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inSync Private Cloud with Edge Server

inSync Private Cloud with Edge Server

inSync Private Cloud

For large enterprises with an organizational culture of on-premise deployment, likely driven by perceived
security, performance, control, regulatory compliance or existing investments, the flexibility and
scalability of the public cloud model are tempting but not feasible.
inSync Private Cloud combines the advantages of an on-premise endpoint backup solution with the
on-demand elasticity and flexibility of the cloud to provide the best of both worlds.

1.Elastic architecture for linear scalability and

global deployment
inSync Private Cloud implements a linearly scalable architecture with
a single cloud master and any number of storage nodes. The cloud
master authenticates incoming requests and then directs requests
to the appropriate storage node. Storage nodes can be deployed
across the globe to match the locations of your offices and employees. Each storage node can be scaled up to handle up to 10,000 users.
Additional scale out can be achieved by adding new storage nodes
as existing storage nodes reach capacity. inSync Private Cloud allows
businesses to save costs by taking advantage of their existing hardware and network resources.

Figure 1. Multiple storage nodes

deployed globally

2.Multi-destination backups for high

availability & disaster recovery
inSync provides high availability by allowing your endpoints to backup
to a primary and a secondary storage node with individually configurable schedules. You can configure the primary storage node
to periodically populate the secondary, which results in a dramatic
reduction of bandwidth consumed on backups to the secondary and
minimizes the inSync client footprint. Automatic failover of backups
and restores from the primary to the secondary provides zero downtime and continuous employee access to data.

Figure 2. Periodic population of

secondary storage node by primary

Figure 3. Configuring HA

inSync Private Cloud with Edge Server

3.Single admin console for centralized management

inSync Private Cloud provides you a single administrative console to seamlessly manage policies,
users, devices, and storage nodes. Using inSyncs centralized Web console you can administer policies across endpoint backup, file sync & share, and DLP for all users in your organization. In addition,
inSyncs integrated Analytics provides you with detailed insights into corporate data on endpoints
by file type and file size. You can perform federated searches as well as generate reports and alerts
across multiple storage nodes. Real-time user activity streams and admin audit trails provide you
a 360o view into all endpoint data related activities in your organization. Further, you can allow
delegated administration where admin privileges and user-groups managed can be individually
configured for each admin. inSync lets you specify data retention policies for groups of users to
satisfy the regulatory requirements of your enterprise.

Figure 4. inSync Private Cloud admin console

4.Edge Server architecture for added deployment security

The inSync Edge Server architecture protects your network from intrusion by allowing you to block
your inbound firewall ports from unsecure inbound connections. In this implementation, an inSync
Edge Server is placed in your Demilitarized Zone (DMZ) while the inSync Cloud Master and storage
nodes remain safe behind your corporate firewall. The Cloud Master and storage nodes initiate and
establish sessions with the inSync Edge Server through secure outbound two-way connections. All
incoming backup and restore requests from the internet (from outside the corporate network) are
received by the Edge Server, which then forwards the requests to the Cloud Master for authentication over the pre-established secure connection. Similarly, data transfers from endpoints on the
internet are received by the Edge Server and then forwarded to appropriate storage nodes over
pre-established secure connections. Authentication and storage of data both occur behind the
corporate firewall without opening any inbound ports to provide the highest levels of security. At
the same time, the architecture remains transparent to endpoints outside the corporate network
and requires no storage of any data on the Edge Server.

inSync Private Cloud with Edge Server

Figure 5. inSync Edge Server architecture

5.Storage Pooling
Storage pooling eliminates the need for manual data management and makes it simple to scale inSync Private Cloud. You
can define a storage pool comprising any number of storage
units across multiple storage nodes. Once users are assigned
to a pool, inSync will automatically balance user data across
all storage within a pool. To scale, simply add more storage
to the pool.

6.OpenStack support for

massive scalability

Figure 6. Storage Pooling

inSync Private Cloud works seamlessly with

OpenStack to give you all the cost and scalability benefits of OpenStack Swift object storage. Using Swift,
you can scale to petabytes of storage using using
clusters of standardized servers, and scale each cluster horizontally by adding new servers. In addition,
OpenStack Swift uses software logic to ensure data
replication and distribution across different devices
allowing you to use commodity hardware and save
storage costs1. The ability to scale storage vertically
and horizontally while achieving linear backup perfor-

Figure 7. Integration with Object Storage

mance makes the combination of inSync Private Cloud

with OpenStack Swift compelling.


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