Why do we celebrate Cinco de Mayo?

Many people in the US celebrate Cinco de Mayo, and take the opportunity to go to their local taverns€ or plan parties around the celebration.€ Fewer people actu ally know why it is celebrated, or exactly what the significance€ of Cinco de Ma yo is.€ Cinco de Mayo (which is Spanish for 'fifth of May') is€really a regional holiday mostly celebrated€in Mexico,€especially in the Mexican state of Puebla. € The€party€ is in honor of the Mexican army’s€ victory over the French€ a t the Battle of Puebla€on May 5, 1862, lead by€General Ignacio Sequin.€ It is co mmonly misunderstood€as being Mexican Independence Day, which is actually on Sep tember 16.€ It is not a nationally recognized holiday in Mexico or in the US, bu t is more voluntarily celebrated as a symbol of Mexican pride, and the Mexican h eritage. Cinco de Mayo festivities in the United States take many forms, from quiet remem berance get-togethers to rowdy festivities filled with alcoholand revelry.€ It i s also a great time to dress in a Cinco de Mayo costume ( http://www.halloweenma rt.com/seasonal-costumes/Cinco-de-Mayo )! For most people not of Mexican heritag e, the celebration many times takes the form of participation in a party at a lo cal Mexican restaurant, or bar that is themed Mexican for the day.€ HalloweenMar t makes it totally simpleto show their Mexican side on this wonderful celebratio n day, with items themed Mexican for your fun and amusement.€ Wear a Mexican Ser ape ( http://halloweenmart.com/seasonal-costumes/Cinco-de-Mayo/mexican-serape )€ or a Sombrero ( http://halloweenmart.com/seasonal-costumes/Cinco-de-Mayo/sombrer o_2 )€to show your support.€ Dress as Zapata himself in a Zapata costume ( http: //halloweenmart.com/seasonal-costumes/Cinco-de-Mayo/Zapata-Mexican-Outlaw )€or b e the life of a party in a Tequila Bottle costume. ( http://halloweenmart.com/se asonal-costumes/Cinco-de-Mayo/tequila-bottle )€ The ladies who want to be the on e all eyes are on at all Cinco de Mayo celebrations can wear a Sexy Mexican Shoo ter Girl costume ( http://halloweenmart.com/seasonal-costumes/Cinco-de-Mayo/Sexy -Mexican-Shooter ), or even get a Sombrero for your dog ( http://halloweenmart.c om/seasonal-costumes/Cinco-de-Mayo/Mini-Pet-Sombrero )!€ No matter what the reas on behind your celebration of Cinco deMayo, it is sure to be a great time for al l, filled with pride, fun and honor!Overall, Cinco de Mayo is a time to get toge ther and celebrate freedom, independence and the right to live as you wish.€ Tho se celebrating the honor of the Mexican army and their courageous victory can st and right next to those simply wanting to celebrate life and all together cheer "Viva Mexico!" -------------------HalloweenMart is a global online seller of Halloween Costumes ( http://www.hallo weenmart.com ), Cinco de Mayo Costumes ( http://www.halloweenmart.com/seasonal-c ostumes/Cinco-de-Mayo ), and Costumes ( http://www.halloweenmart.com ) in genera l.

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