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XI Interview Questions and Clues

-->Steps required for configuring a scenario
1. Interface Determination-- RB_SPLIT and RB_CLASSIC, Conditional Interface
2. Receiver Determination -- Conditional Receiver Determination
3. Sender / Receiver Agreement-- Why don’t IDOC and HTTP has a sender agreement,
Flow of how XI determines the configuration scenario
-->-->Types of mapping
1. Types of Java Mapping -- DOM and SAX Parser. Advantages and Disadvantages.
2. XSLT mapping
3. Graphical Mapping
Questions on context change, standard functions in XI etc.
-->Questions on adapters
1. Which adapters run on j2ee engine and which run on ABAP stack?
2. Use of each adapter
-->Questions on Content conversion
1. How and why is content conversion performed?
-->Questions on BPM and the step types in BPM.
1. Correlation
2. Synch/asynch bridge
3. Collect pattern.
4. for each and par for each in a block
5. Send synchronously and asynchronously.
6. Step types in BPM.
-->Questions on ALERTS.
1. How do u define Alert Category, rules, etc.
2. How do you test an Alert?
3. Alerts in a BPM
-->Architecture of XI
1. How and what are the stacks available in XI
2. Need for datatype, message type, message interface, message mapping, interface
mapping, etc.
3. Synch/ Asynch/ outbound/inbound/ abstract interfaces, etc.

Integration Engine 1.. retrieve MESSAGE_ID from a BPM to implement dynamic mail address 6. How can I implement dynamic mail address with XI mail adapter? Take a look at this weblog: Mail Adapter (XI) . How can I retrieve MESSAGE_ID from a BPM? Take a look at this weblog: XI: How to.Unable to convert the sender service to an ALE logical system 4. ICM_HTTP_TIMEOUT error There are two ways of changing this timeout: a) check out note: 824554 and try to change it in the instance profile b) TCODE SXMB_ADM -> Configure Integration server -> change specific identifiers Set Runtime parameter: HTTP_TIMEOUT Rember to restart XI after the change 7. Can I use alert with variables from the messages payload? Take a look at this weblog: Alerts with variables from the messages payload (XI) .. I cannot see some of my messages in SXMB_MONI Take a look at this weblog: XI: I cannot see some of my messages in the SXMB_MONI 3. I got "message waiting in queue" status of my messages You need to register the Queues .UPDATED 5. I have an error: "Unable to convert the sender service to an ALE logical system" Take a look at this weblog: XI Error .

There's something wrong with my Integration Process . Unable to check flight availability .login required: How To handle Caches in SAP XI 3.0 Take a look at this weblog: Cache Refresh Errors – New Phenomena 9. Or run program: RSXMB_REGISTER_QUEUES 8. If you want to delete it: a) go to the Message type that you're using in your scenario b) remove XML namespace 13. I have a problem with namespaces in XI .TCODE SXMB_ADM -> Manage Queues -> Register the Queues.status code 500 error Check if all clients except Integration server are set as application servers: a) TCODE .SWF_XI_CUSTOMIZING b) you may try to repeat the activation of the integration process in TCODE SXI_CACHE.but now I see it's not changed completely .what should I do? Take a look at note: 721548 XI 3. 10.SXMB_ADM b) Integration Server configuration c) set the "Role of Business System" as LOC "Application system" 12. The Link "alert configuration" from RWB is not working .Is there a way to remove them? The message namespace has a default value taken from the Software Component Version namespace. I've changed my service user password .it has code other then 0 and it's not working a) check if you have all entries green in TCODE . I have a problem with the cache on XI Check this "how to" document from sapNET .0: Changing the passwords of the XI service users 11.

My alerts don't work . I cannot update my CPA cache .a) on your XI box go to TCODE .XI 3.0 SP10 Mail Adapter (Receiver/Outbound) authentication 801868 .Troubleshooting guide XI: Alerts . How can I unloack a locked object in the Integration Builder? Directory: http://server:port/dir/support/public/LockAdminService Repository: http://server:port/rep/support/public/LockAdminService 19.NullPointerException in DTR/XI running on AIX 817049 .SE38 and run program RSXMB_ACTIVATE_ICF_SERVICES b) check SAP note: 750287 (XI 3.Java(TM) Web Start in XI 3.Troublesh.what authorizations do I need to do it? Take a look at this note: 741214 .what should I check ? Take a look at those weblogs: XI: Alerts . I have a null pointer exception in XI Take a look at these notes: 859465 . My ABAP proxy from Application system is not working Take a look at "XI Configuration guide" section: "Connecting Business Systems with an Integration Engine to the Central Integration Server" and maintain the "dest://<HTTPDESTINATION>" in TCODE: SXMB_ADM for the application system 15.Step by step 17. How can I access the like version Message monitoring tool? .0: FAQ/Troubleshooting 16.0 Runtime Workbench: Alert configuration does not start) and change values in your ExchangeProfile c) check if you can accept cookies 14. during cache update of the J2EE CPACache service 18.

0 System 26.what can I do? . How can I monitor the CPA cache? Display: http://server:port/CPACache/monitor. How should I use Message Packages? Take a look at this weblog: XI:Idoc Message Packages 24. How Should I start and stop the XI correctly? Take a look at this note: 870864 . How can I use correlation in a BPM? Take a look at this weblog: Do you like to understand “correlation” in XI? 25.jsp 20.Statistics on XI messages for Remote Services 27. How can I get message statistics from the ABAP engine? Take a look at a report attached to this note: 746088 .Starting and Stopping an XI 3. I cannot logon to the Visual Administrator Take a look at this PAG: Visual Administrator: Logon Failure 22. My PMI doesn't work Take a look at this PAG: No Data From PMI Java Agents 23.jsp 21.Lite MDT: http://server:port/MessagingSystem/monitor/monitor.jsp History: http://server:port/CPACache/history.I see an error "Unable to connect to the Integration Builder" while trying to create ABAP Proxies .

Take a look at this weblog: How do you activate ABAP Proxies? Mappings 1. How should I test my mappings ? Take a look at this weblog: XI: How to test your mapping (in real life scenarios) 5. How can I use XSLT with ABAP engine? Take a look at this weblog: Using ABAP XSLT Extensions for XI Mapping Inside com. graphical mapping? Take a look at this weblog: GlobalContainer .XI folder you'll find the jar How can access technical context object? Take a look at this weblog: Simple java code in graphical mapping . Where can I find aii_map_api. How can I use GlobalContainer .com\com.xi. How can I transform XML into a string?</</b> Take a look at this weblog: XI: XML node into a string with graphical mapping 7. Are there any how to documents describing standard mapping functions? .in graphical mapping (XI) 3.Graphical Advanced Mapping 2.are there any guides on this subject? take a look at those presentations from SAP: Exchange Infrastructure .sap. I have a problem with mapping .jar to create my Java mapping? Go to your XI server folders and use this path: j2ee\cluster\server0\apps\sap.

Consider using reduced IDOCs Take a look at this note: 709400 . it's possible! 12. Can I use multimappings without the BPM? If you have SP14 then this is possible Take a look at this weblog: Multi-Mapping without BPM . How to analyze mapping problems? Take a look at this note: 801951 . How to analyze problems with value mappings? Take a look at this note: 858766 .XI30: Analyzing mapping problems 14.Part I Message Mapping Simplified .Take a look at those weblogs: The Use of "suppress" in the XI 3. How can I throw exceptions in message mappings? Take a look at this weblog: Throwing Smart Exceptions in XI Graphical Mapping 13.0 Graphical Mapping Tool New functions in the Graphical Mapping Tool SP13 Message Mapping Simplified .Part II 9.Yes.XI30: Analysis of value mapping problems . How can I test user advanced functions in NWDS? Take a look at this weblog: Testing User defined Functions for the XI Graphical Mapping Tool 10. I have problems with testing large idocs in the message mapping test tool.Performance problems with large IDocs in mapping tool 11.

.Adapters 1. How do I use 'Apply Control Record Values from Payload' parameter with the IDOC adapter? See notes: a) 728792 .how the fields in the control record get set.XI CONNECTIVITY SE Then this path: independent 5.SAP NETWEAVER ... I can't see my adapters in the adater monitoring after the import of a new SP a) try reimporting "SAP Basis software component" b) take a look at the XI installation guide on how to do it: "Importing the XI Content for Software Component Version SAP Basis 6.Entry by Component ... b) 792333 for an overview of how to convert partners in the IDoc adapter.EDI_DC40 . How can I access filename from File/FTP Sender Adapter Take a look at this weblog: ...0 . Where can I find J2SE plain Adapter https://websmp106.XI Adapter Engine J2SE .SAP NetWeaver .... I have a problem with sending RFC from R/3 to XI Take a look at this weblog: Configuring the Sender RFC Adapter .Support Packages and Patches .step by step 2.. Also check: Fields of the IDoc Control Record XI: IDOC Adapter .40" 4...demystified 3.....SAP NETWEAVER 04 ..

0 Adapter Framework: Overview of available FAQ notes inside you'll find all available FAQ SAP notes.XI 3.if you don't have any errors over there .0 File Sender: Accessing source file name from a module Copy a file with same filename using XI 6.XI can I test the sample adapter? Take a look at this weblog: Testing Sample Adapter Software Landscape Directory . Where can I find FAQ on adapters? Take a look at this note: 821268 .SP14 Develop a module for file adapter and use the code from this SAP note: 819761 . Where can I find http adapter test tool? Client_httpAdapter.html code 9. I'd like to develop my own adapter . I got error message "SLDAccess set to true. How can I access adapter monitor? Try this link: http://xiserver:j2eeport/mdt/amtServlet 10. but not available".SLD 1. Where can I find examples on Adapter module development? Copy a file with same filename using XI Read Excel instead of XML through FileAdapter 8. Go to SLD: http://server:port/sld/ListServlet?bsview=true Business systems and check if your XI business system has correct "Pipeline URL" parameter defined: http://server:httpport/sap/xi/engine?type=entry also check TCODE -> SLDCHECK .XI: The same filename from a sender to a receiver file adapter . 7.

Are there some problem guides for XI scenarios? Take a look at this weblog: XI . How can I access SDL logs? Use this link: http://server:port/sld/admin/log.Reduce the number of System Landscape Direcotries (SLD) 3.jsp Documents 1.from your dependencies? 4.2. How do I define dependencies? XI: Are you Independent. Where can I find BPM related weblogs? Walkthrough with BPM RFC Scenario using BPM --Starter Kit XI: How to.. Where can I find document templates for XI? Take a look at this weblog: XI . I want to change the number of System Landscape Direcotries Check this "how to" document from sapNET . retrieve MESSAGE_ID from a BPM 4.login required: HowTo handle SLD and XI also check this SAP note: 720717 ..Problem Analysis Guide .Have you seen this? 3.. Where can I find IDOCs related weblogs? Introduction to IDoc-XI-File scenario and complete walk through for starters Configuration steps required for posting idoc's(XI) Convert any flat file to any Idoc-Java Mapping File to Multiple IDocs (XSLT Mapping) ..SAP's document templates 2.

sap.0 JDBC Sender/Receiver adapter 6." documents on the service.. Where can I find JDBC related weblogs? FILE to JDBC Adapter using SAP XI XI How to. documents 7.5.. Where can I find XI "Admin Check"? XI Admin Check 8. How does software logistics look like in XI? XI Software Logistics 1: SLD Preparation XI Software Logistics II: Overview . Where can I find XI "How to..0 JDBC Stored Procedures RDBMS system integration using XI 3..