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Write an essay summarising and evaluating the key points from both texts.

Use your own words

throughout as far as possible, and include you own ideas in your answers.
The effects of music
We humans are a musical species no less than a linguistic one. This takes many different forms. All
of us (with very few exceptions) can perceive music, harmony and rhythm. We integrate all of these
using many different parts of the brain. And to this largely unconscious appreciation of music is
added an often intense and profound emotional reaction. Shakespeare referred to music as the "food
of love", and for most people their lives would be poorer without music. Music is capable
of stimulating both passion and compassion, speaking to our very core and taking us to the heights
and depths of emotion.
Music in schools?
There is little doubt that regular exposure to music, and especially active participation in music,
may stimulate development of other abilities. Some argue that music is as important educationally as
reading or writing, and suggest that a musical education advantages those with mathematical
aptitude. What people do not agree about, however, is which kind of music is the most educationally
valuable. Some regard classical music as the only kind of music that should be taught in schools.
However, leaving aside the problem of defining "classical" in different cultural contexts, there is a
strong case that all types of music are equally valid in stimulating an individual's potential.
Write your essay.

Humans and Music

Music has accompanied human beings throughout history and has undeniably become an essential
factor in our lives. Both pieces of text focus on the effects of music on us and discuss whether it
should be taught in schools and why.
Let's start by stating that there is a strong connection between all kinds of music and the human
emotions. We have an aptitude to appreciate the harmony brought by a series of carefully arranged
rhythms, be it Mozart's nineteenth sonata or Justin Bieber's latest single. It is currently widely
accepted that music induces hormonal and thus, emotional responses in our brains. Some would even
compare songs to drugs, since they could conceivably become addictive: take the case of any
summer hit.
But not only is there a connection between music and our emotions; music is also linked to
education. Opinions actually differ about which type of music is the most potential-stimulating, but
all scientist agree it has a positive effect on students. For instance there are theories which suggest
that young children who play a musical instrument are later better at maths.
To conclude I would like to state that everybody is attracted to music. Everyone has a favourite style
with which they feel identified, as well as a song that enables them to feel at ease during the toughest
moments in life. The truth is that music makes memories more vivid, empowers long-time
relationships and what is more, turns dull and mundane nights into special moments in our lives.
Saturday, 29 November 2014

We invite you, our readers, to submit an article on new technology and how it affects your life. We
will publish one article from each country . Your article should outline the impact of new technology
on your life now. You should also explain what further changes are likely to take place in the near
future and how these could affect you.
Write your article 220-260 words
Nowadays we have in the market a wide range of smartphones, laptops, tablets, and other efficient
and attractive gadgets. With their flawless functions these devices have really transformed my life.
I must admit I can not do without my smartphone. It enables me to send emails, message my friends,
connect to social networking sites and also keep track of the news at real time. If I didn't have my
phone, communication would probably take ages and my life would be a complete bore.
Report on the Water Circuit Park
The aim of this report on the Water Circuit Park in Lima city is to display some recommendations on
how to enhance the park facilities and to give account on why making these positive changes would
attract more tourists and visitors to this venue.

The facilities
The Circuit Park, is one of the best well-known tourist attractions in Lima. It is a site which has
thirteen ornamental fountains of water which offer an unforgettable lights show when darkness
reaches the Limenian sky. Since all the fountains are interactive it allows children to play in the
water as well. Each fountain reflects colourful lights and plays enchanting music. Appart from that
there are resting areas for adults to sit down and use the free wi-fi.
Improvements to take into account
A first recommendation is to display posters outside the park which warn the public to wear
appropiate clothes. All children and any adult standing near the fountain to play or to take photos is
inevitably going to get wet. They should be aware of that.
It would also be wise to have more guardians to ensure the security and the order outside the park,
for it has been a matter of great concern that there might be pickpockets in the sometimes crowded
Benefits of the improvements
Being informed of what clothes to wear will prevent people from leaving the park because they got
wet. If they stay in the park for longer it means they can buy more souvenirs and it means extra
money for the Park.
As for the security guards on the doors, having a safer place will surely give a better impression on
the public who will no doubt recommend your friends to come.

Provided these recommendations are taken into consideration, we will be able to offer a better
service to people and they will respond back by visiting more frequently the Circuit, and not
only that but also recommending us to others.
You recently tried to buy an old camera on an internet auction site but had some problems. You want
to tell your friend what happened. Write a letter to your friend explaining what happened, what you
did and giving your friend advice about buying things on auction sites.
Write your letter 220-260 words
Dear Jenny,
How are you doing ? It seems it has been ages since we last wrote to each other. I just hope
everything is fine with you. Let me tell you about a terrible experience I had trying to buy a camera
via an auction site.

You remember how fond I am of old cameras, right? Well, I spot this one on a website. This was no
ordinary camera, this is the camera I had long wanted to complete my collection. So, without
hesitation, I bid for it until it was mine. I was on seventh heaven. I sent a juicy cheque to the seller
and was confident to receive the valuable item.

But days passed and you know what? I didn't receive it. And the worst thing is that my cheque had
been cashed already. Theres no doubt I had been coined .
So I decided to write to the owner without success. I was so blue in the face that I complained to the
website which in return said that they couldnt control sellers and that it was the bidders to watch
their backs. They werent sympathic whatsoever!

I really blame myself for having been so naive . Believe me, Ive learnt a lesson from it . If you
decide to buy in an auction site, don't trust anyone. It is better to contact the owner via the web and
then make the money transaction face to face.

Have you ever bid on an auction website ? Drop me a line and tell me how it was, Im sure you can
give me a few tips.
With love,

Your local newspaper is asking its readers to write a review of a restaurant where you have eaten
recently and would recommend to others.
The Open House Polo Restaurant
The Open House is a restaurant situated in the heart of a small village between three national
forests and close to the horses capital city, Chantilly. It is the favourite hangout place for people
from the polo, horse races, and golf world.
As you enter the place you are welcomed by a magnificent setting, a delightful marriage of
antique cut stones and the luxuries of modernity. Sitting in any table you have a wonderful view of
the workshop-like kitchen where you can see the chefs working. For those who do not book a table
and are waiting, there is a cosy lounge with aged leather armchairs and pictures of polo players
displayed on the walls.
(The menu/dishes)
The menu offers a wide variety of mouth-watering starters. I had the white asparagus accompanied
by a mousseline sauce and poached eggs, while my friend tried the zucchini carpaccio served with
sundries tomatoes and a mozzarella strudel. They were exquisite. The main course consisted of a
risotto with scallop cooked in cream and a cassolette of coley with mussels, which really thrilled us.
It all was followed by a delicious apple pie served with a scoop of vanilla ice cream for dessert.
(The ingredients/the wine/the prices)
All the products were fresh and the dishes had the warmth of home-made food. The chefs take
great care in selecting the best quality ingredients. The restaurant also caters for all tastes by
providing a large selection of the best wines of the region, which are pricy but worth sampling.
(The service/the waiters/the owner)
What a pity that the service does not accompany the high quality of the cooking. You can hardly get a
smile out of the waitresses. Thankfully the owner and hostess, a middle-aged charming woman, is
always around willing to exchange some kind words with all her clients.
Despite the high price of the food and the not so attentive waiters service, I had a pleasant dining
experience with food of the most exquisite flavours. For this reason I highly recommend going to
the Open House Polo restaurant.
Saturday, 23 June 2012
CPE Essay: Computers, friends or enemies?
CPE Writing task: After a class discussion on computers and the future, your English teacher has
asked you to write an essay entitled "Computers: friends or enemies?" for her and your classmates to
Computers: Friends or enemies? (title)
There has come a time in which we have become too dependent on computers. We rely on them to
do very delicate tasks like controlling space vessels and under-water fast trains, but we also need
them to perform ridiculous others such as calculating a two-digit equation. It is yet to be known

whether computers will prove to be our best friends who will make our lives easier or an enemy who
will take over our places as we become useless and lazy.

(P1 Arguments pro computers)

On one hand these machines do wonders when it comes to saving up time; take travelling or
printing for instance. In ancient times people would have to walk for days to go from one village to
another and books had to be handwritten. Furthermore computers are used for medical reseach and
was it not for them the cure for many deadly diseases would not have been discovered. They have
also proved themselves invaluable in physics, chemistry and biology, where numerous experiments
on DNA and even cloning are currently being carried out.
Alternative energy (title)
state an
It is a fact universally acknowledged that our coal and oil resources are not unlimited, reason for
which it is vitally important to look for other alternatives to generate energy. It has recently been
suggested by Dr Symonds that nuclear power is the best way to produce such desired energy,
however, this is a highly dubious proposition.
(P1 -support your argument -idea1)
Firstly, the cost of producing nuclear energy is ridiculously expensive and in fact, totally
unaffordable for developing countries. It would be infinitely preferable for scientists like Dr
Symonds to take the economic factor into consideration and to suggest more realistic ideas on how to
solve the lack of fuel problem.
(P2 -support your argument -idea2)
Secondly, the statement that nuclear energy is environmentally friendly, which was propose by Dr
Symonds in a seminar n 12th June, is not entirely true. There is plenty of evidence that the
radioactive waste produced y nuclear plants is actually a much worse polluter than CFCs and exhaust
(P3 -support your argument -idea3)
In addition to what has already been mentioned, I would like to point out that nuclear energy and
radioactive waste are not completly safe. There is no need to recall the tragic incidents in Japan in
which after an accident in a nuclear plant, a whole town was to suffer the lethal consequences of
radioactivity, such as infertility, malformations and even death by poisoning. To make things even
worse, the pollutants produced by nuclear plants are thrown into the ocean and this, far from being
"environmentally friendly", will have cataclysmic effects on the planet in the not so distant future.
To sum up, it is clear that the use of nuclear power has more than a few drawbacks, not only is it
highly expensive but it is also dangerous both for people and the planet. Therefore, other forms of
safer and more affordable energy must be pursued by the government and the scientific community.
Proposal on how to improve the colleges website

The aim of this proposal is to outline why it is important to improve the college's website, as well as
to describe the changes which need to be made and to present a plan on how to do it.
What needs improvement
According to a group of students surveyed it is very difficult to find information in the website.
There is no tool to search for old posts which makes this process complicated. Apart from that the
colour and layout of the website is considered dull and extremely unattractive. Some students also
mentioned that the information offered in the website is quite limited. Being an international college,
they believe there should be a wider amount of up-to-date information available.
Necessary amendments
In order to make this website more appealing we should change the layout and colours of the site.
Also some animations and attractive banners can be set up. I am sure that IT students will be eager to
help with this task.
To make searching for information easier, we could design a query box so that posts can be searched
with keywords. This will be extremely beneficial to us as it will save time. I also think it would be
advisable to include a message board, where students can be informed of important events taking
place, and a sports page.
Updating the website will certainly benefit the students of this college. Therefore I hope you will
consider the suggestions and authorise the financial help for this project.
The aim of this report is to outline the great success of the very first Music Festival which took
place in Chantilly last month. This report will also give recommendations for the organisation of
next years event in Senlis, France.
Informing as many people as possible about this novelty was crucial. To that purpose a press file was
scrupulously prepared and largely distributed to the newspapers of the local press and some
specialised web sites in music. The event was so well publicised that more than 10 000 people
attended it, which was beyond all expectations.
The music festival took place during a whole week-end. Many music schools from everywhere in the
region greatly came forward and gave violin, guitar and piano concerts in front of the crowd
gathered there. The biggest success of this festival was its closing, during which the best musicians
were given prizes for their outstanding performances by the mayor himself.
The sound system provided was of great help however we somehow regret the poor quality of the
mikes and loudspeakers, which affected the quality of the sound in the concerts.
On the basis of the points mentioned above, I strongly recommend having an even more aggressive
marketing campaign next year. I advise hiring a professional to design eye-catching leaflets and
posters to be distributed among the local press and in social networking sites. I also suggest
considering the viability of purchasing new sound equipment which is of great importance especially
for a music festival.

Another recommendation would be inviting a huge celebrity to the closing ceremony to attract an
even greater crowd.
CPE Exam. Write a report 280-320 words
You belong to an international film club and have been asked to write a report for the club members
including information about the main events held over the last twelve months, the present plans for
activities in the coming years and a summary of the current financial position of the club in respect
of money received and payments made.
The international film club annual report (title)

The aim of this report is to give our club members an overview of the current annual activity and
inform you of our future projects for the coming year. In addition, we have included an insight of our
financial annual budget. (Note: Reports tend to be formal in style, so avoid using contractions)
Events of the year (subheading/ or subtitle)
The growing enthusiasm for Italian films is such that we considered necessary to organise a whole
weekend on the subject. No need to say that organising it was really worth the effort. We had a high
number of members participating who enjoyed a wide range of films courtesy of our Italian partners.
Additionally to this event, we achieved great success in our annual dinner. Not only new contracts
were signed with our current international partners but also with many new ones.
Extending our video library (subheading/ or subtitle)
Due our successful meetings, which included a talk by a famous film director, we are now going to
be able to provide our club with a large quantity of new films.
For that, we plan to build an extension of the video library for next year with a section dedicated to
all these new Italian films.
Healthy finances (subheading/ or subtitle)
It can be said that our financial position this year is in good stead:
- We have been granted 15000 by the national organisation to help us develop a more enriched
- 32 new members have subscribed this year.
As a result, the coming money amounts to more than 20000 this year
Regarding the expenses:
- The films rentals cost no more than 5000 this year
- We have reduced on stationery expenditures spending only 700

Our activity is really blooming and there is no doubt that our project will be undertaken for the
coming year trouble free. We also believe your ideas will be helpful to make the club still more
enjoyable. Therefore we suggest taking a bit of your free time to fill the idea form available at the
entrance of the club.
Quality of life

We all have dreams of having more and longer holidays, getting a

better job, being fitter and living in a wealthier place. However, it is difficult to further our dreams
for several reasons. Both texts deal with the concept of quality of life pointing out how it
influences our health and how difficult it is for some to have access to it.
According to the first passage, being healthy is not just necessary but essential. We need to be in
good physical and mental condition to be able to keep a job and to participate actively in a social
group. Unfortunately our health state can be influenced by factors we cannot always control such as
living in a poor neighbourhood, a place with bad weather conditions or a country in which people
lack political freedom.
In the same way, the second text highlights the importance of the climate, the environment and the
economic situation of a country. According to very interesting studies they play a major role in
improving out quality of life. It also states that very few people are ready to take the plunge and
move their housing in search of these factors. The sad reality is that for most of us it is not easy to
relocate for numerous reasons.
On the other hand, there are small simple things we can put into practice to improve the way we live.
These little things can be various such as devoting oneself to a passion like art or music, which at the
same time will boost new encounters essential to our well-being; doing a sport to keep fit and
healthy, granting ourselves some small pleasures like a massage or a stroll in the forest, reorganising
our house, and of course spending time with our family and friends through leisure time and
(P2 Arguments against computers)
On the other hand we have grown so fond of technology and gadgets that we do not even use our
memories to store basic information such as our telephone numbers any more. What for, if we can
record them in our pocket-size laptops. but even more worryingly is the fact that the development
of artificial intelligence and the creating of superintelligent robots could result in a world which is
controlled by computers.
Even when these arguments may seem exaggerated and we may not think we are at a real risk of
ending up living in a world which is entirely dominated by computers - the way it happens in science
fiction B movies-, I do fear we might become so dependent on them that our abilities would be
diminished. So as I see it perhaps it would be a good idea to go back to counting with fingers.