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Christy Barrow

Mary Ford Elementary

3rd grade
March 15th- April 1st
Reading Lesson Plans


3-1.1 Analyze the details that support the expression of the main idea in a given
literary text.
3-1.4 Distinguish among devices of figurative language (including simile,
metaphor, personification, and hyperbole) and sound devices (including
onomatopoeia and alliteration).
3-2.1 Summarize evidence that supports the central idea of a given
informational text.
3-2.2 Analyze informational texts to draw conclusions and make inferences.

Assessment: Daily assessment through discussion and teacher observation and on Friday
for the final assessment, the journals will be checked.


March 15th-19th

Spelling words: company, coward, protest, imagine, Hunley, remember, traitor, daughter, injure,
wounded, bothered, America, thought, sobbed, shiver
Word wall: only, show, bring, clean, keep
Vocabulary: marauders, fierce, reckoning, lodged, mahogany, tote, inconsolable, ransacked,
stockade, convince

Monday: TTW introduce the week’s spelling words with BANG (discuss syllables because the
words are longer words). For vocabulary, put the cards in the passage where the words are. The
students will write the part of speech and the definition on the back. Then teach the vocabulary
words to the class. Discuss the slavery was going on long before the Civil War started. Ask what
students already know about the Civil War and the two sides that were fighting. What were the
causes of the fighting? Tell them that this week we will be reading Pink and Say. Tell them that
it is about two boys who are both very different and alike. The book is about how they are
fighting for freedom and how they cross paths. Pass out Pink and Say packets and do the
“preview pages section” together. Discuss the point of view and how this is a non-fiction book.
Tell them that Patricia Palaco write Thank you Mr. Falker and we know how she writes stories
about her life.
Closure: Make predictions about what you think is going to happen in the next chapter of Pink
and Say.

Tuesday: PASS day 1. Go over hw.

1.) Students will the back of the vocabulary page and write sentences for the words given.
2.) Read up to “For the Next Week…” page
3.) Answer the questions in the packet in complete sentences (Take this up for a grade)
4.) Compass Learning
-Low- phonics tape; guided level book Abe Lincoln biography (have them follow along while I
- Med. Low- read and do questions with them up the rest of the class (Ms. Speelman)
Closure: Share a vocabulary word in a sentence.

Wednesday: PASS day 2. Go over hw.

1.) Read until “A few more days…” page. Complete questions in complete sentences.
2.) Compass learning
3.) Vocab grids
4.) PASS push center
- High: Virginia’s Civil War Diary
- Med. High: Civil War on Sunday
Closure: Compare and contrast Pink and Say

Thursday: Go over homework

1.) Read up to “The next morning…” page and do questions.
2.) PASS prep center
3.) Writing roulette with spelling words
4.) DEAR Civil War trade books
Guided Groups:
- Low: phonics tape, read aloud pages, finish Abe bio.
- Med. Low: phonics C.D., read up to pages together and do questions
Closure: Determine a main event in the section that you just read

Friday: Go over homework.

Spelling Test.
 Civil War readers theater

March 22nd-26th

Spelling words pg. 90 (-tion and –sion)
Word Wall words: small, together, cut, done, light
Go over new spelling words- combination, action, vision, motion, section, nation, permission,
confusion, question, attention, vacation, production, quotation, tension, sensation. Vocabulary
words will stay the same because they are more difficult words. Give students a vocabulary
words of the day each morning. We will finish the book today as a whole class. Do the clause
and effect sheet of Mo Mo’s death. When they read the part about Mo Mo dying, have students
do the journal entry about how they would feel in this situation.

Tuesday: Review hw.

No guided reading
1.) Have students do a sequencing of events activity of Pink and Say.
2,) AR test on Pink and Say- after test students may work on crossword puzzles in packet.
3.) Today students will be working on comparing and contrasting paragraph of Pink and Say.
List these ideas on the board to help students when they are comparing and contrasting first on a
Venn Diagram: Traits of both Pink and Say, Emotions displayed throughout the book,
backgrounds of both, situations that Pink and Say find themselves in, and Pink and Say’s
4.) Students will create a new ending to the story. What if Say actually survived his
imprisonment? How would his life be different? Is there a reunion? Is there something names
after his in his honor?
Closure: Identify some of the narrative elements of Pink and Say

Wednesday: Go over hw.

1.) Discuss the importance of the illustration of the hands. This is a central image in the story and
is what ties the boys together for a final time. Have students write their own friendship story
using “the hands” as part of a plot.
2.) Spelling words using CODE
3.) Have one person be the reporter, another Pink, and another one Say and conduct a “made for
TV interview”
4.) PASS push
- High: Virginia’s Civil War
- Med. High: Civil War on Sunday
Closure: Discuss the symbolism of the illustration of the hands.

Thursday: Review hw. Spelling test, vocab test, cold read

Friday: No school

March 29th- April 1st

Word wall: today, warm, far, own, pick
Spelling words: page 95
Vocab words: from book; page
Read aloud Civil War book
Closure: Determine a main event of the Civil War as a class.

Tuesday: Go over hw.

1.) Write a letter to Patricia Polacco sharing their feelings after reading the book.
2.) Vocab page
3.) Computer: Compass Learning
4.) Abe Lincoln book on tape
- High: Virginia’s Civil War Diary
- Med. High- Civil War on Sunday
Closure: Talk about what you would write about if you wrote a book like Patricia Polacco.

Wednesday: Go over hw.

1.) Lincoln and Me (Level M orange)
2.) Finish ALL papers from the past two weeks
3.) Vocab page
4.) Compass learning
Closure: Conclude Abraham Lincoln’s role in the abolition of slavery.

Thursday: Go over hw.

Spelling test, vocab test pg. , Gettysburg on MyCapstonLibrary

Friday: No School

Accommodations: Students who have difficulty can work with a partner, receive my assistance,
work in small groups, etc.