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Issue 1

The month of Sigmarstide, in the Year of the Leaping Bear

Chaos comes to Rheged.

By Pierre Sur-coraislamy Scrivener to the Court of the Duc de Rheged.

Alas the dark gods have found us!

How nave we were to believe that this blessed land would
remain hidden from their gaze. It happened sometime over the
winter when the roads were closed by the heavy snows. The
noble town of Carlisle and its surrounding towns and villages
ruled over by that most beneficent of rulers Baron Gustavos
Altenfeltman Margrave of Eden is gone. It has been replaced
by a foul and decrepit mockery. The vile forces of chaos have
overrun the entire margrave and even now torture and torment
the populace, at least what little remains of them. Nobody
knows for certain how many of the dark gods servants have
descended upon our fair land but you can rest assured it will be
more than we would wish. I call on all free peoples to oppose
these depraved barbarians, the forces of order must stand
together against this evil if we are to hope to avoid the fate
which currently befalls the old world



A foul Chaos ritual!

The tidings of Chaos
The beginnings of War
An excerpt from the new book by infamous Night Goblin
Warlord, Snazzgit Stunty Stompa.


A guide to the New Rhegedian Calendar

The New Rhegedian Calendar by Albrecht Schneider

The Rhegedian Chronicle 1

still dwell within the fertile valley.

The final warband found nothing but moors and heathland
as it continued to advance to the South West.

The Noble Armies of Caer Curwen

The Imperial Army on the march

The beginnings of War.

By Pierre Sur-coraislamy Scrivener to the Court of the Duc de Rheged.

A treatise on the movements of the armies

of Rheged.
The Minions of Chaos
The month began with the newly arrived legions of hell
pouring out from the waste land that was Eden. They sent
out 3 warbands, one to the East, one to the South west and
one to the North. The Northern most warband discovered a
Large Fortress on the Edges of the Solway moss. This
was a foul and loathsome place inhabited by the vile ratmen.
Surprisingly these creatures of chaos did not welcome the
evil men but withdrew into their fastness. The Leader of
this warband immediately set to besieging the fortress. In
the East they found a verdant land filled with towns and
villages. This land was under the dominion of the Slaan
and their local ruler was a Skink Priest by the name Ai
Tich hoo. Reports are varied as to what happened, our
intrepid reporter Katerina Ai Dee garnered the following
quotes They came out of the mists screaming and yelling
calling the names of their dark gods. We met them out side
of the village of Petchu. All it took was two or three volleys
of blow pipes and javelins and they soon fled Ai Tich Hoo,
58 I sent the Bjornling Marauder Horsemen to conquer
this land as it was beneath me. They failed me and now
their skulls are tributes to the Blood God. The Blood
Lord, age unknown. Whatever the true story the outcome
isobvious for all to see as Ai Tich Hoo and his Lizardmen

In response to the Chaos invasion of Rheged. Lord

Caerluel, Duc de Rheged mobilised his forces and began to
expand his empire. To the beating of drums and the fanfare
of trumpets the armies did march forth, one to the East, one
to the North, one to the south and one to the South west.
As the advanced they peacefully conquered three new
counties. To the north lies the new county of Crosby
bordering the Lizardmens realm. To the East lies the new
county of Cockermouth along the river Deer Whent. To the
south lies the new coastal county of Harrington. The final
army continued south along the coast but found nothing but
barren shore lands with naught but small impoverished

The Throng of Karak Jhaz

The Dwarfs of Clan Skrat began by exploring their
mountain fastness. To the north East they found nothing
but barren mountins, again to the south east they found
nothing of import. But to the south west along the river
Urbaz they discovered a prosperous realm centred upon a
bustling City. At the sight of the stout hearted dwarfs the
citys guildsmen pledged allegiance to Lord Rik Grimli
Lunsson the Dwarven king.

The Glorious Hosts of Tor Sarior

Having established a firm foundation in the coastal lands of
Dunnerdale His Highness Prince Golnwaen order his
armies out to begin the search for the soulblade. Their quest
has not started well however. The first of the Elven hosts
found nothing of import along the coast to the west of Tor
Muncaster. Whilst the second host searched the wilderness
of Ulpha fell and discovered a Wizards tower.
Unfortunately the Tower was inhabited by a vile Skaven
Grey Seer and his despicable servants. The High Elves
immediately attacked to try to recover the valuable lore
contained within the tower. However the outcome of this
assault is as yet unclear!

The Rhegedian Chronicle 2

How to make Stunties taste good.

By Snazzgit Stunty Stompa Lord of Fell Scar


Albrecht Shneider of Barrowstown has devised a new
Calendar which is fast becoming the favoured method for
monitoring the year. Already the Empire of Barrowstown
has adopted the format as has the Kingdom of Caer
Curwen and, it is believed the Lizardmen of the north.
Below is laid out the simple rules for the Calendar First
the years, these take the form of a 10 year cycle which
repeats. In order to avoid confusion each cycle is prefaced
with a Cycle name. Each year is split into 12 months
starting at the Winter Solstice

Bear, Cat, Dog, Dragon, Eagle, Fox, Griffon, Hydra,
Lion, Tiger
Leaping, Red, Fiery, Dark, Screaming, Dancing, Dire,
Fighting, Grim, Gaunt.

Da biggest problem wiv stuntie is that dey is so tough. Tough

as ole boots most of da time. So youz gotta make sure dat you
tenderize dem well and proper.Now my ole Dad he used to
swear by a big ole club for tenderizin is stuntie and he always
said dey tasted better if dey were tenderized ta deff I mean he
wud get out a live stunty an beat the blighta wiv is club till it
was well an truly tenderized.
Now times ave moved on since dem days and we no longer use
anyfink as crude as a club! Now weve got this ded shiny
hammer thing which came off some ded stunty lord an it does a
fantastic job of tenderizing not only stunties, but oomies, and
poncy elfs too.
Now once you as tnederized your stuntie you need to gut it an
skin it. Now not every one skins their stunty ocourse some
like em with nice crispy skin, but presonnaly I fink they is best
if youze can get the erbs an spices right into their flesh.
Once your stunty is skinned and gutted then youze need to rub
in some erbs. I find that nettles, thistles and wild garlic goes
really well with roast stunty. Once he is properly seasond then
its time ta skewer im and stick im on da fire.
Cook im onna spit thats well tended by snots, make sure them
useless buggers keep turnin im so he dont burn and after half
hour or so youll ave a juicy roast stunty that your Ma wud be
proud of.

Wintarung, Sollung ,Hornung , Sigmarsung,
Winninung, Brahung, Hewiung, Aranung, Witung,
Winterfylleth, Herbistung, AErra Geola.

From how to survive as a single Gobbog ina cruel and lonely world by
Snazzgit Sunty stompa, publish by the bl ack goblin press.

Winter begins with the first full moon of Winterfylleth,

Spring begins in the month of Hornung with the Equinox
whilst Autumn commences in Witung with the Equinox.
The Solstices fall in Aerr Geola for the Winter Solstice
and Brahung with the summer solstice.

The Rhegedian Chronicle 3

The Rhegedian Chronicle 4