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First Aid

Accidents happen, as much as you want to avoid them, if not to you,
to your loved ones. Someone can slip and get injured, others can eat
something bad and get diarrhea.
Many unexpected things can happen that can effect our health and
safety, so it's a smart idea to have a first aid kit at home and in your
car. Purchase one with a guide so you will be prepared when you need
to use it.
The ultimate in home health preparedness is to also have a
"Homeopathic Remedy Kit".

Everyone faces acute symptoms

at one time or another and having
this kit handy is important and
highly recommended because
homeopathy's effect is immediate
and extremely effective.

Below is a list of homeopathic remedies that are useful to have in your

first aid kit along with usual conventional remedies. This
comprehensive list covers many common acute illnesses and
accidents and what to take in these cases.

It is advisable to always
physician, if available, for the
proper recommendation of
remedies and dosages, even if
only available by phone.

If it's not possible to contact a homeopathic physician, always have

the homeopathic first aid kit with you and print out this booklet for
Homeopathic remedies are given based on a patient symptoms and
act very fast. Remember, normal first aid should be given if needed as
It's easy to create your own homeopathic remedy kit. Below is a list
you can easily put together easily to create your own "first aid
homeopathic kit". I have also included a list of circumstances where
first aid is needed and which remedies to use.

I advise you to
purchase these
remedies in a 30 C
potency. Any higher
potencies should be
used with caution and
be recommended by
your homeopathic

Homeopathic Remedies for your first aid kit are:

Antimonium tartaricum
Calcarea carbonica
Carbo vegetabilis
Ferrum phosphoricum
Hepar sulphur
Kali bichromicum
Kali carbonicum
Natrum Carbonicum

Natrum Muriaticum
Natrum Sulphuricum
Nux Vomica
Rhus tox

Vipera b

Ointments for topical use:

Arnica for injuries,
Calendula for burns,
Hypericum for injuries to nerves

Propolis oral spray: for inflammation,

pharyngitis, incipient tonsillitis

Calendula mother tincture - avoid in very deep cuts and puncture




Ledum: swelling, redness, tingling, very sensitive to touch and better

from cold compresses
Apis: there will be the same image plus burning pain. The pain gets
worse with heat
Vipera: for snakebite - go immediately to the hospital.

Sprains - Fractures - Dislocations

Arnica: common remedy first

used - helps with shock, bruising
and swelling
Bellis perenis: when Arnica
doesnt help.
Bryonia: worsening with the
slightest movement and improves
with the pressure of the affected

Rhus toxicodendron: pain on first beginning to move. This passes off

on becoming warm up.
Ledum: problems of the joints especially the ankles (improvement
with cold packs)
Apis: swelling with a sense of warmth in the area.
Hypericum: excruciating pain in nerve tissue sensitivity to touch,
crushed limbs, pain from a fall on the coccyx, spinal concussion.
Periosteal injuries (especially joints).
Ruta: there is pain and stiffness that improves with movement.
Symphytum: common remedy for fractures once the bone has been

Calendula: first degree burns - redness without blistering

Cantharis: second degree burns - redness with blistering

Belladonna: with fever, throbbing

headache, red face, sensation of
burning of the skin
Glonoinum: with fever, throbbing
headache, red face, worse tilting
the head back, improves with cold
Head Injuries

Natrium sulfuricum: headache, dizziness, photophobia, improvement

from cold air
Arnica: often given to head injuries with Natrum sulfuricum
Puncture wounds

Ledum: especially in soles and palms; wounded parts become cold,

puffy, pale, very sensitive to touch and better from cold compresses

Staphysagria: stab wounds caused by sharp instruments puncture,

Hypericum: nerve pain that is burning, stinging, shooting, throbbing


Arnica: for bruises and contusions. Very sensitive to touch. Prevention

of internal bleeding by accident. Suspected internal bleeding from
being hit recommended precaution
Ledum: for bruising around the eyes
Bellis perenis: bruising to the abdomen
Acute emotional states

Aconitum: death anxiety and worry, he

thinks he will die soon. After exposure of
the person to intense sudden danger.
Gelsemium: intense anticipatory anxiety if I
do it, which causes anxiety, stage fright,
frequent urination, diarrhea. Stress tests.
Ignatia: memories of sad events, sighs,
grief, insomnia, suddenly throws in the first
sleep. Consequences of bad news, loss of
loved ones, heartbreak.
Eye injuries

Arnica: black-eye; eye hemorrhage. Vision floaters after an accident.

Aconitum: for acute inflammation from getting something in the eye.
Ledum: black eye with contused wound, bloodshot or bruised and
caused by a soft object, with pain in the eyeball itself.
Ruta: eye Injury if surrounding tissue is more injured or whole eye
looks inflamed.

Symphytum: pain in eye ball; trauma from a blunt instrument; eye

bruises especially to the eye ball without swelling; black eye.
Dental emergencies
Mercurius sol: toothaches with pains
that are aching, throbbing, pulsating,
drawing, pressing, and soreness of the
tooth; pain extending to ears and face.
Hypericum: injury to dental nerves;
traumatized tooth; injury to front
Ruta: dental pain from a dry socket, at
the onset of an infected tooth socket.
Common cold
Bryonia: taken immediately it will abort a cold with sneezing,
headache, aching limbs, or fever; a chest cold that moves downward
into the chest with a dry cough; better in open air.
Gelsemium: influenza-like symptoms, with aching; watery discharge
makes nostrils sore; eyelids heavy; coated tongue; dull, heavy, achy,
drowsy, sluggish, weak; limbs chilly, shivering, chills up and down spine
Mercurius sol: nasal symptoms are key, with sudden and frequent
sneezing, nose sore, raw with profuse watery discharge that burns,
upper lip and nostrils become raw and ulcerated; with profuse
sweating, excessive salivation, bad breath
Natrium m.: influenza-like colds, with lots of fluent discharge,
sneezing, mucous like raw egg white, blocked nose, cold sores; with
Aconitum: sudden head colds with high fevers. Fever with intense,
dry, burning heat that is internal, and alternating with coldness and
chills, succession of chills followed by heat with sweat, waves of chills

along the spine, with thirst; sweating profuse; one cheek is red and
hot, the other pale and cold; symptoms are worse in the evening, at
night, and in bed, and better uncovering and from sweating.
Arsenicum: thin, fluent, watery discharge (especially right nostril),
burning discharge (possibly blood streaked) causing sore and red
nostrils and upper lip; violent and frequent sneezing spasms; chilly and
thirsty; nose is blocked at night and worse initially of right nostril; lips
are cracked and may bleed; eyes are dry and burning; with headaches
and sinusitis; later can become thick, yellow discharge and move to
Gelsemium: extreme chilliness,
shivering and chills especially up
and down the back, overall
weakness, paralyzing exhaustion,
aches, stiffness and heaviness of
limbs, stiff neck, neck ache, sore
throat, runny nose, shivering,
trembling in limbs; with fever and
Arsenicum: Intestinal flu with nausea, vomiting, diarrhea and
exhaustion; fearful from vomiting; Flu's that start to come on after a
chill, change of temperature and exhaustion; with neuralgia, fever and
Bryonia: Respiratory flu with chest cold and dry cough; bronchitis;
aching in every muscle and cannot bear to move a muscle. Stomach
flu with gastric complaints and fever.
Eupatorium perfoliatum: intense bone pain and violent aching as if
broken, dares not move, muscle aches in chest, back and limbs,
aching in extremities, fever with great thirst, burning heat, shivers and

How do I find a Homeopathic physician?

For those who are already
doing homeopathy, a simple
call to the homeopath will
solve the problem of drug

If you don't have a homeopath,

follow this guide, read the
brochure and use the remedies
that go with your symptoms
and situation.
The basic principle is to take 1 capsule and wait 30 minutes to see if
there is a positive result.
If the problem disappears, there is no need to repeat the dose.
If no immediate response is seen after taking a homeopathic remedy
that means that you need some other remedy.
Contact a homeopath, a doctor or go to the hospital.
The medicine should be taken in a "clean mouth." Food, drink,
tobacco, toothpaste, and other substances should not be put into the
mouth for at least 15 minutes before or after the dose. In case of an
emergency though, take it as soon as possible.

We emphasize again that the information given here can not replace
your doctor.

Instructions for safekeeping of remedies

Homeopathic medicines should be kept away from the sun, extreme
temperatures (over 30 degrees Celsius), humidity, strong odors (such
as camphor, menthol, naphthalene, perfumes) and strong
electromagnetic fields.

At the airport, usually X-rays

machines security have low impact on
the homeopathic remedies which do
not suffer serious deterioration.
However, if there is repeated
exposure, it is better not to risk it.
Some people advice to put them in
aluminum foil but that seems to
attract more X-rays so I dont advise
you to do it.

If you have a suit case going under

the plane, I advise you pack them
there to avoid X-rays that carry on
luggage is subjected to, when given
the option.

The medicine should always be kept in the container in which they

were supplied and never transferred to any other bottle which has
contained other substances.

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