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January – March, 2016

Dear Praying Friends,

Praise the Lord for His continued guidance, protection, provision and many other
Recently I had the opportunity to give a middle-aged neighbor a Bible and, as he took
it, I was surprised by his excited, yet reverential attitude. It was then that he told me that he
has never in his life owned his own copy of God’s Word! This opened my eyes to the fact
that, though everyone here loves to “talk religion” many of them don’t even have a copy of
the Bible that they can read for themselves! Since then, more and more of our adult
neighbors have asked me if they could have a Bible for themselves as well – of course I am
more than happy to provide them with a Bible of their own!
In March, we were saddened as a fourteen year old neighbor boy passed away after
struggling for a week in the hospital with an illness. To an American, it is hard to describe a
poor-man’s funeral in Brazil; without embalmment, the funeral and burial cannot be
prolonged. The wake and funeral service all took place on the front porch of the house
where he lived, and then he was taken to the pauper’s cemetery where he was buried in a
shallow grave, a mere fourteen hours after he had taken his last breath. We were glad to be
able to help with the cost of the casket and provide them with chairs from our church; but
still it was very sad to see such a happy, friendly young person pass away due to a sickness
that could have been easily treated in the States.
We have nearly finished finalizing all our furlough plans for this summer. Rather
than take a large furlough every four years, we feel it is better in our situation to take a short
furlough every two years. Therefore we have scheduled meetings from mid-July through
mid-October, 2016. Primarily we will be visiting our supporting churches on the west coast
as well as a few in the mid-west. It has been more than six years since we’ve last visited
some of these churches and we are excited to give them an update on what the Lord is doing
here in our part of Brazil! Besides dental and eye exams, we will also need to stock up on
school books, clothing, and other supplies for the next two years. Of course we are also
excited about family time and eating American food! We are looking forward to visiting with
as many of you as possible during our brief trip!
Our family continues to do well. The children are doing well in their schooling,
though every day they can hardly wait to finish so they can go out and play. Tracy continues
to suffer with arthritis; though some days are better than others, it has improved overall.
We have heard from many of you who are praying for her and we appreciate that so much!

Thank you for your continued prayers and support for us and the ministry here!
God Bless! - Omar Schrock and Family, Rondonópolis, Brazil