum We currently follow the OCR course but with the new 2016 specification changes. crime and punishment and the secularisation of society from a variety of religious and non-religious standpoints. The other half of the course involves exploring contemporary issues such as war and peace. This will allow students not only to explore philosophical and ethical theories but also to evaluate contemporary theological issues in areas such as gender and secularisation. As of 2016.

 Use a wide range of resources.  Complete relevant tasks to a high standard. Job Purpose To teach and tutor students across the full age and ability range in order to ensure the highest possible standards of achievement. The post holder will be paid on the appropriate point of the Teacher’s Pay Scale. the effective use of resources. At the heart of a successful school is the provision of high quality teaching and tutoring.  Provide intervention for under-performing students. Assessment  Give timely. helpful feedback to students. maintain. by working effectively in subject and tutor teams and by delivering high standards of teaching and learning and personal care. personal development and well-being. positive.TEACHER Line of Responsibility: Salary: The teacher is directly responsible to the head of department on curriculum matters and the head of learning for pastoral issues. improving standards of achievement for all students and the promotion of students’ personal development and well-being. A teacher/tutor plays a key part in this provision by a commitment to the school’s ethos. Page 9 .  Understand and utilise the principles behind Assessment for Learning. Tutoring  Actively monitor student’s progress and provide support where needed. including taking of the register and completion of absence returns. to good effect. as appropriate:    Teacher Standards Induction Standards Threshold Standards All teachers are expected to: Teaching  Consistently plan and deliver good lessons taking account of students’ prior learning and needs.  Encourage students’ self-development and personal expression through PSHE and tutor time sessions.  Regularly assess and mark students’ work in line with the school and departmental guidelines.  Complete reports to a high standard and within the specified deadline.JOB DESCRIPTION . the Learning Support Department and the Achievement Co-ordinator to meet the needs of different groups of learners in particular SEN students and those who have been identified as potential high attainers (PHA).  Work closely with Learning Support Assistants. including ICT. The post holder will continue to meet. and build upon.  Provide a stimulating classroom/learning environment.

policies and procedures as agreed by the governing body. General      The post holder is required to support and encourage the school’s ethos and its objectives.Professional development and wider contribution to the school community  Proactively engage in continuous professional development to reflect on and improve your teaching repertoire. This job description is not necessarily a comprehensive definition of the post. start lessons and tutor periods on time and purposefully engage students for the duration of the period. policy development and initiatives where appropriate.  Commit to safeguarding and promoting the welfare of children and young people. that of other teachers and support staff.  Participate in arrangements for the appraisal and review of own performance and.  Register. particularly by leading and contributing to extra-curricular activities. Page 10 .  Contribute to the life of the community.  Attend parents’ evenings and other meetings/workshops as appropriate. General well being /safeguarding  Adhere to the school code of conduct. To uphold the school's policy in respect of child protection matters.  Contribute to working groups.  Promote the safety and well-being of students. where appropriate. All staff members participate in the school’s performance management scheme. The postholder may be required to perform any other reasonable tasks after consultation. It will be reviewed once a year and it may be subject to modification at any time after consultation with the postholder to meet changing regulations or circumstances.

Evidence of working with other professionals as part of a team. Knowledge/Skills (Ability to) Essential     Develop a broad and imaginative range of teaching skills. Evidence of taking responsibility for own professional development. learning and behaviour management strategies including how to personalise learning to provide opportunities for all learners to achieve their potential. Make effective use of assessment for learning in the classroom. Personal Attributes Essential         Enthusiasm for the subject and a desire to communicate that to others. Evidence of leading high quality extracurricular activities. Experience of using ICT for subject development. Desirable    Involvement in creative and innovative teaching developments. plan and organise own work and that of students. Think creatively and imaginatively to solve challenges.TEACHER Qualifications Essential  Qualified teacher status Desirable  Experience Essential      Have met the Teacher Standards and continue to meet them. Ability to prioritise. Desirable  Knowledge of how to use and adapt a range of teaching. Demonstrate energy. advice and contribution of others. Have a secure knowledge and understanding of own subject/curriculum area.PERSON SPECIFICATION . Commitment to running and leading extra curricular activities. Ability to build on the experience. Commitment to continuing professional development Desirable      Experience of teaching a second subject. where appropriate. Commitment to the highest standards of child protection. Understanding Experience of personal involvement in the wider curriculum. Effective interpersonal skills. Self-motivated and a desire to achieve the highest possible standards. leading to consistently high standards of achievement. Willingness to take on delegated responsibility. Evidence of good teaching skills. High-level communication and presentation skills applicable to a range of audiences. Enjoy working with young people. Knowledge of current developments in teaching and learning. Page 11 . vigour and perseverance and promote an ‘I can’ philosophy. Experience of teaching across all Key Stages.

complete and return the application form by the closing date Hinchley Wood School is committed to equal opportunities and to safeguarding and promoting the welfare of children and young people and expects all staff and volunteers to share this Application Process Please download. This can be emailed to the address below or sent by post to: Personnel Department Hinchley Wood School Claygate Lane Esher KT10 0AQ For further information please contact Heather Morey on 020 8339 3902 or via email hmorey@hinchleywoodschool. Page 12 . Appointment to this post is subject to an enhanced check by the Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS).