Why do we celebrate Cinco de Mayo?

Many people in the United States celebrate Cinco de Mayo, and take the opportuni ty to go to their local bars€ or plan parties around the celebration.€ Fewer peo ple actually know why it is celebrated, or exactly what the relevance€ of Cinco de Mayo is.€ Cinco de Mayo (which is Spanish for 'fifth of May') is€really a reg ional holiday mostly celebrated€in Mexico,€especially in the Mexican state of Pu ebla.€ The€festival€ is in honor of the Mexican army’s€ victory over the F rench€ at the Battle of Puebla€on May 5, 1862, ender€General Ignacio Sequin.€ It is commonly mistaken€as being Mexican Independence Day, which is actually on Se ptember 16.€ It is not a nationally recognized holiday in Mexico or in the Unite d States, but is more voluntarily celebrated as a symbol of Mexican pride, and t he Mexican heritage. Cinco de Mayo parties in the United States take many forms, from low-key remembe rance get-togethers to rowdy festivities filled with alcoholand revelry.€ It is also a great time to dress in a Cinco de Mayo costume ( http://www.halloweenmart .com/seasonal-costumes/Cinco-de-Mayo )! For most people not of Mexican heritage, the celebration many times takes the form of participation in a party at a loca l Mexican restaurant, or bar that is themed Mexican for the day.€ HalloweenMart makes it easy for everyoneto be a little bit Mexican on this wonderful celebrati on day, with items themed Mexican for your fun and amusement.€ Wear a Mexican Se rape ( http://halloweenmart.com/seasonal-costumes/Cinco-de-Mayo/mexican-serape ) €or a Sombrero ( http://halloweenmart.com/seasonal-costumes/Cinco-de-Mayo/sombre ro_2 )€to show your support.€ Dress as Zapata himself in a Zapata costume ( http ://halloweenmart.com/seasonal-costumes/Cinco-de-Mayo/Zapata-Mexican-Outlaw )€or be the life of a party in a Tequila Bottle costume. ( http://halloweenmart.com/s easonal-costumes/Cinco-de-Mayo/tequila-bottle )€ The ladies who want to be the c enter of attention at all Cinco de Mayo celebrations can wear a Sexy Mexican Sho oter Girl costume ( http://halloweenmart.com/seasonal-costumes/Cinco-de-Mayo/Sex y-Mexican-Shooter ), or even get a Sombrero for your dog ( http://halloweenmart. com/seasonal-costumes/Cinco-de-Mayo/Mini-Pet-Sombrero )!€ No matter what the rea son behind your celebration of Cinco deMayo, it is sure to be a great time for a ll, filled with pride, fun and honor!Overall, Cinco de Mayo is a time to get tog ether and celebrate freedom, independence and the right to live as you wish.€ Th ose celebrating the honor of the Mexican army and their courageous victory can s tand right next to those simply wanting to celebrate life and all together cheer "Viva Mexico!" -------------------HalloweenMart is a global online seller of Halloween Costumes ( http://www.hallo weenmart.com ), Cinco de Mayo Costumes ( http://www.halloweenmart.com/seasonal-c ostumes/Cinco-de-Mayo ), and Costumes ( http://www.halloweenmart.com ) in genera l.

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