3.8.10 To Whom It May Concern: It gives me great pleasure to personally recommend Meghan Callahan for employment.

As a marketing intern at Savannah magazine, Meghan consistently went above and beyond expectations, demonstrating all the key qualities of professionalism. No job was too big or too small for Meghan, who assisted on photo shoots, conducted phone surveys, sold subscriptions, wrote advertising and marketing copy, helped plan magazine events and much more. She brought a positive attitude to each task and followed directions to the letter, always taking the initiative to exceed the goal of each task. Meghan is an excellent writer, and all the copy that crossed my desk was professional and error-free. She is gifted at customer service, and we received numerous compliments on her phone skills. She is alert, trustworthy and resourceful — so much that I often found myself leaning on her in a pinch. Most importantly, she is a joy to be around. That’s why, although my corporation discourages professional recommendations, I’m taking the time to write a personal endorsement of Meghan’s gifts. In my 12 years of publishing, she is unquestionably the most promising intern I’ve come across. I think her future will be bright. If I was in a position to hire her, I would not hesitate. Sincerely, Annabelle Carr Managing Editor, Savannah Magazine Editor, Savannah Weddings Magazine c. 912.604.6403

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