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RcggreWilliams, Depmat Hed Florida D€pt of Chil&tn ard Families 210 Nofih Falncno Ave. Da)/tonn Beacb,tL 32114 RE:

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Dear Mr. Williarns: Justiceftr Chilecn, (IFC) is a nonprofit shild f,dvoclcy Houston, TX. The work of otu orgmizstiffi has bcen "20420'md "Oprah" and we att E wcll-knowrt tnd national mcdis. JFC advocfie$ and interwnes m
By€nues fail to fotcct thcm ud wo'rkg to ensqe tbat

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for which ttcy uc cntitled- JFC doesnot repr?sentthe

advucate behnlfof mothers, fiilhers,and/srofter ou ir enruringtbc nfcty of children.
Our orffinizstion hasbccn il Sacksand of S'ff'
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te*.r Srgcat. ND Frqfrrsor sf rrythirrry *r'C F+dlnd*. Bryhr Collcgr of hlcdirinr D'l.st & Jfrtqt at Lnt Artonq d$il. n f Jtdpr, I*nL. Pruddrnt, llor* Crrt Conarltirg ofTu* &r.L.ffrlt AEEqrtr Mrrrlltr Hisu ,|:drftlc P,C. n'oG$dr.l & wiror. &r fb6ot & GiuErlf, l.L.F.

Michael visitatiou tD the petitioner Linda Mqlie Sachs. We and allegafionsof seisual physical abusaof thc chlll thet the cviderce collectpd wss nev€r FroPffly invg ",ii

the conosms about followingfulfurmatiou:

The erraluation of Diane Zeidwig, LMFT


March 2003 until Juty 2005. According the observed following:'Eroticizcd tosgth€f,". " individuallv and in sesgions 1lafiditTamily dnwings by especialll,SA in toward herTatEcr,(ouc was sexua,l naturc)". r svaluationto thc cowt for DeborahO, Day, pry.n rcc€ntly submittgda second co1sid€rarisnin MarGh200?. In a rcpon priviously done in Decernber2004, DrDay gaw her recommcrdation r€ggrding which psrefit should obtah primary '*Mrs. Sacks,due to h€f, resid;nUalresponsibility- Shestatedthe.following: would havc preference". stroug€r psychologlcal ielationship with the chikfoenn

grruqlrll flr.iarse'JT.l Fourdaioa

Tttril.r, P- tu Dir*or E*udra Tbalogy 6r Coutrrporert Eclty C ll&,ilht,f v,F. rl|d S.nrl CS+tg Coot*irg Whirlawt .krE,{ E*rqrtiw $f&fre Dirrctor

l{rlirnd Errdqrrrftn Suitt;06 Prwey $srhwsr Tqrr 7ll)91 Hilroq 713-2214357 Frr 7l l-l2.1rlll jvaic+brcbilCrqn-trr w. erg Eiftritl jrl$cld€iurtiocfrqeDiHrs, 2ffi

As shtcd dbovc, oru obicctive isxtot to eusurcnrstody for either parcnt' lil/e ate -*os*|. to be placedin an Enyitonmsntthat is nurturhg' advocatingf" F;i[ arrd s€Dftral physicalabusc. Whlle wG src swfire ftorapffii;, ffiil ftes from erifttioual,


thrt we have onfy rsvim.ed elidbf,te from dne sidc, the infornfltlon thal we hrve rwicwcd rulre$ Eary concenr$for tbe childrcn's srfcty. that l,lrs. Srcks hasati€nercdthescchildrei: from their Therehavealso becrrallegations father,a symptomof "PA$" or "ParcutalAlienation Syndrome". We believethat PA$ "jtmk is nerely a theory, not a recognizcd psychiaric condition, and is literally plrrcer cbildren d risk for finthcr harrn, ssi€nc€", The use of PAS in child abuaecaB€s s.sit discoursgesSlor{rughinvestigntioa of the allegetions- IFC has done externsive cn rc$earc.h PAS, which we hrve anailablefir otu '#€bsit€,www.iusticeforchildttn.org. We *rank you fu lrrur time aud consi&rdion iu this mattct. We look fotward to hearing ftom pu regsrding your opinion on how this csse wss handled, and working tonuds a poritiw outqffi fs lh Srpks cttildren



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