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Winesburg ohio

Each story has a meaning and aura. There is a theme of alientation. Transformation of american society is
given in the novel. We see western town as a setting nd imprisoned, frustrated life of characters.
Everybody knows each other there are many gossips. Setting combines all stories. there is a
transformation to urban life. All characters are disi llusioned. Women are unhappy their lifes are shaped
by patriarchial society. They cant adopt themselves to this new life. There is learning to past because of
the lack of communication. In the rural world they were happy and had close relationships. There is a
desire to go further of human mind and human psychology. Dreamness and dsrkness take us to the
darkness side of human psychology, their feelings and emotions. Women simply starved for lovd.
Unhappiness of married life is a persistent theme. Elizabeth.louis.alice
All characters cut off from human contact. Characters reach out to other people hoping to end their
loneliness through love or companionship but they are disappointed. Social norms towns inhabitants and
public opinion proves a powerful force in shaping individuals. Men were expected to act like gentlemen
displaying courage moral strength in defense of the honor of their family name. Women were expected to
be models of feminine purity, grace and virginity until it came time for them to provide children to inherit
the family legacy. Faith in god concerns for preserving the grounding for these beliefs. The civil war
ruined many of these once great southern familieseconomically, socislly and pyschologically. Southern
families, lost touch with the reality of world around them and became lost in a house of self absorption
which corrupted the values of these families and left the newer.
Her death not only shows us her bodily death but also the desth of her dreams hopes expectations of her
life. Women time are made of repetation. Women repeat same things. Their time pass with same
activities. Elizabeth sadness has close relationship with town life. Women have to wait in town.they are
the most frustrated characters. There is dissatisfsction in characters. They are unable to adopt themselves
to changes. Society expects them to actualize their roles. They feel themselves very much frapped in that
city. They are not understood. They are unable to trancent their roles. Elizabeth she hopes to actualize her a woman she makes others happy work for others to become other oriented character. She
doesnt have self oriented life. Her frustration begins in her childhood. There is the idea of repetition in
women life, becsuse they experiance same frustrationand also lack of communication.
George willard
He observes the life and the realities around him. For him, artist has an conscious identity.he has to
become mature to understand life,. Everybody shares their dreams with him. They cant realize their
missed opportunities. All those dreams are accumulated with the future of him. HE experiances a
transformation from a journalists to a writer. From a rural life to an urban life, like the town itself.

All stories narrated by and old man so all stories have dreamy atmosphere. This man can be george our
writer. He knows everybody around the town. This ill man wants to see the outside world he wants to
observe in order to express the people in his novel. He is passive in his bed but he is mentally active. He
imagines all the people as grotesques.because they are in the pursuit of various truths.all truths are
beautiful but if you click one you become a grosteque, you are disallusioned. You must be open to all
truths in modernism. Each character has one stick to one reality in life. Thats why they are in lack of
comunication. You cant go beyond thr truths wbich are determined by society for you.
For him the world is full of different truths that persons life becomes distorted. The prologue provides a
key to the novel since each chapter can be interpreted as a portrayal of a grotesque human being.

Sound and the fury

The novel tells us how the values of southern society decays. It also tracks the desperation and
hopelessness of individuals as they each try, in their own way, to mourn the loss of their sister. The family
falls apart the kids run wild the mother locks herself in her bedroom. Father links with past. We can see
the corruption in his identity because he is alcholic. Reference to grandfather eho represents the ideal but
not as a father. Maybe quentin commits suicide to reach his grandfathers values of southern part. He
follows the philosophy of fatalism. He believes that life is meaningless. When it comes to caddy, her
absence becomes sorrow. After marriage she doesnt smell like a tree she loses her purity. She acts as
opposed to the tradition, corrupted figure. She wants to marry with jason. Her absence is the center of all
characters. These characters reclects corruption of southern myth.Same incidents experienced in different
perpective. We can see the decline of southern fsmily. They lost their money etc. Each character has
different perspective of truth. Each character represents the corruption of old tradition and Each of them p
experiances some kind of escape from tradition.