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Interviewfragen zur Mediensituation in Rumänien/Interview

Regarding The Media Situation In Romania
Kernfrage: Welche Bedeutung hat die öffentliche Kommunikation im Internet
angesichts der Medienlandschaft in Rumänien? Welche Rolle spielen dabei
Medienpolitik und Medienbildung?
(Inwiefern haben Onlinemedien Einfluss auf die Entwicklung der Meinungsfreiheit?)
Core question: What ist he signification of the public communication in the Internet
compared to the media landscape in Romania? Which role do media politics and
media education play? (In which way do Onlinemedia have influence on the
development of media freedom?

Medienlandschaft und Medienfreiheit/Media landscape and media freedom
- Wie sieht die Medienlandschaft in der Öffentlichen Kommunikation im Internet
in Rumänien aus? Vor allem im Bezug auf unabhängige Anbieter(private
Anbieter, Social Media, Plattformen usw) der gesellschaftlich- politischen
What does the media landscape in the online public communication in
Rumania look like? Espacially regarding independent vendors(private
vendors, social media, platforms etc.) of social- politic topics.
Unfortunately this is not an easy question to answer. All major online media
conglomerates are either owned by an individual/group of individuals that are
only interested in their own political agendas, or are perceived as following
such an agenda. This discredits the media platform and splits the user base
into “with” and “against” users.
In regards to public institutions this is non-existent. The Romanian institutions
are well behind the norm in regards to online public communication. It is
basically impossible for them to communicate online since a vast majority of
them do not have the possibility of hiring an online media specialist. This
tends to increase citizen dissatisfaction because of the uncertainty of certain
aspects related to how the public institutions work and because it ends up with
increasing the bureaucracy.

Gibt es dort außerrechtliche Einschränkungen bezüglich Medienfreiheit?
Are there any extralegal restrictions regarding media freedom?
In regards to media freedom Romania doesn’t have any restrictions. It has
long been argued that since the fall of communism media freedom has been
limited by the National Audiovisual Council. But its laws are nothing but
permissive in comparison with countries that have a long tradition regarding
media freedom.


Wie aktiv und in welchen Bereichen werden Onlinemedien zur öffentlichen
Kommunikation ihrer Ansicht nach genutzt? Welche Bedeutung würden sie
ihnen zuschreiben?
How much and in which fields are the Onlinemedia used for the public
communication in your view? What signification would you attribute to them?

- Kann insgesamt von einer Ergänzung der Onlinemedien zur sonstigen Medienlandschaft Rumäniens. It was regarding the freedom of expression online. does it have effects on the online public communication? (regarding offer.) At the moment it only caused outrage in the public and online communication.. This was proven two times in the last two years: during the presidential campaign in 2014 and after the Colectiv tragedy in 2015. haben diese Auswirkungen auf die öffentliche Kommunikation im Internet? (bezüglich Angebot. The young generation uses almost exclusively the online for communication.It really depends on the age and education of the public that we speak of.. In Romania the consumption of traditional media is dropping at an exponential rate due to the younger generation moving away from it and towards the online communication. Are there still influences that restrict or act on it? Yes.. or do they exclude the other? Online media communication is the best way to reach the younger generation. as I stated before. with strong ties between traditional and new-age media like social sharing in website integration. was the catalyst for changes in the Romanian society. The law hasn’t passed on the first try. On both times the offline media was arguing from different standpoints than the young generation online. Nutzung... which at the moment. usage. If it were to pass it will have a significant impact in online public communication due to its overall abusive aspect. gesprochen werden oder schließen sie sich aus? Are the online media a supplement to the rest of the media landscape in Romania. regarding the public communication. the media networks have developed one of the best online media communication strategies available in the EU. There are talks in recent times in the Romanian parliament that a law should be passed that would limit the freedom of expression. Because of this. but it was slightly changed and they are trying to vote for it again. - Falls ja.) If so. - Gesetzlich ist die Meinungsfreiheit in Rumänien verankert. which led to a clash of generations on the streets. bezüglich der öffentlichen Kommuniaktion. Gibt es trotzdem Einflüsse die auf diese einwirken und sie einschränken? Legally the freedom of expression is anchored in the Romanian law. - Spielt die mediale Partizipation im Internet folglich eine wichtige Rolle im Bezug auf die öffentliche Kommunikation im Allgemeinen? Hence. but the older generation tends to trust the offline media communication. does the media participation in the internet play an important role in terms of public communication in total? .

Most of the rural area of Romania is underdeveloped and below the poverty line. Romania has one of the cheapest internet bills in the world. - Andersrum: Haben diese Einschränkungen merkliche Auswirkungen auf die benachteiligten Personen? (z.Yes.B unzureichende Vertretung ländlicher Interessen. And these groups are mostly found in the rural areas of Romania. are the restrictions in opportunities of access noticeable in the offer of online public communication?( e. - Gibt es außerdem Einschränkungen der Zugangsmöglichkeiten? Are there further restrictions of the opportunities of access? It would be extremely easy to say that the cost of access to the internet is too high in rural areas of Romania. Rezeptionsmöglichkeiten/Opportunities of Access 52% der Rumänen über 16 sind aktive Internetnutzer(3h und mehr pro Tag).. so this couldn’t be a problem. davon leben 67% in Städten und nur ein Drittel in ländlichen Regionen. but that is simply not true. Internet access should be a human rights issue. it is difficult to say that the public communication has a true and important role in the Romanian society.) This neither. - Wie sind die Rezeptionsmöglichkeiten der Onlinemedia in Rumänien? What are the opportunities of perception of the online media in Romania? I don’t understand this question  - Falls ja. regarding future chances) Yes! This is true anywhere in the world... institutions.g. insufficient representation of rural intrests.) If so. 52% of the Romanians over 16 are active internet users(3h and more per day). machen sich diese Einschränkungen der Zugangsmöglichkeiten im Angebot der öffentlichen Kommunikation im Internet(z. but because of the perception of subjective and bought media. What might be a limiting factor is the influence the church has in certain groups. .B bezüglich Zukunftschancen) Or the other way round: Do this possible restrictions have noticible impacts on the disadvantaged people?(e. therof live 67% in towns and cities and only one third in rural areas. Institutionen. thus making it hard for internet service providers to make it worth the investment to provide internet access to the rural areas of Romania.. a necessity for every society in order for it to develop and thrive.. - Wie lässt sich dieser Unterschied erklären? How can these differences be explained? The differences are explained by the lack of access to online media in the rural areas of Romania.g..

Some universities allow the teaching of courses that engage the students in real-time internet usage skills. - Gibt es Änderungen oder Entwicklungen in der Medienbildung seit dem EUBeitritt oder eventuell geplante staatliche Programme? Are there developments or changes in the media education since the accession to the EU or planned state programs? Romanias’ entry into the European Union has brought nothing new into the media education industry of Romania. schulisch? In what way does media education exist in Romania. Medienbildung/ Media Education . especially if the said individual is living in a rural area. - Welche Rolle spielt die Medienbildung im Bezug auf Partizipation an der öffentlichen Kommunikation im Internet? What part plays the media education regarding participation in the online public communication? Since there is no media education in Romania. There is no interest in educating the people because this would lead to a better understanding of the manipulation that takes place in the media industry of Romania.A lack of access to online media has been proven to be detrimental in the development of an individual. Möchten sie noch etwas hinzufügen?/ Is there something you want to add? .Inwiefern ist Medienbildung sowohl im Bezug auf Internetnutzung als auch Medienkompetenz im Allgemeinen in Rumänien vorhanden? Außerschulisch. an area that by definition is lacking many of the opportunities that arise if the individual was living in an urban area. regarding internet usage and media competence in general? Extra-school/ in school It is basically non-existent. but they are few and far apart. it is hard to estimate the impact of it onto the online public communication.

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