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Electric Mining Shovel
Product Overview

endured – and remained largely unchanged since that time.1900AL Shovel Taking the Next Step: Building on Proven Success When the P&H 1900AL was introduced in 1977. • Lowest Total Cost of Ownership • High-strength. easy shovel maintenance and system diagnostics. the result was one of the most rugged. The result is smooth. Simple. rapid passage of the dipper through the bank for increased dipper fill factor without stalling. proven components. P&H 1900ALs utilize friction-free P&H Magnetorque® electromagnetic power drive to develop exceptional bail pull in the hoist function when encountering extremely heavy digging. minimized electrical inertia and rapid motor response. straight-forward circuitry promotes fast. Proven Performance P&H Shovels have been exceeding A Closer Look customer requirements and expectations Them 1900AL utilizes since 1932. low alloy • Highest productivity • Superior machine reliability and durability We set the industry standard for Electric Mining Shovels 2 | Joy Global | 1900AL Electric Mining Shovel Product Overview steel structures • Motors designed and manufactured by Joy Global specifically for Electric Mining Shovel . easy to operate and easy to maintain electric mining shovels that has excelled. reliable. Modern P&H 1900ALs now feature a solid-state Magnetorque-based control system to obtain fast dig cycle time.

higher productivity • Rack and pinion crowd – Less maintenance. reliable equipment We are driven by achieving the lowest Total Cost of Ownership for our customers: • Quality components • Focus on machine availability and productivity • Heavy-duty structures • Joy Global field support Solid-State. faster cycle times. The P&H 1900AL sets the standard in performance and productivity.The Joy Global Performance Edge Joy Global is the Worldwide Leader in Electric Mining Shovels. Attachment of choice for the world’s toughest pits • Twin-leg dipper handle – Stable dipper trajectory. all weather performer • P&H Dippers – Designed and built for optimum digging and long service life • Designed for severe-duty digging and loading • Years of experience in building rugged. Magnetorque based control system • Fast cycle time • Minimized electrical inertia • Rapid motor response • Simple. straight forward circuitry Joy Global Support • Reliability Centered Maintenance support • Life Cycle Management programs • Genuine OEM parts • Component rebuild and exchange programs 1900AL Electric Mining Shovel Product Overview | Joy Global | 3 .

8 39.6 meters 6 4 2 0 2 4 6 8 10 12 14 16 18 feet 19.2 m 27 ft. 0 in.6 0 0 2 6.6 0 6.1 m3 10-25 yd3 Rated Suspended Load 37. 6 in. .9 52.1 C    L ROTATION Working Ranges Capacity Height of Cut 13. 4 | Joy Global | 1900AL Electric Mining Shovel Product Overview 18 mt 20 st 10. 0 in.4 45.5 59.0 m 42 ft.1 6.6 13. Actual dumping height can be greater than door clearance height.7 m3 14 yd3 Range Dipper Capacity 7.6 m 38 ft.8 8 26. Operator Eye Level 7.0 m 23 ft.2 mt 41 st *Payload and dipper capacity are dependent on many factors.8 m 58 ft.7 13. 6 in.1 19.4 10 32. Tail Swing Radius 7.7 4 13. *Height shown with bail-type dipper. Floor Level Radius 11.2 32. Nominal Dipper Capacity* Dumping Height* (Door Open) 8. 0 in.5 14 45.5-19.1 1900 AL 2 6. Contact Joy Global for an analysis of your specific application.2 6 19. Heights will be greater with bail-less or compactbail dippers.7 26. 3 in. Nominal Payload* Radius of Cut 17.General Specifications 1900AL feet meters Electric Mining Shovel 16 52.4 m 24 ft.9 12 39.

Width of Crawler Shoes (standard) Width of Crawler Shoes (optional) 1066 mm 1219mm 42 in.air type Standard: Thermal Overloads Optional: Electronic motor protection relay Main Transformer Protection 43 in. 3.5 Each 1.6 mm Center Gudgeon 10 7. Propel Crowd Motor Blower HP Swing Motor Blower HP (two) Oil Tight Gear Case Bearings 20 ft. Dual from Either Crawler Steering Lock Propel Speed V-Brake Type 1. Welded Integral with Boom First Reduction Gearing Conical Worm Worm and Wheel Bearings Tapered & Straight Roller Shipper Shaft Bearing Type Sleeve Shipper Shaft Bearing Dia.6 Propel Motor Blower HP Hoist Gearcase Pump Motor HP Air Compressor Motor HP Dipper Trip Motor HP Motor Shaft Type of Swing Live Roller Circle Number of Rollers in Roller Circle Sealed Tapered 40 Tapered Roller Diameter Roller Track Mean Diameter Type of Fastening to Upper Front Idler Dia. Access to Crowd Machinery 305 mm 12 in.25 in. Each Crawler Frame 3300 / 6600V 3 Phase.5 1. 3 in. Number of Crawler Shoes (42” & 48”) (Both Crawlers) Steering 88 Air.50/60 cycle 9 in. 60 Hz 3 Phase.5 Each 1.Electrical Control Systems Swing Main Machinery Motors P&H DC Mill Type Motors Gear Case (Two Used) Propel Motor HP at 475 volts DC (one hour) 325 HP peak 370 Motor ventilation Blown HP at 475 volts DC (continuous) Swing Motor (vertical – 2 used) Total 355 HP peak 325 Motor ventilation Crowd Motor Blown HP at 475 volts DC (continuous) 130 HP peak 250 Motor ventilation Blown Insulation Class H Bearings Ball or roller Bearing Lubrication Grease *Specifically designed for mining shovel service.96 m Swing Disc Brakes (Two Used) Spring Set-Air Release Brake Location 60 Hz 50 Hz Each 15 Each 15 1. Shipper Pinion Pitch Dia. 50 Hz HP continuous 750 750 HP intermittent 1875 1875 590 rpm 590 rpm Swing Generator Output to meet swing motor capacity Crowd Generator Output to meet crowd/propel motor capacity Hoist Magnetorque® HP 700 700 Peak HP 725 725 Voltage of AC Auxiliary Units 440 380/415 High Voltage Collector Dry type Non-fused .5 2 1.63 kmph 1. Pitch of Crawler Shoes (42” & 48”) 375 mm 14. Location of Gudgeon Adjusting Nut 6. Railed Platform Primary fusing Low Voltage Protection Circuit breakers Main Motor Starting Across-the-line vacuum contactor Optional Main Motor Starting 65% voltage with Autotransformer & three vacuum contactors Transformer Main/Lighting 100 kVA Note: Transformer capacities may vary depending on options. Auxiliary Motors* House Blower Motor HP (two) Tapered Roller Swing Transmission (Two Used) Spur Gears Swing Gear External Cut Teeth Swing Gear Dia.66 m On Upper 1 Power Requirements Speed . 8 558 mm 22 in. 48 in. 1092 mm Gear Case Bearing Tapered Roller Propel Transmission Spur Gears Propel Brakes (Two Used) Spring Set-Air Release Brake Location Final Reduction Pinion Shaft Center to Center of Sprockets 15 Number of Lower Rollers.17 m Diameter of Lower Rollers Main AC Motor 228. 1900AL Electric Mining Shovel Product Overview | Joy Global | 5 .75 in.01 mph Crowd Gear Case Oil Tight.   387 mm 15.5 Shovel Power 13 ft. Oil Tight 1 2400 / 4160V High Voltage Motor Protection 12 ft. Gear Case 10 Incoming Supply Requirements High Voltage Disconnect 3.

05 m 10.36 m 10.   0 in.62 m 0. 42 in. 22 ft. B A C 1900 AL H G D E F Machinery Deck Plan Hoist Holding Brake Welder Magnetorque (Outer) Hoist Drive Hoist Transmission Double Reduction Hoist Drum Oil Tank Grease Tank Air Tank Swing Motor and Transmission Magnetorque (Inner) Hoist Drive Swing Generator Low Voltage Collector Air Compressor Capacitor Case Assembly Motor Swing Motor and Transmission Propel and Crowd Generator Crowd Blower Operator’s compartment Elevated Above Machinery Deck AC Driving Motor Lighting Load Center Roller Chain Generator Drive Auto Transformer HV Contactor Control Cabinet 110V Load Auxiliary Center Load Center Motor Control Center Meter Transformer Cabinet 6 | Joy Global | 1900AL Electric Mining Shovel Product Overview High Voltage Cabinet Air Disconnect Switch Cabinet Main Transformer .   0 in. 48 in. 33 ft.24 m D Width of Crawler Shoes E F G H Width of Crawlers (42") Length of Crawlers Ground Clearance Height — Ground to Bottom of Counterweight Slabs 26 ft.71 m 7. 34 ft.   9 in.   4 in. 7 ft.   2 in.Overall Dimensions A Width B Length C Height Over Gantry 8.11 m 1066 mm 1219 mm 6.   1 ft. 25 ft.   5 in.53 m 2.   0 in.

73. Single part quadruplex hoist cable Drum Shaft Bearings Other Bearings Tapered roller Tapered and straight roller First Reduction Gears Spur Hoist Break Spring-set-air release Boom Point Sheaves Pitch Dia.931 kg 842. dual line with programmable logic controller Weights – Approximate* Working Weight (with Dipper.3 kPa 37.) Counterweight (Punchings)** * All weights subject to 5% variation. 14.3 kPa 33.000 lbs   48” Shoes / 1219 mm 381.000 lbs. Tapered Roller 92.43 kg 120.27 m2 25. Wt.15 m 240 ft.Hoist Control System Gear Case Drum Pitch dia.5 KW Crowd – propel transfer Magnetic Modified helical Other Gears Hoist Break Location P&H solid state electronic Cable Data Type Size Length Hoist (2 required) 14 38 mm 1.5 in. Ground Pressure & Weight *45º boom angle Bearing Area – Ground Pressure Standard:   Crawler Bearing Area   42” Shoes / 1066 mm 14. 66 in.000 lbs 54.998 kg 205. Approx.23 m2 22. ** To be furnished by customer.756 kg 835.060 in2 261. Drum Length Drum Groove Arrangement Oil Tight Operating Motion Control 997 mm 39¼ in.66 m 48 ft.24 m 50 ft. 1900AL Electric Mining Shovel Product Overview | Joy Global | 7 .000 lbs   Crawler Ground Pressure   42” Shoes / 1066 mm Optional:   Crawler Bearing Area   48” Shoes / 1219 mm   Crawler Ground Pressure   48” Shoes / 1219 mm Lubrication System Type Centralized.5 in. Dipper Trip – Electric 12 13 mm . 15.4 psi   42” Shoes / 1066 mm 378.210 in2 230. Propel Steering 1168 mm 46 in. Boom Suspension (4 required) 25 51 mm 2 in.9 psi 16. 1 in. Outboard of hoist gear case 1676 mm Boom Point Bearing Maximum Dipper Bail Pull From operator’s station Hoist Controller – horn & dipper trip Joystick Swing/Crowd/Propel Controller Joystick Static Exciter 7.

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